Chapter 748 – Legend of Hell

Stepping into the portal, an invisible power wrapped around their bodies. It was neutral, peaceful, and vast, counterbalancing the immense tearing strength that wore away at their bodies. The entire process was incomparably smooth, with almost no turbulence at all.

Looking around, one could see colorful lights flashing everywhere, as well as some dark regions that gave off an extremely dangerous feeling. Looking down, one vaguely felt as if their soul would be sucked out of their body.

If the strength that wrapped around Qin Yu’s body were to disappear at this moment, he knew that wouldn’t feel great. But, he didn’t worry over this.

It wasn’t that he believed in the reputation of the Western Tomb Divine Church. Rather, as believers of their god, their religious doctrine clearly stipulated that believers needed to abide by their promises as they walked through the heavens and earth, always keeping their word.

Since the Hidden Fog Sect had completed the transaction with the Western Tomb Divine Church, there would be no problem with the transmission process. Otherwise, how could they face their billions of believers? As for the mystic realm where the resurrection lily grew, since they referred to that place as ‘dangerous’, it absolutely wasn’t simple.

After a long time, the strength that wrapped around his body started to shake a little. Qin Yu’s eyes brightened; it seemed that the transmission would end soon!

As expected, as this thought appeared, the colorful lights all around him disappeared. Then, what flooded his field of vision were crimson colors. The air was flooded with a terrifyingly higher temperature. One could hear countless sorrowful and maddening cries echoing all around, enough to shake the mind.

Qin Yu came down, still hanging in the air. He lowered his head and looked around and his pupils shrank. The place where he was now was in the skies above a huge lake of lava. It was incomparably vast, so large that he couldn’t see where it ended. The skies were colored red because they reflected this lake.

At this time, this lava lake had countless figures floating in it and struggling, howling and crying. They reached their hands up into the air but couldn’t escape. Their flesh and blood was constantly melted away by the lava, turning into pieces of rotten and cooked meat that fell off. But then, all of that flesh and blood regrew in the next moment and the scene repeated itself.

Without end, without any way to die, they were to live in pain forever!

“Soul Refining Lake!” Hu Fu said with shocked disbelief. His eyes widened as he looked at the tumbling lava lake beneath him.

Qin Yu said, “Is Sect Master sure?” He was a ‘Grand Expert’ level existence with a formidable and mysterious background, so he certainly couldn’t say anything that didn’t match his status. Even if he knew nothing about this so-called Soul Refining Lake, he still had to pretend he was well aware of it.

Hu Fu hesitated. “In the legends, the Soul Refining Lake exists on the plane of hell. It is a cruel punishment of torturing souls. If one committed crimes in the world of the living, they would be entangled by their karma and thrown into the Soul Refining Lake, imprisoned here for different lengths of time depending on how great their sins were.

“When a soul enters the Soul Refining Lake, it is no different than someone personally being plunged into lava. Their strength from when they were alive is sealed away, and all they can do is experience excruciating pain again and again. Moreover, their consciousness of this pain would become increasingly clear. Even if they wanted to die it would be impossible.

“But the plane of hell has only ever existed in legends and no living being has ever entered or truly determined that it existed. This is the Western Tomb Divine Church’s mystic realm. They believe in the Dao Monarch and are said to control some strange abilities. Perhaps this is a projection of the Soul Refining Lake or some imitation they created.”

The legend of Hell also existed in the Land of Divinity and Demons. It seemed that any world that had conscious life forms occupying it shared similar fables.

It was impossible for baseless rumors to appear all over like this. So Qin Yu really believed that the plane of Hell existed somewhere.

As for what Hu Fu said about the living never entering, that shouldn’t be true. It was likely that the living went in, but they were never able to come out.

At this time, Qin Yu’s heart shrank. A great warning alarm rang out in his heart, and the source of this alarm was actually the ‘Soul Refining Lake’ below him!

“Be careful!” Before he could finish shouting, a loud roar came from the peaceful lava lake. Red lava violently tumbled around, forming immense waves.

The waves collided with each other, constantly breaking and condensing. Gradually, they formed a huge vortex. The punished souls that were sucked into the vortex were smashed apart but immediately reformed in the next moment.

