Chapter 806B – Mister Sha Makes His Move

Three days later, Qin Yu found Senior Lin and expressed his desire to participate in the Great Beast Trainer Tournament.

Senior Lin furrowed his eyebrows together. He slowly said, “Normally, I shouldn’t try to stop you, but my master is very worried and anxious. If possible, I would like to ask you to prioritize the task entrusted to you.”

He thought for a moment and said, “Of course, if this has any influence on mister then Sky Declaring Pavilion is willing to give you some extra compensation.”

Including today, this was only the third time they had met. But when Qin Yu sent over the list of materials before, that was enough for Senior Lin to recognize him as an insatiably greedy person. He assumed that the reason Qin Yu visited again today was to find an excuse to eat some more benefits.

But as Senior Lin thought of Qin Yu’s appetite, he couldn’t help but frown.

Qin Yu could sense Senior Lin’s thoughts and it left him somewhat embarrassed. After all, his previous actions were a bit too tasteless.

He coughed lightly and cupped his hands together, “Senior Lin, the reason I wish to attend the Great Beast Trainer Tournament isn’t due to my personal gains and losses. Rather, there is an unavoidable reason I must go. Several days ago I asked you to help me borrow the Icesoul Jade Bed. This is because the creation of the medicine has reached a key step and yet I haven’t been able to make a breakthrough. If I could utilize the Icesoul Jade Bed and borrow its powers, then there would be a 70% chance that I can figure out the solution.”

Senior Lin’s complexion changed. “Mister Ning Qin, are you speaking the truth?”

Qin Yu was of course lying. But if he didn’t say this, would Senior Lin let him go? He nodded earnestly.

Senior Lin stood up and paced back and forth several times. Then he said, “I cannot take responsibility for making this decision. Mister Ning Qin, please return first. I will give you a response by tomorrow at the latest.”

But in truth there was no need to wait until tomorrow. Two hours later, Senior Lin visited the lakeside pavilion.

After confirming with Qin Yu that he wasn’t just finding an excuse to obtain more benefits, Senior Lin said, “My master has agreed. Since Mister Ning Qin requires it, then feel free to participate. However, in order to prevent anyone acting unfavorably to you because of grievances in the arena, I will be following you. I ask mister to rest assured that I will not interfere in your personal actions.”

Qin Yu readily agreed.

Senior Lin’s response didn’t surpass his expectations. This was a normal reaction. In fact, it even showed how much the Sky Declaring Pavilion Master valued him.

Strictly speaking, this was a good thing!

The Great Beast Trainer Competition was approaching. In fact, Sky Declaring Pavilion had closed off registration half a month ago and begun to carry out an internal elimination series.  

But having obtained the approval of the Sky Declaring Pavilion Master, none of this was a problem for Qin Yu. A backdoor was directly opened and his name was added to the final list.

Mister Sha had been waiting to the point of despair for Qin Yu to do something. When he received the adjusted name list, his eyes lit up and he laughed out loud.

He had been waiting and waiting, waiting and waiting, and now the chance he waited for had finally arrived!

If Qin Yu decided not to attend the Great Beast Trainer Tournament then all of his plans would have been wasted. That really would have driven him crazy.

Fortunately, everything fell into place on time. But since Qin Yu had directly entered the final name list, that indeed made things somewhat troublesome.

But Mister Sha had already prepared all kinds of responses, so he wasn’t completely without a plan. He smirked and said, “It seems it’s time to begin.”

Although Si Yuwen had been tasked with the mission of looking after the chicken overlord, he was also waiting and preparing for another mission. He had only one chance and he absolutely could not fail.

Not long ago, Si Yuwen inadvertently obtained some information. After carefully confirming it his heart started to race with excitement.

He knew that the chance he had waited for all this time had finally arrived. If things went smoothly, there was a considerable chance of killing him.

This was more than enough!

Si Yuwen knew that with his current cultivation, this should be a near impossibility. This was already a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

So he began to move.

He came up with an excuse and temporarily pushed the duty of taking care of the chicken overlord onto someone else. He went to his room to recuperate for two days.

On the third day, late at night, when the darkness was at its richest and deepest, Si Yuwen opened his eyes.

There was no sharp flash of light. There was only calm serenity and the resolve of someone who had no other path to take.

