Chapter 795A - A Big Play

Dorelis raised her eyebrows, a sultry smile appearing on the corners of her lips. “You will believe me after all.” She walked towards Qin Yu again and grabbed the corner of his robes as he was about to move away. “Little kid, you don’t even want to take advantage of this, has your brain become mush? Stop moving, I can only say these words right beside your ears, otherwise someone might detect them. Do you really think someone as cold and haughty as this big sister would take the initiative to stick herself onto your body?”

Qin Yu was expressionless. “If I call you big sister, I’m afraid it will confuse the difference in our ranks…honorable Lord Dorelis.”

Dorelis gnashed her teeth, her chest heaving up and down. “You want to anger me and make me reveal my true thoughts? Kid, your methods are too naïve!”

Qin Yu lowered his eyes and their gazes met. His expression was like a still lake. “I’m simply stating facts.”

Consider yourself ruthless enough…

Dorelis took a deep breath. The happiness on her face completely vanished. She bitterly said, “I will give you proof, but make sure you remember what happens today.

“In the desert world, you harvested the Ancient’s heart. I expect that it should still be with you. I have a method that can allow you to truly obtain its strength.”

Qin Yu coldly said, “This is your proof? Even if you can do this, that one won’t just watch on helplessly as it happens. I am really beginning to suspect that you are serving the Dao Monarch and trying to disrupt the relationship between us.”

Dorelis said, “Don’t worry. Since I said this, I naturally have the confidence that I can conceal the truth from that person standing behind you.” She came close and her arms reached around Qin Yu’s neck. “Feel at ease. If possible, I also don’t want to approach a hateful boy like you. What I am about to say involves that person, so we must be especially careful.”

Her voice was low and gentle. Her humid breath blew against Qin Yu’s earlobes and carried with it a light fragrance.

Qin Yu suddenly discovered that his heart was beginning to beat faster. All sorts of random and haphazard thoughts appeared in his mind beyond his control. His breathing grew louder.

Dorelis chuckled and blew on Qin Yu’s ear. “Little kid, I take back what I said before. It seems you aren’t as honest as your body is.

“Alright, let’s get down to business now. The one behind you has great ambitions. Not only did he use the Dao Monarch to escape calamity, he also wants to take the next step and seize the Dao Monarch’s Great Dao. The power of the holy light within your body should be a gift granted by that person. I believe you know this already.

“And what I must use is a part of the Dao Monarch’s Great Dao that I have already obtained…don’t look at me like that. I am a woman of ambition after all. The Dao Monarch has been slumbering these past years and I have been moving in the shadows. So while I am weaker than the one behind you in terms of absolute strength, if I rely on the part of the Great Dao that I control, tricking him wouldn’t be considered too difficult.”

Qin Yu was silent for several breaths of time. “What are your chances?”

“60%!” Dorelis said. “Believe me, this chance is as high as you’ll ever find. You know that there are no harvests without risks in this world, right? If you want something, you need to prepare to pay the price. Moreover, in comparison to what you can obtain, the risks aren’t high at all.”

“Humph! If I fail, I might die. Do you consider this a low risk?”

Dorelis’ eyes flashed. “Mm…there is a way I can increase the odds of success. But that depends on whether you are willing to help.”

Qin Yu asked, “What is it?”

“When you came to the Western Tomb today, there happened to be a woman following you. By coincidence, her body is compatible with me. If you allow me to temporarily borrow her body, I will have a 90% chance. I can block that person’s perception and allow you to truly grasp the Ancient’s heart.”

Qin Yu furrowed his eyebrows. He never thought Dorelis would put forth such a request.

When he brought Su Anlun away from Solenda City, there were two reasons for it. The first was that half of the Giant Spirit Clan’s bloodline flowed through her body. After seeing the true Giant Spirit Clan, there was no way Qin Yu’s senses would be wrong. Another reason was that he noticed Su Anlun had an ultra-strong compatibility with holy power.

Although he had no idea how this compatibility might be useful, he happened to meet her just before he came to the Western Tomb. After mulling over it, he decided to bring her with him. He never expected that she would be useful here.

Seeing his silence, Dorelis thought for a moment. “Don’t worry, I promise that I won’t harm her. Moreover, as the temporary container for my projection, she will also benefit from it.”

Qin Yu looked up, “I agree.”

Since he had saved Su Anlun’s life, let this be how she repaid him.

An hour later, Su Anlun lay down on a table in the temple. Her eyelashes trembled as they slowly opened.

