Chapter 792 – Take Revenge For You

The surface of the thick tent was covered with a layer of white frost. The soft light of the illuminating gems dispersed the darkness, illuminating pale and fearful faces. Yet, no matter how much light there was, it didn’t bring them any warmth at all.

The Old Patriarch and all their fellow uncles had died…

This was something they felt from the relatively close proximity of their bloodlines; it absolutely wouldn’t be wrong. After the initial shock and sorrow, despair enveloped them.

The desert world was approaching the end of its life and they hadn’t yet grasped the method to leave this land. This meant that the only ending left for them was to stay here as the world fell into eternal darkness and eventually die in the infinite cold.

Hong Shao hugged her knees, her eyes dim and empty. She was in a daze. Even now she couldn’t accept that the High Ancestor and the others had died.

“Uwuwu…” One of her companions cried. Her eyes swept around in a panic. “Are we really going to die here? I don’t want to die!”

The atmosphere in the tent grew more depressing. These young people that had just ventured out of the Giant Spirit Clan not too long ago originally thought that they were only following their elders out on a brief adventure to gain some experiences. They never thought that death would come so suddenly for them.

Hong Shao swept her eyes around at a loss. She pursed her lips together. “Don’t be afraid…” She couldn’t say anything else after that.

Unless they found a way to survive, anything she said now would seem pale and useless.

Her eyes darkened. But at this time, she heard a light rustling sound.

Hong Shao turned around. The curtains of the tent opened. Then, before the backdrop of a dim and dark sky, a figure stepped forward. He was wrapped in black robes. Intense winds howled around him, outlining his strong and heroic figure.

Even many, many years in the future when Hong Shao became the new Patriarch of the Giant Spirit Clan, she would still vividly remember this sight.


Qin Yu came to a halt in a mountain valley. He turned around and said, “Alright, let’s stop here.” After a brief pause he looked at everyone and said, “Go back and tell the others in the Giant Spirit Clan that you have completed your life’s mission. From now on, don’t get involved in the Dragon City Master’s matters. Just keep living your lives well.”

Space fluctuated and he stepped inside, vanishing from sight. The crowd of young giant spirit clansmen were left behind, staring at each other in dismay.

“Hong Shao, what do we do now?”

Hong Shao bit her lips and took a deep breath. She said, “No matter what, we need to return to the clan as soon as possible and tell them what happened in the yellow sand world.”

Everyone nodded.

Before leaving, Hong Shao glanced at the direction Qin Yu had left in. There was confusion in her eyes. How had the Old Ancestor died? How come they couldn’t get an answer?


“You might think I am even more cold and cruel by saying this, but being too benevolent or softhearted will eventually get you killed.” The Ancient’s calm voice echoed in Qin Yu’s mind. There weren’t many emotional fluctuations and the tone was straightforward and honest. “You are the only Ancient bloodline left in the world. You should always be aware of what type of burden you carry on your shoulders.”

Qin Yu nodded, “I’ll try hard to change this habit of mine.”

The Ancient didn’t continue on this topic. After a brief silence, he continued to say, “I thought that the thing imprisoned in the desert world was something I needed. But it seems that I was underestimating just how cautious the Dao Monarch was. You may keep the Ancient heart for now. If necessary, you may use its strength.”

Qin Yu could feel a trace of consciousness leave his body. He let out a breath and looked into the distance, a thoughtful look in his eyes.

Just what are you trying to do?

Qin Yu still couldn’t figure this out. But perhaps before long, someone would help answer the questions in his heart.

Dragon City.

After the grand event ended, the atmosphere was still noisy and festive. Yet, the scent of loneliness had begun to appear. Around half of the originally dense crowd had left, and in at most two weeks everything would return to how it was before.

The arena automatically sealed up and hid itself deep below Dragon City. However, no one knew that deep below the arena, there was an ancient blue altar. Countess runes flowed across its surface and spread out in all directions with the altar as the center point.

A giant dragon lay down over the altar. Even though it was just a dragon soul, its lifelike appearance still made one subconsciously hesitate.

At this time, the dragon soul’s two claws tapped together as it was deep in thought. Bright sparks splashed out, lighting up its uncertain eyes.

