Chapter 790 – Giant Spirit Race

With the Dark Parliament’s puppet in the lead, the group of pursuers was forced to come to a sudden stop. A group of cultivators wearing straw coats stood in front of them. The atmosphere was tense and incendiary.

From the puppet’s mouth, Sage’s voice sounded out, “Giant Spirit Clan!”

The Old Patriarch had a calm expression. “I never imagined that after not appearing in the world for so many years, there would actually be people who still recognize us. What an honor it is.”

The black wolf roared, “Don’t waste your time with them. These people are undying loyalists of the Dragon City Master; it is impossible to persuade them!”

The Old Patriarch’s eyes were cold. “You are the traitor who betrayed master long ago. Since we’ve met here today, I’ll cut you down and present your head to him as a gift.”

The black wolf’s figure flashed and he appeared in his true form. “Then we’ll have to see who dies here!”


The puppet shouted out loud.

It was highly likely that the Dragon City Master was searching for his sundered body. Every second they were delayed meant he had that much higher a chance of succeeding.

A saber cut down. The desert beneath the puppet’s feet was split in two as a deep abyss formed.

The Old Patriarch drew in a deep breath. His thin chest bulged and he let out a resonant roar.

Hou –

The cracking sounds of his bones melded together into a single endless note. The Old Patriarch’s body grew at a speed visible to the naked eye. In a single breath of time, he grew to almost a thousand feet tall. From a frail old man, he became the incarnation of a giant.

His muscles were as thick as drums and blood energy wildly fluctuated around his body. A savage aura swirled around him, causing heaven and earth spiritual strength to race about. With a loud rumbling sound, the spiritual strength gathered from all directions and wrapped around his body, forming a vortex of spiritual strength.

This was the true form of the Giant Spirit Clan and the inherent talent they were born with to mobilize the spiritual strength of the heavens and earth!

Bang –

An invisible saber wind cut down. The vortex of spiritual strength was nearly cut in half.

The Old Patriarch was expressionless. He raised a hand and punched out. Flesh collided with the saber light and blood splashed in all directions.

On the surface of the fist, flesh and blood disintegrated to reveal the pale white bone beneath. But, he only frowned.

In the next moment flesh and blood rapidly regenerated, and his fist was restored to how it was at the start.

The bloodline of the Ancient race flowed within the Giant Spirit Clan. They possessed a formidable mortal body and potent regenerative abilities. As long as their blood energy wasn’t exhausted, they were nearly immortal and indestructible.

“Kill them!”

“Protect the master! Do not allow him to be disturbed!”


With a loud roar, the people of the Giant Spirit Clan raced forth.

The black wolf received extra attention. Although it had revealed its true form, it was still entangled in a brutal melee with five other giant spirit clansmen. No matter how much it roared and struggled it couldn’t take a single step forward.

The youth from the northern border raised his spear and thrust out. Terrifying strength condensed into a single point, piercing through the chest of a giant spirit clansman.

The shrunken shadow spread out, wrapping up its opponent within itself. The raging roar of the giant spirit clansman inside could be heard.

Wild fluctuations of strength swept out, causing endless waves of sand to fly into the skies. It created an apocalyptic scene, like the world was collapsing around them.


The palace buried deep beneath the surface kept growing and shrinking. It released loud and thundering beats. On its surface, coarse and thick lines appeared. They were blood red, as if they were meridians running through the body.

These lines rose and fell with the palace’s movements. A formidable force was generated that crashed out, spreading to every inch and corner of the hall.

Qin Yu stood in the hall. His hands were held behind his back as the power of his body’s blood energy erupted. With endless loud rumbling sounds, the incoming bombardment of power was completely resisted.

“This is the card that the Dao Monarch gave you?”

“Of course not.” The man calmly said. “Now, please die here.”

Blood patterns started to appear in the void. If someone could see both inside and outside, they would notice that these blood patterns were exactly the same as the meridian textures on the surface of the palace, but reduced several times over. These blood patterns covered Qin Yu within.

There was another shallow fist mark on the surface of the puppet. Its deathly gray eyes stared at the giant spirit clansman that had been sent flying away with a slash. It had a 70% assurance that it could kill that giant spirit clansman with another strike of the saber. But after thinking about it a little, it didn’t hesitate to put the saber away and leave.

The crucial key to today’s victory wasn’t here. So what if they managed to kill off every single giant spirit clansmen? If the Dragon City Master obtained his remnant body, they would all die regardless.

The other pursuers also understood this point. In the flurry and chaos they escaped the entanglement of the giant spirit clansmen and chased after the puppet.

“Old Patriarch!”

