Chapter 829B – Changing Fate II

Above the boundless sea, the colossal three-horned cow howled forward atop black clouds. Wherever it passed, the skies and sea would change color. Endless black clouds gushed out from nothingness, weaving together and blocking out the heavens.

Rumble rumble –

Endless thunder erupted from the layers of clouds. Heaven-shaking rumbles swept out in all directions and radiant lightning illuminated the world.

Dreadful waves rose up from the seas. They roared and raged, sometimes changing into the appearance of great vicious beasts. Bolts of thunder crashed into them, giving the sea-shaped beasts a suit of lightning.

The momentum was overwhelming!

It was the Sea God! It had been bred from the boundless sea and from the moment it appeared it had its own mind and will and was aware of the destiny it shouldered.

The Beast Trainer Alliance’s mystic realm shouldn’t have existed in this world, and it only remained intact because of the existence of the sky reaching jade pendant.

And the Sea God also wasn’t a consciousness that should have appeared in this world. It was only here because the world’s will conceived and guided its creation.

As soon as it developed consciousness, the Sea God revealed the directive of the world’s will. It was to destroy the sky reaching jade pendant with all its might and cause the collapse of the mystic realm world so that the revolution of the world’s Laws would return to their proper order.

But as it failed again and again, as time gradually passed, the Sea God came to realize a crisis – it shared one existence with the mystic realm, as if they were two halves of a body. If it were to destroy the sky reaching jade pendant and eliminate the mystic realm, then it would no longer have any reason to exist. Its only fate would be annihilation.

The Sea God wasn’t willing to perish like this. But, it also couldn’t go against the only mission that the world’s will had entrusted it with. This was an instinct that had been forced into its consciousness from the moment it was born.

If it resisted the world’s will then it would immediately collapse and wither away. Soon after, a new Sea God would be bred, but this new Sea God would have nothing to do with it.

It couldn’t violate the world’s will and it also wanted to survive. The Sea God didn’t spend too much time before it found a way to satisfy both desires. That was…it wouldn’t destroy the sky reaching jade pendant, but would swallow it up and fuse with its strength!

At that time, once the mystic realm was destroyed, even if the world’s will didn’t allow the existence of the Sea God any more, it wouldn’t be able to erase it.

Simply put, the incomparably powerful and mighty Sea God was nothing but a pitiful consciousness desperately seeking a way to survive.

It had waited many years for this chance, yet everything had been ruined just as it was about to succeed. The Sea God was furious, but it could suppress its anger.

Because as long as the jade pendant still existed, the mystic realm would not be destroyed. It had endless time to wait for another turning point.

Moreover, the small bug that ruined its plans had been killed by its strength.

But some time ago, atop the seabed altar, the Sea God noticed a change in the aura coming from the sky reaching jade pendant.

It had opened its mark of inheritance…it had actually opened its mark of inheritance…this was a consequence that the Sea God couldn’t accept no matter what!

Once the brand mark was completed, the sky reaching jade pendant would automatically fade away and the mystic realm would collapse. The world’s will would have achieved its goal and it would be destroyed along with it!

Before it could think about who had the qualifications to obtain the sky reaching jade pendant’s approval, the Sea God laid down all its scruples and rushed towards Starfall Archipelago.

It had to kill that person. Otherwise once the brand mark was completed, that was when it would be destroyed!

There was no one who could stop its path…absolutely no one…

Bang –

Before the Sea God finished its thought there was a heaven-shaking rumble. Space shattered and a giant fist covered in white fur slammed into it, sending it flying away!

The shattered space was torn apart. The white ape that Qin Yu saw on the fog-shrouded island stepped out. His eyes were full of mockery as he looked at the Sea God that had been sent flying away. He sneered and said, “I haven’t seen you for some time and it seems you’ve forgotten the taste of my fist. You actually dare to run here and act wild in front of me?”

Hou –

The Sea God roared and its massive body came to a stop. It stubbornly glared at the white ape and said, “Even if it is you, no one can stop me today. Now screw out of the way, otherwise this will be the day you die!”

White Ape furrowed his eyebrows. Just what sort of stimulation had this fellow received? It seemed that it was serious this time. But with a turn of his thoughts, he chuckled and said, “Someone who has been defeated still dares to act so insolently in front of me!”

