Chapter 794A – His Goal

Qin Yu was quietly in thought, his black robes blocking the looks of shock and awe all around him. He never noticed the look of pleasant surprise flashing in the young man’s eyes.

These people actually didn’t immediately leave. News of what happened here had already reached the City Lord mansion and experts would soon be arriving as reinforcements.

Whoosh –

Whoosh –

Accompanied by the sound of piercing air, two cultivators suddenly appeared. A powerful aura surged around them, causing the watching crowd to fall silent.

Exalted ones from the City Lord Mansion!

Many people recognized them and they suddenly realized what was happening. No wonder someone dared to move against Su Anlun; it was because the source of this was the City Lord Mansion.

They didn’t know the reason, but there was one thing they were sure of: this black-robed cultivator was going to suffer. These two Exalted from the City Lord Mansion were only weaker than the City Lord himself. They were renowned masters.

With these two people taking action, how could this black-robed man resist?

“Who dares to…” The left Exalted started to speak. But just as he did, the rest of the words caught in his throat.

The black-robed man on the ground looked up at them. He didn’t say a single word and he released no aura, but the two Exalted felt as if a mountain were pressing against their chests, making it incomparably difficult for them to breathe.

Su Anlun quickly hurried out. When she saw this strange scene she was stunned for a moment. There was a bit more awe in her eyes.

“My lord, I’m prepared.”

Qin Yu turned around, “Let’s go.”

One in the front, one following from the back, the two walked out from the crowd and vanished from sight.

It was at this moment that the two Exalted came back to life. They heavily gasped for breath. They looked at the direction Qin Yu left in, unconstrained fear on their faces.

After leaving Solenda City, they hurried along the way for several days. Su Anlun thought about her situation for a long time. Besides her body, she couldn’t imagine anything she had that this lord could have taken a liking to.

But Qin Yu didn’t indicate that he knew her thoughts. After hesitating again and again, she clenched her teeth and came to a decision.

That night, Su Anlun knocked on Qin Yu’s door and entered. She took off all her clothes and quietly walked towards him, a blush on her face.

Qin Yu looked at her nearly perfect body with a calm expression. “I have my own reasons for helping you. It’s not what you think it is. Put on your clothes and leave.”

Su Anlun was stunned. “My lord…”

“I won’t repeat myself.”

Su Anlun put on her clothes and left the room in a hurry.

When they met the next day, Qin Yu’s expression was the same as before. She was acutely embarrassed for a long time before she gradually composed herself.

Another several days passed. As Qin Yu said, he really didn’t express any interest in Su Anlun.

This left her breathing a sigh of relief. At the same time, she also couldn’t help but secretly worry. She had no idea why Qin Yu would rescue her, and she didn’t know where he was bringing her.

A month later, they stood outside the towering Western Tomb Divine Palace. Seeing the countless devout believers all around them, there was a flash of panic in Su Anlun’s eyes before she forcibly suppressed it.

Qin Yu looked away. He lightly said, “Let’s go.”

He walked forward, leading the way.

Amongst the deeply bowing worshippers, the man and woman walking through them seemed especially conspicuous. The sharp and fierce eyes of the Western Tomb’s guards locked onto them.

As Qin Yu passed through the worshippers and was about to step onto the pure white tiles that led to the divine path, there was a loud shout, “Stop!”

A group of Western Tomb guards encircled them, their eyes cold and severe. “Anyone that dares to blaspheme the divine path will be punished. Grab them!”

Su Anlun panicked. Everyone knew how formidable the Western Tomb was. But, what happened next caused everyone’s eyes to fly open.

Qin Yu raised his hands and a soft holy light gushed out from his body. It was pure and transparent, filled with a touch of light majesty. Holy spirits the size of knuckles appeared from nothingness and started to revolve around him, constantly praising and singing hymns of glory. A kind and gentle aura caused everyone to feel warmth deep in their hearts.

Dang –

Deep rumbling sounds came from the towering divine palace in front of him. This was a ringing that came from 108 temples, each one showing their respect to the incarnation of their master in this world.

The peaceful divine path suddenly released a radiant light. White lotus flowers appeared and the singing voices of the holy spirits became brighter and more cheerful.

The Western Tomb’s guards fell to their knees, their heads touching the floor as they bowed. “We accidentally offended you. We respectfully ask for your forgiveness.”

The stunned audience regained their composure. Heated and frantic flames rose in their eyes as they started to gather from all around.

“My lord, please bestow your blessings upon us!”

“I do not regret traveling 10,000 miles to come here. I only wish to hear the voice of god with my own ears.”

