Chapter 795B - A Big Play

Qin Yu started to cultivate and meditate. According to Dorelis, before he controlled the Ancient’s heart he needed to adjust his condition to its best possible state to avoid any unnecessary accidents.

Although he didn’t trust this woman much, there was one thing she was right about – he had no other choice.

Between believing her or being manipulated by the Ancient…of course Qin Yu would choose the former!

Three days later, he attempted the first step of controlling the Ancient’s heart. He hoped that no accidents would occur.

As he was deep in meditation and starting to practice, something began to stir. Purple Moon, who had been silent for all this time due to the arrival of the Ancient consciousness, had finally made a sound.

In the next moment, three figures appeared in a space where a purple moon hung high in the skies.

“This is Big Sister Purple Moon’s domain?” Meimei curiously asked.

Standing at her side was Blue Sun who had transformed into the form of a woman, revealing her appearance for the first time. Her figure and looks were similar to Purple Moon’s. She was expressionless as she said, “Purple Moon, what do you plan on doing?”

Purple Moon slightly bowed her head. “I don’t believe this Dorelis woman, and that includes every word that comes from her mouth.” She looked at Blue Sun. “I know that you don’t want to meddle in something so dangerous, but even if you and I can be reborn, how many chances do you think we’ll have after leaving Qin Yu to truly escape the imprisonment of the endless river of time?”

Blue Sun quietly said, “You should understand that if we do something, our auras will be discovered. It’s hard to imagine what the consequences will be!”

Purple Moon said, “I’ve already thought things through.” She looked up at the Purple Moon in the skies. “Dorelis was right about one thing. In this world, there are no gains without reason. If you want something, you have to pay the price first.

“If we choose to flinch and retreat at this time, then what reason is there for Qin Yu to help us return in the future? You know this isn’t something easy.”

Blue Sun fell silent. After a long time she slowly said, “I’ll trust you this one time.”

Meimei blinked her eyes and then blinked them again, “What are big sisters talking about?”

Purple Moon gently smiled, “Little children don’t understand many things. You only need to remember to follow us…we really cannot do this without you.”

After all, out of the three of them, only Meimei possessed a true body here.

The three beauties of the Qin Family had been silent ever since the Ancient’s consciousness had arrived. After being quiet for all this time, they finally decided to make their move.

This time, they chose to make a big play!

If they lost, they would go back to where they came from. But if they won, the harvests would be amazing.

The brief meeting between the Shadow Clan’s diplomatic mission and the Divine Seat came to an end. There were well-informed people that had already heard rumors of the relationship between the Shadow Clan’s Saintess and the Young Master. The Western Tomb’s Internal Affairs Division didn’t dare to assume anything and made proper arrangements for accommodations.

“Your Highness Saintess, we have prepared a total of three locations, all of them marked on this map. You can choose whichever one you would prefer to settle in. Of course, if Your Highness isn’t satisfied, you are free to choose another place yourself.” A priest from Internal Affairs respectfully said.

Zhou Li nodded, “Thank you.” She glanced at the map and pointed a finger, “Let’s choose this place.”

The Internal Affairs priest’s eyes looked over. This was a relatively large area that was quite a distance away from the divine palace. It seemed that this Shadow Clan Saintess liked peace and quiet. If so, then the future arrangements made by the Internal Affairs Division would need to be altered later.

With a calm gesture, the priest said, “Your Highness Saintess and fellow Shadow Clan guests, please come with me.”

The Young Master had already been recognized by the Western Tomb and would inherit the throne of the Divine Seat in the future. He would be the one wielding the unsurpassed authority of the Western Tomb lineage. As for this woman, she would likely become the supreme holy mother in the future.

Naturally, no one dared to show any contempt or disdain to her.

After smoothly moving everyone inside, the Western Tomb people explained a few things and left.

Zhou Li entered her room. She washed herself and took off her majestic dragon-patterned robes, exchanging them for a loose and plain-colored shirt and pants. She leaned against the railing and looked into the distance. Layers upon layers of shrines and temples overlapped with each other, as if there was no end to them.

This was the Western Tomb…they were known as the most powerful influence in the world, ruling over endless territory, and with trillions upon trillions of devout believers.

Coming here today, she saw that they lived up to their reputation. And, that Divine Seat was truly unfathomable. Even with her current boundary she couldn’t sense his depths at all.

He was worthy of being one of the top powerhouses of the world. If he were to help, no matter how formidable Ning Qin was, he would still die without a doubt.

But she feared that motivating the Divine Seat to help wouldn’t be easy.

As she was deep in thought, she saw a figure flashing in the distance. Zhou Li’s eyes flew open, but when she looked over again, she couldn’t find anything, as if what she just saw had been an illusion.

Zhou Li furrowed her eyebrows together. She turned and ordered in a maid, giving her instructions in a hushed whisper.

Soon, a Shadow Clan cultivator came back with news. There was indeed an honored guest staying at that holy temple. He was rumored to be some great figure within the Western Tomb.

Zhou Li nodded and ordered the man to leave. She sighed inwardly. Since that person was someone from the Western Tomb, she had definitely misread things.

As expected, did she still hold onto hope in her heart?

Zhou Li, you have to clear your mind.

Qin Yu has already died. And the reason you came to the Western Tomb was to take revenge for him!

The Chief Judge hurried over. He bowed in front of the Divine Seat and said, “Divine Seat, may I ask why you summoned me?”

Ji Xiangtian had a light expression. “Chief Judge, you participated in the chasing down of the Dragon City Master, so you should already be aware that the Saint Son I taught has arrived at the Western Tomb today.”

