Chapter 803 - Myriad Dragon Body

The Ancient continued to say, “At Dragon City, you should have seen the Dragon Soul hidden deep below the arena. You should also know of its origin. In the past, I had a premonition that a great catastrophe was arriving. Thus I slaughtered 10,000 dragons, using the essence of their souls to refine the Dragon Soul.

“In addition, I tempered the corpses of 10,000 dragons, blending their flesh and blood to create a Myriad Dragon Body that could be used as the carrier for the Dragon Soul. The reason I did this was to create something that could help me deal with the unknown catastrophe in the future. But before I could complete it, the Dao Monarch’s true body arrived.

“You should know what happened afterwards. I fell into the Dao Monarch’s trap and was defeated by him. My body was split apart and suppressed, with only my consciousness surviving. Afterwards, because of the refinement process, the Dragon Soul was wholly loyal to me. But what I never expected was that as time passed, the Myriad Dragon Body would gain self-awareness and break through the spell I left behind to run away.”

Qin Yu gathered his thoughts. His eyes flashed and he said, “My lord is saying that this drop of blood comes from the Myriad Dragon Body?”

The Ancient said, “That’s right.” He paused and continued, “When I refined them in the past, the Dragon Soul and Myriad Dragon Body were two parts of a whole, pieces that matched and complemented each other. Only by completing the fusion could the hidden dangers within them be removed. The Myriad Dragon Body gained consciousness and ran away, but it was incomplete. Not just that, but it suffered a grave backlash that heavily wounded it. Thus, what you see within this drop of blood is a chaotic strength on the verge of collapse.

“When my consciousness awoke, I spent many years trying to find a way to seek out the Myriad Dragon Body, but there were never any harvests…there is also a reason behind this. When I refined them in the past, one reason I did so was to have an additional chip to deal with the unknown great catastrophe, but another was to create a path of retreat for myself.

“Even if I was defeated and failed, as long as I complete the refinement then I can extract the strength of the Dragon Soul and Myriad Dragon Body. As long as my soul hasn’t dissipated, I can quickly restore myself to how I was in the beginning, becoming even stronger than before! This is why I said that I should be the one thanking you.”

Qin Yu cupped his hands together. “Congratulations my lord!”

The Ancient said, “You should be the one being congratulated. In my current state, I no longer need their strength.”

“My lord…”

“If you can find the Myriad Dragon Body, then I possess ways to have it fuse together with the Dragon Soul. At that time I will be able to extract the entirety of its strength. I am confident that I can help your mortal body break through several levels at once. Even if you face a Divine Dao, you will still have the qualifications to fight them!”

Qin Yu had an excited expression. “My lord, are you speaking the truth?”

“You are my race’s only hope so I won’t deceive you. But searching for the Myriad Dragon Body is something you must do alone, otherwise once it senses my aura, it will no longer be possible to find it.”

“I will do my best to find the Myriad Dragon Body!”

After giving several more words of advice, the Ancient’s consciousness retreated.

Qin Yu looked up, a cold sneer on his face.

If it weren’t for him knowing everything in advance, he might have been touched. But now…

When the Ancient said that he would help him obtain the strength of the Dragon Soul and Myriad Dragon Body, Qin Yu believed in him.

The reasoning was simple. In the eyes of the Ancient, Qin Yu was a puppet he controlled. If Qin Yu possessed something, it was the same as the Ancient possessing it; there was no difference.

Looking at things from this angle, the Ancient shared the same mentality as Dorelis.

Across from him, Dorelis looked up. She had a dignified expression, “What did he say?”

Qin Yu didn’t hold anything back. After explaining the situation, Dorelis was shocked. Slaughtering 10,000 dragons was a great feat. Even with her cultivation boundary, she still found it hard to imagine.

He was truly worthy of being an existence that was able to fight the Dao Monarch!

She let out a light breath and composed herself. “Did he really say that he was willing to help you obtain the strength of the Dragon Soul and Myriad Dragon Body?”

Qin Yu knew that she was suspicious about this, but there was no way he could hide it. He quietly nodded, “It’s true.”

Dorelis furrowed her eyebrows. The reason she was willing to spare no effort in helping Qin Yu was because he was under her control. But, why did the Ancient help him?

Could it be that the Ancient had other methods he believed he could use to control Qin Yu?

Even after contemplating for a long time, she couldn’t come up with anything. Dorelis lightly touched the back door she left in Qin Yu’s body.

Qin Yu stuffily coughed and his face paled. He grasped the area of his chest right above his heart. “I suddenly felt uncomfortable, as if I lost control of my heartbeat. What was happening?”

Dorelis felt at ease. Since the back door she left was still intact, even if the Ancient had made other preparations, all of those plans were doomed to fail. She immediately comforted Qin Yu, telling him that the newly fused Ancient’s heart had yet to perfectly integrate with his body.

