Chapter 745 – Zhou Li’s Help

Her thoughts turned and Zhou Li said, “Since Sect Master Hu Fu is so sincere, please state your request. However, I cannot guarantee that I can provide help.”

Hu Fu nodded. “The dark star ice serpent’s wounds are heavy. In order to save its life, a rare treasure called a resurrection lily must be used. According to what I know this flower is almost never seen in the world. However, the Western Tomb Divine Church has a mystic realm where such a flower exists.”

Zhou Li furrowed her eyebrows. “Sect Master Hu Fu seems to have come to the wrong place. If you need the resurrection lily to save the dark star ice serpent, you should be looking for Ji Yun.”

Hu Fu nodded. “I indeed need to ask Young Master Ji Yun for help. But, there is no one in the Hidden Fog Sect who has much connection to the Western Tomb Ji Family. So, I came here in hopes that Your Highness can assist us by referring us.”

This was only a superficial explanation. The true meaning behind his words was that he wanted to ask Zhou Li to convince Ji Yun to give them the resurrection lily.

Zhou Li was able to guess this point, but she didn’t want to influence Ji Yun’s own judgment by herself. This would make her feel as if she was seeking benefits by manipulating the emotions of others. It wasn’t something that was in line with her conscience.

Just as she was about to refuse him, a thought flashed in Zhou Li’s heart. “Just where did you learn that the resurrection lily can heal the dark star ice serpent?”

Hu Fu had an awkward expression, “This is…”

Zhou Li looked at him. “If Sect Master Hu Fu feels awkward about this, then I can make my own guesses. You simply need to nod or shake your head.

“This matter, is it related to the black-robed figure who mobilized the dark star ice serpent to capture the first place position on the first day?”

Hu Fu thought for a moment and slowly nodded. Even an idiot could guess this, so this couldn’t be considered as revealing any information about that mister.

It had to be known that helping the Hidden Fog Sect suppress all sides and capturing the position of leader was something that would greatly offend many people.

It really was him!

A cloudy look flashed in Zhou Li’s eyes. But in her opinion, with Qin Yu’s status, how could he know about the existence of the resurrection lily? It had to be Ning Qin using him to raise this request.

It seemed that Yun Die had already reported her words to Ning Qin. But, Ning Qin not only didn’t care about her threat, but instead used this information against her to try and force her to help the Hidden Fog Sect.

This bastard, wasn’t he afraid that she would reveal what happened in the Shadow Clan auction to the public?

At that time, no matter how mysterious and formidable he was, he would still be placed in a difficult position facing the wrath of the seven great sects.

Her chest heaved up and down. Zhou Li suppressed her anger with difficulty. She knew that if she really did this, the first one to die would be Qin Yu.

This fellow, why couldn’t he live an honest and ordinary life? All sorts of complaints rose up in her heart but faded away in the next moment…because she knew that everything Qin Yu faced now was likely because of her.

After several breaths of silence, Zhou Li took a deep breath. “Sect Master Hu Fu, please come with me.” No matter what, she couldn’t stand by and do nothing as Qin Yu fell into desperate straits.

Hu Fu was overjoyed, “Thank you, Saintess!”

With Zhou Li’s assistance, the chances of success were much higher.

They left the Saintess Palace and arrived at Ji Yun’s dwelling. This was a gorgeous and extravagant white palace that occupied an enormous tract of land. Beneath the sunlight, it radiated with a shimmering halo of light. As the Western Tomb Divine Church’s young master, he had the qualifications to receive the respectful and courteous reception of the Shadow Clan.

When Zhou Li came to visit, Ji Yun quickly came out to greet her. He had a warm smile on his face. After seeing Hu Fu, he was left a bit stunned. “Zhou Li, Sect Master Hu Fu, please come in.”

In a small hall within the reception area, they seated themselves on soft sofas. A maid from the Shadow Clan offered fragrant tea before turning and leaving.

Ji Yun looked at Zhou Li’s dignified and hesitant expression. He smiled and said, “Sect Master Hu Fu, are you here to visit me today?”

He didn’t need anyone to say anything to understand some matters.

Hu Fu went straight to the point. “That is true. I asked the Saintess to recommend me today in hopes to make an exchange with the Western Tomb Divine Church for a rare treasure. I hope that Young Master Ji Yun can help.”

Ji Yun looked at Zhou Li. Her face flushed red and she said, “Ji Yun, if it isn’t too excessive, I hope that you can help Sect Master Hu Fu.”


Zhou Li’s eyes widened. She looked at Ji Yun’s smiling face and her heart rippled. She bit her lips and said, “Thank you.”

Ji Yu waved his hand. “There is no need to say such words between us.” He turned back around, “Sect Master Hu Fu, please speak frankly!”

Although he was a bit unhappy that Hu Fu had made use of Zhou Li to meet him, this was undoubtedly something that would increase the space he occupied in her heart. So, Ji Yun agreed. But agreeing was one thing. If they wanted to exchange for an item then they needed to pay a sufficient price.

