Chapter 807B – A Slap

Qin Yu nodded. But in fact, Dorelis was right about one thing: he was still a thousand miles away from being a true beast trainer.

If Qin Yu had to accelerate the hatching of the sand dragon egg in full view of everyone, he really didn’t have this ability.

But he didn't panic.

Qin Yu looked at the sand dragon egg in front of Sha Liuhe, his face expressionless.

Sha Liuhe made his move. With a flick of his sleeves, a massive amount of runes appeared in the void, forming a complex array disc.

The crowd cried out loud!

Not to mention anything else, just this void-forming array disc technique was enough to brighten everyone’s eyes. Besides the cultivation requirements, only those that immersed themselves in the beast trainer arts for years and whose techniques reached the pinnacle of skill could do this so easily.

Without the assistance of foreign objects and relying only on one’s strength, it was impossible to complete the complex cultivation process.

Without any pause, Sha Liuhe took out several materials. Some were burned with flames and some were washed with water. All these materials floated in the void as they were simultaneously processed with a different amount of methods.

There were more loud cries of shock. This time, awe appeared in the eyes of those watching.

They originally thought that Mister Sha’s normal performance was incredible enough. They never expected he was still hiding something.

Moreover, the skill he had kept hidden wasn’t just a small surprise. It was like wind had swept away the fog, revealing a massive mountain in front of them!

Those that favored Sha Liuhe came to a sudden realization. In the initial first mission that occurred months and months ago, Mister Sha must have been holding back.

Otherwise, with his standard of skills, how could he have been defeated and stomped into the ground, having his name disgraced as a result?

But today Mister Sha had clearly come to clear his name and wash away all the shame he had suffered. It had been Yun Die who slapped him in the face before…tsk tsk, if Ning Qin lost today, they were afraid this little girl’s fate wouldn’t be too wonderful.

There was also that young lady with the long legs and explosive chest who left everyone with a nosebleed. Just thinking about the possibilities left them excited.

Sha Liuhe was also excited. Not just that, but he was far, far more excited than anyone else present.

He had persisted and endured for so many years. Now, his day had finally arrived.

As long as he won, he could obtain these two women and bring an end to the pain that had been haunting him for all these years, obtaining a new life.

Sha Liuhe vowed that no one would be able to stop him. Perhaps it was because his mind was surging with joy and anticipation, but he had never felt this great before.

Hurry, hurry!

Within the array formation in the void, the several materials were finished being refined. Sha Liuhe started to fuse them together. Everything was going extraordinarily smoothly.

“Break for me!”

With a loud shout, Sha Liuhe lifted a hand and pointed a finger. His actions awakened many beast trainers who were mesmerized by the gorgeous scene before them.

The translucent liquid that had condensed in the array formation suddenly fell down. It landed on the surface of the egg where it was directly absorbed. Everyone praised it in their hearts.

This speed, this level of skill…Mister Sha was simply so amazing that he could fly!

Kacha –

A light sound spread to everyone’s ears. A crack appeared in the sand dragon egg.

It was going to come out!

It hadn’t even been that long and yet a winner had already been decided. Everyone had a strange feeling, as if things had ended before they could even begin.

They wanted this to continue so they could enjoy it some more!

At this time, the neglected Qin Yu suddenly moved. What he did was actually simple. He turned his head and looked at the hatching sand dragon egg.

In the next moment, everyone’s eyes widened. This was because in their senses, the sand dragon egg’s vitality that was growing increasingly strong suddenly weakened. Before anyone could react, the sand dragon egg’s vitality was like a candle that had been blown out, thoroughly vanishing.

The Internal Affairs Division fell deathly silent!

Whether they were beast trainers or not, everyone present knew what this represented!

Had the medication failed?

But that wasn’t right. Everyone had watched as Sha Liuhe concocted the medication. There absolutely wasn’t any problem with it.

The baby sand dragon had clearly been awakened. It also had a massive amount of vitality and was about to break free from its shell. Why did it suddenly die?

But the facts were laid in front of them.

The sand dragon had died before it could emerge from its shell…it had died just like that…

As everyone was in a dazed shock, Qin Yu’s voice woke them up from their stupor. “Then, I should be the one who wins this competition.”

