Chapter 791 - Killing As Proof

The puppet was dumbfounded. It seemed to realize it had done something incredibly stupid.

If looks could kill, the black wolf would have been torn into countless pieces…this useless dog bastard!

In the current situation, how could they not figure it out? They had all been caught in a scheme!

Sure enough, Twilight’s eyes were calm like she had already expected this…her blocking the puppet before was all a deliberate act.

Everything had been decided…

After obtaining the Ancient’s heart, the Dragon City Master’s strength would surely rise drastically. No one here today would have a good ending.

Qin Yu lifted his hands. The giant mountain-like heart began to shrink. When it landed in Qin Yu’s hand, its beating started to slow.

As the heart continued to beat, the blood that soaked the yellow sands flew out and was absorbed by the heart again.

Thump –

Thump –

A low and deep beating sound reverberated in the air, causing all the pursuers to turn increasingly pale.

When the people from the Giant Spirit Clan rushed over, this was the scene they saw. Although Qin Yu was covered by black robes, this suppression that came from the bloodline level couldn’t be mistaken.

The Old Patriarch led the way. All of the giant spirit clansmen shivered as they fell to their knees and bowed. “The giant spirit lineage pays their respects to master. We welcome your return to the world!”

Qin Yu could clearly sense everything happening outside. He really wanted to know what the Ancient would do next. Would he open up a slaughterfest here, using the blood of his enemies to announce his return with an unstoppable momentum!

But Qin Yu kept thinking things weren’t as simple as this. If he had really wanted to do this, he would have done it after leaving the Hell Mystic Realm. There was no need to wait until today.

As Qin Yu was deep in thought, the Ancient’s voice rang out. “I still cannot expose my existence. I will allow you to handle what happens next.”

‘Qin Yu’ suddenly lifted a hand and pressed down at the giant spirit clansmen. A boundless strength arrived, as if a towering mountain had been sent crashing down.

Puff –

Puff –

In their bewildered shock, the giant spirit clansmen weren’t even able to resist. They allowed themselves to be directly blown apart by this strength.

The scent of blood suddenly filled the air.

Not only had the giant spirit clansmen not expected this, but the pursuers were also stunned by this scene.

No one knew what was happening. Had the Dragon City Master gone insane? The Giant Spirit Clan were a people that he had personally cultivated himself in the past and were utterly devoted and loyal to him!

When they first met again, he actually killed them?

At the same time, Qin Yu discovered he had finally regained control of his body. He retracted his hand. Because he had no idea what to say, he remained silent with everyone else.

Before these giant spirit clansmen died, they were injured and called him master. In truth, it was easy to guess who they were. When the Ancient killed them, combined with the words he left behind, the meaning behind his actions was clear.

The Ancient wanted to use the death of these giant spirit clansmen to testify for Qin Yu and prove that he wasn’t the Dragon City Master. As for how exactly he was going to do this…Qin Yu forced a smile. He had already considered it and come up with an explanation. Although there were some parts that were hard to explain, in truth it wasn’t too difficult.

As expected, the Ancient was a formidable existence who once ruled a world. He really had no shortage when it came to decisiveness in killing, whether the ones he killed were enemies or allies.

This method was truly ruthless!

Qin Yu took a deep breath and suppressed his tumbling thoughts. He clearly knew he wasn’t qualified to express his opinion on this matter.

But in the end, these people had entered the yellow springs through his hands…

The will of the six Senators in the puppet slowly fluctuated. Then, its eyes flew open in surprise. Because at this moment, they could sense a familiar aura from the Dragon City Master’s body.

Senator Morning Star…how was this possible?

In their shock, several Senators also let out a sigh of relief. No matter what the reason was, since this person had become the new Senator Morning Star, he couldn’t attack them any longer. This was the greatest restraining force on the Dark Parliament, one that no one could violate.

Beneath his black robes, Qin Yu’s eyes sparkled as he glanced at the puppet. Then he swept his eyes around and said, “I am not the Dragon City Master.”

