Chapter 746A – Explosive Anger

The Western Tomb Divine Church agreed to trade the resurrection lily. News of this sudden event caused the entire Hidden Fog Sect to be roused to action. Soon after, the several other precious spiritual treasures needed for the treatment plan were confirmed as having been obtained one after another.

As long as they obtained the resurrection lily the treatment plan could begin. With Mister Ning Qin’s help, they might be able to escape from this deathtrap and reverse the situation.

As for the so-called dangers that the Western Tomb Divine Church referred to, this seemed like a normal matter to the high-level figures of the Hidden Fog Sect. If one wished to obtain something, they needed to pay an equivalent price. How could such a meat pie just fall from the skies?

Hu Fu said, “Mister, after some preparations I will pass through the transmission array and go to the Western Tomb Divine Church’s mystic realm to bring back the resurrection lily.”

When Qin Yu was about to nod, a drowsy voice sounded out from within his soul space, “Resurrection lily?”

As if she had just been awoken but wasn’t fully awake, she repeated, “Resurrection lily?”

Although these were the same two words, they had an entirely different meaning.

The Cosmic Seacross Bell flashed and Meimei appeared. Her large eyes were perfectly round and flames seemed to burn in them.

“Qin Yu, Qin Yu, I heard someone mention the resurrection lily just now. Is that the type that only grows among the dead?”

His soul opened its eyes and he just happened to hear this. His lips twitched and he said, “…If I’m not wrong, it should be that type.”

Meimei placed her hands on her hips and laughed, the epitome of a fiery young girl. “Hahaha! I knew that the heavens would find some way to make things up to me for being so mean in my earlier years!

“Tsk tsk, resurrection lily, the resurrection lily of the world of the dead. To think I can encounter something like this in the living world, my luck is too heaven-defying!”

Her expression changed and she wickedly glared at Qin Yu. “Where is it? Where is it? Hurry and give me the resurrection lily, it’s mine!”

Qin Yu had a strange expression. Looking at her manic and almost crazed appearance, he hesitated on whether or not he should tell her the truth.

As if sensing his thoughts, purple moonlight flashed and the unparalleled beauty Purple Moon stepped out in full court apparel. Her slender legs were faintly visible beneath her purple dress, and just by standing there she made one’s heart instinctively beat faster and their mouth become parched.

“Little girl, don’t think too much about it. This resurrection lily isn’t being prepared for you.” Her expression eased up but still showed some regret. The resurrection lily gathered the extreme yin aura of the world and would be extremely helpful to her.

“Why?” Meimei pouted, her face twisting together. If they couldn’t give her a satisfactory explanation, she would stomp her feet and go mad!

Qin Yu helplessly said, “Meimei, I really can’t give it to you.”

He immediately explained the situation to her.

Meimei’s distressed face turned paper white. “What do you care about that idiotic dark star ice serpent for? It was injured by someone so if it wants to die just let it go…”

“Humph!” There was a sudden cold humph. Meimei was interrupted midway in her complaints and she shrunk her neck backwards, revealing a scared expression.

A blue sun phantom appeared. Beneath the light, a slender physique was barely visible, her expression icy cold without any warmth to it. “I must go to the place where the resurrection lily grows.”

This wasn’t a request but a straightforward demand. As if the words she said were bound to become reality.

Purple Moon smiled. “That’s right, I’m also thinking that.”

There was only one resurrection lily and it was indeed a pity that they couldn’t obtain it. But, the place where it was bred was also a lucky chance. Although this lucky chance required one to make a bet on their own luck, this fellow Qin Yu had never been the unlucky type…if there really was a harvest there, it might be even more astonishing than the resurrection lily itself.

“I have to go!” Meimei firmly said.

Purple Moon smiled. “You are still young. If you eat and drink too much then it’s easy to harm yourself. How about resting for some time and digesting what you have so you can further firm your foundation?”

“I thank Big Sister Purple Moon for caring about me. While I am small, my appetite is healthy and great. Even if I eat ten times more I still won’t feel full.”

Blue Sun said in a cold tone, “If it’s there, I want half.”

Purple Moon narrowed her eyes. After a brief silence she nodded and said, “Of course.”

Shua –

Blue Sun vanished from sight.

Purple Moon looked down, her smile gentle and beautiful. “Little Meimei, let’s discuss things.”

Qin Yu drew back his consciousness. He was speechless beneath his black robes. These three women, weren’t they too disrespectful to him?

They were too excessive!

Could it be that just because you want to go you are certain I will go? How laughable!

Hu Fu had a hesitant look. “Mister, is there a problem?” After he finished speaking just now, Qin Yu had fallen silent. This sort of quiet was undoubtedly disturbing.

“Cough!” Qin Yu regained his composure. “There are unknown dangers in the place where the resurrection lily grows. I fear it isn’t right for you to go alone, so I will come with you.”

As a man, how could he lower himself to argue with those women? He had to take the larger picture into account!

