Chapter 827 – Death

Starfall Archipelago.

The news that a change occurred in the mystic realm had been transmitted back the moment the shadow vortex erupted. The alliance was shaken and they immediately responded. But to their shock and anger, even the transmission hall for the mystic realm had been sealed up for some unknown reason.

Beech Daogasi’s face darkened. He looked towards the depths of the endless sea, his voice ringing, “Use the keepsake. Summon the Alliance Guardian!”

The complexions of numerous high-level alliance figures changed. According to their agreement with the Guardian, each time they requested help the alliance would need to pay a sky-high price. Even though the alliance had a deep and rich background, they would still feel the pain.

But in the end, no one opposed.

The existence of the mystic realm could be called the very foundation of the alliance. If it was ruined, then while the Beast Trainer Alliance might survive, they would no longer possess the same strength and status as they did today.

Moments later, a large bell that had been covered in dust for tens of thousands of years was taken out from the innermost reaches of the treasury. When Beech Daogasi dropped the hammer on it, a sound that no one could hear instantly spread out beyond the scope of the island, breaking into the boundless sea.

The sound continued, continued, and kept continuing. Finally, it reached an area of the sea that was covered in thick fog all year round…

The blood wolf howled in pain. Its belly rapidly inflated and blew apart. Qin Yu didn’t stop as his fist came punching out.

Luo He was without expression. All of his hate and anger had turned into ice-cold fury that simmered in his eyes. Facing Qin Yu’s fist, he slowly said, “Qin Yu, you will die today.”

Bang –

The punch struck Luo He. But then, a strange sight occurred. His figure instantly blurred and staggered to the side.

A wild eruption of strength shook the surrounding space. Like a calm lake being disturbed, Luo He’s figure also distorted and changed. But, there was no sign of pain on his face. “It’s useless. My Path of Shadow Transformation has already reached large success. To you I am a shadow, and to me you are a shadow.

“And no matter how formidable a shadow is, it cannot cause any destruction. With this point alone I stand in an infallible position.”

Path of Shadow Transformation…

Qin Yu furrowed his eyebrows before composing himself. “I am a shadow and you are also a shadow. That means you cannot kill me either.”

Luo He lightly said, “I don’t need to kill you. As long as I delay for enough time and that strength hidden within you is destroyed, that means I will win.”

Qin Yu said, “Are you so confident that the will of the shadow vortex will emerge victorious?”

Luo He’s eyes flashed. “It seems you know much more than it appears. If so, then you should also understand what that will represents. To become enemies with a world…no matter who it is, all that remains is utter ruin!”

Qin Yu coldly sneered. “If you think you are right then we can wait and see just who the final victor will be.”

The trembling space calmed down and Luo He’s form returned to normal. After a brief silence he brightly smiled. “While I am confident, leaving my destiny to an unknown luck is indeed stupid.

“Moreover, I have now grasped the key for how to kill you…Qin Yu, before you die, I will tell you something. My true name is Sha Liuhe. Do you feel as if you are suddenly enlightened about something? But it is already too late.”

The corners of his lips curved up. Luo He…or perhaps the incarnation of Sha Liuhe, stepped forward. When this step fell, he suddenly vanished. When he reappeared, he was already at Qin Yu’s side.

Without attempting any attacks, Sha Liuhe welcomed Qin Yu’s gaze and then fell into the ground, fusing into Qin Yu’s shadow and disappearing from sight.

Then a cold sneer resounded in Qin Yu’s mind. “Even if you possess great strength, so what? In the end, the one that kills you is your shadow. Strictly speaking, you will be killing yourself. Do you find that hard to believe?

“Then I ask you to believe that what I just said will become true. Even if you know what is happening you will not be able to stop it. You can just stare on helplessly as you are slowly swallowed up by your shadow!”

The shadow at Qin Yu’s feet suddenly turned its head, seemingly staring right at him. A cold chill swept through the air.

But at this time, Sha Liuhe pitifully screamed out. His voice was full of shock and disbelief. “Impossible! You clearly haven’t cultivated the Path of Shadow Transformation, so why is your shadow world like this!?”

The shadow at Qin Yu’s feet struggled fiercely. Sha Liuhe wanted to flee, but it was only now that he noticed that shackles had entangled his consciousness and he couldn’t break free from them.

“Qin Yu! Qin Yu! Who are you!? I am unwilling, I am unwilling!”