He lifted a palm and holy light surged. It was boundless and hallowed, in no way beneath the holy light of the Chief Justice.

Dorelis’ eyes widened. She slowly said, “That is indeed strength granted by the Dao Monarch.” She stared tightly at Qin Yu, discovering that things had once again exceeded her expectations.

This boy was actually able to grasp the strength of the Dao Monarch? Did that mean the consciousness of that Ancient powerhouse had already occupied a part of the Dao Monarch’s Great Dao?

From the look of things, this was the most likely possibility. But if so, resurrection should have been easy for him. There would be no need to go through so much trouble.

No, this wasn’t it…so this was what you were planning…what amazing methods…admirable, truly admirable…

Dorelis’ eyes flashed. She looked at Qin Yu and said, “I can feel the Dao Monarch’s aura from your body. Who are you and why did you pretend to be the Dragon City Master?”

Qin Yu raised a hand. “I took advantage of your powers to help me open up this desert world so that I could retrieve this heart and prevent the Ancient from reviving…as for my current identity, if you want, you may call me the Western Tomb’s Saint Son.”

More holy light gushed out from his body, making him appear like a warm and gentle sun. All sorts of beings condense in the space around him, circling him as they danced and prayed.

The black wolf roared, “On what basis should we believe you?”

Qin Yu said, “On the basis that you are still alive.”

The black wolf was stunned. But, it had to admit that what Qin Yu said made sense. If he really was the Dragon City Master, then his strength should rise explosively after retaking his heart. It absolutely would have been the first one that the Ancient killed.

With Dorelis laying the groundwork and Qin Yu providing straightforward proof, everyone already mostly believed him. The incident of killing off the Giant Spirit Clan cultivators could also be reasonably explained.

Of course, to be more precise, this was the most powerful reason why everyone was willing to believe that Qin Yu wasn’t the Dragon City Master!

The only remaining doubts were dispelled with a statement from the Dark Parliament, “We believe that you are not the Dragon City Master. If we offended you in any way before, we ask for your forgiveness.”

Qin Yu nodded, “There’s no need to mention the past.”

A great chase that had spurred factions from all around the world and involved peak influences had ended in such an absurd and somewhat farcical way. Neither the chasers nor the chased had paid too great a price. Only the Giant Spirit Clan had become the unexpected sacrificial victims of this event.

When the Chief Judge finally arrived, he used a secret art to contact the Western Tomb’s Divine Seat and confirm Qin Yu’s identity. It was then that everyone began to leave the stage. In truth, they didn’t care about Qin Yu’s identity. All they cared about was that he wasn’t the revived Dragon City Master.

Before the Dark Parliament left, Sage spoke through the puppet, his words thick with meaning, “I hope that I can see you again in the future.”

Qin Yu knew that there were some matters he needed to attend to. It seemed that he would have to communicate privately with the Dark Parliament and make another deal.

As for Yun Die…at that time he would have the means to deceive them so that they didn’t act rashly.

Dorelis smiled. “I also have some time before I need to leave. If Saint Son has some free time, how about making a trip to the Western Tomb?”

She nodded. Then, with a final envious glance from the Chief Judge, they left.

Soon the only one left in this vast desert was Qin Yu.

The Ancient’s heart was no longer being suppressed here. Since it also acted as the fountainhead of strength for this entire yellow sand world, once it was taken away, this world would rapidly head towards destruction.

The most obvious point was that the sun in the skies had dimmed down and the temperature was rapidly falling. Perhaps before long, this place would turn into a land of bitter cold and eternal darkness.

Hu –

Qin Yu let out a deep breath. It was about time for him to leave.

But at this time, he furrowed his eyebrows together. He looked into the distance. Over there was a faint aura that he felt close and friendly with.

This was…the Giant Spirit Clan’s aura…in this world, there were still giant spirit clansmen.

After hesitating for several breaths of time, Qin Yu started to move towards the direction he sensed.


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