The entire Hidden Fog Sect was filled with awe. Even with mister’s status he was actually willing to take such a risk and place himself in danger. It was truly touching.

Hu Fu bowed, overjoyed. “Thank you mister. With your help, we will complete our task with absolute safety!” As he spoke, the Hidden Fog Sect people drew back to make some essential preparations.

Yun Die guided everyone out in place of her teacher. Hu Fu took several steps out and then suddenly turned around, “I almost forgot something. Miss Yun Die, please wait a moment. I saw the Shadow Clan’s Saintess Zhou Li not too long ago and she asked me to pass on a message. She said she hopes to see her old friend as soon as possible.

“This time, Zhou Li was greatly helpful in persuading Ji Yun. If things aren’t awkward, I hope that Miss Yun Die can help.”

He cupped his hands together and then walked away.

Looking at his back, Yun Die was stunned. All sorts of random thoughts raced through her mind.

Within Dragon City, news that the Western Tomb Divine Church’s young master was pursuing the Shadow Clan’s Saintess was known by everyone. Judging from Hu Fu’s words, it seemed that this was true. Zhou Li really did help the Hidden Fog Sect.

But was this all there was to it?

Zhou Li didn’t know Qin Yu was Ning Qin. So if Hu Fu went forward to ask for help, he might have misinterpreted other signals. For instance, threats.

Now, Zhou Li had asked to see Qin Yu…Yun Die smiled bitterly. Things were most likely like this. Hey teacher, how come you don’t just explain things clearly!?

She hurried back to the laboratory and conveyed Zhou Li’s words. She also vaguely raised her own guesses.

Sitting back against a sofa, Qin Yu rubbed his forehead, feeling troubled. He didn’t expect that he would have to meet Zhou Li. Ji Yun was in the Shadow Clan’s dwelling. If he wanted to enter the Western Tomb Divine Church’s mystic realm, he would need to pass through her.

Qin Yu took a deep breath, “I understand.” The reason he concealed his status from Zhou Li at the start was because he didn’t want to cause unnecessary issues. Moreover, when he entered Sky Declaring Pavilion, his only purpose there was to heal his injuries as soon as possible without being bothered by anything else.

Qin Yu wasn’t sure if this goal would provoke further troubles in the future. If his connection with Zhou Li was exposed, she would likely be implicated.

And now that the factor of the Dark Parliament had been added to the mix, Qin Yu was even surer that he couldn’t reveal that he was Ning Qin. Otherwise, with the way the Dark Parliament acted, they might capture Zhou Li and try to threaten him into lowering his head in the Beast King War.

Even the solemn Blue Origin Sect, one of the seven great sects, was being played with in the palm of their hand. Qin Yu didn’t doubt that the Dark Parliament had the ability to achieve this.

How would he explain things to Zhou Li? This was indeed a difficult problem! Qin Yu couldn’t think of a solution for the time being, so he decided to act as things came.

Two hours soon passed. Led by Shadow Clan cultivators, Hu Fu and Qin Yu arrived at Ji Yun’s dwelling.

A tall young woman was already waiting outside the hall. She slowly turned around. Her fine and exquisite dress contrasted against her graceful figure, accentuating her charming curves. Her sharp eyes fell on Qin Yu.

By cultivating, her body and temperament had both changed.

Today’s Zhou Li was the Saintess of Dragon City and she had dragon energy within her body. This gave her an air of nobility and beauty. Although she had an appearance that was similar to how she was in the past, the way she acted was completely different. At this time she took a step forward. The scale between her eyebrows was filled with dignity. Every action and movement she made showed off her innate momentum. She said, “Fellow daoists, please come with me.”

She turned and walked to the side.

Hu Fu was shocked. He instantly understood that the old friend Zhou Li referred to was most likely Qin Yu. No wonder she was able to gain the approval of Dragon City and become the Shadow Clan’s Saintess. And as for the rumors that she was only a lucky and ordinary woman?

Hoho, to recognize mister and also have a significant relationship with him, how could she be an average person?

What a joke!

Knowing that he couldn’t avoid this, Qin Yu had already prepared himself for this. He lightly said, “I will return soon.” Since there was no way to explain it, he wouldn’t say anything at all.

Hu Fu respectfully bowed, “Yes, mister.”

Zhou Li paused for a moment and her eyebrows subconsciously pressed together. Even if today’s situation was caused by her, did Qin Yu still not know his station?

Did he feel good and refreshed to have the solemn Hidden Fog Sect Master be so respectful to him? Did he never think that once his status was exposed, the suffering he experienced in the future would be ten times, a hundred times greater than the glory he saw now?

What was the point of pretending to be a tiger? Besides hollow vanity and satisfaction, there was nothing! In the end, people could only rely on their own strength. Yet even now, Qin Yu wasn’t able to understand this truth.

Disappointment and agitation burst out of Zhou Li’s heart and her complexion became even fainter. She flicked her sleeves and a layer of light covered her and Qin Yu. 

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