“Are you fine?”

The giant spirit clansmen gathered over, their expressions worried.

There was another terrifying saber wound on the Old Patriarch’s chest. His skin was pale as if all his blood had been sucked out.

He waved his hand. He swept over his surroundings with a heavy gaze. In that battle just now, they had lost nearly half of their experts. Even the ones that were still alive were injured.

As they thought, wanting to stop these people with their strength was an impossible task. But, they had to do it, because this was the mission of the Giant Spirit Clan and the only meaning of their existence.

The Old Patriarch took a deep breath and slammed his chest. His face paled but then turned ruddy in the next moment. The terrifying wound on his chest rapidly regenerated, and even his originally weak aura soon recovered.

“Old Patriarch, you…”

The Old Patriarch lifted a hand, interrupting him. He said in an earnest voice, “Everything for the master.”

“Let’s go!”

Bang –

Yellow sand caved down as he shot into the skies.

Whoosh –

Whoosh –

The remaining giant spirit clansmen clenched their teeth and followed after him.

Now that they had rid themselves of the obstruction of the Giant Spirit Clan, the pursuers naturally wouldn’t allow themselves to be dragged into another tangled melee. Both sides continued to fight each other as they raced ahead, but even if there was a slight impediment, they still moved forward at an astonishing speed!

Finally, the palace buried deep beneath the yellow sands appeared in front of everyone. As they felt the terrifying ripples of power emanating from it, all of the pursuers were overjoyed.

This was good. It seemed that the Dragon City Master hadn’t yet succeeded.

The puppet stared at the thick lines that spanned the surface of the palace. They constantly contracted and expanded, as if this was a giant palace-shaped heart. The puppet revealed a dignified expression.

Before it could make a judgment, a figure stood in front of it. Twilight had a resolute expression. “I’ve changed my mind. All of you can give up any idea of harming master!”

After receiving extra attention from the Giant Spirit Clan, the black wolf was in an incomparably distressed and pitiful state right now. It howled out, “Twilight, you stupid woman! Kill her, kill her!”

The puppet lifted the broken saber and Sage’s indifferent voice sounded out. “Thank you for helping me make a judgment!”

Shua –

The broken saber cut down. Blood gushed out from her nose and mouth as she was sent flying away. Fishing the Heavens was a mysterious and formidable skill, but every time she used it she would fall into a weakened state. There was no way for her to resist this saber.

The puppet didn’t hesitate. It stepped forward and slashed out a second time. A roar of anger echoed out from deep within the palace. A rich burst of blood red light erupted, covering the entire palace.

Bang –

The blood light sank down and a giant gap was cut open. Some of the textures on the surface of the palace broke apart.

“You bastard, if you dare to attack again, I will make sure you die without a grave!” A deep roar sounded out from the palace. The black wolf suddenly froze in place as a cold sweat gushed out all over its body. In addition to its bloodstained fur, it looked even more pathetic and laughable.

“It’s him! It’s him!”

Even if a million years passed, it would never forget this voice. “Hurry up, don’t let him succeed!”

The puppet looked around but still wasn’t able to find any trace of Senator Morning Star. This caused the six Senators of the Dark Parliament to feel a headache. If they lacked a Senator, while they could just about stimulate the explosive strength of the puppet, the loss of strength would be several times over.

The obstruction of the Giant Spirit Clan had caused it to lose an eye. If things continued like this, it wouldn’t be able to last much longer. But in this situation, they had already ridden the tiger and there was no backing down. Besides bracing themselves to race all the way to the end, there was no other choice they could make.

Sage said, “Fellow Senators, don’t hold back anymore!”

Bang –

The aura that the puppet released rose to a new level. The broken saber in its hand began to hum and cry, as if activated by the killing intent.


Six Senators roared out unison.

Bang –

With a heaven-shaking explosion, the contracting and expanding palace paused for a moment. Then, great cracks appeared on its surface. Stone pieces flaked off, revealing the bloody surface below. This palace was unexpectedly a true heart, one as large as a mountain.

Now, there was a long wound on the surface of this heart. Blood gushed out, drenching the yellow sands below.

Two figures appeared above the heart. The one on the left was the Dragon City Master who was being ‘pursued’, and the one on the right was a middle-aged man.

“I didn’t lose to you.”

“I know.”

“So, I really am unwilling.”

“But there are no ifs in this world.”

The middle-aged man slowly nodded. His eyes fell on the black wolf and he bitterly smiled. “How could the past me have accepted such a stupid fellow like you to be my subordinate.” He looked up and fell over. His body dissolved into a mass of blood red light that fell into the heart. 

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