Chapter 800 - Controlling Power

When the silver rune appeared within Qin Yu’s chest, the Ancient skull that was blazing with holy light suddenly sneered.


The Ancient originally thought that Dorelis was only helping Qin Yu to prevent him from reviving. He never thought that she had already stolen a part of the Dao Monarch’s Great Dao and was attempting to secretly plot against him.

How brave!

Since she had delivered herself to his door, there was no reason to kick her out. If he could swallow Dorelis and seize this portion of the Dao Monarch’s Great Dao, he could complete his plans ahead of time.

A part of the burning holy light flew out. It rapidly shrank, condensing into a knuckle-sized rune.

Hum –

Space trembled and rippled. The rune submerged into it, vanishing from sight.

In the next moment it appeared in Qin Yu’s chest, melding together with the silver rune that had just appeared and causing some small changes to occur.

The Ancient race lineage had never been too skilled in such small and secretive moves. But, as he waited for hundreds of thousands of years, this time period allowed him to fix areas where he lacked.

So the Ancient’s actions were superbly executed. Although Dorelis sensed there was a brief fluctuation in the rune she left behind – one that left as soon as it came – she didn’t sense anything wrong so she didn’t care too much about it.

Then, the power of authority changed hands.

The light of the purple moon and blue sun soon complemented each other. Where their light covered, massive shadows were left behind.

When Dorelis secretly altered the situation, they hadn’t moved. When the Ancient pushed things along and left behind his own traces, they still didn’t move.

Only now, when they both believed that Qin Yu was in control of his own hands and he had almost completed fusing with the heart of the Ancient, did Purple Moon and Blue Sun take action.

Ding –

Ding –

The Cosmic Seacross Bell began to ring!

The phantom that appeared within the moonlight and sunlight started to flow. Like a river galloping forth from the darkness, it poured into the little bell. As a result, the Cosmic Seacross Bell thoroughly changed into darkness, as if a pitch black eye had opened up.

When the Cosmic Seacross Bell transformed into darkness and an eye opened up to look down at the world, an extremely strange aura emanated from it.

Cold and gloomy, it seemed as if it came from a land of eternal darkness, one that light would forever be unable to shine brightly on.

On the heart that was rapidly forming in Qin Yu’s chest, a black dot suddenly appeared on the silver run that was about to vanish. Then, it all disappeared from sight.

But because of this black dot, the pain that Qin Yu experienced rose ten times over.


He roared out loud. His face twisted as blood gushed out from every orifice of his head. His muscles spasmed and twitched.

Dorelis’ complexion changed. She never thought that just as success was about to arrive, such a change would occur. Was this because she left behind a secret backdoor?

Without any time to think, Dorelis immediately took action. She could already feel the chaotic strength within Qin Yu’s body.

This time, he truly wouldn’t be able to endure!

She stepped forward and crossed through the furnace phantom. She lifted a hand and placed a finger between Qin Yu’s eyebrows. An immense amount of holy light erupted from Dorelis’ body, rapidly gathering to her finger and turning it transparent.

One could see the phenomena of holy light bursting free like a broken dam and rushing in between Qin Yu’s eyebrows like a racing river. Runes appeared all over Qin Yu’s body.

These runes were the same as the runes on the furnace. As they appeared, the furnace gently trembled. Shockwaves surged out and fell onto Qin Yu’s body where they were absorbed by him. They soothed and comforted the Ancient’s heart that was rioting in his chest.

Qin Yu’s distorted face relaxed a little, but blood still flowed out from his mouth, nose, ears, and eyes. He felt like a tree in a great storm, about to snap in half at any moment.

Dorelis’ complexion was ugly. With the strength of her projection this was already the limit of what she could do. She could only reduce the speed at which Qin Yu collapsed and couldn’t change the final outcome.

At this moment, she did feel some regret. She shouldn’t have been so greedy. The fusion with the Ancient’s heart would have been successful originally…

She had already accepted responsibility for what had happened and blamed it on herself.

And what was a coincidence was that right now, there was also someone else who believed it was their fault that Qin Yu was in such a dangerous situation.

Or at least, a majority of the responsibility was his!

Even more than Dorelis, the Ancient didn’t want anything to happen to Qin Yu. Or to be more precise, he absolutely could not allow anything to happen to Qin Yu. Otherwise, wouldn’t his hundreds of thousands of years of waiting all have been for nothing? All the plans he had laid in place, all of the preparations he had done, it would all be for nothing.

So when he determined that this woman Dorelis wasn’t enough to save Qin Yu, he moved without hesitation. Of course, he had to be careful in how he did it. He didn’t want to expose himself ahead of time.

Dorelis had made preparations for a worst-case scenario, and the Ancient wasn’t without a backup plan either. He had already come up with a variety of responses.

In Qin Yu’s chest, his heart started to vigorously beat, pushing blood through his body.

An ancient and savage force full of the vicissitudes of time suddenly gushed out from every inch of his limbs and muscles.

