Chapter 799 - Fusing with the Ancient’s Heart

In the side hall, the runes that made up the supportive array formation were too many to count. In order to completely awaken them, a massive amount of blood was required.

Although Qin Yu had a calm expression, his face began to turn increasingly pale.

An hour later, as Qin Yu felt incomparably exhausted and started to see double, Dorelis’ voice rang out in his ears.


Without any hesitation, Qin Yu lifted his hand and raised it up. Light surged as the Ancient’s heart appeared in front of him. It was only the size of a palm as it floated there, and it constantly contracted and expanded, releasing a deep beating sound. Though this sound was gentle and slow, it was like thunder roaring in the winter skies, piercing straight into the soul.

Each beat had the strength of a million soldiers. It represented a kind of might that could not be contended with.

Dorelis has a solemn expression. She pointed a finger, “Rise!”

Hum –

The activated runes of the array formation in the side room suddenly separated from the walls and floated into the air. They formed the phantom of a giant furnace, covering Qin Yu and the Ancient’s heart inside.

Then, a massive amount of holy light gushed out from all around. It wrapped up the furnace phantom and began to burn.

Being heated by the holy light, the temperature inside started to dramatically rise. The blood that the rune absorbed rapidly evaporated, forming a bloody fog.

Thump –

Thump –

The Ancient’s heart continued to beat. As it shrank and grew, the faint traces of blood fog were sucked within.

Qin Yu suddenly felt a faint connection between him and the Ancient’s heart. Then, he released a painful howl.

At this time Qin Yu felt as if a great beast had woken up within his chest. It rampaged around recklessly, creating as much havoc as it could.

Fierce pain erupted like a volcano, as if even his bones and flesh would be torn and twisted to pieces. Even if Qin Yu had a firm and stubborn disposition, he still couldn’t endure this.

Dorelis’ voice rang out directly in his mind. “Endure it. This is only the beginning. As the Ancient’s heart fuses with you, this pain will only grow increasingly agonizing! You and I only have one chance. If we fail, there won’t be another!”

Qin Yu didn’t reply, but at this moment he could no longer make any sounds. The tides of pain crazily bombarded his mind, about to swallow him in the next moment.

Thump –

Thump –

The Ancient’s heart began to accelerate as more and more blood fog was absorbed. Then, within Qin Yu’s chest, in a place that couldn’t be seen, a mass of red light appeared. It expanded and shrank, maintaining the exact same rhythm as the Ancient’s heart.

Hell Mystic Realm.

Beneath the dark skies, holy light suddenly surged from the giant skull that had been lying peacefully on the ground.

“It’s begun.”

The Ancient’s low voice reverberated through the world.

As he thought, this junior had sensed something and was beginning to resist.

This wasn’t unexpected…

After all, although he didn’t come from a true Ancient background, he already possessed the most legitimate Ancient inheritance.

He was already a genuine Ancient!

And the Ancient bloodline was born to support the heavens and earth. No matter what difficulties or dangers they faced, they would have the courage to dare to wrestle with it.

If possible, he didn’t want to kill this fellow clansman. Because in this world, in a sense, the two of them really were the only two Ancients left alive.

But he had no choice.

Because the declining Ancient race needed a genuine powerhouse that could pull them up from the mud and let them stand tall in the world.

And he himself was the only candidate!

Qin Yu was too weak and there were countless variables in his future…and, no accidents could be allowed in the future of the Ancient race.

So while I am sorry, I have to do this.

As someone who had fooled the Dao Monarch and had patiently waited for hundreds of thousands of years, the Ancient consciousness’ abilities and preparations far exceeded Qin Yu and Dorelis’ imaginations.

So from the very beginning, he already knew about the matter of fusing with the Ancient’s heart. But, the Ancient wouldn’t stop this. In fact, if an accident occurred he would even lend his assistance.

Because what he wanted was a true Ancient’s body, a body that possessed the physique of the Ancient race.

Then, allowing his original body to completely fuse together with Qin Yu was the best choice.

“It’s beginning!” Purple Moon shouted out loud. She swept her eyes over Blue Sun, “Prepare yourself.”

