Chapter 801B – Mister Sha’s Excitement

Rising Lake Manor.

The small pavilion near the lake.

When Qin Yu approached, there was a keening cry. Two masses of flames, one large and one small, approached at astonishing speed.

Before they arrived, the temperature in the air rapidly rose.

Qin Yu paused and smiled. These two fire phoenixes had sensed their master’s aura and had appeared to welcome them.

After arriving at Qin Yu’s side they rapidly shrank. Then they landed on his shoulder, chirping in joy and happiness.

Numerous secret disciples had excited expressions. They knelt in place, “We greet teacher.”

Qin Yu raised his hands and traced the feathers of the two fire phoenixes. With the current intensity of his body, he no longer feared this temperature. He nodded and said, “Stand up.”

He swept his eyes over the crowd. “I haven’t been here recently. Has everything been alright?”

A disciple walked forward. “Reporting to teacher, everything has been well. It is just that the chicken you asked us to look after still hasn’t woken up yet.”

Qin Yu furrowed his eyebrows. “You are Si Yuwen?”

The disciple wryly smiled. “That is this disciple’s name.”

The young man standing in front of him was thin and pale. He was a far cry from the chubby young man in his memories.

But carefully looking at his face, he could tell that they were the same person.

In a mere several months, such an earth-shaking change had occurred. It seemed that something must have happened to this young man.

Qin Yu wasn’t in the habit of picking at others’ scars. He nodded and let him go, “Alright. I’ve travelled a long way so I will be resting for some time. You should all go and do what you need to do.”

“Yes, teacher.”

After everyone dispersed, Qin Yu didn’t really get a chance to rest, because Feng Qing came to visit him.

Hearing Yun Die’s report, Qin Yu revealed a look of surprise. Feng Qing didn’t even care about trying to conceal her presence. It seemed that she was really in trouble this time.

Feng Qing followed in behind Yun Die. When she finally saw Qin Yu, she let out a long sigh of relief. Because of her fluctuating mood, her face was flushed red a little. In addition to that, she hadn’t tidied herself up after getting out of bed, so she appeared a little weak and unkempt.

Dorelis slyly winked. Little boy, you’ve been keeping up an act the entire way here, are you going to expose yourself now?

Qin Yu ignored her. He smiled and said, “Miss Feng Qing, it’s been a long time. Please take a seat.”

“Thank you.” Feng Qing nodded. It was only now that she saw Dorelis sitting to the side, sizing her up. She revealed a hesitant look. She had many words to say right now, but these words absolutely couldn’t be known by others.

If this person was from Sky Declaring Pavilion she would have sent her away. But since this woman followed at Qin Yu’s side, she could only put on a vaguely meaningful expression.

But she had underestimated how thick Dorelis’ facial skin was. Dorelis sat there and welcomed Feng Qing’s gaze, even nodding and smiling in return.

Seeing Feng Qing’s awkward and helpless expression, Qin Yu thought for a moment and said, “Su Anlun, the trip has been hard on you. You should go and rest first.”

She was the solemn subordinate god of the Western Tomb’s Dao Monarch. Many people knew of Dorelis’ name. Now that he had returned to Sky Declaring Pavilion, he couldn’t use it any longer.

Dorelis blinked her eyes. She smiled and said, “But I’m not tired.”

Feng Qing took a deep breath. “Mister just returned. It was I who was too hasty in coming to visit. You should rest today; I will come and visit in the future.”

“I will be here tomorrow. I will be here the day after that, and also the day after that.” Dorelis smiled brightly. “Are you sure you want to keep waiting that long?”

Feng Qing stiffened. She used a great deal of strength in order to suppress the sudden desire to curse out loud.

Qin Yu furrowed his eyebrows and looked over. Dorelis shrugged. “Okay, I promise you that I won’t speak. Does your heart hurt because I bullied your little sweetheart here?”

Ignoring the second half of her words, Qin Yu said, “Miss Feng Qing, Su Anlun can be trusted. If you have something to say, feel free to speak.”

If it wasn’t for Qin Yu saying this, she would have snorted in contempt. This isn’t your problem, so of course you don’t care!

