Chapter 739 - Witch Comes First

Radiance Temple station.

In terms of disciples, over 90% in this sect were women. At this moment, fragrance flowed within the darkened hall. All sorts of enchanting women sat around or stood up, a thousand varieties of beauty to choose from.

But currently, most of these beautiful women were frowning. They occasionally grinded their teeth, providing a low background noise in this depressed atmosphere.

The Radiance Temple Master sat in the center, her expression as serene as passing clouds and flowing water. Steam rose up in front of her as the fragrance of tea overflowed.

Seeing that the Temple Master was still in the mood to drink tea, an Elder couldn’t help but ask. “Temple Master, do we just watch on and do nothing as the Hidden Fog Sect takes the position of leader?”

Radiance Temple had paid an enormous price to subdue the phoenix luan. They originally thought their plan was flawless, but who could imagine that they would be waylaid by a tiger halfway?

“Temple Master, with the strength displayed by that dark star ice serpent, if we don’t do anything about it then after today the victor will surely be the Hidden Fog Sect.”

“The result of the Beast King War involves significant interests. We cannot be careless about it. If Temple Master has the intention of struggling for it, there might be a chance!”

There was clearly a deeper meaning behind these words.

The Radiance Hall Master took a sip of tea. She lightly said, “I understand the meaning of the Elders, but when it comes to the Hidden Fog Sect becoming the leader, we are not the most anxious.”

Her eyes flashed with a sharp light.

The first Elder who spoke up had a thoughtful expression as he asked, “What is Temple Master trying to say?”

“Wait.” The Radiance Temple Master set down her tea cup and looked outside the window. As she gazed at the darkening skyline, her slender eyebrows drooped down.

Tonight, a storm would rise!

After ordering the deathsworn to stand guard around Mister Ning Qin’s laboratory, several layers of defenses were also added, including an early warning array formation. After personally inspecting everything and making sure nothing was wrong, the Hidden Fog Sect Master’s complexion relaxed.

“Pass down orders that no one is to relax. We must guarantee the safety of mister no matter what! If any accidents occur, request to see me!”

“Yes, Sect Master!” Several Elders felt a cold chill run through their hearts. Sensing his decisiveness, they didn’t dare to be neglectful in their duties. They turned and hurried away.

They had to go and patrol again in order to ensure absolute safety.

The Hidden Fog Sect Master lowered his head in thought. He furrowed his eyebrows and a look of pain crossed his face, causing his complexion to pale.

After several breaths of time, he stood up and said, “I need to rest for a while. If there is nothing important, don’t disturb me.”

He walked away and soon vanished from everyone’s sight.

Witchcraft Sect station, underground chamber.

There was an exquisite illumination array formation set up in this area. The light it released wasn’t dazzlingly bright, but it shined like the morning sun, basking the underground chamber in light.

A gray stone sculpture stood quietly in the chamber. It looked to be that of a young and slender man, but the facial features were obscured, making the sculpture seem a bit strange and cold.

Little Ancestor stood before the status. Without expression, he held a knife in one hand. He placed it against his other palm and then ruthlessly pulled. His eyebrows leapt up as blood flowed down.

He stretched out his five fingers, allowing the wound to open up and for blood to flow out faster. He then placed his palm on top of the statue’s head.

Gulp –

Gulp –

In the peaceful underground chamber, there were the clear sounds of swallowing. It was like a traveller that had been lost in the desert stumbling upon an oasis and drinking to their heart's content.

A blood red color appeared on the top of the statue and started to spread downwards. The area it covered grew larger and larger as an eerie aura of vitality started to spread out from the statue.

Faint layers of membranes began to appear on its face that had no features. It squirmed like flesh and blood, as if it were about to grow a nose and eyes.

The sounds of swallowing came faster and faster. Little Ancestor’s body shivered and the blood had long since drained from his face. Still, his expression was calm as if he didn’t feel the terrifying swallowing strength that came from the statue!

