Chapter 744 – Resurrection Lily

Holding Yun Die’s hand, Qin Yu pulled her forward. Wherever he passed, the ice on the ground melted away as if he were a living human torch.

Yun Die bowed, expressing that she understood what he wanted. She stood near the side of the dark star ice serpent and with a deep breath, placed her hand slowly on its surface.

This sight caused the eyes of the despairing Hidden Fog Sect people to light up. A trace of hope appeared in their constrained minds.

But, what they couldn’t understand was why Mister Ning Qin didn’t perform the examination himself, and instead had his disciple do it.

This was however a minor matter. After a brief thought, they placed this to the side and waited for mister to give his final evaluation.

Several breaths of time later, Yun Die took her hand away. She opened her eyes, her face pale.

Her body shivered. A trace of hesitation flashed in her eyes and she slowly nodded.

Beneath his black robes, Qin Yu relaxed. He felt even more admiration towards the Chaotic Sky Chronicle’s abilities.

But this wasn’t the time to be overcome with emotion. He turned and said, “It can be saved. Keep the dark star ice serpent here and I and Yun Die will prepare the treatment plan.”

The Hidden Fog Sect people were overjoyed. Hu Fu tentatively asked, “The saving that mister refers to…”

“If everything goes smoothly, the dark star ice serpent will be able to participate in the arena battle three days from now.”

Hu –

With mister’s status, since he said it he was surely confident in himself. This caused everyone to more clearly understand the great strength of a Grand Expert. Their faces filled with shock and ecstatic joy.

Hu Fu deeply bowed, “No matter what price is required, the Hidden Fog Sect is willing to withstand it. I ask Mister Ning Qin to do your best!”

Qin Yu nodded. He pulled Yun Die into the laboratory and went straight to the place where he cultivated.

The hard ground was covered with broken cracks. Traces of the surrounding array formation had been torn to pieces. The clean testing platform and the precious tools and appliances there were in a hazardous mess.

Shock flashed in Yun Die’s eyes. This was because this was the place where teacher conducted his experiments and also where he cultivated. Due to that, the Hidden Fog Sect added extra reinforcements, making the originally tough and sturdy laboratory even more so.

Just what had teacher done here…and more importantly, what sort of formidable strength was required to create this catastrophic sight in front of them.

Qin Yu had a calm expression, as if he didn’t realize the surprise on his disciple’s face. He directly said, “Yun Die, what needs to be done? Just say it.”

Yun Die said, “Teacher, the Chaotic Sky Chronicle has given a treatment plan.” She took out a jade slip and began to store information within. For a moment she was flustered as she forgot her teacher’s habits. “I will tell you.”

Qin Yu waved his hand, “Time is of the essence. Record the information.”

Yun Die was surprised. She nodded, not saying much. She pressed the jade slip against her forehead and gave it to Qin Yu after several breaths of time.

Searching it with his divine sense, Qin Yu subconsciously furrowed his eyebrows. It took him some time before he removed his divine sense. Generally speaking, the treatment plan provided by the Chaotic Sky Chronicle wasn’t too complex. But, the materials needed were actually quite precious.

Resurrection lily. In the rumors, this was said to be a flower that only existed in the world that the dead walked and was incompatible with the living world. Once it was exposed to the outside it would suffer the invisible destruction of laws, causing it to soon wane and wither.

And in the treatment plan provided by the Chaotic Sky Chronicle, this just happened to be the most essential ingredient. Moreover, the requirements for the quality were extremely high; it needed to be able to condense the phantom of the Yama Palace before it was effective.

Yun Die bit her lips. “Teacher, looking at the historical records, a Yama level resurrection lily simply hasn’t appeared in the world before. This treatment plan might be useful but we do not have the means to collect the required materials…”

Resolve shined in her eyes. She stepped forward and said, “Teacher, if the dark star ice serpent cannot be healed in the end, then hand me over. But, I will never let them obtain the Chaotic Sky Chronicle!” How could she allow the thousands of members of her Ying Family to have died in vain?

In truth, there were still some words that she couldn’t find the courage to say. Rather than dying together with the treasure, wouldn’t it be better to give it to teacher?

Maybe she should try again…what if her teacher had changed his mind?