Sha Liuhe’s hatred-filled screams gradually faded. Qin Yu revealed a look of surprise. He rubbed his forehead, a bit confused. He indeed hadn’t practiced the Path of Shadow Transformation, but Undying had once lived inside his shadow.

It was clear that before he left, he made some arrangements in Qin Yu’s shadow world. Qin Yu hadn’t encountered any such attack since Undying left so he hadn’t detected it. It just so happened that Sha Liuhe was the unlucky winner of the first visitor prize. He originally thought that there would be a great battle, but who imagined things would end so simply and unexpectedly.

And this Luo He just happened to be Sha Liuhe. This explained why Qin Yu felt an inexplicable sense of loathing and dislike towards him when they first met.

Bang –

The void suddenly shook and two stacked up worlds appeared in Qin Yu’s line of sight. One was a world of a great blazing sun, bright and dazzling, and the other was a massive black hole that swallowed all.

It was that mysterious dimension!

Sha Liuhe had died and the medium for the shadow vortex’s will to arrive had been destroyed. The black hole trembled and started to collapse.

They had won!

It was only at this time that Qin Yu truly relaxed.

“Be careful!”

A thought fluctuation resounded in his mind; it was the voice of the little blue lamp.

Qin Yu’s pupils shrank and an inexplicable sense of fear and alarm submerged his heart. He drew backwards without hesitation.

Bang –

With an explosion, he rapidly retreated.

But to certain existences, no matter how fast Qin Yu’s reaction was, it was meaningless in their eyes.

Within the mystical dimension, the collapse of the black hole accelerated and it instantly dissipated.

At the same time, a black light shot out. It passed through the barrier of two different spaces and crashed into Qin Yu’s chest.

As Qin Yu stormed away, he could clearly see the black light approach. He wanted to avoid but he couldn’t react at all.

Like a wooden puppet, he could only stare on helplessly as it flickered and vanished into his chest.

Buzz –

His ears thundered and his consciousness fell into darkness!

Within the tomb, the great sun phantom suddenly appeared. Boundless strength gushed out, holding onto the fallen Qin Yu in midair.

A figure appeared from the great sun phantom. Without bothering to hide themselves, they placed a hand on Qin Yu’s body.

At this time everything fell into a deathly silence. The great sun figure’s expression turned dim and dismal.

The figure looked at Qin Yu. His eyebrows furrowed together in disbelief.

He died…

He had actually died!

Although the vitality of his mortal body had been preserved, his soul had been torn to shreds. The little blue lamp could feel Qin Yu’s life aura rapidly fading away.

When his aura fully dispersed, he would no longer exist in this world.

The little blue lamp slowly turned around and stared at the embryo egg with icy cold eyes. His voice was dense and sharp as he asked, “Why?”

The embryo egg remained silent.

“You must acknowledge that he saved you. You could have helped him block that black light.”

The embryo egg remained silent.

The little blue lamp didn’t speak any further. With a flick of his sleeves he swept Qin Yu up and was about to leave.

Now that Qin Yu had died, he would soon suffer a backlash and fall into a deep slumber. But before that happened, he needed to give him a proper burial.

This was all he could do for Qin Yu right now.

Hum –

The silent embryo egg suddenly erupted with light. The little blue lamp was sent shaken away. He stared helplessly as Qin Yu’s body flew towards the embryo egg.

“I can give him a chance. But whether or not he survives, that depends on his fate.”

The little blue lamp was quiet. As he looked at the light around the embryo egg gradually suck Qin Yu in, what he felt inside wasn’t as calm as he seemed on the surface.

“For you to reach this point, how much pain have you endured, how many sins have you shouldered? You cannot give up like this…Qin Yu, you must live, you must survive!”

An invisible will arrived in the tomb. Its boundless dignity could not be described, but it was able to suppress all. Even with the little blue lamp’s level, beneath this suppression he had no choice but to extinguish his light and reveal his true form.

Then, black and gold runes appeared. They were especially striking within the pure white light.

The little blue lamp’s will fluctuated as he stared tightly at the pure white light and the black and gold runes that were crazily appearing within it. He finally understood something.

No wonder its power and might was far weaker than he had imagined…so the old legend had been true.

It was actually…

But as things stood, if Qin Yu wanted to obtain its approval and take advantage of its strength to be reborn, things were now ten times, a hundred times more difficult.

That originally faint and weak hope was almost completely gone!

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