Chapter 786 – Dire Situation

With a low and deep roar, a bizarre monster beast appeared from the depths of the turbulent space. It had the head of a cow, the body of a fish, the claws of a dragon, and the tail of a scorpion. Its scales shined with a faint light. It swam through the turbulent space as if it were wading through water.

The monster beast’s giant eyes were filled with fear. While it had the natural ability of passing through space, coming here clearly wasn’t its original intention.

Standing on top of the monster beast’s back was a beautiful woman who appeared to be in her mid-twenties. She wore a common-looking gray dress. But, not only did this gray dress seem suited for her, it contrasted her extraordinary temperament.

At this moment, the woman looked at Qin Yu. There was a complex light deep in her eyes, as if she had countless words she wanted to say but couldn’t.

The woman took a deep breath and patted the bizarre monster beast’s head. She softly said, “This place is dangerous. Hurry and leave.”

Tapping her feet, she flew down from the monster beast’s body. The bizarre creature roared in gratitude. It turned and ran away, quickly vanishing from sight.

What nonsense. If it didn’t flee now, did it plan on staying to die?

Any of the cultivators here could easily kill it with a single strike. Even if it had the ability to pass through space, it definitely wouldn’t be able to escape them. Because these people themselves were all ruthless characters who had incredible cultivations and could also freely pass through the turbulent flow of space!

When the monster beast left, the turbulent spatial flow fell silent for some time. Many people looked at the woman; it seemed they knew who she was.

And these eyes all revealed an expectant look. So, Qin Yu drew a conclusion from it. This woman was going to be the strongest enemy he faced today.

But what happened next completely surpassed Qin Yu’s expectations. This woman who everyone looked at with anticipation suddenly knelt down and respectfully said, “Twilight greets master.”

The black wolf sneered and the winged wolf phantom behind it roared out. What was this stupid woman doing? Did she think that this person in front of her was the same master from before, the one that treated her warmly and with affection?

“Twilight, with your actions in the past, there is no turning back. The more you delay, the more chance there is that an accident might occur!”

Twilight didn’t even glance at the black wolf. She continued kneeling as she said, “I had unavoidable difficulties in the past and that is the only reason I chose to rebel against you. There is no need to argue whether what I did was right or wrong. But in my heart, I have always still thought of you as my one and only master.

“I once dreamed that master could return from death. But since you mentioned to me before how difficult this was, I didn’t place too much hope in it. I don’t know who in the heavens has decided to take pity on me, but master has truly come back to life. As long as you agree to discard your cultivation then I will bring you away from here and serve you for the rest of my life.

“I hope that master can earnestly consider my proposition. I don’t wish to kill you a second time, because to me that is an unimaginable pain.”

Qin Yu’s lips twitched. It was one thing to be chased down and killed, but he also had to face this unexpectedly melodramatic drama script. Listening to this woman, it seemed she had sentimental feelings for the Ancient.

But Qin Yu had no idea how to deal with this problem. Since it involved the Ancient, it wasn’t good to say too little or too much. So, he decided to remain silent instead.

In Twilight’s eyes, this silence indicated his decision. A look of sorrow came across her beautiful face. “Master, are you not even willing to say a few words to me?”

Tears flowed down her cheeks. This wasn’t an act. Everyone could feel the sadness that engulfed her.

As everyone despised this woman for her broken brain and ridiculous thoughts, they also secretly rejoiced. Fortunately, the Dragon City Master had directly refused her. Otherwise, even if his cultivation was abandoned, they still wouldn’t dare to let him leave. After all, even the sundering of his body and soul wasn’t able to stop the Dragon City Master from resurrecting!

Twilight stood up. There were still tears shining in her eyes, but a look of resolve crossed her face. “Master, since you have made your decision, then allow me to personally send you on the way.”

She paused for a moment before continuing, “After you die, I will commit suicide. I will accompany you down below…this is my vow to you.”

She lifted a hand and light surged within her fingers. A fishing rod appeared. It looked ordinary, and because it had been used so many times, there was a glossy patina on its surface.

