Chapter 793 – Senators Gather

Solenda City, Su Anlun Inn.

It was rumored that this inn was a business that was part of the City Lord’s industry. This City Lord was said to possess a variation bloodline.

But this was only a rumor that was purposefully spread. Because the inn quietly and respectfully paid a portion of its profits to the City Lord Mansion every year, the City Lord Mansion remained silent on this rumor, neither acknowledging nor denying it.

Su Anlun Inn was named after its owner, Su Anlun. She was a beautiful and resourceful woman who was skilled in dancing and entertainment. Combined with the vague attitude of the City Lord Mansion, this sharp contrast made the inn feel deep and unpredictable.

In fact, there were even some factions at the edge of the City Lord Mansion’s influence that maintained a respectful demeanor when facing Su Anlun Inn. And this respect made those people who didn’t know the truth of the situation feel even more awe.

But today, the normally chuckling, laughing, and relaxed Su Anlun had an anxious expression on her face. She frequently looked up at the private room on the second floor.

Although the guests in the private room hadn’t even said three sentences to her, and their tone was very calm and steady, each word they said contained an invisible oppression.

A few of the eyes that glanced her way caused Su Anlun’s smile to freeze on her face. This was an oppression that pressed straight on her heart. It was something she had never encountered before.

She couldn’t afford to mess with them!

Although she had no idea where these six black-robed figures in the private room came from, she didn’t doubt that a single finger from any one of them was enough to push her past the point of oblivion.

As for the fabricated City Lord Mansion background…even if it was true, these people wouldn’t care about it.

Another wave of guests were respectfully turned away. The reason was that the entire second floor wasn’t open for business. Su Anlun could only use this temporary method today to reduce the possibility of any accidents occurring.

During these years, she had dreamed of holding onto a true golden thigh. But, she didn’t dare to take advantage of those upstairs…for some reason she was instinctively scared just thinking about it.

The light at the entrance of the inn darkened for a moment as a figure walked in. Su Anlun, whose mind was in a flustered panic, didn’t pay attention to the conversation until some sporadic sentences entered her ears.

“I apologize…the second floor is closed for now…it’s true…I really am sorry…”

“I made an appointment with my friends here…okay, maybe I was mistaken…”


Appointment with friends?

Su Anlun fiercely spun around, her heart shrinking. It was a black robe! It was another black-robed person!

“Hold on!”

As she loudly cried out, she hurried over. “Dear guest, how are you? I am the owner of this inn. May I ask how many friends you are meeting with?”

Qin Yu glanced at the glamorous woman who had a look of awe in her eyes. His thoughts turned as he guessed something. He said, “If I’m not wrong, there should be six.”

Su Anlun relaxed inwardly. She wasn’t mistaken. Fortunately, she had reacted fast enough and didn’t offend this person.

She bowed, “Your friends are waiting in a private room on the second floor. Allow me to personally lead you there…I apologize for our embarrassing actions just now.”

Qin Yu nodded. The two of them walked up to the second floor.

“What’s the meaning of this? Didn’t you just say that the second floor wasn’t open for business? Why are you bringing someone up there now?” The guests that were turned away before suddenly shouted.

“We are regular customers. I think it's best that we receive an explanation for this!”

Su Anlun paled, worry in her eyes. She didn’t care about these bothersome people. She was more worried about annoying the guest behind her.

Qin Yu said, “It’s alright. I know where they are. You can go back down.”

Su Anlun bowed as if she had just been pardoned from death. “Yes.”

She took several steps back and turned around. Then, there were the sounds of restrained shouts. After some confusion, everything quickly calmed down.

This woman was actually quite skilled…

Qin Yu subconsciously thought. After walking forward a bit more, he pushed open the door of the private room.

Around a table, six black-robed figures stood up.

“We welcome your arrival, Senator Morning Star.”

This voice belonged to Sage.

Qin Yu walked in and closed the door behind him. “My fellow six Senators should have many questions. How about we sit down and slowly discuss things?”

“Of course.” Limitless quietly said. “If I knew earlier that you would become our new Senator, then the various misunderstandings that occurred before wouldn’t have happened.”

“Humph! What I want to know more is when Senator Morning Star will be prepared to give Yun Die to the parliament.” Oriole’s young and sharp voice was cold. “I believe that right now, Senator Morning Star should understand why she is so important to the parliament.”

Qin Yu stepped to the round table. “This is my spot, right?” Before a reply came, he sat down. “Senators, please sit down. We will be a family from here on out, so there’s no need to be so cautious.”

He turned his head and said, “Senator Jasmine?”

“Yes.” A gentle woman’s voice responded.

Qin Yu said, “I’m very sorry, but I have to tell you that the previous Senator Morning Star’s death has nothing to do with me.”

Senator Jasmine nodded. “I know…” She was silent for a moment before asking, “If possible, I would like to know – did he experience much pain before his death?”

Qin Yu shook his head, “No.”

Of course, this was a lie.

Senator Jasmine let out a breath of relief. She had a thankful expression as she said, “Then that’s good.”

She and the previous Morning Star did have good relations.

Lone Mountain suddenly said, “I think we can all get into the main topic right now.” His expression was calm. “Senator Morning Star, I hope that you can bring Yun Die back to the parliament as soon as possible. Of course, as repayment, the parliament will give you the benefits you deserve.”

The private room quieted down. All eyes were on Qin Yu.

Qin Yu poured a cup of tea and took a sip. Behind the steam, he slightly narrowed his eyes and said, “Sorry, but I cannot do that for the time being.”

