Chapter 740 - I Understand What I Should Understand

“Ah! I’m bored, I’m so bored!” Meimei’s irritated voice sounded out in the interwoven consciousness of the three. Anyone who was awoken from a good sleep was sure to be in this state, much less someone like her who valued the pursuits of ‘eating’ and ‘sleeping’ above all else in life.

And the most important thing was that looking at Qin Yu’s current state, he would still be in this condition for some time. This was the most unbearable point of all!

Heinous Qin Yu, once he woke up she would surely blackmail him. To think that he would wake up Young Lady Meimei to act as his protector, this was an unpardonable crime!

“Big Sister Purple Moon, do you want to talk with me?”


“Do you need to be so heartless?”


Meimei choked on the rest of her words.

After spending so much time together in Qin Yu’s soul space, Purple Moon had certainly figured out that beneath the veneer of this foodie and sleeper, she was actually a true chatterbox. Once she was given the chance to activate her latent abilities, Purple Moon could forget enjoying a peaceful moment any time soon.

“Big Sister Blue Sun…”

“Shut up.”

The cold voice was like a frosty wind from the deep winter. It seeped into one’s marrow, almost freezing their soul.

Meimei’s eyes widened and she had an aggrieved expression as if she wanted to cry. Purple Moon’s indifference made her feel sad, but this one was so cold that it left her feeling hopeless.

Why was her life so bad that she was actually able to have not one, but two ‘top quality’ neighbors!

But in the next moment, all of Meimei’s ‘sorrow’ and ‘pain’ completely vanished. Her eyes flew wide open and she mumbled to herself, “No way. Something so good wouldn’t happen a second time, right?”

On the surface of the small tattered bell, a trace of light flashed across the purple moon and blue sun.

In a corner of the laboratory, faint traces of unnoticeable black gas started to slowly gush out. It was like a school of fish that had its own thought. It rapidly gathered together, turning into a black cloud that gently fluttered over and covered Qin Yu.

Chirping sounds, like the calls of a sparrow, rang out from within the small bell.

“Big sisters, if we do this, would it be okay?”

Purple Moon smiled. “If you don’t want to then you can leave.”

Blue Sun simply didn’t even pay attention to her.

Meimei shook her head, so happy that her eyes had turned into crescents. As she thought, these two big sisters also had similar ideas!

Everyone here was suffering from devastating starvation. Although there was a big meal not too long ago, it was far from enough.

But since good food had delivered itself to their door on its own volition, they certainly couldn’t miss out on it…

Of course, the three had a tacit understanding with each other. While the good food must be eaten, they couldn’t truly disturb Qin Yu.

Wind and rain, or whatever it is outside, come and direct yourself at us three sisters! Don’t try and be polite about it!


Witchcraft Sect, underground chamber.

As the sound of chanting continued, the blood red color on the surface of the statue continued to expand. Faint traces of flesh and blood continuously appeared. It wove together, soon forming the figure of an adult male.

It was slender and powerful. Though it didn’t seem too strong, every streaming strand of flesh and blood contained a formidable and explosive force within it.

The Witchcraft Sect Master’s chanting grew louder and more reverent. The structure of the body was basically completed. Only the mucous membrane on the face continued to wriggle. From time to time, small granular buds would appear but they would soon wither and disappear.

The Witchcraft Sect Master furrowed his eyebrows together, a dignified expression on his face. Locking onto this person’s aura was much more difficult than expected.

Either this person had a great background and their aura was mixed up, he was carrying some sort of extremely precious treasure on their body that could automatically conceal cause and effect.

If it were any other time then the Witchcraft Sect Master might have chosen to give up.

But, he absolutely could not allow the Hidden Fog Sect to win.


Since no fluctuation counterattack came, then the former possibility was much higher. But as long as he was sufficiently discretionary, what did it matter if this strange person had a formidable background? If they couldn’t finder the killer, his death would be in vain!

When it came to the witchcraft that was inherited from ancient times, the Witchcraft Sect Master believed that as long as he didn’t personally acknowledge it, no one would be able to find out.

But now, it seemed the strength was still lacking…

He glanced over at the still deathly pale Little Ancestor. The Witchcraft Sect Master thought for a moment and decided to give up on forcing him to spill more blood. This was the future source of the medium that the Witchcraft Sect needed to use their witchcraft in the future. Unless he wanted to fish out all the waters so that there was nothing left, he could only pay a certain price himself.

Taking a deep breath, the Witchcraft Sect Master lifted a hand and placed a finger between his eyebrows. Sudden banging sounds transmitted from his body, as if things were exploding within him. He suddenly grew 30% taller and a formidable aura surged around him. In the next moment he drew back his finger. A phantom was unexpectedly caught on the end of his fingertip; its appearance was completely the same as that of the Witchcraft Sect Master.