These souls seemed to sense that the prime culprit of this were the two living beings in the skies. They were the ones who caused this vortex to appear.


The souls reared their heads back and roared into the skies. They stretched out arms that were dripping with blood and arms that only had white bones, grasping at the two distant people.

“Die, you should both die!”

“There’s no leaving! There’s no escape!”

“Come down! Join us!”

Sad and shrill screams carried with them a sharp penetrating strength. The voices drilled into Qin Yu and Hu Fu’s ears, blasting into their souls again and again.

At the same time, a formidable swallowing strength erupted from the lava vortex. It didn’t target their bodies but directly acted on their souls.


Hu Fu coughed as his body gently shivered. His face paled and beads of sweat covered his forehead. The strength of this ‘Soul Refining Lake’ was truly terrifying. Even with his cultivation he found it difficult to deal with.

He hurriedly glanced to the side. Qin Yu’s black robes tumbled in the steam, but his breath was calm and steady, as if he weren’t affected at all.

Hu Fu relaxed and felt even more admiration. Mister was indeed mister. Besides his achievements as a beast trainer, his cultivation was also unfathomably deep.

“Mister, we must leave immediately!”

Qin Yu nodded, “Alright.”

He paused for a moment before speaking, as if he were distracted. Since Hu Fu was sighing with admiration, he didn’t sense this.

In fact, Qin Yu was indeed distracted. This was because at this time, his soul space suddenly became lively.

Purple Moon appeared, dressed in elegant purple court attire. She stood tall and proud, her long legs partly visible beneath her dress. She naturally exuded a breathtaking aura. In particular, because she was excited at this time, her breathing had deepened causing her face to flush red a little, making her appear even more irresistible.

She looked up at the blue sun hanging in the air. A heated look flashed in her eyes as she waited for it to give its final determination.

Several breaths of time later, Blue Sun’s slender figure appeared. She said, “Not wrong.” Her expression was still as cold as before, but the feeling she gave off was like a volcano beneath a glacier, ready to erupt at any moment.

“That’s too wonderful!” With Purple Moon’s personality even she couldn’t help but display her joy and almost jump in excitement. Although she had never paid much attention to Meimei’s rants about Qin Yu being a human-shaped food detector…the reality was placed right in front of her.

But after the happiness, Purple Moon revealed a solemn and respectful expression. She said, “Concerning the previous distribution plan, there needs to be some revision.”

Blue Sun was silent for a moment, “40%!”

This was her bottom line. She could go no lower.

Purple Moon hesitated. In truth, she was satisfied with this division. But as she thought about what was hidden here, she couldn’t help but feel heartache.

But she knew Blue Sun wouldn’t take another step backwards. She nodded and said, “Very well!”

Purple Moon turned around and revealed a smile as beautiful as a flower. “Meimei, at your age you cannot eat too much. How about giving that 10% to big sister? Don’t worry. The next time there is good food I will divide it in half with you. You won’t suffer a loss.”

Meimei shook her head. “Big Sister Purple Moon, I’m small but I’m not stupid. Big Sister Blue Sun gave us 10% more, so we’ll split that in half. If you don’t agree, then take out our previous agreement and we’ll discuss it again.”

Purple Moon’s smile vanished. She looked at Meimei expressionlessly for a long time before slowly nodding. “Fine. We’ll go with what you said.”

After a brief and tense ‘battle’, the two big and one small women had decided how to divide this cake. Qin Yu’s soul finally opened its eyes. He helplessly said, “Before the three of you finish carving things up, the least you can do is tell me what is happening, right? Moreover, from start to finish I was left out of the distribution of harvests. Isn’t this going too far?”

Moments later, Qin Yu’s consciousness returned to the outside world. A sharp light flashed in his eyes.

He never thought that this mystic realm where the resurrection lily grew would be hiding such a great secret. Then why did the Western Tomb Divine Church agree to the transaction and allow him and Hu Fu to come here? Weren’t they afraid the two of them would discover the secret here?

Or, perhaps the Western Tomb Divine Church didn’t have any fear of the two of them spreading any news concerning this place – the dead were best at keeping secrets.

Bang –

With an explosion, the ‘Soul Refining Lake’ broke apart. A terrifying bone arm reached out, grasping at the two of them!

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