Chapter 798B - Wasted Plans...

Beneath his black robes, Qin Yu’s voice was calm. “Things are as they should be. I have no objection.”

“Hahaha, Ji Yun, you should thank His Highness the Saint Son. If not for him, I fear that promoting you to the rank of Pope wouldn’t be so easy.”

Ji Xiangtian laughed out loud. He casually swept his eyes over Qin Yu, furrowing his eyebrows inwardly.

Could it be that he didn’t doubt the events of the last two days? Or did he really have no interest in authority over the Western Tomb?

“Thank you, Saint Son!” Ji Yun stood up and bowed. His face flushed red and he looked over at Zhou Li, pride and vigor in his eyes.

Although he had been regarded as the successor to the throne of the Western Tomb since long ago, every day where this position wasn’t solidified was an opening for a potential accident to occur.

It had to be known that his father had more than one son. It was just that he was the only one who had received his father’s approval.

But from this day forth, since he was given the title of Pope, it meant that the throne of the Western Tomb was doomed to be his!

The priests in the temple started to bow and express their congratulations to the new Pope. They glanced at Qin Yu, breathing a sigh of relief even as they were left puzzled.

Could it be that this Saint Son had no other ambitions? It had to be known that even though his status was comparable to the Divine Seat, the truth was that there was still a great disparity between them.

And, he had the qualifications to fight for it!

The Western Tomb’s inheritance had been passed down for hundreds of thousands of years, and during all this time the Ji Family had been the rulers. Perhaps there were others besides Do Ermo that were dissatisfied with this.

Ji Xiangtian was all smiles. “The grand ceremony for the canonization of the Pope will be held ten days from now. Besides that, I also have one more thing to announce.

“Ji Yun is an adult now, and he has requested someone to fill the future position of the Western Tomb’s Holy Mother. He would like to marry the Shadow Clan’s Saintess, Zhou Li!”

His eyes locked onto Qin Yu. As he thought, after he finished speaking, Qin Yu looked up at him and their eyes met. But unexpectedly, after briefly looking at each other, Qin Yu withdrew his gaze and remained seemingly indifferent.

Shua –

Shua –

Countless eyes gathered upon Zhou Li. She stiffened and looked up at a loss. Only then did she determine that what she heard just now wasn’t an illusion.

The Western Tomb was seeking marriage…the position of Holy Mother…this was an unsurpassed glory.

As long as she agreed, the bright life she imagined in her dreams would be paved for her to walk on. She would stand at the pinnacle of the world and she would even have the qualifications to take part in the great game that shaped the heavens and earth and improve the world.

But for some reason, she felt no joy. Her heart was full of fluster and panic. She subconsciously looked up at Qin Yu. What she saw was a quiet and motionless figure, as if what was happening now had nothing to do with him.

Bitterness ate at her heart before turning into pain. Zhou Li raised her head high and maintained her pride.

Don’t cry. You definitely cannot cry!

At her side, Ji Yun had a nervous expression. After hesitating a little, he said in a quiet voice, “Zhou Li, I sincerely love you. If you are willing to marry me, I vow to you that I will treasure you with all my heart and will never let you be wronged…of course, if you don’t want to, I won’t further entangle myself with you, nor will I feel enmity because of this…”

“I agree!” Zhou Li suddenly said.

Ji Yun was ecstatic, “What did you say?”

Zhou Li looked at him and calmly repeated, “I agree.”

“Hahaha!” Ji Xiangtian laughed out loud. “Wonderful! Today, happiness has come in pairs! Let us spread out the word so that all believers of the Western Tomb can celebrate together!”

“Saint Son, I will hold a banquet soon as a celebration. You must attend!” Ji Yun’s words were gentle and his smile was warm. Zhou Li hadn’t been able to hide her change in expression from him.

There was definitely a problem between these two people.

Whether Qin Yu really wanted to fight for authority over the Western Tomb or not, controlling this woman would be a powerful bargaining chip for him.

Amidst the sounds of congratulations, Ji Yun cupped his hands at everyone. He frequently looked down at Zhou Li, gentleness in his eyes.

Qin Yu had a calm expression beneath his black robes. As he watched all of this, he issued a word of apology in his heart. Perhaps Ji Yun really did love Zhou Li and wanted to spend the rest of his life with her, but if there was something wrong, it was that he came from the Western Tomb.