Qin Yu seemed to sense something wrong with his disciple’s thoughts. He directly said, “This doesn’t necessarily mean there won’t be a favorable turn.” He turned and walked out.

The dark star ice serpent was sent into the laboratory. Hu Fu and the others respectfully waited to the side. When Qin Yu walked out he said, “I need a resurrection lily to treat the dark star ice serpent. The more mature and high quality it is the better. Can you find it?”

Resurrection lily?

The Hidden Fog Sect people all revealed dignified expressions. They glanced at each other and fell into a deep silence. Mister Ning Qin had a treatment plan but they actually weren’t able to put forth the materials. This thought left them feeling somber.

Elder Si clenched his teeth and said, “I know that the Western Tomb’s Divine Church has a secret area where they grow a resurrection lily.”

After saying this, no matter what he was asked, he didn’t say anything else.

But even so, just these words had the potential to bring about great trouble. Elder Si wryly smiled. If this wasn’t his last resort, he wouldn’t have said anything at all.

Hu Fu looked at him. He turned and cupped his hands, saying, “Mister, please rest assured. Within a day I will surely deliver the resurrection lily to you!”

It was now that Qin Yu handed over the jade slip that Yun Die gave to him. If there were no clues about where to find a resurrection lily, anything else wouldn’t have mattered. “These are the materials needed to coordinate with the resurrection lily. The finals are right in front of us, so the faster you prepare this the better.”

Hu Fu received the jade slip. “We will have everything ready by tomorrow at the latest. It will all be sent to the laboratory!” He bowed and walked away. His eyes were calm and filled with tenacity.

The person beside the Shadow Clan’s Saintess was the young master of the Western Tomb Divine Church. Perhaps this person was someone sent by the hidden flow of destiny as the only chance to save the dark star ice serpent.

This time, he would bet it all. He wanted the Hidden Fog Sect to release its shackles and obtain a new life.

So in order to accomplish this, Hu Fu was willing to pay any price!

Yun Die looked at her teacher’s profile. Her gloomy heart was suddenly revitalized. She thought back to the dense numbers of high quality shadow trees she saw in the laboratory before the Shadow Clan auction.

Perhaps her teacher really could achieve this.

Shadow Clan dwelling.

In the newly built Saintess Palace, Zhou Li personally received the visiting Hidden Fog Sect Master Hu Fu. After exchanging simple pleasantries, they took a seat across from each other.

Hu Fu was anxious. But to be the master of a sect, his bargaining abilities and his intelligence both had to be extremely high. Of course, he knew the key point for how to obtain the resurrection lily. Although that man was the young master of the Western Tomb Ji Family, the Saintess in front of him was where he could make a real breakthrough.

But for a time, he couldn’t find a way to approach the topic. As Hu Fu was deep in consideration, he didn’t know that Zhou Li was also feeling nervous.

In the arena battle, the Blue Origin Sect’s blue ape had self-detonated, causing heavy losses to the dark star ice serpent. And Qin Yu was in the Hidden Fog Sect where he was pretending to be someone else and stirring up trouble. Was it possible that his identity had been given away? If this was true, Ning Qin absolutely wouldn’t care whether he lived or died. With the status and dignity of the seven great sects, how could they tolerate this? She feared that he would immediately be sent beyond redemption.

Who knew what the Hidden Fog Sect Master had come for? The more she thought about it the more anxious she became. So after a brief silence, Zhou Li pursed her lips and said, “Sect Master Hu Fu, if there is anything you need please speak openly. I have other things I must attend to today.”

If the Hidden Fog Sect has really discovered something, they would reveal it.

Across from her, Hu Fu took a deep breath. He cupped his hands together and said, “Your Highness Saintess, I came here today to ask you for your help. If the Hidden Fog Sect can achieve our goal, then we will owe you a great favor. If you have need of anything in the future, the Hidden Fog Sect will never decline!”

This was a heavy promise.

Zhou Li relaxed. It was fine that Qin Yu hadn’t gotten into trouble. Then, she started thinking more about what he said. From the words of the Hidden Fog Sect Master, it seemed that they had encountered some great problem. Although she was the Shadow Clan’s Saintess, the truth was that her influence in the clan was limited. How could she help the Hidden Fog Sect?

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