Master’s present condition was extremely strange. Through their connection, it could faintly feel its master’s formidable strength. In other words, master didn’t need to rely on that boy to revive. Resurrection should be a simple matter to its master.

What was the reason?

The dragon soul lifted a claw and knocked its head. As it thought, something as stupid as itself could never understood the master’s wisdom.

Since master hadn’t given any instructions, it would follow normal procedure…mm; it was time to begin the plans set down in the past.

Shadow Clan.

On the stone wall, nine dragons wove together and an invisible pressure filled the air.

Suddenly, fluctuations spread out from the cliff. A deep dragon’s roar resounded and the phantoms of nine dragons howled out. A formidable aura surged in the air.

This sudden change alarmed the entire Shadow Clan. With the sounds of breaking air, several figures arrived. The one leading them was the Shadow Clan Patriarch.

As he saw the sight before him, his eyes flew open. Then, a look of ecstatic joy crossed his face.

This…this is…

Bang –

The stone wall shattered and Zhou Li was sent flying out, wrapped in an invisible strength. Her eyes opened and the nine dragon phantoms howled before fusing into her body.

The Shadow Clan Patriarch fell to his knees and respectfully said, “Your Highness Dragon Envoy, we welcome your arrival!”

Zhou Li had a vacant expression but soon composed herself. She thought for a moment and then slowly said, “Patriarch, how long have I been in seclusion for?”

In the hall, Zhou Li lowered her head in contemplation as she listened to the Shadow Clan Patriarch reiterate everything that had happened while she was in seclusion.

When she heard that the mysterious black-robed cultivator from the Hidden Fog Sect had safely returned to Dragon City, a look of excitement crossed her face. But soon, this excitement turned to indifference, because according to what the Patriarch said, that person had revealed an incomparably formidable strength.

That meant this person wasn’t Qin Yu…after using him, did the person behind him personally arrive and decide to intervene in the arena battles?

Ning Qin!

A cold light surged in Zhou Li’s eyes.

“Patriarch, I would like some peace and quiet.”

“Then please rest Your Highness. I will leave first.” The Patriarch bowed and stepped away.

The quiet in the hall didn’t last long before it was disrupted by noise coming from outside. Zhou Li frowned and said, “Let him in.”

Soon, Ji Yun arrived. He was pleasantly surprised as he said, “Zhou Li, you’ve come out from seclusion!”

Originally, he was extremely disappointed when he heard she had decided to enter seclusion. He thought about leaving Dragon City but eventually decided to stay.

Now it seemed that his decision had been correct!

Seeing Ji Yun’s heartfelt joy, Zhou Li’s expression relaxed. “I didn’t tell you ahead of time. I’m sorry.”

Ji Yun waved his hand, “It's fine.”

He looked at the girl in front of him. Only a short period of time had passed and her appearance hadn’t changed. But, the feeling she gave off was extremely different.

Between her eyes, while there was still some naiveté that hadn’t been removed, there was even more regalness and dignity. She was like a supreme empress, making one instinctively feel awe.

“You are now…”

Zhou Li said, “I’m great. I’ve never felt this great before.” She paused and said, “Ji Yun, if possible I would like to go to the Western Tomb and visit the Divine Seat.”

Ji Yun was stunned. He immediately nodded, “That’s no problem at all!”

He faintly guessed why Zhou Li wanted to go to the Western Tomb. While he felt a tiny hint of bitterness, he also rejoiced.

Fortunately, he had already died.

That’s right. Although the black-robed figure from the Hidden Fog Sect had gone and returned, and there was no change in his behavior or body shape, Ji Yun knew that he wasn’t the one Zhou Li cared about.

Towards this, Ji Yun and Zhou Li had both made the same judgment.

Zhou Li nodded, not saying anything else. Although her expression was calm, there was no tranquility in her eyes.

If what the Patriarch said was right, then Ning Qin possessed a level of strength that not even she could contend with. So, she had to join forces with the Western Tomb.

Qin Yu, you can rest in peace. I will definitely take revenge for you. No matter how hard it is, I won’t give up!

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