Chapter 801A – Mister Sha’s Excitement

He closed his eyes, carefully sensing the changes happening in his body. Two hearts were beating within his chest at the same frequency. They contracted and inflated, pushing the flow of blood through him. Each time they did, he could feel warm currents being released from his blood and fusing into his muscles, constantly tempering and strengthening his body.

And most importantly, there was an extremely formidable strength hidden in the newly fused Ancient’s heart. If he wanted to, he could instantly detonate it.

Moments later, Qin Yu opened his eyes. Light flashed in his pupils, illuminating his joy.

Although the process had been dangerous, the harvests were equally astonishing. After gaining control of the Ancient’s heart, while his own visible strength hadn’t improved by much, the strength he truly possessed had soared by over three times.

The power that came from the Ancient’s heart was currently limited by the intensity of his own mortal body. But, it was enough to change his situation in a critical moment.

And at every moment the Ancient’s heart was constantly strengthening his mortal body. While it wouldn’t be too obvious for the time being, as this strengthening accumulated over time it would surely reach an incredibly tyrannical level!

Qin Yu took a deep breath and suppressed the joy in his heart. He had smoothly taken the first step and had even turned misfortune into a blessing. But, he was far from being able to relax.

Without mentioning anything else, if the Ancient had chosen to help Qin Yu fuse with his heart, then he must have his own plan in mind.

This was likely only the start. This time Qin Yu had Purple Moon, Blue Sun, and Meimei helping him, so he was able to emerge as the final victor. But, what about next time?

Whatever. It was a waste of effort to think about such things at this moment. He would need to take things as they came.

The process of fusing with the Ancient’s heart came to an end. On the surface, everyone was happy with the results. As for who would be the last one smiling, that would be proven with time.

Qin Yu went into seclusion for half a month. After he thoroughly adapted to the Ancient’s heart, he left seclusion and rested for some time. Then, he went to Ji Xiangtian and bid his farewells.

“Saint Son, you may stay longer at the Western Tomb if you would like. There is no need to leave in such a hurry.” Ji Xiangtian said, his voice sincere.

Qin Yu secretly thought that if he were to stay any longer, another accident was sure to happen. Since the Ancient hadn’t shown any intention of moving against the Western Tomb, Qin Yu naturally wouldn’t risk it.

Qin Yu made an excuse that there were some matters he needed to handle. When Ji Xiangtian saw his firm expression, he hesitated briefly before acceding. He told Qin Yu that if he had need of anything, he could send a message to the Western Tomb.

Qin Yu smiled and nodded. Then, he turned and walked out of the main temple.

Behind him, the Western Tomb Divine Seat’s smile disappeared. His eyes were dark and eerie, like a fathomless vortex.

Not long after leaving the Western Tomb, the travelling pair of master and disciple soon became a group of three. Dorelis stopped Qin Yu and Yun Die, saying that she wanted to go with them. Qin Yu was silent beneath his black robes for a moment before he agreed.

Of course, this was only an act. Qin Yu had expected this from the start. Since this woman had borrowed Su Anlun’s mortal body, she would certainly figure out a way to stay behind.

Now, Qin Yu had become the ‘puppet’ she controlled. In this case, staying by his side and continuing to plot against the Ancient was the best choice for her to make.

But what a pity, Dorelis didn’t know that everything she had done was no longer a secret. She would likely cry miserably in the future.

Although Qin Yu was calm when he faced Dorelis’ fake act, Yun Die actually felt an enormous threat. She didn’t care if this woman was called Dorelis or Su Anlun. Yun Die only knew one thing – this woman was extremely seductive!

And she seemed to be extremely intimate with her teacher. Whenever this woman spoke to him, she would put on a shy and coquettish appearance. And what Yun Die found most unbearable was that when this woman occasionally glanced at her, her eyes were clearly provocative. This was an open and naked provocation!

You want to compete with me for teacher? No way!

Qin Yu had no intention of interfering in the battle between these two women. He was well aware that Dorelis was only playing with Yun Die. And perhaps some of it was aimed at him too.

Right now, Qin Yu was considering where to go after leaving the Western Tomb. The Ancient hadn’t given any indication about this; it seemed he needed to make the decision himself.

When he first joined Sky Declaring Pavilion, it was to seek out a way to treat his injuries. Since he had recovered, there wasn’t a need to go back.


He had forgotten something.

Qin Yu slapped his forehead, finally realizing it.

He had left that slumbering chicken at Sky Declaring Pavilion. If he didn’t return soon, that fellow would be cooked and turned into a meal.

He rubbed his chin. Qin Yu also thought of Feng Qin. That intelligent woman had helped him a great deal. When it came to immoral, character-destroying behaviors like burning bridges after crossing them, he should try to do these things as little as possible.

Since he had no goal in mind at the moment, returning to Sky Declaring Pavilion would be the same as anything else. Then, it was decided!

