Chapter 805 - Hard

Dragon City. Deep below the arena, at the giant altar.

The Dragon Soul lay over the altar, its body condensed into tangible essence. At this time, its eyes opened with excitement.

Hum –

Hum –

The runes atop the altar began to rapidly shine. As if infecting all the others, every rune within line of sight started to light up.

Waves of imprisoning and suppressing strength enveloped the Dragon Soul. It roared out loud as its body crackled and popped. Tiny arcs of purple lightning leapt around it, causing it to grimace in pain.

But this time, the Dragon Soul didn’t lower its head like it did before. It raised its body, its eyes seemingly piercing through space into the far-off distance.

After countless years, it finally felt the aura that came from its body.

My master, have you finally found it?

In other words, the captivity it had withstood for hundreds of thousands of years was about to come to an end.

Hou –

A resonant dragon’s roar erupted, constantly reverberating through the underground altar!

When Qin Yu was reaching the most refreshing part of this extravagant cultivation period, he had no choice but to temporarily suspend it. Si Yuwen, the disciple responsible for looking after the chicken overlord, found Yun Die. She didn’t dare to underestimate anything. After quickly examining it, she hesitated before going over to her teacher and reporting the news.

When Yun Die approached Qin Yu, her cheeks were flushed red and her eyes were gleaming. Before she said anything her face revealed three parts awkwardness and seven parts strangeness. After listening to her vague explanation, Qin Yu had no choice but to temporarily leave seclusion. He thought that this chicken overlord fellow really was unreliable!

To the outside, the chicken overlord was said to be Qin Yu’s spirit pet. Although it was always in a slumbering condition, no one dared to neglect it. It lived not too far away from the lakeside pavilion, in a spirit pet hose specifically built for it. Qin Yu walked in, and when he looked around he immediately understood why Yun Die had such a weird expression.

The chicken overlord lay face up on a clean and tidy bed covered with soft silk blankets. But, its breathing was shallow and it occasionally snored, its actions accompanied by a few twitches.

Looking down again, from amongst its feathers, one could see a hard tool drilling out. It was exposed directly to the air. Looking at the size, it wasn’t too big. But in the context of the average build of a chicken, it was clearly exceptional.

No wonder this fellow liked to create harems the most! Because it was so rich in capital to do so!

Qin Yu shook his head and suppressed these haphazard thoughts. Although he was prepared to see something ridiculous, he was still left stunned. He glanced around and his face reddened. He occasionally looked at the chicken overlord and disciples behind him. Qin Yu’s lips twitched and he said, “How long has it been since this situation occurred?”

Si Yuwen respectfully said, “Reporting to teacher, it began yesterday.” He paused for a moment. “In the past, this situation has also appeared, but things were soon restored to normal. However, this time it has continued for a very long time. Its aura is also unsteady. This disciple doesn’t dare to be careless, so I asked senior-apprentice sister Yun Die to pass on a message.”

Qin Yu rubbed his forehead. Although he felt it was a bit embarrassing, if he allowed the chicken overlord to continue being so shameless, it would be even more humiliating. After thinking for a moment, he walked over to the bed and placed a hand on the chicken overlord’s body. After sensing for a moment, he revealed a dignified expression.

This fellow’s current condition was much worse than he thought. This sort of violent strength faintly felt as if it was spiraling out of control.

With this intensity of strength, if it really did erupt then the chicken overlord would turn into a fragrant roasted chicken in the blink of an eye!

It was just sleeping and yet such a serious issue occurred. This could be called unprecedented.

Qin Yu was left speechless for three seconds. But since things had already happened, there was no reason to complain about it. Although the flavor of roasted chicken wasn’t bad, he should still save it. Moreover, looking at the situation of the chicken overlord, he feared it couldn’t last much longer.

“Cough! Yun Die, come over here and see if you can find the reason.” In such a situation, the Chaotic Sky Chronicle was the best possible choice.

“Yes, teacher.” Yun Die walked over, her face turning even more red. She thought, ‘I am still a girl. Teacher, if you want me to stand here with you, you have to take responsibility for me in the future!’

Thinking this, she was immediately overjoyed. Most of her flustered shock immediately vanished. She focused her thoughts and began to summon the Chaotic Sky Chronicle’s strength.

Moments later, Yun Die revealed a weary expression. Her gaze became strange. She closed her eyes to confirm what she had learnt.

The second result was the same as the first. Then, there shouldn’t be a mistake.

Dorelis looked at the chicken lying on the bed with its manhood pointed high in the air. Even with her breadth of experience, she still couldn’t help but be shocked.

This was just far too strange and bizarre!

