Chapter 829A – Changing Fate II

A storage treasure on Qin Yu’s body exploded. Everything within it was twisted to pieces, but a single jade chest remained.

If he were still conscious at this time, he would have realized that this jade chest was the one gifted to him by the Xue Sisters.

After receiving this thing, Qin Yu had never opened it so he had no idea what was inside the jade chest. At this moment the jade chest quietly opened and a stone flew out. It had a pitted and bumpy surface, each depression dark red in color.

It was as if blood had rained down from the skies and fallen onto the stone. And after breaking open these holes, it fused in.

In truth, not even the Xue Sisters knew the origin of this stone. It was something that an ancestor of their mother’s clan obtained by accident.

By placing this stone to the ground and cultivating beside it, it would serve the role of a catalyst, allowing one to cultivate twice as effectively. Due to this reason, it was regarded as a treasure.

Later on, because their family suffered a bitter calamity the stone fell into the hands of the family that the Xue Sisters’ mother had married into. She passed it on to her children when she was on her deathbed.

Xue Yueyue and Xue Qingqing were forced to flee, and the reason was this stone…when one didn’t have enough strength to protect themselves, possessing any treasure was a crime.

There was no need to go into detail about what happened afterwards.

When holy light erupted from Qin Yu’s body at this time, the stone within the jade chest flew out on its own. With a loud hum, it shattered into powder.

One, two, three…seven drops of blood appeared. And there just happened to be seven pits on the surface of the stone!

It was unknown how many years ago these drops of blood had fused into the stone, but they still remained bright red.

Suddenly, faint traces of white light were released from the drops of blood. This white light had the same origin as the holy light that came from within Qin Yu’s body. The only difference was that it felt to be at an even higher level. Even though it was only a weak light, just looking at it made one feel an instinctual sense of awe.

As if a god had descended!

Whoosh –

Whoosh –

The seven blood beads howled down with whistling sounds and struck Qin Yu’s body. Without causing any damage at all to him, they integrated into his body.

In the next moment, the holy light coming from Qin Yu rose a hundred times brighter and higher. He was a blazing conflagration, an inferno that wildly tumbled about.

Countless holy spirits condensed. They danced in the holy light, reverence in their eyes as they cheered and praised glory.

The phantom of a towering sacred mountain appeared behind Qin Yu. It seemed to connect the heavens to the earth. It had seven floors and on each floor countless figures crawled on the ground, bowing their heads in worship.

If someone from the Western Tomb Divine Church was here, they would recognize this scene as something recorded in the scriptures, where countless gods bowed towards the unsurpassed Dao Monarch…

This was a miracle in the truest sense!

Because at this moment, after fusing with these seven beads of blood, Qin Yu had become a true god upon the world…these blood beads came from the Dao Monarch’s true body.

In the distant past, the Dao Monarch had personally arrived here to fight the Ancient in an almighty war. Although he was victorious in the end, he paid an enormous price in the process.

These blood beads had fallen from the skies at that time. They landed onto a stone and directly congealed.

At the Dao Monarch’s level, not to mention a drop of blood, but even broken pieces of hair and flakes of skin contained an immense power within them. He could take them back with a thought and wouldn’t lose anything at all.

But that battle had been dangerous. After narrowly winning with great difficulty, the Dao Monarch didn’t dare to stay. He shattered the skies and left the world.

Normally, once his injuries were restored he could open a space channel with a thought and take back his blood. But not long after that fight, the Dao Monarch encountered an accident. At that time he fell into a deep slumber, and he still hadn’t woken up ever since.

If it weren’t for today’s situation, then a few hundred thousand more years from now, perhaps the seven beads of blood incorporated into the stone might develop its own will and consciousness. Then it would be picked up by someone lucky, creating a story similar to gourd babies.

Of course, that gourd baby had been taken by Qin Yu, so it was impossible for that story to exist.

Bang –

The Dao Monarch’s strength joined in, causing the situation within Qin Yu’s body to become even more chaotic. After a brutal battle, the situation eventually developed into a balance of three sides.

The strength of the Ancient race was the strongest, the power of the Dao Monarch was second, and the newly recovered bloodline was the weakest. But as the latter two sides were at a disadvantage, they joined forces to contend with the strength of the Ancient race.

This formed a frail balance. The three sides established a temporary truce. But even now they covetously eyed each other, waiting for an opportunity to appear.

But in truth, there were more than three parties that had the qualifications to participate in this gamble within his body.