Pengpeng, please watch me from the heavens. The person who has liked you for all this time is a genuine man.

For you, he is willing to do anything!

He turned and leapt onto his feet. Carrying the package he had prepared, he smoothly made his way to a remote courtyard.

Although he was prepared, when things reached this step Si Yuwen still felt nervous. His heart raced. Cautiously, he slowly approached the room. He could hear gasping moans and seductive cries.

By this time, Si Yuwen had calmed down. He took out the package he had brought and carefully opened up the layers of paper.

An intangible and odorless scent began to spread out.

“Heavens protect me…”

But before he could finish praying, Si Yuwen felt something cold on his back. A burst of pain broke out and his consciousness plunged into darkness.

The heavens didn’t protect him after all. When Si Yuwen woke up, he discovered that he had been tied up and his cultivation had been imprisoned.

He failed!

He was completely discouraged and despondent. Tears started to flow down his cheeks. He thought that he really was useless. He couldn’t even take revenge for Pengpeng.

In truth, Si Yuwen never would have succeeded, because from the very start the news he obtained was deliberately leaked to him by order of Sha Liuhe.

Since Sha Liuhe had accidentally learned that Si Yuwen was the childhood friend of some girl who had died beneath his crotch, a minor investigation was conducted that made everything clear.

Sha Liuhe made some simple arrangements and sure enough this boy was stupid enough to jump into the pit and become one of his cards. Although this card wasn’t good, that didn’t matter. This was only an excuse. He was confident he could place Qin Yu in a position where he could no longer hide.

Soon, astonishing news spread throughout the entire Midmorning City Branch Division. Mister Sha Liuhe, who had entered the final name list and would soon represent Sky Declaring Pavilion in the Great Beast Trainer Tournament, had suffered an attempted assassination by poison. Although this attempt was promptly discovered, Mister Sha had already been injured by the poison.

Before everyone could fully digest this information, an even more explosive follow-up arrived. The mysterious cultivator who tried to poison Mister Sha Liuhe was actually one of Ning Qin’s secret disciples.

A single stone aroused a thousand waves!

Due to Sha Liuhe’s rise, the grievances between these two people were known to everyone. And because Qin Yu had returned not too long ago, this news caused an uproar.

Simply put, Qin Yu had the motive and standing to attempt an assassination. Countless eyes gathered. They all had the same thought. It seemed that something exciting would happen soon.

And this was indeed a greatly exciting event.

The injured Sha Liuhe fiercely and threateningly approached the Internal Affairs Division with the assassin in hand and requested that the true murderer be brought to justice. Although he didn’t mention any names, everyone knew who the true murderer he referred to was.

For a time, anyone that had some degree of status began to gather at the Internal Affairs Division.

News reached the lakeside pavilion. Yun Die didn’t dare to delay things and quickly informed Qin Yu.

“Teacher, this surname Sha is slandering you. I knew that this person was up to no good!” The one who gave Sha Liu a resounding public slap was Yun Die herself. She certainly understood why he hated her teacher.

Qin Yu had a calm expression. “Has it been determined that the assassin is Si Yuwen?”

Yun Die nodded. “I have already asked for confirmation. It is indeed junior-apprentice brother Si Yuwen.”

She opened her lips to speak but hesitated.

Qin Yu looked at her. “What do you have to say? Speak.”

Yun Die said, “Reporting to teacher, I happened to hear something these past days that is related to junior-apprentice brother Si Yuwen.” She simply explained the story of Si Yuwen and his childhood friend who had died.

“During this period of time, She Liuhe has had several disciples vanish without a trace. They have all been beautiful young girls. But because they have a low and humble status, and because Sha Liuhe is formidable, these disappearances have been suppressed and no one has investigated them. I suspect that these missing girls are related to this surname Sha.”

Speaking to here, Yun Die quietly celebrated in her heart. When Sha Liuhe was first choosing disciples, she felt something was off in his gaze and refused to join him. If she had, she feared she would have been killed like those other female disciples of his.

As Qin Yu was deep in thought, there was a message from outside the lakeside pavilion. Jiang Yiyun had sent someone to invite him.

Things had become incredibly noisy and it was clear where everyone’s eyes were focused. Even if Jiang Yiyun wielded the nominal supreme authority within the Midmorning City Branch Division, he still couldn’t withstand this pressure.


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