The chicken overlord’s condition naturally couldn’t be hidden from her eyes. With a slight inspection, she could see that it was accepting an inheritance of power in its deep sleep.

This was the strangeness within the strangeness!

Generally speaking, when it came to inheriting power, the difficulty usually lay in obtaining approval. As long as the inheritance started, there basically wouldn’t be a problem.

After all, if someone wanted to leave behind the power of their inheritance, the logical conclusion was that they wanted to pass down their own cultivation orthodoxy. It was impossible for them to mess with their successor until they died.

But this chicken overlord had suffered an accident. And because it was mired in its heart demons, it couldn’t free itself…alright, this was also another extremely strange situation.

Could heart demons appear in the process of the inheritance of power? Yes, it was possible, but these kinds of heart demons were normally of a very low level. With just a bit of concentration they would easily be scattered.

But this chicken was clearly an exception. Its soul had been invaded by its heart demons and it was about to lose control of its strength, resulting in its death.

Combined with Yun Die’s diagnosis and Dorelis’ hypothesis, it wasn’t hard for those present to make the same judgment – it had brought this upon itself.

There was a simple explanation – the chicken overlord had encountered a heart demon while accepting the inheritance. Then, because it felt that the heart demon was very interesting it decided to not come out. As a result, it kept playing and playing and eventually played a way into its own imminent demise.

Heart demons were heart demons; even they had dignity. Just because they didn’t appear to be fierce or strong didn’t mean that someone could molest them continuously.

Everything led to the current situation.

As for what type of heart demon the chicken overlord encountered, looking at its hard ‘manhood’, there was no need for any further explanation.

Qin Yu slapped his forehead. He wished he could directly choke this embarrassing creature to death!

This was the epitome of disgrace.

Because the heart demon was so romantic and alluring, it decided to play and play until its life was gone. Although this sort of situation might not be unprecedented, at the very least no one here had ever heard of it.

If news of this spirit pet’s virtues were to spread out, then as its master, Qin Yu would be laughed at ten thousand times.

“Tsk tsk…tsk tsk tsk tsk!” Dorelis looked at Qin Yu and sighed repeatedly.  She looked at him as if saying she finally saw his true appearance today.

At this moment, Qin Yu really did have the impulse to wash his hands of this and allow the chicken overlord to figure out its own life and death. Perhaps it should play itself to death now so that it wouldn’t cause any more trouble later.

This must be the karma of his sins!

Qin Yu took a deep breath. Ignoring Dorelis’ expression, he said, “I heard that the Western Tomb has a powerful divine art that is specially used to break past heart demons. You can use it, right?”

“That’s right. But in my current state, using it just once will leave me immediately weakened. I will need to recuperate for ten days to half a month. The price for doing this isn’t small.”

Qin Yu was expressionless. “Say it. What do you want?”

Dorelis smiled. “I like dealing with simple and straightforward people like you. I heard that you obtained many good things from Sky Declaring Pavilion recently. I won’t ask what they are, but I want half.”

Qin Yu’ eyes twitched. He glanced at the chicken overlord which was lying down on its bed, muddled up by its heart demon so much that it couldn’t wake up. For some reason, eating some roast chicken didn’t seem like a bad idea.

“Fine. I agree!”

Dorelis was satisfied. With these things, she could figure out a way to stay on this world a bit longer.

After all, Qin Yu could be called her life’s riskiest and most successful harvest. She needed to help him in every way possible to get through this difficult period.

What was good for him was good for her! This was the simple truth!

Qin Yu clenched his teeth and gave half of the remaining goods to Dorelis. Even though he had picked up all of these things for nothing, it still pained him so much that veins jumped up on his forehead.

It wasn’t that he was a good-for-nothing that was excessively greedy, but all of these goods were treasures amongst treasures. When he used them to cultivate, the speed and freshness were without comparison.

He would keep this account recorded in his mind. Once the chicken overlord woke up, he would slowly take it back, interest included!

Although Dorelis was a miserly bargainer, when it came to holding up her end of the deal, she was a supreme professional.

Taking payment from someone and helping them overcome disasters was one reason. Another key factor was that she discovered that this unreliable chicken overlord had managed to stumble into some dog-shit luck. It had actually obtained an extremely reliable inheritance.

Even with Dorelis’ judgment, this sort of inheritance was still top class. As long as this fellow woke up, adapted to and controlled the strength within its body, then it would immediately become a powerful helper.

Qin Yu was hers, and what was Qin Yu’s was also hers. Based on this simple concept of thinking, Dorelis had no reason to slack off. She had already begun to imagine the glorious future where she would have Qin Yu on her left hand and this great chicken on her right hand. Who would be unwilling to accept this? They would do everything in their power to make it happen!

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