Chapter 798A - Wasted Plans

Zhou Li returned to the palace where the Shadow Clan was staying. She waved everyone away and sat alone in the dark hall. There was no light in the darkness.

Only like this, in a darkness where she couldn’t even see her fingers, where she was able to avoid everyone’s eyes, was she able to disperse some of the shame in her heart.

Even if Zhou Li tried her best to suppress it, fragmented memories of Qin Yu constantly tumbled through her mind.

Her memories became increasingly vivid!

After an unknown length of time, Zhou Li finally regained her senses. She looked upwards. Even though the windows and doors were shut tightly, thin rays of light started to peek through.

The sun had risen.

And that night, she didn’t receive any kind of explanation. Zhou Li’s stiff face was even paler. Before, she thought Qin Yu was a coward who didn’t dare to face her, but now…it seemed that from the very start, he just didn’t want to waste his time arguing with her.

Of course, he probably had some thoughts of watching things from the shadows. After all, playing a pig to eat a tiger, hiding away your status as a great figure, these kinds of dramatic plays always left one feeling happy.

But who would care about her feelings?

In particular, as she thought about certain feelings that she had hidden away in the deepest depths of her heart, Zhou Li smiled in self-ridicule.

The voice of a maid rang out from outside the palace. Zhou Li was in a trance. It was only after several moments that she registered it – it was an invitation sent by the Western Tomb’s Divine Seat. She stood up and slowly rubbed her face. After straightening her clothes, she said, “Come in.”

Her voice was low and hoarse, like that of a traveler who had been wandering the desert for many days. The maid outside the door was frightened and she hurriedly pushed her way in.

Fortunately, after freshening herself up, Zhou Li’s voice and appearance had returned to normal. “Let’s go.”

The red-clothed priest was respectfully waiting outside the palace. He bowed to Zhou Li and gestured his hand. “The Divine Seat has gifted an imperial palanquin. I ask the Saintess to please come on board.”

From the exclamation in his eyes and the envy on his face, it wasn’t difficult to tell that this was an enormous glory in the Western Tomb. But Zhou Li wasn’t in a good mood tonight. She didn’t consider whether there was any other meaning behind this. She nodded and stepped in.

The imperial palanquin was lifted up and 108 Western Tomb men shouted out loud. The dignified and gorgeous imperial carriage was steadily lifted up. Countless eyes watched with rapt attention as the palanquin made its way deep into the Western Tomb.

Main Holy Temple –

This was the shrine that the Western Tomb Divine Seat ruled over. It housed the only statue of the Dao Monarch in this world, and in the eyes of the Western Tomb’s believers, this place possessed a supremely sacred status.

Besides a small number of people that had the qualifications to enter the main holy temple, this place was closed throughout the year. It served as the cultivation grounds for the Divine Seat.

But today, in a rare event, the main holy temple opened up. Cultivators that were of the great priest rank and above were permitted to enter.

Everyone knew that something important was going to happen in the Western Tomb today.

It was peaceful in the holy temple. Although the numerous great priests were anxious, they had no idea what the cause for such a commotion today was. Could this be related to Saint Son Qin Yu?

After all, throughout the long history of the Western Tomb, there had never been a Saint Son that was granted the title of Divine Apostle. And, Qin Yu had obtained the approval of the Dao Monarch. It seemed as if this Saint Son’s position was even above that of the Divine Seat.

Whenever they thought of this, the great priests would be left feeling restless. They kept thinking that a new surging turbulence would make its way through the Western Tomb today.

At this time, an imperial palanquin came in from a distance. It stopped in front of the huge square in front of the main holy temple.

The gauze couldn’t completely block out the sight within. The numerous priests present could clearly see the person sitting inside.

The Shadow Clan’s Saintess? Why would she be riding an imperial palanquin here?

At the edge of their eyes, the priests saw Young Master Ji Yun stand up in excitement. They immediately relaxed.

From the look of things, a matter was going to be decided today. The Young Master was the only successor of the Western Tomb Divine Church. If today’s events involved his wedding and the future Holy Mother, then opening the main temple was indeed worth it.

Good! This was good!

What the priests worried about didn’t come to pass. The tense atmosphere quietly transformed, and numerous priests revealed relaxed expressions.

Ji Xiangtian sat on his throne at the base of the Dao Monarch’s statue. He slightly frowned as a chill crossed his eyes. Whether Qin Yu intended to fight for ruling authority over the Western Tomb or not, his existence itself was the greatest source of instability and trouble.

Ji Xiangtian quietly suppressed all these thoughts. He slowly said, “Ji Yun, go and welcome the Saintess into the temple.”

“Yes, Divine Seat.”

Ji Yun bowed. With a step, he landed on the floor and started walking outside.

Although he knew that there were definitely other reasons why father would suddenly agree to let him marry Zhou Li, he didn’t care at all.

