Chapter 796 - Expose You

What would Qin Yu do once he was found out?

This was why Zhou Li stood silently in front of him, but her eyes flashed threateningly, as if she wanted to exterminate him.

“Cough…you came…in truth, you shouldn’t have come…” For some reason, Qin Yu felt inexplicably faint-hearted.

Zhou Li sneered. “Hoho, are you afraid that others would discover I came to see you and then expose you?” She clenched her teeth and shouted, “Qin Yu, you really are getting better and better. You actually came to the Western Tomb to stir up trouble!”

As she thought about how sad and worried she had been over him these past days and how many tears she had silently shed, she hated him so much that her teeth itched.

Yun Die: …

This voice was very familiar.

Then, Zhou Li took off her hood.

Yun Die blinked her eyes and closed her mouth. This woman called Zhou Li had a significant relationship with her teacher. It would be best for her to interfere as little as possible. Of course, Yun Die was relieved that according to her observations so far, teacher didn’t feel anything for Zhou Li.

In other words, this woman wasn’t a threat.

Qin Yu suddenly felt tired of being misunderstood time and time again. He began to consider whether he should just tell Zhou Li everything.

Alright. Although his current status in the Western Tomb was truly that of a swindler, he was also a swindler who had been recognized and approved.

This included the Western Tomb’s Divine Seat. As long as he didn’t stir up trouble on his own initiative, no one would go out of their way to jump out and embarrass him or make things difficult for him.

Why was it that in Zhou Li’s eyes, she thought he was walking back and forth on a wire rope and would fall to his death if he made a mistake?

Moreover, what left Qin Yu exhausted the most was that no matter where he went, he would bump into Zhou Li. Couldn’t they just honestly separate and never see each other again, taking their own paths in this world?

This fate…it must be due to his sins!

Zhou Li had noticed Qin Yu’s silence. Was his sore spot being poked? But what use was it? This was already the third time they had encountered each other and yet he was too stubborn to repent.

If he kept messing around like this, he would suffer an accident sooner or later!

Qin Yu had ‘come back to life’ with so much difficulty. Zhou Lid didn’t want to watch as he truly did die one day.

She clenched her teeth and coldly sneered. “I’ll give you two choices. Find an excuse to leave the Western Tomb and return to Dragon City with me! Otherwise, I will expose your identity. I guarantee you that I can do what I said I will do. I want to see you do this by tomorrow, otherwise you’ll have to withstand the consequences!”

When she finished she pulled her hood back on. While the chaos outside hadn’t yet abated, Zhou Li turned and walked away.

With her current status and strength, she no longer feared making enemies. If the Ning Qin behind him wasn’t satisfied he could come and look for her himself.

But this time, she would save Qin Yu no matter what!

Yun Die was stunned. After a brief moment of silence, she said, “Teacher, I think Zhou Li is serious?”

Qin Yu forced a smile. “I know.” He lifted a hand and rubbed his forehead. He wondered when Zhou Li would change her warm-hearted ways!

Everything had been going so smoothly and then a rock seemed to fall from the sky and hit his head. Moreover, Qin Yu had so many troubles around him that he really didn’t want to involve Zhou Li.

But if she continued like this, she would be noticed by others sooner or later. At that time, she wouldn’t be able to avoid things even if she wanted to.

Main Holy Temple –

The red-clothed priest respectfully bowed. “Divine Seat, according to your will, we discovered that the Shadow Clan Saintess did take advantage of the chaos to enter that temple. She stayed for a period of time before leaving.”

As expected, his speculations had been correct. This mysterious Saint Son had a close relationship with the Shadow Clan Saintess.

Ji Xiangtian’s eyes brightened. He waved his hand for the red-clothed priest to leave as he fell deep in thought.

He stood up and paced around the broad temple. Moments later he looked up and said in a soft voice, “It seems she really doesn’t know your status. Is it to prevent her from being tangled up in any trouble? But as the Western Tomb’s Saint Son, you are an existence below one and above 10,000. How can you be so low profile…allow me to help you.”

While Qin Yu was relaxing the next day, he received an invitation from the Divine Seat.

He followed behind the red-clothed priest and arrived at a massive temple. He saw crowds of densely packed Divine Church people and realized that there must be an important ceremony of the Western Tomb today.

Ji Xiangtian was naturally cautious and full of dread towards him. He hoped that the entire Western Tomb wouldn’t learn of his existence as the Saint Son. How could he allow Qin Yu to openly show up at such an occasion?

Qin Yu couldn’t figure it out. But since he was here, he simply stood quietly by the side and watched.

But the black robes he wore were particularly striking amongst the numerous white and red-clothed priests. He attracted many surprised and hesitant eyes.

Soon, high-level figures of the Divine Church arrived with Ji Xiangtian in the lead. Several cardinals glanced at Qin Yu. Although their eyes didn’t linger on him, with their statuses they clearly knew of his existence.

When Ji Xiangtian saw Qin Yu, he simply nodded and didn’t say a word. This old fox was truly shameless; he was actually using such a method to avoid introducing him.

The ceremony was about to begin.

Although he had taken a new career path so late in life, for better or worse he still received the power of the holy light. If so, he might as well learn some more about the Western Tomb.

So Qin Yu quickly understood that the goal of today’s ceremony was to commemorate the first time the Dao Monarch arrived on this world many years ago and spread his faith, gaining his first believers.

When that happened, this world should have been under the control of the Ancient. Since the Dao Monarch’s believers had survived and continued to pass down his orthodoxy, that meant the Dao Monarch should have snuck his way in. Otherwise, with the Ancient’s personality, there was no way he would have allowed the Dao Monarch to mess around in his own domain.

As all sorts of random thoughts crossed Qin Yu’s mind, he subconsciously chanted along with everyone else. This was a brief passage from a public scripture, one that expressed praise and respect for the Dao Monarch. It was something that basically all believers of the Western Tomb knew by heart. When they normally prayed, they would often recite a few passages from this scripture.

Although these were only ordinary words, with a massive number of high-level priests, cardinals, and the Divine Seat taking the lead, it still produced incredible changes.

A massive amount of holy light gushed out from nothingness. In this immense temple, the holy light condensed into numerous phantoms that knelt in place and expressed their awe and reverence. Gradually, the reverberating chants within the temple became unified. A boundless sacred aura continued to ring through the walls.

Ji Xiangtian had a pious expression. He wore the long and voluminous robes of the Divine Seat, lifting the scepter of the Western Tomb in his hands. He perfectly played the role of the Dao Monarch’s representative in this world.

Slowly, holy light gathered around him. This was a gift that the dark flow of the Dao Monarch’s will granted to his devout believers.

With Ji Xiangtian’s cultivation, no matter how much holy light there was of this level, it was basically useless to him. But, what it represented was a status symbol.

As the Western Tomb’s Divine Seat, he was like a sun shining over the world. The surrounding Saints, cardinals, and priests crowded around him like stars.

Countless priests looked up at him, revealing respect and yearning. Covered by the strong holy light, they instinctually surrendered themselves as emotions surged from the depths of their hearts.

As light flooded out from the great priests, holy light also began to gather around the common priests. Even if it was only a thin layer, they still shined like fireflies within this sparkling galaxy.

At this time, while Ji Xiangtian was wrapped in a massive amount of holy light, he opened his eyes and glanced downwards.

This was because the scope of the holy light had expanded to the edge of the temple, and that was where Qin Yu was standing. 

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