Blue Sun said, “Let me ask you one more time. Do you really want to take this risk?”

Purple Moon furrowed her eyebrows together, “If you are still worried, I can do it myself.”

Blue Sun shook her head. She lifted a hand between her eyebrows and light radiated outwards. The phantom of a great blue sun appeared.

The light was brilliant and pure, filling the air with pressure!

The aura of the endless years flowed out from the blue sun, nearly condensing into essence.

Purple Moon relaxed. If Blue Sun really did go back on her word and she was forced to do this alone, her chances of success would be less than 30%.

She looked up at Meimei. “Remember. When Blue Sun’s and my strength completely enters your body, give up all resistance and pass control over to us.

“Don’t worry. Although this might be a little risky, no matter what happens, I and Blue Sun will shoulder the consequences. You won’t be affected.”

Meimei grumbled bitterly, “Big Sister, although you sound serious and your expression is sincere, my instincts tell me that what you’re saying isn’t true!”

Purple Moon paused. She rubbed her head, “Little girl, intuition and things like that have always been unreliable.”

Strength erupted from her palm. Meimei’s eyes flew open and then she slumped to the ground.

Blue Sun coldly said, “If you didn’t knock her out then, I would have done it myself.”

The pitiful and small Meimei didn’t know that these two big sisters had decided it was best if she was unconscious for now.

Purple Moon revealed an apologetic expression and then shook her head, gathering her thoughts. “I hope everything goes smoothly!”

Hum –

Her figure dispersed, turning into a crescent purple moon that resonated with the blue sun. Gradually, the rays of the sun and moon merged together and a phantom started to appear from it.

This phantom was extremely tall, as if it were a mountain. But if one looked carefully, they would see that its surface constantly fluctuated, like the tumbling surface of a stormy sea.

Faint traces of strange strength came from this phantom. But, it was imprisoned by the blue sun and purple moon phantoms so it couldn’t spread outwards.


Dorelis discovered that things were going far smoother than she had ever imagined. And, what surprised her even more was this little kid Qin Yu’s patience.

She had originally prepared some ways to help him lessen the pain for when he couldn’t withstand it any longer, but she found that she didn’t need to use these at all.

Every moment he stood at the edge of a collapsing cliff. Every time his mind was about to fall into illusion, he managed to persist and endure it.

Like a tumbler toy that wouldn’t be knocked out.

This made Dorelis feel even more appreciative of him. Of course, appreciation was just appreciation; she had no intention of helping Qin Yu.

The strength her projection lost in order to reach this world was astonishing. Every strand of strength was incomparably precious. She needed to save as much as she could.

And the more strength she had, the more complete the trap she left in him would be. This would allow her control in the future to be better.

That’s right, Dorelis was a woman of ambition. She wanted to replace the Dao Monarch and take his Great Dao for herself.

But as a woman of ambition, she should have a long-term perspective of things. If there was a chance, she needed to create as many contingency plans as possible.

For instance, a formidable Ancient race puppet!

Although Dorelis didn’t personally participate in the great war of the past, she actually knew a little about it and thus understood the great strength of the Ancients.

The Dao Monarch had arrived himself and had made all sorts of preparations ahead of time. But even then he was only able to obtain a tragic and pyrrhic victory…and what was even more horrifying was that with the information she had now, it seemed likely that the Dao Monarch’s victory was only part of the enemy’s plot.

If she could control an Ancient race puppet, it would surely have astonishing uses in the future. And taking a step back, even if she failed there wouldn’t be any loss.

Thump –

Thump –

This was the beating of the Ancient’s heart. But if one carefully listened, they would be able to distinguish that it was two sounds superimposed on each other.

One came from the Ancient’s heart, the other came from Qin Yu’s chest!

Now, if one could see into Qin Yu’s chest, they would see that besides Qin Yu’s own heart, the mass of red had grown several times over and had begun to take on the vague shape of a heart. A thick tangle of blood vessels spread out from it as it merged with Qin Yu.

But if one looked closely, they would see that on this heart that had yet to fully condense, there was a silver rune that shimmered with a faint light.

Dorelis smiled. She softly said, “It’s done.”

The power of authority was now in her hands. 

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