Chapter 804 - The Impatient Mister Sha

Qin Yu stood up and delivered Senior Lin away. Feng Qing had many things she wanted to say and ask, but she knew it wasn’t the right time so she kept her mouth shut and respectfully left.

But soon, she thought of a way to pass on a message. She was really worried that Qin Yu would immediately turn his head and decide to cooperate with her teacher, completely selling her off.

After all, no matter how confident she was in her own appearance, she didn’t believe that her beauty could compare with the rewards her master could offer.

Qin Yu’s reply was simple and allowed Feng Qing to take a breath of relief. He said that since he had agreed to help, he wouldn’t go back on his word.

But these simple words inexplicably made Feng Qin feel at ease. Most of the humiliation in her heart dissipated, immediately turning into a strangely uncomfortable feeling.

This was because she suddenly discovered that even if she became Qin Yu’s concubine, if this were compared to what he would have to suffer going against her teacher, then his losses would still be far too great.

Although Feng Qing logically knew that accounts couldn’t be settled in such a manner, she could no longer continue being angry and resentful towards Qin Yu.

There was also a thought that occasionally flashed in her mind. If she really could get away from this danger and become Qin Yu’s concubine, that wasn’t something unacceptable either.

Of course, as soon as this thought appeared, Feng Qing tore it to shreds as she flushed red and scolded herself for being shameless.

The Grandmaster Ning Qin who had vanished for several months basically didn’t make any more public appearances before he went into seclusion again. Some people said that he had received an extremely mysterious high-level mission and was currently trying to figure out a solution to it. There were also some people who said this was because of Mister Sha. They said Ning Qin was feeling disturbed by Mister Sha and hid away to avoid this calamity.

To the manager of the Midmorning City Branch Division, Jiang Yiyun, this second assumption was simply a joke. Sha Liuhe was indeed outstanding, but if he were compared to Grandmaster Ning Qin, they weren’t even on the same level. Although he had to hide Grandmaster Ning Qin’s true status because of certain reasons, these types of rumors that harmed one’s reputation had to be stomped out.

As several orders were passed down, the rumors were quickly put out. But in certain beast trainer circles, these rumors became even louder and more vivid. It was unknown where the source was, but many people said that Ning Qin requested Jiang Yiyun to take action and suppress these negative rumors.

This caused even more people to believe that Qin Yu was afraid. A considerable number of people were willing to believe this. After all, Sha Liuhe’s performance these past months was obvious to everyone. It was formidable to the point that he seemed he would grow wings and fly.

At the beginning, Qin Yu had maliciously slapped Sha Liuhe in front of countless people and kicked him several times while he was at it.

Who could forget this kind of hatred?

When Mister Sha determined that Qin Yu really had gone into seclusion, he fell into a depression. He wasn’t sad because he had no chance to take revenge, but because when Qin Yu went into seclusion, both Yun Die and Dorelis had disappeared along with him.

The two women stayed in the small lakeside pavilion and didn’t come out. Even if he had a hundred methods in mind, he couldn’t utilize them at all.

This left his heart simmering with anger. How could the restless Sha Liuhe endure this?

It wasn’t that he didn’t try anything. Through the personal connections he had accumulated over time, Sha Liuhe tried to exert his strength on Qin Yu. But just as he did, an invisible force would come from somewhere and erase everything.

In the Internal Affairs Division, two people who held true power were toppled without warning and knocked into the dust. Sha Liuhe was shocked by this and he decisively chose to not make any more moves.

Although he had no idea who it was, he knew that a person with the qualifications to do this could easily ruin him if they wanted to. It seemed the rumors that Ning Qin was carrying out a secret mission were extremely likely to be true.

With things having reached this step, even if he didn’t want to wait he could only do so.

Fortunately, it wouldn’t be long before the great beast trainer competition arrived. Qin Yu shouldn’t be absent. Then, at the internal elimination series, he should have a chance to do something.

Yes, that was it!

Mister Sha fell deep into thought. A plan quickly formulated in his mind. Not only did he need to obtain those two women, but he needed to pay back Qin Yu for the shame he experienced before, a hundred times over!

Si Yuwen sat on a rock by the lake. He watched as the wind blew over the water, leaving ripples behind. His expression was dull and hollow and a pained look often appeared in his eyes.

Teacher had gone into seclusion…this truth caused him to let out a sigh of relief. At the same time, he couldn’t help but hate his own frightened timidity.