Qin Yu carefully examined his body. After finding that nothing else was wrong, he slowly nodded.

Of course, this was all an act that he was showing to Dorelis. She could indeed stimulate the back door she left behind, but as long as Qin Yu wanted to, he could erase it with just a thought.

At this moment, a thought appeared in Qin Yu’s mind. Dorelis and the Ancient both thought that they had secretly taken control over him…if he used this situation well enough, even if he was the weakest of the three sides there was still a good chance he would emerge as the final victor!

All of this was based on the premise that he hid his thoughts and remained unexposed. Otherwise, whether it was Dorelis or the Ancient, once they became angry and flipped the tables, there would be no way he could contend with them even if he controlled the Ancient’s heart.

Strength. What he needed was greater strength. And what the Ancient spoke of, the Dragon Soul and Myriad Dragon Body, was the only way he could increase his strength in a short period of time.

He had to find the Myriad Dragon Body!

But how to do it? When it came to this, Qin Yu had no idea.

However, the truth was that he didn’t need to bother thinking about it. This was because before Qin Yu went out to search on his own initiative, someone came to visit him.

The small pavilion near the lake welcomed a distinguished guest, an old man with white hair and a white beard. He had a blank expression and a casual smile. Every move he made was rigid and stiff.

Although this old man didn’t clearly introduce himself, with how respectful Feng Qing was, that was enough to know how high his status was.

“Senior Lin, this is Grandmaster Ning Qin.” Feng Qing smiled as she spoke. “Mister Ning Qin, Senior Lin is an old friend of my master’s. He came here today because there are some matters he hopes to ask for mister’s assistance in.”

After the introductions were over, she took a step back and sat down.

Senior Lin said, “Mister Ning Qin, it is disrespectful of me to come here without invitation. The reason I came was because of the blood jade that was sent to you yesterday.”

Qin Yu’s expression darkened. After a long silence he slowly said, “What matter does Senior Lin have with me? Please speak openly.”

Senior Lin seemed to have already expected Qin Yu’s response, so his expression didn’t change. “Because significant matters are involved, my family’s master apologizes for what happened before. He asked me to come here to send a gift as an apology.”

He turned his hand, producing a wooden box that he placed on the table.

Qin Yu thought for a moment. He picked up the jade box and was silent for a short time before he said, “The Pavilion Master is thoughtful.”

His expression and tone had already relaxed.

Senior Lin said, “The Pavilion Master bid me come here to ask mister a question. Do you have a way to suppress the rampaging strength?”

Although his words were vague, Qin Yu understood what he meant. Joy rose in his heart.

Could this be considered as someone delivering a gift right to his door?

But on the surface, Qin Yu didn’t reveal anything. His eyebrows tightened further as he put on a difficult expression.

After mulling things over, Qin Yu put down the wooden box and pushed it back. “Senior Lin, it isn’t that I’m not willing to help, but I really cannot. Please take back your gift. As for what happened before, I have already forgotten about it. If the Pavilion Master needs something, he can ask others.”

Senior Lin looked deeply at Qin Yu. “Mister Ning Qin, there is no need to be in such a hurry to refuse. My master said that if mister can accomplish this, he is willing to pay a hundred thank you gifts as a reward.”

He pointed a finger at the wooden box, “Taking this as an example.”

Qin Yu’s complexion changed.

What was within the box was the same water droplet-shaped blood jade. But, the difference was that it was formed from pure strength and the wildly violent attribute had been completely eliminated.

In other words, it could be directly absorbed and turned into his own strength.

If it were a hundred of these…then as long as Qin Yu’s mortal body could withstand it, his cultivation would rise dramatically.

And it just so happened that Qin Yu didn’t lack in aspects like the bearing capacity of his body.

Of course, even if it wasn’t Qin Yu, any other cultivator wouldn’t be able to refuse an enticement that could increase their cultivation by such a large scale!

Seeing Qin Yu being tempted, Senior Lin continued to say, “Mister Ning Qin, you may as well pick up my master’s gift and carefully sense it. It contains more than just pure strength.”

Qin Yu waved his hand. “No need. I understand the value of this gift.”

Besides strength, this blood drop also contained boundless vitality. If there were 100 of these blood jades, he could increase his life by tens of thousands of years.

There was a long silence. When Qin Yu thought enough time had passed, he took a deep breath and opened his mouth, slowly saying, “I can try, but I have no idea what the chances of success are so I cannot give you any promises. If something were to go wrong…”

Senior Lin smiled. “Mister, rest assured. Regardless of what the final outcome is, my master will not implicate you.”

Qin Yu’s expression loosened. “Since the Pavilion Master is so sincere, I will try my best. But, the losses incurred have to be shouldered by Sky Declaring Pavilion.”

Senior Lin nodded. “Of course. If mister has need of anything, then please directly tell me. I will prepare everything for you.”

“Then there’s no problem.”

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