Chapter 840 – Uniting the Dark Parliament

At the lakeside courtyard, Yun Die walked into the guest room. ”Teacher, Miss Feng Qing has looked through the jade slip.”

Qin Yu nodded. “I understand.” Seeing that Yun Die wasn’t leaving, he looked over and saw his disciple’s worried expression. He smiled and said, “It’s fine, I’m alright.”

Yun Die knew of everything listed within the purchase list of materials. Yet, Sky Declaring Pavilion had actually agreed. It was clear that there were other hidden factors she didn’t know about.

For such an extreme amount of wealth, the risks he was about to take must be proportionally high!

“Mm!” Yun Die nodded. “I believe in teacher. You will definitely be able to overcome any challenge. Then, I am going to go cultivate.”

She bowed and excused herself. When she turned around she gripped her fists. She had to work harder and grow stronger. While she couldn’t protect her teacher, she might be able to provide him help at certain times so that he wouldn’t need to shoulder everything by himself.

Dorelis came out. When she looked at the direction Yun Die was heading in, she curled her lips and said, “That little girl, her character isn’t that bad.”

Qin Yu said, “I will only care about those who are good to me.” His words had a double meaning to them. Then, he went straight to the subject, “Alright. Tell me what your preparations are. A tough battle will be coming up. If anything goes wrong, we’re both going to be in trouble.”

Dorelis charmingly smiled. “Rest assured, this big sister will always look after you. I will put my heart and soul into protecting you so that you don’t suffer an accident.”

She walked over and spoke a few hushed whispers into his ear. Qin Yu’s eyes flashed. “Is this true? How did you find out?”

Dorelis stood up, a smug smile on her face as she raised an eyebrow. “I naturally have my own means. As for whether I’m speaking the truth or not, you can test it yourself.”

Facts proved that in this world, meat pies would never fall from the skies. And even if they really did fall, they would definitely be wrapped in a layer of sugar with nothing but random spices and fillings within.

For instance, when Qin Yu tried to squeeze out everything he could one last time. Sky Declaring Pavilion had agreed to his demand and sent him all the treasures and materials he asked for.

The truth was that there was something sneaky occurring inside.

If it was Qin Yu from before, then even if he was extremely cautious he wouldn’t have sensed anything. But to the current Qin Yu, all of the methods secretly utilized by Sky Declaring Pavilion were fully laid out in the open.

There weren’t many goods that had problems and the quality of the items was excellent to begin with. The only difference was a faint aura that contaminated their surface.

These auras were incomparably weak and they were mostly similar to the items they were attached to. If one wasn’t careful, they would easily neglect it. And even if it were discovered, they wouldn’t sense anything wrong with the aura itself. This was all thanks to the genius and wisdom of the person who had prepared all of this.

There were 23 different auras, each one harmless on its own. Unless one gathered all 23 kinds, even if they were placed side by side they wouldn’t produce any changes.

But Qin Yu found all the objects that were contaminated with the 23 different auras. At this time, he reached out a hand. His five fingers were spread wide as an invisible strength wove between them. It was like an aura, imprisoning the gray gas and preventing it from escaping.

A trace of dark gold light flashed in Qin Yu’s eyes. Within his gaze, the gray aura suddenly expanded countless times over, revealing its true essence.

These were actually tiny gray beetles. They were each biting each other from head to tail. It was clear that they felt the situation wasn’t good and they were all extremely anxious.

Suddenly, the gray beetles felt Qin Yu’s gaze on them. They trembled and quieted down. As if falling into hibernation, they didn’t make any further sounds.

These little things could actually feign death. How interesting.

Qin Yu’s eyes flashed. He thought for a moment and then lifted his other hand. He raised a finger and a drop of dark red blood dripped down, quietly piercing through the invisible barrier and landing on the gray gas.

The hibernating gray beetles suddenly woke up. They revealed hideous expressions as they wildly consumed the blood.

Qin Yu lightly coughed and his face paled a little. But, he soon composed himself. His lips lifted up in a cold sneer.

He had put out the bait. Now, he’d have to see whether or not they took it. If they made good use of it, perhaps he might be able to give them a great surprise.

There was a pitch black room with a hole in the roof. A beam of radiant light fell through, but besides that everything here was pitch black.

A laugh rang out. “In my opinion, you think too highly of that Ning Qin. He is now within my control.”

After a long silence, another voice spoke up from across the room. “Regardless of whether you believe me, I will warn you one more time. That person has always given me an unusual feeling.”

“The truth is in front of you.”

“Are you sure that you truly have control over him?”

The first voice sneered, “Humph! I have drawn out the power of the backlash from my main body and turned it into a curse I can control. As long as I touch flesh and blood, I can immediately lock onto Ning Qin. Even if he has a thousand methods he can give up on breaking free from me!