His thoughts drifted back to the day when he last saw her. The woman he loved and admired had been brutally tortured and injured all over.

He had held her in his arms, helplessly watching her take one final breath. Those eyes full of pain and unwillingness stared at the gray skies above.

Si Yuwen clenched his fists and bit his lips. Blood slowly dripped down.

“Don’t worry…I won’t let you die in vain…the one who harmed you…will pay the price.

“This is my promise to you. No matter what I need to pay, even if I die here, I will not turn back!”

Si Yuwen looked up at the transforming clouds in the skies. He seemed to see her face in those clouds, smiling down at him from heaven.

At this moment he suddenly realized something. In truth, he could only rely on himself for this matter.

He was only a secret disciple. In fact, he had only seen his teacher’s face a few times. What qualifications did he have to ask his teacher to take revenge for him?

Luckily, he hadn’t been impulsive on the day teacher returned and exposed his own intentions. Otherwise he might have been killed and turned into a lost ghost in the underworld before he could do anything.

With his strength alone, it was almost impossible for him to take revenge. So, he couldn’t use strength to fight strength. He had to seek out an opportunity for a sure-kill strike.

Because once he made his move, he wouldn’t have a second chance!

Buried hundreds of thousands of feet below the earth, there was a vast palace. It was broad and magnificent. Looking around, it was empty without a single figure, as if it was an underground city that had been deserted for countless years.

Suddenly, there was the sound of footsteps in the underground palace. The bright and dustless floor was as smooth and clear as a mirror, reflecting the figure walking on it.

This person was tall and slender. He seemed to be simply walking forward, but each step he took was like ten thousand soldiers marching in sync.

An endless spiritual strength was contained in his gentle steps. His temperament was cold and aloof, arrogant and proud, like a lonely mountain that stabbed straight into the infinite skies.

When the man came to a stop, what lay before him was a stone door that was over a hundred thousand feet high. He placed his hand above it. Strength gushed out from his palm and a crack opened in the door.

“What are you here again for?” A low and deep voice erupted from the blood red depths, like roaring thunder.

The man faintly said, “I found that the Great Sun step beast trainer is still alive.”

The voice behind the stone door paused for a moment. “Are you sure?”

The man said, “No, but you and I do not have a better choice right now.”

The voice behind the stone door sneered. “I really am curious, are you not afraid of death? Once you are swallowed by me you will forever disappear. You should be well aware of this.”

The man was expressionless. “I don’t want to respond to the same question twice.”

“Humph!” There was an angry cough from behind the stone door. “Since you want to die, there’s no reason for me to stop you.”

Rumble rumble –

Blood red light tumbled. Runes shimmered on the surface of the stone door as radiant purple lightning erupted into existence.

Qin Yu put forth a request. He needed to make a face-to-face diagnosis in order to figure out a solution in the shortest time possible.

But this request was rejected without hesitation by Senior Lin. Qin Yu could feel the firmness within his reply.

It seemed that if he wanted to figure out where the Myriad Dragon Body was, he needed to reveal qualifications that were sufficient enough to be approved by others.

But looking at the terrifying strength contained in the blood, wanting to suppress its violently berserk attribute wouldn’t be easy.

As if sensing Qin Yu’s difficulties, the Ancient sent out an information transmission. When Qin Yu read it, his complexion became strange.

“Although I was the one who refined the Myriad Dragon Body, in the years since it developed its own self-awareness, there are sure to be changes that have occurred. If you want to smoothly suppress it, I must make some preparations. So there is no need to worry in terms of time. You may do as you wish.”

After leaving behind these words, the Ancient fell silent.

Qin Yu rubbed his chin. For some reason, he felt that these words were meant to have another meaning behind them.

Mm…perhaps…that was possible…

After the lakeside pavilion was silent for several days, Qin Yu began to send out his requests. A list of materials was delivered to Senior Lin’s hands with the quickest possible speed.

Although Senior Lin had been prepared, when he actually saw the list his eyebrows couldn’t help but shake. But, it was only for a moment before he composed himself. He slowly said, “Give it to him!”

Qin Yu went into seclusion again.

And this period of seclusion had nothing to do with suppressing the berserk strength within the blood jade. He was using the various precious treasures sent to him by Sky Declaring Pavilion to begin an era of luxurious cultivation.

Of course, before that, the ten pieces of blood jade that were full of chaotic power were taken away by the Ancient.

Although he didn’t say much, judging from the tone of the Ancient, the Myriad Dragon Body would have nowhere to run. 

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