Lone Mountain asked, “Reason?”

Qin Yu swept his eyes around. “Fellow Senators should understand that I have another identity; that is, I am the Western Tomb Divine Church’s Saint Son…as for Yun Die, she had already been locked onto by the Dao Monarch’s will. If I give her to the parliament, everyone here will be in trouble.”

The room fell silent more again.

Even the Dark Parliament didn’t dare to underestimate the Western Tomb Divine Church’s strength.

Moreover, it seemed that the Dao Monarch they had speculated had died was actually still alive.

Simply put, Qin Yu offered a very compelling argument, one that made the Dark Parliament feel fear.

Oriole sneered. “Then Senator Morning Star, you are saying that Yun Die cannot be handed to the parliament?”

Qin Yu lightly said, “I didn’t say that. For certain reasons, I cannot explain the specifics, but the Dao Monarch’s goal is not the Chaotic Sky Chronicle.

“After this matter is finished, I will bring Yun Die to the parliament. But before then, I hope that my fellow Senators won’t act recklessly, otherwise you will be making things difficult for me.”

He looked up. “In particular, Senator Oriole. I know there might be some grudges between us, but I hope something similar to the shadow world incident doesn’t happen a second time. Otherwise, I won’t give up so easily…trust me, even if the Dark Parliament has a curse limiter, that won’t necessarily stop me from doing some things.”

This was a threat. And it was the kind that was ruthless and face-to-face. Oriole was furious, but with the strength Qin Yu erupted with in the yellow sand world, she couldn’t help but believe he could do what he said he would do.

Afterwards, they had discovered through the connection between the Senators that Qin Yu’s cultivation itself wasn’t too high. But it was clear he had some hidden card in his hand that allowed him to erupt with an extremely formidable and tyrannical level of strength for a period of time.

This sort of erupting strength had to have a limit, but no one knew where this limit was. At the very least, starting from the battles in Dragon City, Qin Yu had never fallen into a losing position.

“Wonderful.” Sage said. “Then we will temporarily follow Senator Morning Star’s advice on this matter. But, there is something I wish to remind you of. We must obtain the Chaotic Sky Chronicle no matter what.”

Qin Yu smiled. “Of course. I never suspected that point.” He knocked on the table. “Then let’s serve the food.”

Sage looked at him deeply. “Certainly. Today’s meeting is to welcome Senator Morning Star joining us.”

Su Anlun personally supervised the process. As she watched the meticulously prepared dishes entering the private room, she felt relieved.

Looking at things, she had calmly and steadily crossed this hurdle. Fortunately she hadn’t made any mistakes. As for those guests that were chased away, while they had some background, they weren’t anything compared to this situation.

Two hours later, the private room opened up again. But the only one who walked out was Qin Yu.

The other six Senators had already left. Su Anlun knew that existences of this level wouldn’t be impressed by minor favors, so she accepted Qin Yu’s payment for the food. Of course, she gave a great discount.

She delivered Qin Yu out. However, Su Anlun never imagined that after everything passed so smoothly, a mistake would finally happen at the end.

A group of aggressing and menacing people arrived outside the inn. Among them was a man with black circles around his eyes; he was one of the guests who had been driven away before. Su Anlun’s heart caught in her throat and she said, “What are you doing?”

“You smelly whore, you dare to attack me? Today, I am going to teach you how to spell regret!” The black-eyed man diabolically grinned and waved his hand, “Go, catch her!”

Su Anlun’s heart sank. The people approaching her had a calm and restrained aura but were overflowing with killing intent. She had only seen this kind of temperament in one place before – the City Lord Mansion’s guard troop.

She rapidly swept her eyes around. As she thought, she found a familiar young face in the crowd. This person had no intention of hiding himself, and when their eyes met, he nodded at her, arrogance written all over his expression.

As she thought, the ones moving against her today came from the City Lord Mansion. But why? She had been paying them a part of her profits in a timely fashion for all these years.

Her complexion rapidly paling, Su Anlun knew that there was nowhere for her to run today.

Subconsciously, she looked to the black-robed lord at her side. Her eyes brightened before falling dark again. They weren’t friends or family. Was he going to help her just because he had a meal at her inn?

Bang –

There was a loud sound. It was like bulls running at a high speed had smashed into a massive stone boulder without warning. It was low and deep and caused one’s scalp to tingle. The figures that rushed at them were sent flying away even faster. They crashed into the ground and struggled to stand back up.

The scene fell deathly silent!

In the crowd, the arrogant young man’s eyes flew open. As he looked at the black-robed person that was drawing back his hand, anger erupted in his chest.

It was at this moment that the black-robed figure’s gaze fell on his body. It was calm and faint, without any fluctuation of mood.

It was like being doused in a bucket of ice water. The young man froze in place. The anger in his eyes vanished, replaced with endless fear instead.

At this moment, he felt as if he were prey locked onto by its natural enemy. He could be torn apart at any time. A cold sweat dripped down his forehead, moistening his robes. Even so, he didn’t dare move a single muscle.

Qin Yu turned and lightly said, “Do you want to leave with me?”

Su Anlun hesitated for a moment. Then she fell to her knees and said, “Thank you my lord, I am willing!”

Since the City Lord Mansion decided to move against her, even if she could avoid them today, she couldn’t avoid them tomorrow.

Leaving was the only choice!

Qin Yu nodded in satisfaction at her decisiveness. “Go and make any arrangements you need. I will wait for you here.”

Su Anlun nodded in gratitude. She turned around and hurried away.


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