The fourth party was the power of time that Qin Yu possessed. Although it was extremely weak, in terms of the level of strength, it was in no way weaker than the other three.

The fifth kind was the strength that came from the black hole, the one that had instantly crushed Qin Yu’s soul, killing him. To put it in other terms, it was strength that came from the world’s will, so of course it had the qualifications to interfere!

The power of time was weak and only a small portion of the strength of the world’s will remained after killing Qin Yu. As the strength of the Ancient race, Dao Monarch, and original bloodline were viciously battling each other, their influence wasn’t obvious.

However, as the strengths of the Ancient race, Dao Monarch, and original bloodline established a balance, the function of these two strengths began to manifest.

The power of time hoped to save Qin Yu’s life. As for the strength of the world’s will, its original goal never changed; it wanted to extinguish Qin Yu’s body and soul.

One went to the left, one went to the right; these were completely different directions. But not only did they fail to offset each other, they also caused uncontrollable chances to occur inside Qin Yu’s body.

With the strength of the Ancient race, Dao Monarch, and original bloodline as the core, the power of time and the power of the world’s will acted as wings. When they gathered together it was like a certain switch had been turned on, causing the five powers to rotate.

To illustrate it, it was like a rolling wheel of time that vigorously plowed forwards. There was nothing capable of stopping it. In front of time, everything was crushed to nothingness.

And there really wasn’t anything that could stop it!

When the five strengths were sucked in, they were firmly absorbed. It was impossible for the five strengths to escape the invisible and formidable restrictions placed upon them.

Rumble rumble –

Thunderous sounds erupted from Qin Yu’s body, rolling continuously like a storm at sea!

An inexplicable aura was released from him. The motes of light within the black and gold array formation seemed to have found the path to return home. They cheered out loud and crazily fused into Qin Yu, even faster than before.

This time, they no longer left but directly entered into the vortex formed by five strengths. They acted like the strongest adhesives, completely fusing the five strengths together so that they could no longer be separated.

Hum –

Hum –

The entire array formation shivered and emitted great rumbling sounds. The black and gold runes in the array formation all erupted with a rich light.

The main body of the little blue lamp flashed and a human figure appeared once more. His eyes were wide and his face was full of excitement and shock.

This was a change he had never imagined to be possible. In this hopeless situation, Qin Yu had found a way to survive once again!

One fate, two lives, three bloodlines!

Sure enough, his luck and destiny dominated above all else. It was impossible to predict what was going to happen to him.

He was clearly supposed to die, with ten chances of death and no chances of survival. He was supposed to vanish into nothingness and be forgotten, but the entire situation had suddenly reversed upon itself.

This was a great destiny!

His eyesight hadn’t been wrong in the end. Qin Yu wouldn’t die here. He would eventually become one of the most dazzling existences in the myriad heavens.

The little blue lamp took a deep breath and looked up. “How is he?”

The black and gold array formation was silent for a long time. Then, that indifferent voice sounded out once more, this time with a faint sigh within it. “With his level, there is no hope he will obtain my approval. But, the five strengths that appeared in his body are clearly mutually hostile to each other, and yet they have ended up in this current situation. This means his life hasn’t reached its end yet.”

The little blue lamp bowed, his expression solemn and respectful, “Please rest assured that even though Qin Yu is weak right now, after today he will return with his fate changed. His future will be limitless and he will not bring disgrace upon you!”

The voice spoke up again, “You should have seen the problem with my existence. If I give him the mark, his future road will not be smooth. Not to mention the countless calamities and tribulations he will suffer, he will also be doomed to endure infinite hardships…if something happens in the future, I fear that his fate will be ten thousand times more pitiful than it is today.”

The little blue lamp stood up. “Allow me to borrow one of Qin Yu’s phrases and reply to you on his behalf. As long as you are alive, anything is possible. After dying, everything becomes nothing!”

“He isn’t the one I am waiting for nor is he fated to obtain my approval. But, all sorts of lucky chances and coincidences have brought him to this very point. Maybe this is the will of the heavens…whatever. All the things that happen in the future will be unrelated to me.”

As the voice fell, the gold and black array formation erupted. A terrifying aura swept out, sending the little blue lamp flying away.

The surroundings flashed and they appeared in the Icesoul Jade Bed that Qin Yu had smashed apart earlier. They had been forced out from that layered world.

The little blue lamp gripped his fists, joy on his face. They had succeeded!

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