“I ask my lord to share your glory and let us bathe in the grace of god.”

Even with all the chaos, no one dared to approach within 30 feet of Qin Yu. With Qin Yu at the center, the crowd fell to their knees and bowed.

“You are Eternal, You are Extinction. You contain All Things, You are One.” Qin Yu spread out his arms as if holding the world around him. “Before the Supreme Ruler, all believers are equal. May his light allow us all to find true peace.”

The skies brightened and strands of holy light fell down like a curtain of rain, covering everyone.

In the main temple, the air was constrained as if it would turn solid.

J Xiangtian was expressionless. His indifferent eyebrows were like mountains, capable of supporting the heavens.

But below the sleeves of his robes, his faintly trembling fingers revealed his agitation emotions.

This day had finally arrived…


Beneath the divine throne, a priest disciple wearing red robes raced in. His eyes were wide and his face was filled with shock.

At this moment, there was a scene occurring outside where holy light was raining down from the heavens. There was a resounding name for this sight in the Western Tomb – Bathing in Holy Grace.

There was no offensive power behind it. Compared with the numerous powerful divine techniques, there was nothing amazing about it.

But Bathing in Holy Grace required an extremely high degree of authority to use. In the current Western Tomb, only the Divine Seat and the Ji Family Old Ancestors that had been in seclusion for many years were able to use it. It was the highest level technique one could use to display miracles in front of a large group of people.

And now this sight had appeared in front of him so easily. The red-robed priest disciple firmly believed that this mysterious Saint Son hadn’t made any preparations beforehand…if so, this was something not even teacher could achieve.

Ji Xiangtian looked up. His eyes seemed to pierce through space and fall onto that figure outside the temple. He slowly said, “Go in my place and welcome the Saint Son.”

“Yes, teacher.”

The great priest respectfully bowed. He turned around and walked away with heavy steps, dragging his majestic red robes behind him. As he did, he sighed inwardly.

There were only a few people in the entire Western Tomb that knew of this new mysterious Saint Son. But, the Saint Son’s actions today had attracted attention from all parties.

If he really wanted to seize the ruling authority of the Western Tomb…he clearly had the qualifications…

Moments later, in front of the eyes of countless praying believers, Qin Yu and the still stunned Su Anlun were brought into the main temple by the red-robed great priest.

Ji Xiangtian smiled and nodded. “Saint Son, we meet again.”

He glanced at Su Anlun. His eyes flashed for a moment before calming down again.

Qin Yu respectfully bowed in return. “I greet the Divine Seat. “If I could bother Great Priest to take her somewhere to rest. There are some things I need to speak to the Divine Seat about, alone.”

The red-robed great priest respectfully nodded. He looked up at his teacher, and when he didn’t see any signs of refusal, he gestured his hand and said, “Please follow me.”

The dumbfounded Su Anlun subconsciously nodded her head. When she had walked far away, she finally regained her senses. A look of fear rose in her eyes. She turned around and met Qin Yu’s gaze. For some unknown reason, she suddenly felt at ease.

When the two people left, only Qin Yu and Ji Xiangtian remained in the temple. The relaxed atmosphere turned heavy and dark.

Finally, it was Ji Xiangtian who spoke. He broke the silence and said, “Saint Son, you seem to have violated your pledge from before.”

Qin Yu said, “Plans always change. I apologize for this, but I ask you to rest assured that I have no interest in the ruling authority of the Western Tomb. This point remains the same now and will not change in the future.”

Ji Xiangtian lightly said, “I am willing to believe you, but that divine technique you used today, Bathing in Holy Grace, had best not appear again.”

Qin Yu nodded. “Very well.”

Ji Xiangtian smiled. “I know that the reason you came to the Western Tomb should be to see Lord Dorelis. She is currently residing in her own temple. If you would like, I can personally lead you there.”

Qin Yu lifted a hand. “There is no hurry. There is a matter I require the Divine Seat’s help with…of course, this should be something simple for you.”

“Saint Son, please speak.”

Qin Yu flicked his sleeves. Space rippled and a spatial gate appeared. A disturbed Yun Die stepped out. When she saw the familiar black robes, joy lit up her face. “Teacher!”

During this time, she had been kept somewhere within the Hell Mystic Realm. While she was safe, she had been nervous and anxious the entire time. Now that she saw Qin Yu, all of the restlessness and hidden fears in her heart dispersed.

Yun Die knew that her teacher had been the one to win in the end!

As for what price her teacher had to pay to protect her, or what experiences he had to suffer through, she could easily guess it. 

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