All he knew was that he was deeply in love with Zhou Li and was willing to do anything for her.

With his father speaking up and the Western Tomb taking the initiative to request her hand in marriage, she would agree since there was such a large show of sincerity, right? Mm, she would definitely agree!

Standing on the stone stairs high atop the temple and watching the imperial palanquin slowly come to a stop, Ji Yun’s thoughts surged like the tide.

He took a deep breath and landed next to the imperial palanquin. “Zhou Li, I’ve come to meet you.”

“Ji Yun, where is this?”

“This is the Western Tomb’s main temple. It is the training area of the Divine Seat…” Ji Yun smiled as he spoke. He quietly said in this heart that this was also a place where the Western Tomb announced important decisions.

And today, this involves the two of us.

Suddenly, from the distance, a Western Tomb priest shouted out loud, “Saint Son Qin Yu has arrived!”

From far to near, shouts came one after another.

Saint Son Qin Yu has arrived…Saint Son Qin Yu has arrived…Saint Son Qin Yu has arrived…

Voices constantly echoed in one’s ears.

Zhou Li stiffened before she composed herself. She turned around to look at the imperial palanquin slowly making its way in.

He sat up there, still in those familiar black robes, his bearing calm and serene.

Ji Yun pulled her close. He moved to the side and bowed, “I greet Your Highness the Saint Son!” He was the Western Tomb’s Young Master, someone who would eventually rule over the Western Tomb. He was above 10,000 and below only one.

But when facing Qin Yu, he had no choice but to make way and bow. Otherwise, if the other priests saw this they would think he was a young man who didn’t know courtesy or when to back down.

Because Qin Yu was now an existence that stood on even grounds with his father, the Western Tomb Divine Seat!

Ji Yun was a little worried that Zhou Li didn’t know the status of this person. He said, “This Saint Son has a mysterious origin. Even my father needs to treat him carefully. You must not be discourteous around him.”

Zhou Li was startled before she nodded. She looked at the gradually approaching palanquin and slowly lowered her head. You’ve seen enough of my jokes. Now that the mystery has been revealed, you can see that I, who was so threatening and aggressive before, am now lowering my head to you. Do you feel very proud and satisfied?

The imperial carriage approached. It came to a stop. And then it was lowered to the ground.

Qin Yu stepped out and walked towards the holy temple. From beginning to end, he never even glanced at Zhou Li, much less stared at her.

Ji Yun furrowed his eyebrows. He suddenly thought that this Saint Son’s figure was somewhat familiar. Just recently he had been in seclusion consolidating the harvests he gained while experiencing the outside world, so this was the first time he saw Qin Yu today.

But no matter how he thought about it, he would never have associated the incomparably small and weak Qin Yu who he thought had already died with this Qin Yu in front of him.

He shook his head and put these thoughts to the side. Ji Yun said, “Zhou Li, everyone is here. Let’s go.” He paused briefly and then added, “If you feel awkward at all in what happens after this, you may refuse…I promise to you that the Western Tomb will not make things difficult for the Shadow Clan.”

As he spoke he turned and walked into the temple.

Behind him, the dazed Zhou Li didn’t clearly hear what Ji Yun had said. She clenched her teeth and followed close behind…don’t you want to see me in an embarrassed and distressed state? Then I’ll satisfy your wish so you can be even more smug about it!

The current Zhou Li’s emotions had been pushed to the extreme. She just didn’t know that the more she was like this, the more it proved she cared.

In the temple, besides Ji Xiangtian, the other Western Tomb people stood up and bowed. Even the Saints and Cardinals bowed on their own initiative.

Qin Yu bowed in return. He walked over to the position left of the throne and silently took a seat.

Ji Xiangtian glanced at him and smiled, “The Saint Son has arrived. Today, I will be announcing something in front of everyone here. I hope I can have the full support of the Western Tomb.”

He lifted a hand and pointed a finger, “My son Ji Yun has grown up. According to ancestral customs, I want to canonize him as the Pope, the one who will inherit the throne of the Western Tomb in the future.”

The atmosphere within the temple turned heavy. It was as taut as a bowstring, capable of snapping at any time.

Everyone fell deathly silent!

The Ji Family had ruled over the Western Tomb for generations. As the direct descendant of the Ji Family, it was logical for Ji Yun to be given the title of Pope…but now there was also the Saint Son Qin Yu.

Besides the looks of a few Saints and Cardinals, the complexions of the great priests in the temple changed. They never thought that the Divine Seat would make a sudden strike out of nowhere.

If Qin Yu objected in any way…the consequences could be imagined.

Atop the throne, Ji Xiangtian had a gentle expression as if he didn’t sense the weird atmosphere in the temple. He smiled and looked over, “Saint Son, I wonder what you think of this proposition?”

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