The Chief Judge nodded, “Yes.”

Ji Xiangtian said, “The current Saint Son has mysterious origins. While he has obtained the approval of the Dao Monarch, I still feel restlessness in my heart.”

The Chief Judge furrowed his eyebrows. “Divine Seat, your meaning is…?”

“As the representative of the Dao Monarch on this world, I cannot allow his glorious light to be tainted by any shadow. So, the Saint Son’s background must be verified as soon as possible.” Ji Xiangtian looked up. “Concerning this, I need your assistance.”

The Chief Judge bowed with deep veneration. “Understood!”

As a fanatical believer, he didn’t doubt the Divine Seat’s words.

So the next day, as Qin Yu was adjusting his condition, he had no choice but to welcome the visiting Chief Judge.

“Your Highness Saint Son. We hurriedly parted paths that day. Now that I see you again, I need to personally express my apologies towards you. I hope that you aren’t offended by my actions.”

Qin Yu smiled. “Chief Judge speaks too seriously. My identity was still a secret that day, so you made decisions based on the Divine Church’s standpoint. Everything you did was correct.”

The Chief Judge smiled. “The Saint Son is such a magnanimous person. I can rest assured now.”

After they spoke some more, the Chief Judge stood up and bid his farewells. Due to this status, Qin Yu accompanied him out.

When they reached the entrance of the temple the Chief Judge paused and said, “There’s no need to see me off. I’ll leave first.”

At this time, there was the sound of footsteps from the other side of the hallway. Zhou Li walked in behind a priest, dressed in the full regalia of the Shadow Clan Saintess.

She glanced around and her heart suddenly skipped a beat. She looked over.

Qin Yu’s complexion changed. He never thought that he would meet her at the Western Tomb. Why would Zhou Li be here?

His thoughts raced but his expression and tone didn’t change. “Chief Judge, please be careful.”

As he finished speaking he nodded and turned around.

The Chief Judge glanced at Zhou Li and nodded. “You must be Your Highness Zhou Li, Saintess of the Shadow Clan. I am the Western Tomb’s Chief Judge.”

Zhou Li only then regained her composure. She was clearly flustered as she bowed.

The Chief Judge left first. At the urging of the red-robed priest, Zhou Li followed behind him. Today she had been invited by the Divine Seat to read some public teachings of the Western Tomb. She was originally contemplating on how to convince the Divine Seat to join forces with her, but this sudden meeting completely shattered all her thoughts.

He was alive! He was still alive!

Even if their eyes had only met for a brief moment, Zhou Li firmly believed she wasn’t mistaken. The one bidding farewells to the Chief Judge was Qin Yu.

Her mind was excited, her thoughts crashing around like waves in the sea. Then, she scrunched up her nose, bitterness in her eyes.

Another thought appeared. Why would Qin Yu be in the Western Tomb? And from what she just saw, even the Chief Judge was polite to him.

As she thought about Qin Yu’s ‘misdeeds’ in the past, her heart tightened. Could it be that Qin Yu had brought his act all the way to the Western Tomb Divine Church and he had decided to take advantage of them?

She took a deep breath and suppressed her tumbling thoughts. She followed behind the red-clothed priest and entered the Western Tomb’s Teachings Division.

Fortunately, the Divine Seat had some other important matters to attend to and had no choice but to leave midway through, ending the readings of the scriptures ahead of time. Otherwise, Zhou Li wasn’t certain that her strange mood wouldn’t be noticed by his perceptive eyes. When she returned to the temple she was staying at, she stood before the high railings and looked at the temple Qin Yu had walked back into earlier.

After waiting a long time, there was no sound. Zhou Li clenched her teeth. As she thought, he was acting exactly the same as he did in Dragon City. After encountering her, he would only turn and hide.

Qin Yu sat down on a comfortable sofa in the temple. When he heard the noises outside, he couldn’t help but force a smile.

He really couldn’t avoid her.

He looked up and said, “Yun Die, go out and receive a guest. There’s no need to ask anything.”

Yun Die had already realized that her teacher’s condition wasn’t right today. After the Chief Judge left, he seemed to be waiting for something.

Did teacher recognize someone else in the Western Tomb? And, this person seemed to be of considerable status.

Curious, she walked outside the holy temple. She ran into someone who wore the same black robes that her teacher did.

This small and petite build…belonged to a woman!

Yun Die’s eyes widened and she unconsciously revealed a sharp and fierce look. In her opinion, any nymphomaniac women that tried to get close to her teacher were all her enemies!

What’s more, this was a woman that her teacher had been waiting for.

But she didn’t dare to go against her teacher’s orders. After looking over the person a few times, she said, “Follow me.”

Zhou Li’s heart shook. Although she already knew that it was him, she still felt nervous before meeting him.

Take a deep breath!

What am I worried about? If anyone here is scared, it should be him.

I am the solemn Shadow Clan Saintess, the Envoy of the Dragon Race, the open and honest guest of the Western Tomb. I am not like some other people putting on a play, where my fate will be miserable once I am exposed.

Thinking of this, Zhou Li was immediately energized. She followed Yun Die into the temple.

At first glance, she could see Qin Yu sitting on a sofa. Seeing his calm and steady posture, she nearly exploded with rage.

Where does he think he is? Who does he think he is?

This is the Western Tomb, the solemn Western Tomb, one of the strongest influences in this world. They are even more formidable than the seven great sects combined.

But he actually dared to run here to bluff, deceive, and freeload off of them? Was he not afraid of death?

Very well. Your luck might be good, but there are always times when you can’t rely on luck.

What will you do when that time comes?


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