The Sea God roared, “Die!”

Bang –

At this moment, the endless sea all around suddenly erupted. Monstrous waves appeared, sweeping through the world in the blink of an eye.

The rumbling thunder linked together into a single stretch in the black clouds above. Lightning howled together, condensing into several thunder dragons. They dove down from the black clouds, drilling into the horrific waves.

The thunder dragons wreaked havoc in the rough seas. The great waves were suddenly covered with a layer of thunder, causing their momentum to increase dramatically! Even though White Ape had been relaxed when he spoke, he didn’t dare to lower his guard in the face of the Sea God.

If these were normal times, even if the Sea God’s strength came directly from the world’s source will, White Ape could still easily send it flying away with a punch.

But now it was better to be a bit more careful. He had no idea what had sent this fellow into a berserk frenzy. If he were to overturn his boat because of his assumptions, that wouldn’t be fun at all.

With a shout, White Ape lifted his hands and thrust forward. His arms immediately grew, looking like a heaven-supporting mountain. His claws were open and sharp and flashed with a blue and gold light as they smashed into the dreadful waves.

There was a shocking explosion as the wild sea waves were split in half. Screams came from the thunder dragons. It was like a catastrophe as they burst apart and faded one after another.

But White Ape wasn’t free from damage. After the thunder dragons blew apart, endless thunder broke out and wrapped around his arms. Every white hair on his arms exuded light that resisted the thunder, but even so, the hairs were still scorched and shed beneath the raging power.

White Ape furrowed his eyebrows. He clenched his claws and pulled his arm out from the spreading thunder. A thunder pearl was condensed in his hand.

Perhaps because too much thunder power had been condensed, this thunder pearl was deep black in color. It released an aura that shook the heart.

“I’ll give this back to you!” With a cold sneer, White Ape flung out his arm. The black thunder pearl was like a large stone as it crashed towards the Sea God.

Piki paka –

The black lightning was torn to shreds. The Sea God’s eyes turned blood red. “White Ape, you were the one that forced me to do this!” Its crazy aura suddenly rose dozens of times over. It became the incarnation of a hurricane, of the wild and stormy sea.

The black clouds in the skies turned even darker, as if they were formed of thick ink. They blocked out the light, shrouding the world in darkness.

What was strange was that the sea below no longer roared and raged. Rather, it fell into an eerie silence. The sea waters gently stirred. The chaos and destruction from before had thoroughly vanished.

White Ape furrowed his eyebrows as he stared tightly at the Sea God. He cursed in his heart. They had just exchanged the first round of attacks with each other. That didn’t even count as a warm-up and yet this fellow suddenly decided to start burning his source strength?

Damn, this fellow must have been truly stimulated by something. Those people from the Beast Trainer Alliance absolutely didn’t tell him the truth about what happened…

Screw it. Once this matter was done with, he would let them know the consequences of deceiving the elderly. He would take at least 30% of their treasury…no, it had to be at least half!

Qin Yu felt as if he were in a dream.

In this dream, his consciousness had been smashed to pieces, leaving him floating in a vast and endless space. He could feel something constantly being stripped from him and dissipating into the world.

His thoughts became increasingly blurry and faint. He began to panic and try to stop this, but he found that he couldn’t do anything at all. He could only feel himself becoming increasingly weak.

His shattered consciousness gradually fell into chaos. After an unknown period of time, a warm strength appeared from all directions. It gently wrapped around the fragments of Qin Yu’s consciousness and tried to slowly piece them together.

It was like a jigsaw puzzle. When the last fragment was put in its place, Qin Yu’s consciousness awakened.

When he ‘opened’ his eyes, what he saw was a pure white world. Countless black and gold runes filled it. They wove together, sending out a mystical aura that he couldn’t understand.

A sky reaching jade pendant emerged from the infinite highest heavens. When it landed, it was impossible to see how far it stretched up or how wide it was.

Within the jade pendant, one could faintly see a vortex. And within this vortex, there were five different flows of energy. White, black, blue, red, yellow, they constantly rotated in the vortex.

“Where is this? Who am I?”

Qin Yu’s eyes were blank. He slowly looked around this strange world. 

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