Chapter 797 - A Clown

Unified, majestic, and glorious prayers spread through an array formation to cover the entire Western Tomb Divine Palace.

Seeing the infinite holy light sprinkle down from the heavens, the devout believers outside the divine palace all fell to their knees and started to chant in unison.

The red-robed priest leading the way lost his previous calm composure. His pale face flushed red with excitement and enthusiasm lit up his eyes. If it weren’t for the fact that he was responsible for leading the way, he would have fallen to his knees and started to pray.

He quickly walked forward, eagerness and pride in his voice. “We came a bit late. The Divine Seat has completed the prayers and is now beginning to gift the holy light. Honored guests of the Shadow Clan, please hurry up a little.”

Zhou Li furrowed her eyebrows. She really had no interest in the Western Tomb’s so-called ceremony. There was only one thought in her mind. Even now, there was no movement from Qin Yu. Did he really think she wouldn’t expose him?

If he truly thought like this…Zhou Li coldly sneered. This time, she wouldn’t be merciful any more. She would thoroughly stamp out his suicidal actions!

Finally, they arrived at the temple where the grand ceremony was being held. As people who were specially invited to attend, while they couldn’t enter the temple they could still stand outside and clearly see everything happening inside.

Besides the Shadow Clan, there were others present too. Zhou Li glanced around several times, unable to summon the attention for anything else.

But at this time her eyes flew open. Because in the main prayer hall, amidst the sea of red-clothed priests, that black-clothed figure was particularly conspicuous.

Why was Qin Yu here? What did he plan on doing?

Zhou Li’s thoughts were in chaos. Although she had already prepared for the worst possible situation, that clearly didn’t include his identity being exposed at a ceremony. She didn’t know if she could guarantee his safety.

And it was clear that today’s ceremony was of the utmost importance to the Western Tomb.

Beneath his black robes, Qin Yu faintly frowned. He sensed something behind him. Then he looked up and their two pairs of eyes met in midair.

The next moment, the holy light within the temple seemed to go insane. It howled over to him, gathering around him.

Little holy spirits appeared. They spun around Qin Yu, constantly cheering and praising him.  Rich holy light illuminated the stunned faces of the surrounding priests.

The Divine Seat stood at the center of the ceremonial platform. Even though he had been prepared for this, his hands that gripped the Western Tomb Scepter still bulged with blue veins.

He never expected that even with the additional bonus of being the officiator and lead of this ceremony, he could only be equal to Qin Yu. If their positions were changed…he originally wanted to use today’s ceremony to depress the threat of Qin Yu, but now it seems he had picked up a rock and smashed it on his own foot.

Feeling the eyes of the holy disciples and cardinals gathering on him, Ji Xiangtian drew in a deep breath and depressed the thoughts running through his mind.

But at this moment, another change occurred. The holy light that surrounded Qin Yu began to burn like flames.

A figure emerged from the distorted space. She wore golden armor and had 12 wings growing from her back. She held a long sword and appeared before Qin Yu in a half-kneeling posture.

At this time, the temple fell deathly silent. Even the sounds of breathing disappeared.

This was Dorelis, one of the most formidable gods that was subordinate to the Dao Monarch. To those of the Western Tomb’s Divine Church, she was a legendary existence that many people were familiar with through songs and stories. But now, her projection had appeared and kneeled down in front of this unknown black-robed man.

And in the legends, the proud Lord Dorelis would only kneel down to the Dao Monarch or his representative in this world…thus, the impact of this sight could be imagined. Even if the holy disciples and cardinals knew of the situation, they were still left shaken.

Ji Xiangtian’s complexion paled!

Outside the temple, Zhou Li’s eyes widened. Her mouth hung open as disbelief colored her face.

Just now, she had determined that this person was Qin Yu.

In other words, the one standing in the temple and receiving the attention of everyone was him.

On the way here, the red-clothed priest leading them had excitedly explained some matters about the ceremony and the holy light.

The most devout believer of the Dao Monarch was of course the great Divine Seat. So how could such a scene appear?

Just what had Qin Yu done?

At this moment, she never imagined that it was because of Qin Yu himself that he had obtained the approval of the holy light.

Zhou Li habitually determined that he had played some trick…and was doing it at an important ceremony.

As she thought, this Qin Yu had decided to keep walking on the road to death, and the challengers he took came at increasingly higher difficulty levels.

Was he not afraid of death?

But soon, Ji Xiangtian’s words completely crushed Zhou Li’s habitual thinking.

“Today, I would like to take advantage of this opportunity to introduce someone to everyone of the Western Tomb. This is the Saint Son I have personally taught and has been hiding in the outside world for all this time.” Ji Xiangtian pointed a finger, “His name is Qin Yu!

“Because of certain reasons, Saint Son Qin Yu has obtained the approval of Lord Dorelis and has received a portion of the Dao Monarch’s authority. Thus, Saint Son Qin Yu’s status will only be second to mine in the Western Tomb. He will be granted the new title of Divine Apostle.”