But now, Qin Yu had already taken a stance and she wasn’t in a position to argue. Otherwise, not to mention today, she wouldn’t be able to raise this topic in the future.

Feng Qing clenched her teeth and said, “Mister, I need your help.”

She quickly explained her situation, not daring to omit anything. Her worried eyes revealed an expectant look.

“I know that it is rude to suddenly make a request, but I really have nowhere else to go. I ask mister to please help me.”

As she spoke she stood up and bowed.

Qin Yu gestured a hand and strength gushed out from nothingness, lifting her back up. “Miss Feng Qing, there is no need to bow. I once agreed to help you if it is within my power. You don’t have to do this.”

Dorelis curled her lips. “With such great trouble, it doesn’t matter if you kneel or not. You can’t expect others to take a risk just because you bowed down.”

Her eyes sparkled. “Moreover, I think your situation isn’t as simple as it seems. It’s not a good idea to interfere.”

This time, Feng Qing really did want to curse out loud!

Just how are you related to this that you need to interrupt? But Qin Yu’s silence indicated that this woman’s words had a certain weight to them. Before clarifying her status, Feng Qing could only endure it.

Qin Yu glanced at Dorelis. He couldn’t say that he understood this woman, but he knew that with her status, there was no need for her to waste her time on Feng Qing. If she spoke up here and even decided to brazenly and shamelessly stay and listen in, there were likely additional facts he didn’t know about.

He couldn’t guess what it was. But since she wasn’t hiding it from him, Dorelis was sure to eventually give an explanation. Thinking about it, Qin Yu decided to calmly wait and see what she was trying to do.

“Su Anlun is correct. Miss Feng Qing, if I want to help you I fear there will be great trouble.”

Feng Qing blanched. “Mister…” If Qin Yu rejected her, there was nothing else she could do. She could only watch on helplessly as she slowly slid into the abyss.

That’s right, Feng Qing was sure that if she didn’t resist soon, all that awaited her was the endless abyss!

“Tsk tsk, these small cheeks, this pitiful expression, it really pulls at my heart.” Dorelis looked annoyed. After putting out a few contrived expressions, she suddenly changed her words, “Qin Yu, I think this matter isn’t something you can ignore. After all, you made a promise to her before, and promises aren’t something you should break.”

Dorelis straightened up and leaned forward.  She whistled once and then said, “Little girl, I’ll cut you a deal. If you agree to become Qin Yu’s concubine, we will help you.”

Qin Yu almost spat out the tea he just drank. He coughed and ruthlessly glared at Dorelis. This self-righteous and antagonizing woman, she didn’t even clarify what tricks she was up to and now she was even daring to tease him!

Dorelis looked back at Qin Yu and smiled, “Do you agree? This is your last chance. Consider it well.”

Feng Qing flushed red. She didn’t think that Qin Yu would put forth the kind of request that took advantage of others while they were in desperate straits. But after waiting for a time, even though his complexion wasn’t too good, he didn’t give any explanation at all.

Feng Qing’s heart sank and she suddenly felt shame and anger. Blood rushed to her face. Looking at her expression, it seemed she would leave in a fit of anger at any moment.

But in the end, she didn’t leave.

Dorelis was right. This was her final chance. If she didn’t want to fall into the abyss then she would have to pay a price.

Compared to death…although her purity was important, it wasn’t something she couldn’t abandon!

Feng Qing looked up. She eyed Qin Yu and said, “Mister, I am willing to offer you my pure body. But before that, I ask that you give me freedom.”

Before Qin Yu could respond, Dorelis clapped her hands. “How simple and straightforward. We agree. Go back and rest assured while you wait. Nothing will happen to you!”

Yun Die’s eyes flew open and she ruthlessly stared at Dorelis. She wished she could run forward and tear this woman’s mouth to pieces!

Teacher was hers! He was hers!

Qin Yu had a cloudy expression. When Feng Qing left, he coldly said, “Dorelis, you had best give me an explanation for this.”

The look Feng Qing had given him hadn’t made him feel good at all. But Qin Yu’s current performance was partially played out to show Dorelis.

“Don’t put on an act. I won’t believe that you didn’t notice.” Dorelis faintly smiled. She sighed and said, “Qin Yu, I suddenly think you have really good luck.”


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