Chapter 802 - Soulspirit Physique

“That woman named Feng Qing, do you know what physique she has? It's fine, with your cultivation boundary, I doubt you have been able to come into contact with something like that. Let me tell you, her physique is the rare soulspirit. Do you think this name sounds ordinary?

“Hum hum, if this was the world where my main body was, then once news of this woman’s physique was exposed it would definitely be enough to cause every powerhouse to break open their heads chasing after her. The reason I went to so much trouble playing the villain was to capture this woman for you, and yet you fling it all back in my face!”

Qin Yu said, “You didn’t lie to me? Soulspirit, what’s so special about this kind of physique?”

Dorelis reached out a hand, “The soulspirit’s only use is to mold the soul.” She rolled her eyes at Qin Yu, “Boy, are you stupid? That’s right, I’m being very responsible right now by telling you what I’m saying is true.

“As long as you can control the soulspirit and cultivate it to maturity, then you can use her as a living furnace. You simply need to pour your consciousness into her and use her soul as the foundation to breed a brand new soul.”

Qin Yu’s heart shook as he immediately realized what was so precious about the soulspirit. To use the simplest and most direct example, if he were to suffer a fatal soul injury, as long as he poured his consciousness into Feng Qing before it dispersed, his soul could be reborn!

And for high level cultivators, besides those cultivating races like the Ancients who relied more on their bodies, the soul was the foundation for everything. Even if one’s mortal body was destroyed a hundred times over, as long as their soul didn’t disperse then they could constantly revive.

“Did you regain your senses yet?” Dorelis licked her lips. “If it weren’t for the fact that my main body cannot arrive in this world, do you think I would give the soulspirit physique to you? But, this piece of meat isn’t so easy to eat. From what Feng Qing said, you should have guessed it already. I sensed that right now she is training in some sort of cultivation method that assists in helping the soulspirit physique reach maturity. In other words, that teacher she spoke of had designs on her from the very beginning.

“Tsk tsk, looking at things from this perspective, the two of you are very similar. You were both chosen by others as living furnaces many years ago. Do you feel pity because you suffer the same fate?”

Qin Yu was without expression. “Let’s get down to business.” He knocked the table. “Since you agreed to help her, you should have some way to do it. Let’s hear it.”

Dorelis sneered. “I need to tell you just because you asked? All the advantages have gone to you with nothing left for me. When has there ever been anything so good in this world?”

Qin Yu calmly said, “What do you want?”

Dorelis furrowed her eyebrows. “It’s fine. I can’t think of anything right now. But remember, you owe me a great favor today and you need to repay me later!”

“Alright.” Qin Yu nodded and agreed. He secretly sneered inside. This woman was smart enough. She was worried that he would get suspicious, so she intentionally put on such an act.

It had to be known that in Dorelis’ eyes, Qin Yu was a puppet that was already controlled by her but who had no idea that he was being controlled.

Whatever Qin Yu obtained would be hers in the end. However, in order to make things seem more realistic, she acted this way.

“You’re simple and direct; I’m appreciating you more and more.” Dorelis winked at him.

Yun Die had brought Feng Qing outside and she returned just in time to see this. Her lungs nearly exploded with rage.

It’s fine if you want to fight for him, but you actually dragged in another woman. Is it because you thought that you couldn’t compete with me, so you decided to change tactics?

Dorelis turned to glance at her. “Qin Yu, I think the fewer people know about this matter, the better.”

Qin Yu nodded, “Yun Die, you go and rest first.”


With a heart full of resentment, Yun Die clenched her teeth and left. Before she did, she looked around. If looks could kill, Dorelis would have been reduced to pieces by now.

“Hey, Qin Yu, you really are lucky when it comes to love, aren’t you? Don’t blame me for not telling you, but your young disciple’s physique isn’t ordinary either. If you take her in, you’ll receive significant advantages. And even if you discount the benefits, just the enjoyment of bedding her isn’t something that an ordinary woman can provide!”

Qin Yu’s expression didn’t change. “Dorelis, put away your little abacus and stop trying your little tricks. This sort of thing has no effect on me. Since you want to cooperate with me, let’s get to the main subject.”

“Humph! You really don’t know how to accept goodwill. You’ll regret this sooner or later!”

Dorelis’ threats were half-lies and half-truths.

Qin Yu muttered in his heart. Yes, we’ll see who regrets this in the future!