Whoosh –

All sounds drifted far away at this moment. Zhou Li stood stunned in place, as if her soul had been sucked out. Finally, she began to react. So everything, absolutely everything, had been her own assumptions. Qin Yu wasn’t being controlled by anyone…or to be more precise, he was Ning Qin.

So the reason Qin Yu was able to emerge safely time and time again was not because of his luck, but because he had sufficient strength.

At this time, numerous fragmented memories emerged from the depths of her mind. She thought back to Sky Declaring Pavilion and the strange face Feng Qin had made when she mentioned Ning Qin. There was also the weird feeling she had when Yun Die sent her away.

So everyone knew from the start…only I was kept in the dark…

No wonder Qin Yu was able to calmly sit on the sofa as if he were some immovable mountain. He really did have the energy to not be afraid of anything.

In other words, from the moment she met him, she had been living in the lies he wove. She was like a clown, always doing these self-righteous things that she thought were for his own good.

Ha…ha..hahaha…how laughable I am!


Ji Xiangtian had achieved his basic goal. That is, to expose Qin Yu’s identity. But even as the officiator of the ceremony, he was still suppressed by Qin Yu in the gift of the holy light. As a result, he made the emergency decision to take the initiative to cement and elevate Qin Yu’s status.

From this point on, all cultivators of the Western Tomb would know that there was a Saint Son hidden in the Divine Church. His name was Qin Yu…and his status was comparable to the Divine Seat!

Yun Die had long known and was thoroughly convinced that her teacher was a fierce character. Still, her expectations were surpassed time and time again. Without any preparations, he had suddenly become the Western Tomb’s Saint Son, and had even been granted the title of Divine Apostle.

Although she didn’t know that the Divine Apostle could compare with the Divine Seat, she could still estimate her teacher’s new status as she felt the awe and reverence coming from the eyes of the Western Tomb cultivators.

As she thought, her eyesight was the best! She absolutely couldn’t let anyone get to teacher first!

If she somehow succeeded and received teacher’s protection, she could live safely and peacefully for the rest of her life. Even the blood enmity of the Ying Family could be fulfilled!

These thoughts tumbled in her mind for a long time. When she regained her senses, she had already followed Qin Yu back to his temple residence.

After she thought about it carefully, she decided this wasn’t a good time to seduce him. It took Yun Die a great deal of effort to resist throwing herself on him.

Seeing Qin Yu frowning with a dark expression, Yun Die thought and said, “Teacher, I think that I saw Miss Zhou Li outside the ceremonial temple a moment ago?”

“Mm.” Qin Yu nodded. There was a chill in his eyes. First the Chief Judge had come to visit, making him bump into Zhou Li. And the next day, a ceremony was held where Zhou Li confirmed his status with her own eyes.

How could there be so many coincidences in this world? If there was, then someone was definitely controlling things from behind the scenes.

It seemed that the thing he had been worried about all this time had finally occurred beyond his control – Ji Xiangtian had confirmed that there was a certain relationship between him and Zhou Li.

Perhaps even the confusion that Zhou Li arranged yesterday so that she could secretly meet with him was also within the Western Tomb’s control.

Was this a warning?

With the methods of that wild old fox Ji Xiangtian, since he had made a move, he had to be ready for the follow up.

Seeing Qin Yu’s silence, Yun Die said, “Teacher, although I don’t know the exact situation, don’t you think you need to explain things to Miss Zhou Li? If not, I fear she will find this sudden change in status hard to accept.”

From Zhou Li’s perspective, someone she had thought was an absolute weakling and needed to be protected had suddenly turned into a lofty figure that stood above her…with her arrogant and prideful character, how could she accept this?

She might even think that Qin Yu had been deliberately playing with her for all this time.

Yun Die said this because she was sympathetic. But, this was also because she wanted to show Qin Yu how mature and considerate she was.

Teacher was so outstanding! If she wanted to win him over, she needed to display her best self in all aspects!

Of course…Zhou Li was not a romantic interest in teacher’s eyes. This was the foundation of everything. Otherwise, it would already be merciful if Yun Die didn’t kick her while she was down. As for speaking up on her behalf...keep on dreaming!

How could Qin Yu know that his obedient and excellent disciple had awakened as a woman and activated her ultimate ‘harem battle’ skills?

He casually waved his hand. “No need. Let her think what she wants.”

He really had no idea how to explain things to Zhou Li. And since they were in the Western Tomb, their actions couldn’t be concealed from Ji Xiangtian’s eyes. If he looked for Zhou Li now, that would only increase her weight in Ji Xiangtian’s eyes. This wasn’t good for her at all.

But if he were to pretend that nothing had happened, with Zhou Li’s personality she would likely hate him to the bone. Whatever, whatever, if she was truly enraged and resentful, perhaps becoming estranged would be better for her.


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