Although he had joined forces with Dorelis, Qin Yu still didn’t have much confidence he could contend with the Ancient.

And his very existence was destined to inevitably usher in the ultimate destruction of this beautiful and magnificent Western Tomb Divine Church.

No matter what happened, Qin Yu would not allow Zhou Li to be buried with them!

When the celebrations ended, Qin Yu returned to his temple. Yun Die cautiously said, “Teacher, will you really do nothing about this?”

Although he had no interest in Zhou Li’s unrequited love, she knew her teacher wasn’t such a heartless person.

Qin Yu sat down, a light killing intent settling in his heart. He lightly said, “Don’t worry, I will deal with it myself.”

Besides being the Shadow Clan’s Saintess, Zhou Li was also the Dragon Envoy. And Qin Yu just happened to know of the existence that could order her around.

Ji Xiangtian didn’t know this, so he also didn’t know that all of his efforts were doomed to be for nothing!

The Shadow Clan’s diplomatic mission set off to leave the Western Tomb. Ji Yun stood on the edge of the palace square, watching as the carriage Zhou Li sat in rode into the spatial gate. He couldn’t help but bitterly smile.

A great accident had occurred in the Shadow Clan and they had hurriedly summoned the Saintess to return to Dragon City. Even though the Western Tomb was a giant influence, they had no say in this matter.

Luckily, the engagement had been decided. When the Shadow Clan was done processing their internal affairs, he could go to Dragon City and bring Zhou Li back to the Western Tomb. At that time, he would surely give her a wedding ceremony that was beyond all expectations!

He drew in a deep breath and suppressed his anxious mind. Ji Yun had a look of anticipation on his face, impatient for that day to arrive.

But what a pity, he didn’t know that from the moment Zhou Li left the Western Tomb, she would not return.

Or, perhaps when she did return, the Western Tomb would no longer exist!

Qin Yu looked away, a smile on his face. Things had gone according to plan and Zhou Li had left. It was time for him to continue according to schedule.

He ordered Yun Die to stay at their dwelling and not casually walk around outside. He arrived at Dorelis’ temple and directly entered.

“You’ve come.” Dorelis smiled. She had borrowed Su Anlun’s body and her smile was filled with grace and charm. She walked forward, but before she even approached, traces of fragrance had already reached Qin Yu’s senses.

Qin Yu frowned. He stopped breathing. The fragrance he breathed in was able to provoke the dark desires in his body; just a little bit was able to create waves in his heart.

Sensing the chill in Qin Yu’s eyes, Dorelis dismissively waved her hand. “This fragrance is because of this woman’s body. It was simply activated by my strength and has nothing to do with me.”

She looked at Qin Yu, “Since we have chosen to work with each other, before our goal is achieved we should at least trust each other.”

Showing neither approval nor disapproval, Qin Yu directly said, “If you’re ready then we can begin.”

Dorelis nodded. “Very well. Come with me.”

Submitting God Temple was very large. After passing through the front hall and crossing through a long corridor, the two entered a side hall.

All the debris in the hall had been cleaned up. No matter where he looked, whether it was the walls, the floor, or the ceiling, all he saw were seals carved with runes.

But currently these runes were dim and dark; they hadn’t yet been activated.

Dorelis stood at the entrance, a dignified expression on her face. “This is a supportive array formation that needs to be activated with your blood. Then, follow my prompt and take out the heart of the Ancient. As for what happens after that, leave it to me. Remember, once the fusion process begins, no matter how painful it is you cannot stop. Otherwise not only will today’s plans fail and be for nothing, but the one behind you will detect it and he will never allow something like this to happen again.”

Qin Yu glanced around. The array formation formed by the runes was strange and he couldn’t make out their function at all. After a brief hesitation, he walked over to the center of the array formation. There was a clear blank space in the middle.

He lifted a hand. With a thought, the skin on his palm broke apart. Blood flowed down his fingers, dripping onto the ground where it was immediately absorbed.

As it did, the dim runes began to light up. With Qin Yu at the center, they gradually turned blood red as they spread out.

Dorelis revealed a look of surprise that turned into appreciation. She originally thought she would need to spend some time convincing him…it seemed that this kid called Qin Yu was more decisive than she first thought.

She gathered her thoughts. Her eyes started to shine with excitement.

To have a chance to scheme against this existence that had played the Dao Monarch within his hands, this was a truly exciting matter.


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