“You should be aware of the power of the backlash that my main body experienced in the past. Do you still believe that Ning Qin has the power to resist? If I control him, that is the same as cutting off the master’s final path of escape. As long as everything goes smoothly, you and I can be truly reborn!”

“I hope you are right.” The other voice quietly muttered.

In the darkness, there was a cold chuckle. “Of course I am right. From the beginning, I have always been right!”

“Master, I have respected you for countless years, feared you for countless years, hidden from you for countless years, hated you for countless years. Now, I fervently hope that you can arrive a bit earlier…I will wait for you so that we can settle all our grudges!”

That Dorelis had actually been speaking the truth.

After Qin Yu passed news of this to the Dark Parliament, he soon received a response. While their words appeared fairly calm, they couldn’t conceal the surprise and heat within them.

These people knew of the existence of the Myriad Dragon Body and were very interested in it.

After receiving confirmation from Qin Yu, the Dark Parliament sprang into action. Senators Jasmine and Lone Mountain personally arrived at Midmorning City.

Senior Lin was closely monitoring Qin Yu’s actions. But when the massive machinery of Dark Parliament began to move, even he couldn’t completely block them from contacting Qin Yu.

It was unknown what sort of price the Dark Parliament paid, but Qin Yu soon welcomed the presence of two Senators at the lakeside courtyard.

Of course, the ones that came here were only puppets they controlled. Each Senator in the Dark Parliament was incomparably mysterious. Even the Senators themselves didn’t know the true identities of each other.

Qin Yu glanced at the strong and sturdy man in front of him and the brown-haired woman beside him. Through their connection as Senators, they could directly determine each other’s identities. He reached out a hand and said, “Senator Jasmine, Senator Lone Mountain, please take a seat.”

Jasmine said, “Senator Morning Star, the Dark Parliament treats the news you sent us with the utmost seriousness. Today I came to confirm with you one final time that what you said is true.”

Qin Yu nodded. “It is absolutely true. I can guarantee this.”

“Great!” Senator Lone Mountain smiled. “Senator Morning Star, if everything goes smoothly then I will owe you a great favor.”

Qin Yu revealed a puzzled look.

Jasmine thought for a moment and said, “Senator Lone Mountain doesn’t have much life span left, but Sky Declaring Pavilion’s Master possesses the legendary Myriad Dragon Body. As long as the parliament can obtain it, we can sacrifice it to the Dark Parliament in exchange for a gift. And, increased longevity just happens to be one of the gifts that the dark altar gives.”

Qin Yu revealed an understanding expression. He cupped his hands together and said, “If so, then I must congratulate Senator Lone Mountain ahead of time. I hope you obtain what you desire.”

Lone Mountain smiled. “I must thank Senator Morning Star for the information.” If the Dark Parliament put forth their full strength, the chances of success would be quite high.

But even if this were true, no one dared to be careless. While the Sky Declaring Pavilion Master rarely appeared, according to the parliament’s intelligence, he was a genuine top expert.

Moreover, he controlled the legendary Myriad Dragon Body that was said to possess infinite might and could destroy the heavens and earth. No one dared to underestimate the danger he presented!

“Senator Morning Star, our time is limited so we won’t make any small talk. Please truthfully tell us everything you know.”

Qin Yu nodded, “Okay.”

Without concealing anything, he explained how the Sky Declaring Pavilion Master had asked him to treat the Myriad Dragon Body. Within this explanation, he didn’t hide anything.

In any case, with the Dark Parliament’s methods, if they made up their mind to verify something, then even the slightest discrepancy would be discovered. That wouldn’t be good for him.

After listening to Qin Yu, Jasmine relaxed. She looked at Lone Mountain and said, “Here, allow me to apologize to you on behalf of the other Senators. The truth is that we had already investigated everything you have just spoken about…the reason is that Senator Morning Star hasn’t been part of the parliament for too long, so it’s inevitable for us to be cautious.

“But this time, you have proven yourself with your actions. The parliament promises that a similar matter will not occur in the future.”

Qin Yu furrowed his eyebrows, a dark expression in eyes. “I may understand, but I really hope this is the last time.”

Lone Mountain laughed, “I knew that Senator Morning Star wouldn’t care about such things. You and I have more important matters to deal with right now!” His eyes were bright and eager as he said, “The Sky Declaring Pavilion Master has asked Senator Morning Star to treat the Myriad Dragon Body; this cannot be any more perfect. But, I believe that Senator Morning Star should have the means to limit the Myriad Dragon Body’s freedom.”

Qin Yu thought for a moment and slowly nodded. “I can give it a try.”

Lone Mountain and Jasmine left fully satisfied. Since they had determined the truth of the matter, then the Dark Parliament would begin to make preparations.


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