In this aspect, he wouldn’t concern himself with anyone’s feelings.

Hu Fu looked gratefully at Zhou Li. He cupped his hands together and said, “I heard that the Western Tomb Divine Church has a mystic realm somewhere where they grow a resurrection lily. The Hidden Fog Sect is willing to show enough sincerity for this transaction.”

Ji Yun’s complexion changed and his eyes turned cold and sullen. In the deep silence, the air gradually thickened. After a long time he slowly opened his mouth and said, “May I ask where Sect Master Hu Fu learned the news about the resurrection lily?”

Hu Fu’s heart skipped a beat. When he thought about Elder Si’s bitter and awkward expression, he said, “This…”

Ji Yun coldly sneered. “I’ll be honest with Sect Master Hu Fu. This matter involves a case within the Western Tomb that has been unresolved for many years. If you can inform me of your source then I can represent the Divine Church to agree to this exchange with the Hidden Fog Sect. Otherwise, I will have to ask Sect Master Hu Fu to leave and seek the resurrection lily somewhere else!”

He also said, “Zhou Li, it’s not that I don’t care about your face, but this matter involves significant events. If I conceal it, I will surely be punished afterwards, so I ask you not to blame me.”

Some words needed to be said as soon as possible, otherwise it would be too late afterwards.

Zhou Li nodded. She already felt guilty for helping the Hidden Fog Sect, so what else could she say? She had done what she could. As for what happened afterwards, that would depend on the Hidden Fog Sect themselves.

Hu Fu sighed and apologized inwardly. Treating the dark star ice serpent as soon as possible was the most important task of the entire Hidden Fog Sect right now.

Elder Si, I’m sorry!

“Hidden Fog Sect, Situ…”

Ji Yun quietly remembered these words. The cold look on his face remained undiminished. “I am a man of my word. I ask Sect Master Hu Fu to put forth an offer. I shouldn’t need to explain how precious the resurrection lily is.”

Hu Fu took out a jade slip. When Ji Yun received it, he scanned it with his divine sense. Several breaths of time later, his complexion relaxed a little and he said, “Very well, this offer will be fine.”

“Young Master Ji Yun, I hope that I can obtain the resurrection lily today. Of course, the Hidden Fog Sect is willing to pay an extra fee for this.”

Ji Yun nodded, “Of course.”

The ancient god worshipped by the Western Tomb Divine Church had yet to perish. The ones blessed by god were able to borrow the power of god to form a transmission array across the world.

This was a fact well known throughout the world. As the Western Tomb’s young master, he was one of the highest ranked blessed ones and had the qualifications to open the transmission.

Hu Fu cupped his hands together, “Thank you!”

Ji Yun stood up. “I must begin preparations. Zhou Li, bring Sect Master Hu Fu to wait outside the hall. Do not let anyone disturb me.”

The Divine Church’s ceremonies were solemn and pious. No one was allowed to blaspheme them.

Zhou Li nodded and left the hall with Hu Fu.

“Saintess, the Hidden Fog Sect will give you a gift later. I hope that you will accept it.”

If it weren’t for Zhou Li speaking up for him today, Hu Fu knew that he wouldn’t be able to obtain the resurrection lily.

Even though he had already made a promise, this extra gratitude was still justified.

Zhou Li shook her head, “I have no need for a gift. If Sect Master Hu Fu wants to, please help me pass on some words to Miss Yun Die. I want to see my old acquaintance as soon as possible. She will understand what I mean.”

Hu Fu already knew that Zhou Li once visited Yun Die. He wasn’t surprised that the two of them knew each other. “Good, I will certainly pass on this message.”

An hour later, Ji Yun emerged from the white hall. He wore pure white clothes and had a jade white crown on his head, making him seem even more handsome and ephemeral.

Hu Fu hurried forward, “Young Master Ji Yun?”

Ji Yun said, “Something has changed. My father has agreed to the trade with the Hidden Fog Sect. But, the place where the resurrection lily grows is too strange and dangerous. The Divine Church temporarily doesn’t have a suitable person to go and pick it. If Sect Master Hu Fu wishes to obtain it today, then you must go and pick it yourself. The Divine Church will prepare the necessary transmission portal to enter.”

Hu Fu’s heart sank. When he heard these words, a cold sweat appeared on his back. “That will be no problem. I am willing to personally go!”

Ji Yun looked at him. “Alright. The transmission portal will be complete in two hours. Sect Master Hu Fu can make preparations in advance.”

Hu Fu cupped his hands together and left in a hurry.

With the Western Tomb Divine Church’s strength, they still described the place where the resurrection lily grew as ‘strange and dangerous’. From this alone, one could imagine that it was an extremely horrifying location. How could he underestimate it? Since he had two hours, he needed to prepare himself as much as he could.

Although he was willing to die for his sect, he needed this life of his to display its greatest value in doing so.


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