Shua –

Like lightning, his finger fell between the statue’s eyebrows. The phantom sank within.

That ghastly and clear swallowing sound resounded once more. The mucous membrane on the statue’s face began to wildly wriggle and grow. Lumps of flesh appeared and wove together as the blurry face of man started to take shape.

The Witchcraft Sect Master’s giant body suddenly deflated like a pierced balloon. He was rapidly restored to his original size. Besides a slightly paler face, there was no other difference.

With his cultivation, he could withstand paying a small price. He could restore himself as long as he rested for several days.

His lips twisted upwards. The Witchcraft Sect Master’s eyes were tightly locked onto the statue’s face. Once it grew to completion, it meant it had completely locked onto that person’s aura.

Then, the cultivator who helped the Hidden Fog Sect would enjoy the night of sorrow that he had specifically prepared for him!

He would make this person slowly decay into ooze and pus, suffering agonizing pain and torment before dying as everyone watched helplessly.

After tonight, the Witchcraft Sect would become an existence that no one would dare to provoke!

Hurry, hurry up!

The face was about to take shape!

But at this time, the Witchcraft Sect Master’s excited face stiffened. His eyes suddenly darkened and turned gloomy. This was because he could see that the stone statue’s face had suddenly frozen.

Then, as if winter snow had fallen overnight, everything started to wither and rot away like vegetation.

Covered in black fog, the small worn bell that lay peacefully on the ground suddenly rose up and floated atop of Qin Yu’s head.

It was like a little mouse hiding in the night, quietly nibbling away at the surrounding black gas.

“Meimei, don’t be so heavy-handed with your actions. Pay attention and go slowly!” Purple Moon reprimanded with a trace of dissatisfaction in her voice.

Blue Sun didn’t speak, but the cold intent she released caused Meimei to shrink back her neck and reveal a flattering expression.

“Of course, of course! Big sisters, I will remember. I wasn’t able to control myself just now but I will make sure to take smaller bites from here on out!”

Just a little bit smaller!

Meimei smiled in satisfaction, joy on her face. Qin Yu was truly worthy of being the best human-shaped food detector. He never disappointed!

The only thing she felt sad about was that each time food was brought in, it had to be divided between the three of them. Did they not know she was just a child? Cherishing the young and giving them the best and most food to eat, how come such a fine and proven tradition didn’t take root in the hearts of these two big sisters?

Just thinking about it left her disgruntled!

But to a foodie, when food was placed in front of her and she wasn’t able to eat as fast as she wanted at the start, this was truly depressing.

Luckily, the quantity of bites she would get in slightly made up for her injured heart.

Meimei waited in anticipation. She hoped that enough food would come in this time! She hoped this all lasted long enough!


From the flavor alone, she knew that the one controlling this witchcraft was a man. And, wasn’t it the greatest compliment to a man if he was said to last for a long time?

Hey, don’t underestimate me just because I’m young! I understand everything that I should understand!

The Witchcraft Sect Master’s face was pale. The gloominess in his eyes was so thick it nearly condensed into essence.

This damned thing, it was just a little bit away but it had actually failed.

If he knew about this earlier, he would have used a bit more strength. It would have been much better than starting from scratch.

In a short period of time, he had used the power of sacrifice twice. This would create some pressure even for the Witchcraft Sect Master.

Originally, he just needed several days to recover. But as things stood, he would need at least half a month!

Hu –

He let out a deep breath, scattering the irritation in his chest. The Witchcraft Sect Master lifted a hand and placed a finger between his eyebrows once more.

There was the sound of exploding once more. His body inflated. When he drew back his finger, a figure was attached to his fingertip again.

This one was even more realistic and lifelike. When a flick of his finger, it submerged into the statue.

His body was restored to its original size. The Witchcraft Sect Master’s face was even paler than before. Not just that, but he looked incredibly weary and the flesh and blood of his body seemed to have withered a little.

But he couldn’t pay attention to such things right now. He stared tightly at the statue’s face and the rapidly growing flesh and blood.

That man’s face was appearing again…this time, he was sure to succeed!

The Witchcraft Sect Master suddenly felt as if the night of howling agony he prepared was insufficient. Just wait. He would definitely add in some extra bonuses and fresh ideas. What about making the man eat himself? Or, after most of that man’s body had rotted away, to make his consciousness increasingly clear instead?

Hum hum!

Even if no one else knew about it, as the master of the Witchcraft Sect, it was impossible for him to suffer a loss without giving something back in return. He had to teach this person a lesson, to make sure he paid a far heavier price!

As he thought about what to do, the Witchcraft Sect Master’s pale face began to glow with excitement. He was already impatient to make a move!

But at this time, the Witchcraft Sect Master’s smile froze in place. Looking at the face that would finish growing in just another moment, he suddenly shouted out, “No!”


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