Chapter 785 - True Murder

A finger pointed through the vicissitudes of life, reversing the momentum of the world. In terms of absolute power, this one far surpassed the Boundless Blue and Blue Sea Fingers.

Rumble rumble –

The spatial flow started to roil and seethe in excitement. Endless spiritual strength burst within, intertwining and evolving into a series of magnificent pictures.

In the depths of a vast sea, a mountain that stood upon the seabed suddenly rose up. It pierced through the surface and continued to grow, until it became a peak that touched the heavens. Sea water rapidly flowed down, scouring through immense canyons and galloping through rivers as it rushed in all directions.

There was a mountain range that stretched into the distance. The peaks began to shatter and collapse as a great earthquake sent violent tremors shaking through the world. The ground collapsed and split, and countless currents gathered. At the beginning they formed a great lake that gradually transformed into a vast sea.

A city turned to ruins, a barren land became densely populated. In a distant era, some ancient great beasts could not adapt quickly enough to the change in atmosphere. They became extinct, their bones buried deep underground. New species were born. They replaced the great beasts, becoming the new rulers of the world.

To an extent, this could be regarded as the power of time. The changes that occurred through the endless passage of time created the scenes of vicissitudes just now.

So in Qin Yu’s body, that path of time that couldn’t even be considered as the most superficial understanding, was quietly activated.

This sort of passive activation wasn’t done by Qin Yu on his own initiative. There was almost no loss to him and he didn’t even notice it at all.

But no matter how weak this path of time was, it still represented the pinnacle of strength in the world. After being integrated into the Blue Spirit Finger, it immediately caused an essential change.

In this moment, everyone could hear the ticking of a clock in their ears. Click…click…click…this was the flowing of time.

The complexion of the Western Tomb’s Chief Judge changed. Although he had never come into contact with the power of time before, he could feel the might contained in this finger. Even so, he didn’t take even half a step back. The aura of the Judgment of Light instead grew to a new level…as a fanatical follower, he was willing to give up his life without hesitation in order to defend the master he believed in.

Rumble rumble –

There was a heaven-shaking explosion. The Chief Judge stuffily coughed and the little holy spirits that danced around him all burst apart and scattered into nothingness. The tiny wrinkles on his face deepened and his bright eyes dimmed down, turning a little gray and polluted.

The great sun formed by the Judgment of Light had broken apart. But, it didn’t disappear. Rather, each piece remained floating in the air. Holy light radiated outwards as more holy spirits condensed again. Their songs of praise grew ever louder and more ringing.

The Chief Judge’s face filled with excitement. He fell to his knees and bowed deeply to the ground. “This lowly and humble servant welcomes your arrival!”

Holy light gathered into a perfect figure. She had slender legs, a thin waist, and a sublime chest.

Her face was blurred but her eyes were particularly clear. They were bright and insightful, like lakes beneath the moonlight. They were gentle and full of affection, and yet they also seemed faintly indifferent. Her eyes fell on the Chief Judge and she pointed a finger.

When this finger fell, the Chief Judge’s weak aura rapidly recovered, soon reaching his earlier peak condition. Not just that, but it continued to rise.

The wrinkles on his face and the gloominess in his eyes quickly vanished from sight. The Chief Judge could feel that his condition was in an unprecedented state. In fact, even the internal injuries that had accumulated within his body from cleansing heretics in the past were dispersed and cured by this warm strength.

His gaze became even more reverent. His hands came together to form the sign of the Western Tomb. He respectfully bowed, “Thank you for your benevolent gift!”

The supple and gentle voice of a woman, carrying with it a hint of warmth, quietly sank into the soul. “This is the reward that you have earned, faithful follower of the Dao Monarch. I am Dorelis, the First Messenger of the Dao Monarch. I have accepted your summons and arrived here to eliminate all vile heretics.”

The Chief Judge shouted in excitement, “Only the Dao Monarch is forever!”

Dorelis looked at Qin Yu, light flashing in her eyes. But covered up by the holy light, no one saw this.

She took a step forward and pressed a hand down. She loudly chanted.

“With the name of my god as punishment, your soul will be swallowed by the eternal darkness, your body crashed into the abyss of despair, your mind torn by the cold winds, and your aura rejected by the world!”

Every time Dorelis spoke, Qin Yu felt like his soul fell further into darkness. He felt as if he were crazily falling, like he was about to plunge into the infinite yellow springs. His clear consciousness could feel a cold wind all around, cutting into him like icy knives. He instinctually wanted to struggle but he found that he couldn’t resist at all. This was because strength from the heavens and earth was suppressing him, as if trying to force him down like this while he quietly waited for death to arrive.

Of course, this feeling only lasted for a brief period of time. When Dorelis’ voice fell, Qin Yu blinked his eyes and the agonizing pain retreated like a falling tide. Soon, burning anger ignited in his chest. It was like a flood of flames, lighting up his blood.

