Chapter 787 - Terrifying Broken Saber

The moment he grasped the saber hilt, the black wolf’s heart relaxed. It was like he had suddenly let go of a heavy burden. Joy lit up his face. He could clearly feel that just by picking up this broken saber, a great deal of the fear he felt towards his master had disappeared. Because at the very least, it meant he dared to think of killing his master.

As long as he killed him, everything would come to an end. And he would be able to welcome a new life!

Lifting the broken saber, the black wolf’s heart filled with killing intent. This killing intent seemed to stimulate the rusty broken saber. The saber trembled for a moment and then thoroughly erupted.

Bang –

Red and rusty-colored mist spewed out, condensing into plumes that resembled massive fluffy fox tails. They were rooted in the saber as they wildly flailed around in the turbulent spatial flow.

Everyone could feel the strong smell of blood. Just by taking a single breath of this, they could hear countless sorrowful screams echoing in their ears.

This sound was like the pitiful screams of countless lives mixing up together. It pierced deep into the soul, causing an infinite chill to fill the air.

Almost everyone could feel hairs rising on their backs for the first time. When they looked at the broken saber, their eyes subconsciously revealed shock…and fear.

This killing intent was so thick and pure that it could even affect their minds. Just how many lives had to be slain to condense this to such a degree?

Roughly thinking about it, this had to be an astronomical figure!

Before anyone could think much further, the black wolf cried out in pain. Red threads emerged from the handle of the saber. Like roots of a plant, they directly penetrated into his hand.

These red threads constantly grew and shrank, releasing loud gulping sounds. They were like starving people, crazily eating and drinking as much as they could.

The broken saber was seizing the black wolf’s strength. And from the look of things, the black wolf had no ability to resist it. If this connection wasn’t interrupted, he would soon be sucked dry and turned into a withered corpse.

For a time, everyone secretly rejoiced. Fortunately they hadn’t volunteered to be the first one to grab the saber, otherwise they might have been the one whose strength was being stolen.

None of them were friends with the black wolf. In fact, if this were another day, they might be willing to watch it die, and then pick up the leftover remnants of skin and bone and other materials.

After all, when a monster beast like this black wolf had achieved this level of strength, it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say its entire body was a treasure. Any part could be taken and refined into a formidable treasure.

But today was not that day!

Although the Dragon City Master was still suppressed, no one could say if he would be able to escape once he was rid of the black wolf’s hindrance.

No one wanted to take such a risk.

The Chief Judge moved first. If there was a competition among those here to see who wanted to kill the Dragon City Master the most, he would be one of the most powerful competitors. He lifted a hand and white holy light flashed out, crashing into the broken saber.

When dealing with such cruel and destructive slaughter strength, the holy light had natural attributes that suppressed it. When the holy light landed on the saber, the terrifying aura that the saber released paused for a moment.

The black wolf wildly erupted with strength, trying to break free from the saber. Unfortunately, this pause only lasted for an extremely short period of time.

Then, the black wolf started screaming again, even louder than before. His body started to violently twitch.

Those red threads that drilled into his body were digging deeper and deeper into his flesh and blood. At the same time, the holy light that surrounded the saber was rapidly diminishing; it was being swallowed up!

The Chief Judge’s complexion changed. This was because in front of him, massive red threads had shot out and were headed his way. These red threads were exactly the same as those that drilled into the black wolf. They were actually able to trace back the source of the offending power and counterattack!

Holy light erupted, but the red threads weren’t affected at all. They pierced through the holy light as if it was merely shadows, falling onto the Chief Judge and quickly drilling into his flesh and blood.

Dorelis moved. Her palm fell onto the Chief Judge’s back. The red lines that were drilling into him suddenly screeched out loud and retreated. One could clearly see signs of burning on some of the red threads.

“Thank you for your help.” The Chief Judge respectfully bowed. His face was a bit pale and fearful.