This was strength that came purely from the Ancient race’s bloodline. It was just that Qin Yu had never been able to completely mobilize and control this power.

But now, under the manipulation of the Ancient consciousness, this strength was thoroughly activated.

Hum –

From trembling space, a towering mountain appeared. Then, a second and a third arrived.

But only the first mountain was slightly clear. The second was vague and blurry, and the third only appeared in shallow rippling traces.

Even so, as these three mountain phantoms appeared, an invisible strength arrived. Boundless and vast, it completely suppressed the collapsing strength within Qin Yu’s body. The raging Ancient’s heart was directly suppressed!

Dorelis’ heart quaked. “The Ancient race’s Three Holy Mountains!”

She looked at Qin Yu. There was shock on her face as well as uncontainable excitement.

Dorelis discovered that she had underestimated this boy Qin Yu’s potential.

At this juncture of life and death, he was able to comprehensively erupt with the strength of the Ancient race and even summon a projection of the three Holy Mountains.

It had to be known that even when looking at the entire Ancient race, this level of talent was still extremely rare.

The gains were big this time!

As long as Qin Yu didn’t die, his future achievements would be limitless. And the stronger Qin Yu was, the stronger she was.

As she thought, the bolder one was, the more they would achieve. Risks that should be taken must be taken.

At this time, the little bit of regret that appeared in Dorelis’ heart had long since vanished.

The Ancient also relaxed. Although he had helped in secret and he knew the chances of success were high, what if he had accidentally failed? Things would have become extremely troublesome at that point…luckily, this scene didn’t occur.

The darkness on the surface of the Cosmic Seacross Bell quickly retreated and the sunlight and moonlight that fused into it began to scatter. The purple moon and blue sun were extremely dim, as if they had reached the point of being extinguished.

“I hope that it was worth it…I need to go into slumber. The rest is up to you.”

Blue Sun disappeared after she finished speaking.

Purple Moon drew in a deep breath. She could feel that the little bit of strength she had managed to recover with great difficulty had been completely exhausted. Even the vitality she had accumulated had rapidly dissipated in the backlash.

Purple Moon had no idea whether she could survive this catastrophe, but since she had already done it, there was no point in feeling regret. Forcefully resisting the weakness that overcame her, she used the last bit of her strength to send an information transmission to Qin Yu. Then, Purple Moon fell unconscious.

Thump –

Thump –

Within Qin Yu’s chest, the Ancient’s heart that had fused with his had completely formed. It beat vigorously, and as it did the Ancient’s heart outside turned into dust that scattered to the floor.

Before he could feel what changes this newly fused Ancient’s heart brought him, Qin Yu had already fallen unconscious ahead of Purple Moon.

Even though he had received the ‘help’ of Dorelis and the Ancient in enduring the entire fusion process, it was no different from experiencing a life or death situation. His mind was worn out.

After an unknown length of time, Qin Yu woke up from his sweet slumber. He immediately received the information that Purple Moon transmitted to him.

It could be summarized in a few points.

Dorelis left behind a backdoor in the Ancient’s heart. She thought she already controlled Qin Yu.

The Ancient knew about this and didn’t stop it. Instead, he made some alterations atop the foundation Dorelis set down, so he believed that the power of control was in his hands.

The Qin Family’s three beauties had decided to take action. By paying a price, they had played the two other parties above. Thus, the Ancient’s heart was now entirely Qin Yu’s and no one could do anything about it.

The situation was a little complicated to describe, but this was how things stood. As he thought, these so-called ‘partners’ were truly unreliable. As for the Ancient who had been waiting hundreds of thousands of years for Qin Yu to appear, as expected he wasn’t someone easy to fool.

If it weren’t for the three ladies helping him, Qin Yu would never have been able to escape this. He secretly thought he was lucky. When he inquired inwardly to ask them, he didn’t receive any reply.

And besides the Cosmic Seacross Bell’s aura, the connection between him, Purple Moon, and Blue Sun had become extremely weak.

Was this the price they had paid?

Qin Yu took a deep breath and stabilised his state of mind. Then, he slowly opened his eyes. Dorelis was standing in front of him with a beautiful smile. “How do you feel?”

Qin Yu smiled and nodded in return. “I’m feeling great.” Dorelis, I’ll mark this account down for now and we’ll slowly settle it later.

Qin Yu’s smile caused Dorelis to feel a bit weak-hearted. This cold feeling on her back…could he have noticed something?

She hurriedly sensed her connection with the Ancient’s heart. Upon discovering everything was normal, she relaxed.

So what if he had discovered something? It was too late!

She looked over Qin Yu, her gaze warm and gentle, as if she were looking at the most precious treasure. She said, “Don’t worry, your pain will not be in vain. Rest now; I will come back later.”

Watching her go far away, Qin Yu sneered inwardly. At some point in the future, he was sure this woman’s expression would be interesting to see.


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