Everyone’s mouths fell open as they looked at the calm Qin Yu. Although they thought this was a ridiculous farce, it was also the truth.

Then everyone discovered that from beginning to end, Qin Yu hadn’t done anything at all. His sand dragon egg was still in the same state it was at the beginning. However, he had still won because Sha Liuhe’s sand dragon egg had been destroyed but his was still alive.

Looking at Qin Yu’s serene expression, a thought popped into everyone’s mind. Did he already know that this would happen?

After thinking about it, everyone felt a chill run through their hearts. If this was true and Ning Qin was able to hide his skills from everyone, then Ning Qin’s strength was far greater than anyone had imagined.

“Despicable! Ning Qin, what have you done!?” Sha Liuhe roared out loud, his eyes blood red. He felt as if he had been played.

He looked at Qin Yu and then at Jiang Yiyun not too far away. He felt as if he grasped a certain conspiratorial truth.

Without saying anything else, just these glances revealed sufficient information. The faces of the crowd changed once more.

Could this be what happened?

Jiang Yiyun was shrewd and capable. Him having been able to reach his current position proved he wasn’t easy to deal with. He immediately noticed something wrong and loudly said, “The method for the contest was personally proposed by Mister Sha himself. No one has meddled in this competition and I can use my own reputation as a guarantee!”

Everyone understood Jiang Yiyun’s disposition. He was a sly and wily man who would never cause trouble for himself. Since he said this then there definitely wasn’t a problem with today’s competition. Otherwise, if this was exposed in the future, his role as steward would come to an end.

Sha Liuhe clenched his teeth, his face pale. He was sure that there were no problems with his medication; someone had to have messed with it. However, none of this mattered if he couldn’t come up with evidence.

He had lost!

Things happened just like before. He was fully confident in his victory but then he had been thrown to the ground without warning.

This surname Ning was too strange and evil.

Before, Sha Liuhe believed he could obtain Yun Die and Dorelis, so he wasn’t afraid of flipping the table with Sky Declaring Pavilion. But since the situation had changed, he couldn’t do this anymore.

He had failed today. He would need to wait for another chance in the future…that was right, he still hadn’t given up. Or to be more precise, he couldn’t give up. This was the only way Sha Liuhe had found to remove the hidden dangers in his body.

He took a deep breath and suppressed his turbulent emotions. He slowly said, “Mister Ning Qin’s skills are indeed superb. I have lost.”

Qin Yu turned and said, “Bring that person back.”

Yun Die respectfully nodded. She led two secret disciples over and they lifted Si Yuwen.

Not long ago, Si Yuwen had woken up. At this time he looked at Qin Yu, his face full of shame and gratitude. “Teacher…”

This was the only word he said. He had no idea what to say next.

Qin Yu flicked his sleeves and directly unraveled the imprisonment binding him. He lightly said, “If you have something to say, say it later.”

Behind him, Dorelis coughed. There was a brilliant smile on her face. “Then, it’s my turn to enter the stage.”

She walked up with her curvy body. Her eyebrows were affectionate and she had a coy and helpless expression on her face as she said, “Tell me, he has already given you a chance, so why didn’t you fight harder? He didn’t even make a move and yet you already lost the competition yourself.

“Mm…these words aren’t too appropriate, but my heart is so flustered and chaotic right now that I can’t figure out what to say. You should just be still and listen to me.”

Anyone with a discerning eye could understand that from the very beginning, Dorelis was simply wasting time with Sha Liuhe. This rhythm was similar to Yun Die’s when she first slapped Sha Liuhe.

Thinking this, many people revealed a sympathetic look. Mister Sha seemed to have bad luck with beautiful women. He had been slapped on the left side of his face before and now he was going to collect a slap on the right.

Sha Liuhe’s face darkened. “Stop spouting nonsense! Since I lost the bet, I’ll pay the price. If you want to do something then hurry up and do it. I won’t be waiting here for much longer!”

It was just a slap on the face. After living for so many years, he had survived many worse situations.

Just you wait. In the future I will surely take this all back ten times, a hundred times over!


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