Faint traces of holy light appeared in the air, constantly gathering and fusing into her body. Then, she suddenly took in a deep breath and smiled brightly.

“This body is easier to use than I imagined…” Holy light lifted her up and set her on the ground. She looked at Qin Yu and faintly smiled, “Little kid, I didn’t see it before but you’re actually a good-hearted person.”

After borrowing Su Anlun’s body, she had also obtained her memories.

Qin Yu ignored her teasing. “When are you going to do it?”

“There’s no hurry.” Dorelis smiled. “Now that I have a body, I can supplement my projection’s strength. If I make some preparations, the chances of success will be much higher.”

“Don’t worry, I’m not going to demolish the bridge after crossing it. There’s no need to betray my partner after the deal is finished. You also don’t hope to take unnecessary risks, right? Three days. In at most three days, I can help you control…it.”

It seemed that when this woman said before that some words could only be whispered to the ear, she wasn’t speaking complete nonsense.

Qin Yu turned and left. “I’ll come back in three days.”

“Hold on!”

A fragrant wind rushed over him. Dorelis got close to Qin Yu and hugged him with her hands. This time, it wasn’t the hollow touch of a projection. The full and mature body of a beautiful woman conveyed an astonishing touch to him.

“Kid, before you leave this place I need to leave a stamp on you to prevent things that happened here being traced back by others.”

Holy light emerged from Dorelis’ body, condensing into a faint rune that fell between Qin Yu’s eyebrows and vanished from sight.

A look of weariness came over Dorelis’ face and she stepped back, “Good, it’s done.”

Qin Yu checked his body. He could feel the holy light in his body. This rune didn’t harm him; it simply camouflaged a certain aura in his body.

“Teacher, are you alright?” Yun Die hurried over to welcome Qin Yu. Seeing his anxious face, she looked at him with sadness and worry.

Qin Yu was still recalling his conversation with Dorelis so he didn’t notice this. He nodded and said, “It’s nothing. Let’s go.”

Since he had to stay at the Western Tomb for several days, it was better if he negotiated things with Ji Xiangtian. He didn’t want this Divine Seat to have unnecessary thoughts that could lead to unnecessary troubles.

“Yes.” Following behind, Yun Die glanced at her teacher’s back. She could smell a light fragrance that still lingered in the air.

This was a woman’s fragrance. And this fragrance was exactly the same as that woman who was summoned into the temple.

Teacher, how could you do this? I was clearly first. You are pushing things too far! Yun Die glanced down at her chest. Although she wasn’t as big as that woman, she was still quite impressive. Why did teacher take a liking to her?

No, I cannot just watch helplessly as teacher is stolen away…since you aren’t immune to female charms, that means I still have a chance…

Yun Die clenched her teeth and secretly came to a decision.

Negotiations with Ji Xiangtian proceeded smoothly. Perhaps it was because he felt it was easier to control Qin Yu if he could keep an eye on him, but the Western Tomb Divine Seat readily agreed to allow Qin Yu to stay longer.

Of course, Qin Yu didn’t move into the Saint Son Divine Palace, but chose a quiet and peaceful holy temple as his temporary dwelling. At this point, his existence was still a secret to most people in the Western Tomb. Ji Xiangtian should also be satisfied with how tactful he was.

As night fell, Yun Die, dressed in light night time garments, knocked on her teacher’s door and walked in. After a series of violent hacking coughs, she was thrust back out.

Pa –

Seeing the tightly closed door slam shut in her face, Yun Die flushed red. Her face was full of rigid and unyielding will. She clenched her fists and secretly thought to herself, “Teacher, I won’t give up!”

Inside his room, Qin Yu bitterly smiled. As he felt a headache over the strange thoughts that his disciple had, a group had passed through a portal and entered into the territory of the Western Tomb.

Although Ji Yun had repeatedly expressed that he didn’t need things to be too formal, the Shadow Clan still raised their flag, following established customs as they headed to the divine palace.

Amidst the long troop of people, Zhou Li sat within a magnificent imperial carriage. She wore a dragon-patterned robe and her hair was tied up into a neat bun. Her eyes looked straight ahead and her momentum was as heavy and dignified as an empress.

She came here with the greatest sincerity of the Shadow Clan, in hopes that she could form an alliance with the Western Tomb. As for their common goal…

Ji Yun vaguely informed her that the mystic realm Qin Yu ventured into was hiding a great secret of the Western Tomb. Then, the Ning Qin who instigated all of this should be the Western Tomb’s enemy.

This was more than enough. 

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