Her slender white fingers clenched hard. The tiny blue veins that bulged up indicated that the emotions in her heart were far from being calm.

She flung out her arm and the fishing hook howled out. But there was no river here, so where would the hook fall? Everyone couldn’t help but look over. The fishhook fell into the turbulent flow of space where it disappeared.

Qin Yu had no idea what she was doing. But through the actions of the Dark Parliament’s puppet and the others, he could sense how excited they were.

His intuition told him that he needed to break free from this imprisonment. Otherwise, even if he were borrowing the strength of the Ancient, there was still a chance he could die here.

But the killers around him had prepared themselves for this. They erupted with their greatest strengths, desperately blocking Qin Yu’s counterattack.

And at this time, the fishing line suddenly became taut. The little bell hanging on the end of the fishing pole began to ring.

Twilight stiffened. She slowly turned her head and looked at Qin Yu. The change she hoped to see on his face didn’t appear after all. But in her mind, this was her true master. He possessed an indomitable spirit and had the strength to lift up the heavens. No amount of pressure could force him to bow his head.

If master put away his pride and endured humiliation to survive, then maybe she would be truly disappointed…yes, she was a self-contradictory woman. It’s no wonder that in the past, no matter how hard she tried, she was unable to obtain master’s attention. Luckily, she would be following master into death soon enough. She would no longer be the same contradictory and muddled woman she was.

She raised her arm and pulled. Because of the weight, the fishing rod curved and the ringing of the small bell grew fierce. The fishing line hummed and trembled.

Twilight muttered, “It looks like my luck was good this time and I fished a fierce fellow. Now, come out for me!”

Bang –

The turbulent spatial flow burst apart. Through the tumbling debris, one could see the black hole beneath it and the fishing hook that was quickly being pulled back.

And at its end was a broken saber. It was covered in mottled stains, as if it had been buried somewhere dark and humid for many years.

The hook was straight, without any ability to hook anything. But, the broken saber was tightly stuck to it, as if attracted by a giant magnet.

Twilight looked at the broken saber and frowned. She soon composed herself. She turned towards everyone and said, “You should all be aware of my abilities. I have now done everything I can. Whether you can kill master will depend on your own strength.”

She put the fishing pole away. The saber floated in the air, no aura coming from it. It simply looked extremely shabby.

But at this moment, everyone that looked at the broken saber had a dignified expression. Whether or not they could truly see the depths of the saber, everyone knew that Twilight’s supernatural art, ‘Fishing the Heavens’, had never been wrong.

Since she had fished this broken saber up today, it proved that it did have the power to truly kill the Dragon City Master.

No one dared to belittle it!

The black wolf that was maintaining the winged wolf phantom to divert Qin Yu’s soul hesitated for a moment. Then, a cruel look flashed in its eyes.

“I’ll do it!”

Through these hundreds of thousands of years, the fear of its master had remained in its heart. The passage of time wasn’t able to wash this fear away. Instead, it grew increasingly deep, drowning its mind and covering all light and warmth.

The black wolf knew that it was because of this fear that it wasn’t able to heal its wounds even after hundreds of thousands of years. In fact, there hadn’t been any increase in its cultivation. It feared that if it couldn’t break past this fear, it would remain like this forever.

Without a doubt, personally killing its master was the best solution for this. If it could do this, then it would surely be able to break past its heart demons.

So after hesitating for a time, the black wolf chose to make a move. The winged wolf phantom remained in place as it moved towards the broken saber floating in the air.

A strong monstrous light flashed and the black wolf vanished. What appeared in its place was a large fellow with a single eye. His head was covered in fierce scars and one could faintly see his skull beneath his wounded skin.

Taking a deep breath, the black wolf reached out a hand and slowly grabbed the saber hilt. In this process, beads of sweat formed on his forehead and continuously dripped down his distorted face.

To the black wolf, grabbing the saber itself was a test. This would prove whether he had the courage to kill his master.


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