This was the pride and confidence of the Ancient race’s body. After being exposed to such provocation and shame, it instinctively erupted. Qin Yu didn’t suppress this anger, so he opened his mouth and roared. His voice rumbled like thunder and the phantom of a giant appeared behind him. It raised its hand and smashed down.

As this fist struck out, the turbulent space all around began to riot. Across from him, the beautiful Dorelis gently frowned. She unfolded her arms and six rows of beautiful white wings opened up on her back. The surface of every feather shined with a rich holy light, one so thick it nearly condensed into essence.

“Protection of Light!”

The giant phantom smashed down. The Protection of Light fiercely shivered. Cracks quietly appeared on its surface and extended outwards.

Dorelis’ 12 wings shook as if she were withstanding an enormous pressure. Still, her eyes remained as calm as before. There was just a bit more dignity within them.

It seemed that she had underestimated this kid’s strength. Although this strength wasn’t his, he could rely on his body to erupt with such a potent power.

Besides perceiving the path of time, his bloodline was also this powerful? If so, this boy was truly enviable.

The giant phantom dissipated. The Protection of Light that was covered with cracks had endured. In truth, this was expected. After all, the root force of the Protection of Light came from the Dao Monarch. As long as he didn’t die, unless there was a bombardment of attacks that instantly surpassed the Dao Monarch’s strength, this Protection of Light wouldn’t break.

Qin Yu looked at the summoned Dorelis, his eyebrows furrowing together. Although it appeared that Dorelis had barely managed to block his attack, he could faintly feel that this woman had held back a great deal of her strength. She could definitely erupt with an even greater power.

But why did she hide her strength? As a messenger of the Dao Monarch, she must be mortal enemies with the Ancient. Was she preparing to attack with a fatal strike at an opportune moment, or did she have something else planned?

Qin Yu was on alert. And after Dorelis attacked, a puppet rapidly appeared in everyone’s line of sight. Its surface was covered in scars and its chest was cut open by a sharp weapon to reveal the dark golden materials inside.

The puppet had no energy protecting it; it was directly exposed to the turbulent spatial flow all around. But no matter how much the wild power of space wreaked havoc on the puppet, it didn’t leave behind any markings or damage.

Qin Yu could feel a familiar aura from this puppet; it was the flavor of the Dark Parliament. He could sense those he had come into contact with before – Sage, Jasmine, and Moon Shadow. There was also that paranoid one named Oriole and even some others. It seemed that the Dark Parliament was using their full force against him.

If this puppet needed several Senators joining forces to mobilize, then it should be their greatest trump card. And indeed, Qin Yu felt a powerful threat coming from it.

The black wolf, the spear-wielding youth from the northern border, the Western Tomb’s Chief Judge, the Dao Monarch’s messenger, Dorelis, that he had summoned…and now this terrifying puppet also entered the fray. Did the Ancient not fear that whatever game he was trying to play had gone too far, and Qin Yu would simply die here?

“My lord, we meet again.” Sage’s voice came from the puppet.

Qin Yu was expressionless. “You want to persuade me to give up and die?”

The puppet shook its head. “Of course not. With your strength, even with all of these forces having gathered here today, barely managing to kill you would be the best possible result. I even have a worry that if you manage to escape, we will be welcoming total annihilation in the future.”

There was a brief pause before it continued to speak, “So, I must ask you to die here today.”

Qin Yu responded, “That will depend on if you can accomplish it or not.”

The puppet didn’t speak anymore. Its feet moved and it hurtled forward. Because it was too fast, it left behind a series of afterimages.

It tore through the turbulent space wherever it went, forming a straight channel right towards Qin Yu.

A black fist crashed into him. Before it arrived, the spatial flow behind it had already collapsed.

Qin Yu instantly reacted. His flesh and blood body collided with the puppet. Countless explosive sounds linked up together into a single stretch. Both sides exchanged countless rumbling punches.

With a deep ring, both sides instantly separated. There were several more faint fist markings on the puppet’s chest and Qin Yu’s face was paler than before.

The puppet didn’t attack again. Its gray, death-filled eyes locked onto Qin Yu. “You are indeed the legendary Dragon City Master. The overbearingness of your body has actually reached such an astonishing level. Even though you are weakened countless times over and suppressed, you still aren’t pushed back.”

Qin Yu said, “Since you speak so confidently, you must have a backup plan. Is there more strength that the Dark Parliament is hiding, or is there someone else here?”

The puppet slightly bowed. “This is the most strength that the Dark Parliament can summon right now. It obviously isn’t enough to kill you.” It turned and looked deep into the turbulent space. “Things have reached this point, are you still not going to do anything?”

“Moo –”

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