“It’s clear that this girl Feng Qing’s soulspirit physique was discovered by someone else long ago. Moreover, what surprises me the most is that there exists a technique that can cultivate a soulspirit physique. Although it is somewhat simple, this sort of slow cultivation method can help the soulspirit physique grow and mature in the best way possible.

“If I didn’t misread things, Feng Qing’s soulspirit body will soon reach maturity. In other words, that teacher of hers will take action soon. We don’t have much time left to pick the peach.”

Dorelis’ expression was solemn. “Strictly speaking, right now I only have the power of my projection. As for you, if you don’t use the Ancient’s heart, it is impossible for you to compete with the Sky Declaring Pavilion Master head-on. So if you want to do something, you’ll have to use strategy and outsmart him.

“You must think of a way to use Feng Qing’s assistance to look up details of the Sky Declaring Pavilion Master in the shortest amount of time. Know yourself and know your enemy; this way you can take the best possible course of action.”

Qin Yu nodded.

But at this time, he didn’t know that he had no need to look for Feng Qing to find a solution. The one that Dorelis was trying to scheme against had approached Qin Yu on his own initiative.

The next day, through the Internal Affairs Division, a blood jade sealed within a transparent jade box was delivered to Qin Yu.

The moment Qin Yu saw the blood jade, he subconsciously frowned. Perhaps because he had fused with the Ancient’s heart, he could faintly feel the terrifying strength contained within.

But this strength was a little strange. It seemed as if it was forcibly combined together from numerous pieces. It seemed that it would go wild and collapse at any moment.

“Eh?” The Ancient’s voice suddenly resounded in Qin Yu’s mind. Across from him, Dorelis immediately fell silent and lowered her head.

After the desert world, the Ancient had fallen silent. This was the first time he had spoken up ever since he killed off the Giant Spirit Clan. The sealed jade box in front of Qin Yu flew up on its own initiative. A halo of light flashed across its surface before it slowly opened.

Without the imprisonment of the jade box, the strength contained within the blood jade immediately turned violent and stormy. A roar resounded deep in his mind and a chill surged up his spine, nearly stopping his heart and freezing his blood!

The next moment, Qin Yu’s consciousness was dragged into a blood red space. Everywhere he looked he saw red, as if this world had been dyed in blood. The smell of blood flooded his senses, making him want to puke.

Before Qin Yu could respond, his consciousness stiffened. This feeling was as if he had been locked onto by a great beast, about to be shredded apart at any moment.

At the end of his line of sight, deep within the red space, there was a massive shadow. It crept along the ground, stretching forth like a mountain.

At this time it slowly lifted its head and a pair of giant eyes locked onto him. The reason Qin Yu’s consciousness froze was because of these eyes.

Suddenly, it opened its mouth and roared. Qin Yu’s consciousness buzzed and everything fell blank. But, he could still feel a great instinctual fear. He felt as if he was being swept away by a hurricane. Amidst the frantic spinning, he would be torn into countless fragments at any moment.

Qin Yu wanted to struggle but he couldn’t react at all. Luckily, this feeling only lasted for a brief flicker of time.

With a cold humph, the ‘hurricane’ that wrapped around him was torn apart. Qin Yu’s consciousness instantly returned to his body. He gasped for breath in great heaving gulps, streaming with sweat.

In front of him, the drop-shaped blood jade emitted a faint halo of light. It was covered by an invisible strength that was unable to radiate outwards. Qin Yu had no idea what would happen if his consciousness hadn’t been freed, but he knew it wouldn’t be good.

“Thank you for saving me my lord!”

The Ancient was silent for a moment before he laughed, “To be exact, I should be thanking you for this matter today.

“I never imagined, I truly never imagined this. After searching for so many years without any harvests, it unexpectedly ended up in my hands today.”

Qin Yu had a puzzled expression.

The Ancient didn’t conceal anything. He lightly said, “You should be aware of this blood jade’s true appearance, right?”

Qin Yu thought for a moment. “Blood?”

“That’s right.” The Ancient said. “I know the owner of this drop of blood. Or to be more accurate, I was the one who created it.”

Even if he had expected it, Qin Yu was still shaken after hearing this.

It was just a drop of blood, yet it possessed such terrifying energy. He was nearly unable to resist it.

Then just how powerful was the ‘owner’ of this drop of blood that the Ancient mentioned?

And what was even more terrifying was that this existence that surpassed his imagination had been created by the Ancient.

Qin Yu was silent for a moment. He couldn’t help but doubt himself. In the face of this formidable Ancient, could he really succeed?

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