When Qin Yu decided to return to Sky Declaring Pavilion, Feng Qin was lying down in bed. For some unknown reason, she often felt weary and tired these days. She tried some solutions but nothing worked.

Suddenly, as Feng Qing was lying in bed sleeping, her face twisted in horror. She seemed to be having a nightmare but she couldn’t wake herself up for some time.

A long time later, she screamed and opened her eyes. She rose up, her face pale as she gasped for breath.

It was that dream again…

In the last ten years she had experienced this dream numerous times. But as time passed, it came with increasing frequency.

At the beginning, she could easily wake up. But now, when she was within the dream her body seemed to be stuck in a swamp. She would have to struggle with great effort before she managed to free herself.

Feng Qin’s heart was filled with fear. She was afraid that one day she would fall into her dream and never be able to wake up again.

The cultivation method her teacher taught her could lessen and alleviate this situation when it occurred. But once she stopped cultivating, it would come back far more intense than before.

And in the last year, Feng Qing had rarely touched this cultivation method.

This was a secret she hadn’t told anyone. The more she trained in this cultivation method her teacher taught her, the more she found herself losing control of it.

Feng Qing had asked her teacher. The response she obtained was that this was normal. Once her cultivation surpassed this stage, the loss of control would naturally vanish.

At the start Feng Qing believed this. But as her situation became increasingly worse, she couldn’t help but begin to have some doubts.

Later, she discovered more and more things that she couldn’t figure out. For instance, everything she had said to Qin Yu. There was also that great shadow that loomed over her in her dreams, gazing at her, making her feel fear from the depths of her heart.

Calming her breathing, Feng Qing closed her eyes and sensed her condition. Moments later, she opened her eyes, flustered. As she thought, even though she had stopped cultivating, the cultivation method automatically continued, even if the pace was a bit slower than before.

Feng Qing had no idea what would happen to her if things continued like this. But, she knew it wasn’t something to look forward to.

She began to miss Qin Yu. This was because with the information she now had, she knew he was the only one who could possibly help her.

But after the incident of Dragon City, Feng Qin had lost all information about Qin Yu. It was likely that this temporarily weakened powerhouse had drifted far away by now.

As for their agreement…

Feng Qing bitterly smiled. An ant could never hope to expect that a lion would abide by their agreement. After all, agreements and things like that only existed when both parties were of the same level.

As Feng Qing was at a loss for what to do and was slowly falling into despair, Grandmaster Ning Qin, who had been gone from the Midmorning City Branch Division for several months by now, finally returned.

But on this day, she wasn’t the only one who felt happy about this. There was also Mister Sha Liuhe who had been beaten down and had his face swept across the floor due to Qin Yu.

After several months passed, the Mister Sha who had been trampled into the ground had risen back up. Moreover, he had relied upon his own formidable strength to establish his current reputation and dignity.

Right now, he stood amongst the crowd and watched as Qin Yu returned with two others behind him. Mister Sha was expressionless, but his hands gently shivered beneath his robes.

He knew Yun Die. After a few months, this little girl’s aura had become increasingly attractive. But at this time Mister Sha’s attention was focused on the woman standing to Qin Yu’s other side.

She looked to be around 27 or 28 years of age and her figure was curvy and overwhelming. She overflowed with charm. With her every action, every frown and smile she made, her sultry eyes were like little hooks that tugged at the heart.

Of course, beauty was only beauty. Mister Sha was skilled enough that he wasn’t immobilized by a woman’s beauty.

What caused his heart to burn and cry out was that the smell this woman released was ten times, a hundred times richer than Yun Die.

If he could obtain her, he could surely eliminate the hidden dangers in his body. Then he would no longer need to live in such a distressed state, always needing to endure embarrassment.

As for Qin Yu, he didn’t place him in his eyes. As long as he could remove the hidden dangers within his body and recover his strength, he could grind this little boy that once shamed him into pieces!

“Mister Sha, there is no need to mind. You only momentarily slipped up in the past. If there is another chance, it is unknown who the winner would be.”

“That’s right. In any case, in my eyes, Mister Sha is our Midmorning City’s true grandmaster beast trainer, second to none!”

“The Beast Trainer Tournament will begin in the near future. According to custom, we will soon hold an internal elimination competition to determine who can go in advance. At that time, Mister Sha will definitely be able to clear your name!”

Flattery constantly came from the crowd.

Sha Liuhe took a deep breath. He lightly said, “There are some matters I need to attend to, so I will be leaving first.”

He turned and left.

He had to leave immediately. Otherwise if he were to stay any longer, he was afraid he wouldn’t be able to repress the impulses in his heart and would be seen through by others.

But there was one point Sha Liuhe was very clear on. Those two women behind Qin Yu, especially that new one, he definitely had to obtain them.

No matter what the price was!

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