After entering the Witchcraft Sect and being selected by the Sect Master as his personal disciple, Little Ancestor understood that there was a clear difference between his blood and the average man’s. As for why he could maintain his composure right now, the reason was simple: this wasn’t the first time he had done this.

A trace of self-ridicule appeared in his heart. He was normally rampant and reckless during the day, and the reason he was able to act the way he did was not because of his talent but because of his blood! Otherwise, how could those in the Witchcraft Sect have tolerated him for this long?

Moments later, the swallowing sounds coming from the stone statue finally subsided. Little Ancestor slowly raised his hand. At the area of the wound, the skin and flesh was extremely pale. His field of vision flashed black but he suppressed it and didn’t allow it to show. Then, he bowed and backed away.

The Sect Master didn’t like weakness. He knew this from long ago.

The Witchcraft Sect Master nodded, “Well done. Little Ancestor, go to the side and rest.” His eyes fell on the blood-colored stone statue and he grinned diabolically.

These past years, because of the way they handled affairs, the outside world generally believed that the Witchcraft Sect’s most terrifying aspect was their witch bugs. But they had forgotten…witch bugs, witch sects…no matter what it was, it was the ‘witch’ that came first.

A long, long time ago, so long ago that they hadn’t yet entered the Eastern Plains, the true reason the Witchcraft Sect frightened everyone was because of the witchcraft they had inherited from ancient times. They possessed frightening powers and were able to invisibly kill people!

But because of an accident, the Witchcraft Sect lost the medium which allowed them to utilize their witchcraft. But fortunately, with the blessings of the ancestors and a great deal of hard work, he had finally found a way to obtain a medium to use their witchcraft once more.

Dozens of years from now when Little Ancestor’s bloodline spread down through the generations, the Witchcraft Sect would surely be able to restore themselves to the level of their true strength in the past. At that time, whether it was the formidable Limitless Sword Sect or the deeply hidden Radiance Temple and Moonkeep Tower, all of them would be thoroughly crushed.

Today, he would have them experience the terrifying powers of witchcraft ahead of time. Of course, this would also serve as a dire warning to the other sects – do not try to suppress the Witchcraft Sect!

Otherwise in the future, they too would have to face what would happen tonight!

The Witchcraft Sect Master took a deep breath and stepped in front of the blood-covered statue. His eyes were solemn and respectful. He slowly knelt down and began to chant in a low and deep voice.

One couldn’t hear the significance behind this chant, but one could clearly feel the terrifying chill contained in each syllable.

On the side, the resting Little Ancestor revealed a pained look. He opened his eyes just a tiny bit. When he looked at the Witchcraft Sect Master who was kneeling before the statue, he subconsciously pursed his lips, a burning heat in his eyes.

In the laboratory, gusts of wind flew about. Qin Yu’s eyes were closed as he sat cross-legged. His robes tumbled around him. On the surface of his skin, his meridians had ballooned like large snakes. At the same time, a faintly visible and translucent dragon phantom passed through his nose, mouth, and ears.

The incredible might contained within the dragon blood and dragon soul was restoring his injuries!

In the surrounding space, cracks often quietly appeared. This was the annihilating power of space hidden in Qin Yu’s body that was constantly being pushed out.

Pieces of starlight dotted the lines within the cracks. It was as if one could hear the vibrating sounds coming from the Chain of Stars.

At this moment, Qin Yu’s complete consciousness was restrained inside his body to control the wild strength released by the dragon blood and dragon soul. This was the same as completely cutting himself off from the outside world.

Of course, as a mature cultivator who had overcome all sorts of twists and turns, winds and rain, Qin Yu was sure to lay down sufficient arrangements before attempting to absorb the dragon soul and dragon blood. He wouldn’t place himself in a truly unguarded situation.

A little bell, the size of a knuckle and covered in broken markings, was quietly sitting on the ground. If one looked carefully, they would discover that on two different sides of this small bell, there were the markings of a moon and a sun.

The purple moon was a crescent, and the blue sun was full and round!

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