Chapter 807A – A Slap

“He came, he came!”

As some people loudly cried, the crowd fell silent. It was so quiet in the crowded Internal Affairs Division that one could hear a needle fall. Everyone looked towards the entrance.

Jiang Yiyun moved forward in welcome. He cupped his hands together and said, “Mister Ning Qin, this truly is embarrassing. I will need your cooperation in this matter today.”

Although he had no other choice but to send someone to invite Qin Yu here, he was not optimistic at all about this troublesome Sha Liuhe. Jiang Yiyun didn’t know the specifics but he knew who Senior Lin was, and it was also impossible for Senior Lin’s actions to be entirely hidden from him while he was at the Midmorning City Branch Division.

In addition, with the dark rumors about Qin Yu being suppressed before…it was clear that there was a significant relationship between Senior Lin and Qin Yu.

From this point alone, it didn’t matter if today’s incident was intentionally fabricated or if Qin Yu really did plan an assassination; Sha Liuhe was doomed to be ruined.

And what if he thought this wasn’t fair?

Hoho, in this world, true fairness and equality never existed.

So even if Jiang Yiyun knew that taking the initiative to welcome Qin Yu would cause many people to look at him with other thoughts, he didn’t care about their opinions at all. He needed to stand out from the crowd and have Qin Yu know that he was completely uninvolved with today’s events.

“Steward Jiang, it’s been a long time.” Qin Yu smiled and nodded.

Jiang Yiyun relaxed and his expression seemed much friendlier. Since his goal had been achieved, this was the chance to take it further. He gestured a hand, “Mister Ning Qin, please come with me.”

Sha Liuhe furrowed his eyebrows. It seemed that the rumors were true. Ning Qin had accepted an incredibly important mission and Jiang Yiyun’s performance was the best evidence of this.

But soon, his expression was restored to how it was before. Since he had caused such a commotion today, it was impossible for him to give up here.

Moreover, as long as he obtained those two women that stood behind Ning Qin and repaired the hidden dangers in his body, why would he care about enraging Sky Declaring Pavilion?

His thoughts returned. He looked up and locked his eyes onto Qin Yu. He coldly sneered, “Ning Qin, I believe you need to give me an explanation here!”

Pa –

Si Yuwen was tossed to the ground. Although his clothes had been changed, it was obvious he had been tortured from the mottled bloodstains that soaked through. His face was pale, his breathing was weak, and his jaws were clenched tight; he had already fallen unconscious.

Before coming to the Internal Affairs Division, Sha Liuhe tried to obtain a confession from him. Who would have thought that this boy’s brains were as hard as iron? Unexpectedly he didn’t say a single word.

But this didn’t matter. He was a mere secret disciple to begin with so there was no weight to his words. There was not much of a difference if he were to obtain a confession.

Qin Yu stood firm. He lightly asked, “What explanation does Mister Sha want?”

Sha Liuhe pointed a finger, “Ning Qin, is this person your disciple?”

Qin Yu nodded, “That’s right.”

“It’s good that you acknowledged it!” Sha Liuhe coldly sneered, “Late last night as I was cultivating, this person tried to assassinate me with poison. If I hadn’t sensed something was wrong, I fear I would be a corpse today.

“Ning Qin, could it be that such a vile act still isn’t enough for you to give an explanation?”

Qin Yu had a calm expression, “I am not too sure about this matter, but it seems that Mister Sha has already conducted an interrogation. May I ask what harvests you’ve found?”

Behind Sha Liuhe, the complexions of several disciples sank. They naturally wouldn’t say that after capturing Si Yuwen, he had cursed Sha Liuhe for being a bastard who treated human lives like grass and deserved to die a dog’s death.

“This person’s mouth was hard, or perhaps he was being threatened, but he refused to spit out a single word.” Sha Liuhe’s eyes flashed. “Ning Qin, honest people don’t plot in secret. If there are grievances between us and you wish to get rid of me, then do so openly and freely. Using such pathetic schemes and tricks is despicable!

“Moreover, I have already been recorded on the name list to participate in the Great Beast Trainer Tournament on behalf of Sky Declaring Pavilion. Due to your disciple, I have been injured by poison and my strength has been affected. Not only has this harmed my benefits but if this spreads out then the entire Sky Declaring Pavilion will be ridiculed. You have gone too far!”

Yun Die’s face flushed red. “What nonsense are you speaking? Who do you think my teacher is? If he wants to deal with a loser like you, do you think he needs to play tricks?”

Humph –

Many people were startled. They thought that this little girl really had the guts to scold Sha Liuhe in the face of everyone present. The crowd looked at her flushed face and then looked at Qin Yu again. A number of people had strange looks in their eyes. If she didn’t have considerable support, would a mere little girl dare to speak up like this?

Although this sort of thing wasn’t uncommon within the beast trainer circles, matters that should be kept private should never be placed on the table.

With Sha Liuhe’s status, Yun Die’s current actions couldn’t be described as only ‘offensive’. Many people even began to look down on Qin Yu.