Although he was a fanatical believer, he was also a normal cultivator. After what he experienced just now, it was natural for him to feel fear. In particular, when the red threads drilled into his body for a moment, the Chief Judge was able to feel some of the pain that the black wolf was experiencing.

Even if it was less than a tenth of what the black wolf felt, it still caused his mind to fall into an icy cave of despair. He looked at the black wolf, pity in his eyes.

Dorelis had a dignified expression. Although her move just now seemed simple, it had actually consumed almost half of the strength of this projection. Even so, she had only been able to chase the red threads out. She wasn’t able to cause them any true material damage.

She feared the origin of this broken saber was far greater than she imagined. Its master was absolutely an unsurpassed existence no weaker than the Dao Monarch.

But if this saber could be fished out by Twilight, then that meant its master had perished…even such a powerful existence, one that seemed to be immortal and undying, would also die one day…this thought caused Dorelis to sigh inwardly.

Of course, she had to conceal this sigh. Before the agreement was fulfilled, no one could know of it.

The turbulent space flow fell into a short silence. Even the Western Tomb’s holy light had been swallowed up. If it were anyone else, they feared the result would be the same. In fact, they would be chased by the red threads. They didn’t have the projection of god helping them, so the consequences would be dire.

Perhaps this was fate. This black wolf was doomed to die here today!

In the silence, the puppet suddenly spoke up. “Let’s try.” Sage’s voice was tranquil. It was clear he had obtained the approval of the other Senators. No one expressed any opposition.

The puppet rushed through the turbulent spatial flow and reached the side of the black wolf. As if sensing an approaching aura, the saber’s cry grew louder.

Shua –

Red threads drilled out and instantly wrapped up the puppet. They wildly attacked, wanting to find a channel to invade.

But what a pity, no matter how hard the red threads tried, they couldn’t find any gaps on the puppet’s body.

Although the puppet was covered in scars as if it had experienced countless battles, it was still self-contained and completely isolated from the outside world.

The puppet reached out and grabbed the saber. Because of the rusty stains, Sage could clearly feel the rough sensation on his palm.

It was just an ordinary feeling, but at this time, Sage and the other Senators all felt an extremely terrifying aura.

It was like they stood on the edge of the abyss and could fall in at any time, their bodies and souls being torn to pieces.

The six Senators fully believed that if they didn’t have this puppet body separating them, the moment they touched the saber they would have died.

Just what kind of saber was this? Even after being broken it still had such terrifying energy!

Taking a deep breath, Sage stabilized his mind. He controlled the puppet to slowly pull the saber from the black wolf’s hand.

After being separated from the black wolf’s hand, all the blood red threads quickly retreated. The black wolf’s eyes flew open in panic and he turned to flee. In this brief time, the figure of the large man that he had transformed into had become incredibly thin, as if he were nothing more than a sack of skin and bones.

No one dared to taunt him or disdain him, because if it were any one of them they would have suffered a similar fate.

All things were equal in the face of death. In fact, the more powerful an existence was, the more they would fear death.

Fortunately they had the Dark Parliament’s puppet. Otherwise even if they obtained this murder saber, they still wouldn’t be able to use it.

Holding the saber, countless red threads circled the puppet’s body. After failing to piece through the puppets for a long time, the saber released a low cry and all the red threads returned. The massive plumes of rust-colored fog shaped like fox tails also vanished.

The puppet casually tested the saber, slashing it through the void. Even in this turbulent spatial flow, it actually cut a black line.

The turbulent spatial flow was the depths of the world’s barrier. If the void here was cut and someone were to step through, they would enter the true nothingness of space.

A casual slash without any strength actually had such strength…everyone’s eyes brightened up, including those of the black wolf who still had fear emblazoned on his face. They all thought they could already see the sight of the Dragon City Master being dismembered by this saber.

Hundreds of thousands of years ago, the Dao Monarch who arrived on this world had been able to do that. Perhaps they might be able to repeat the accomplishments of the past!

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