Sha Liuhe was expressionless. “I’m not going to lower myself to your level. Step back!”

Yun Die could feel the crowd’s cold eyes on her and she knew she had done something wrong. She panicked and said, “Surname Sha, don’t think you are so amazing just because you are on the name list for the Great Beast Trainer Tournament! My teacher is also there, so what qualifications do you have to be so arrogant!”

In truth, with Yun Die’s intelligence and cleverness, her performance today was far below standard. But she was the one who had given Sha Liuhe a public slap before, so when he caused trouble today, she instinctively felt guilty. When she thought about it, the reason things reached this point was all because of her.

So when facing Sha Liuhe’s verbal assault, Yun Die impatiently jumped out in order to argue on her teacher’s behalf. She never thought that her actions would only make things worse.

Whoosh –

There was an immediate uproar in the Internal Affairs Division. Since they suspected she was in a relationship with Qin Yu, they didn’t doubt what she said.

But in the Midmorning City Branch Division, whether it was the registration process or the screening process, Qin Yu had never made a single appearance…could this all have been a behind-the-scenes operation?

Just like how the rumors before were suppressed.

As the crowd thought back to Jiang Yiyun’s warm and friendly demeanor, everyone fell silent. A complex look lit up their eyes.

Yun Die almost started crying. She suddenly discovered how idiotic her actions were. She wanted to help her teacher out but only made things messier for him.

Will teacher hate me?

Qin Yu patted her shoulder, interrupting her haphazard thoughts. He looked up and said, “Mister Sha, what do you want? Just tell me.”

This person was clearly stirring up trouble intentionally. Even if Yun Die had a dozen mouths, with Si Yuwen saying that he had been poisoned, there was no way for her to fix this.

Since things were like this, it was better to just enter the main topic. If this person had any methods he wanted to utilize, then he was free to give them a try!

Sha Liuhe’s eyes flashed with joy. He had succeeded.

“Good!” Sha Liuhe said, “Ning Qin, if you insist on not acknowledging what you have done then there isn’t anything I can do. But since you’re here today, let’s take this opportunity to settle the grievances between us!

“Today, you and I will compete using our own abilities. If I win, you need to give me those two women behind you to handle as I wish. What about it?”

Before Qin Yu could respond, Dorelis laughed out loud. “Did you hear that? There are actually people in this world that know how to judge quality. You don’t know how to appreciate me but there are actually others that are eagerly hoping to be closer with me.”

Qin Yu was expressionless. “Then should I just directly admit defeat?”

Dorelis rolled her eyes. “Since this is a competition, you should rely on your true ability. Otherwise there isn’t any meaning to it.”

She dramatically swept her eyes over Sha Liuhe. “But you only said half of what you needed to. If Ning Qin loses then you want the both of us, but what if you are the one who loses?”

The enticing fragrance in the air became even thicker. Sha Liuhe’s face flushed red and he said, “You can do whatever you want!”

Dorelis clapped her hands. “What a man!” She winked an eye. “How about this. If you lose, I’ll give you a slap. Does that sound alright?”

Everyone almost fainted. This woman behind Ning Qin, was she a spy!? But what shocked them even more was that Qin Yu directly nodded to this absurd agreement.

Sha Liuhe took a deep breath. “I heard that there are two precious sand dragon eggs in the Internal Affairs Division. You and I will each choose one. The one that can allow the sand dragon to break free from its shell in the shortest amount of time will be considered the winner.”

A sand dragon was a true giant dragon. Rather, it could be considered a rare form of flood dragon. Because of their variation bloodline, it was difficult for a single sand dragon to be born even in a hundred eggs.

The manager of the Internal Affairs Division, Bian Changli, suddenly had his complexion changed. This dog bastard Sha Liuhe, he was simply watching the play unfold so why was he being dragged into this? But he immediately reacted. He turned and respectfully asked, “Steward Jiang, what do you think?”

Jiang Yiyun sneered inwardly. He thought that Sha Liuhe was really desperate to die. No matter how fierce he was, could he win against Ning Qin?

He glanced at Qin Yu’s calm expression and a plan came to mind. He coughed and said, “If both parties have no objections, then let’s do it like this.”

The two sand dragon eggs were quickly taken out.

Dorelis approached Qin Yu. She whispered in his ear, “If you lose then you’re dead!”

Yun Die’s complexion gradually returned to normal. She glared at Sha Liuhe and the others and let out a sigh of relief.

She knew that this surname Sha was courting death!

At the same time, Sha Liuhe laughed inwardly. He thought ‘Ning Qin, Ning Qin, no matter how fierce you are, you will still kneel before me today!’ Since he had proposed this topic he had already made preparations. Although he would lose some strength, none of that mattered as long as he obtained these two women.

Whether it was in size or aura, these two sand dragon eggs were exactly the same. Sha Liuhe allowed Qin Yu to choose first.

Qin Yu casually pointed at the closest one and said, “I’ll take that one.”

Sha Liuhe sneered, “Let’s begin!”

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