Chapter 735B - Not the Limit

Pa –

The Witchcraft Sect Master grabbed the small rock that flew at him. Seven rings shined on it, but there was no happiness on his face. He flicked his sleeves and picked up the ruined pieces of the giant scorpion’s tail, sitting down afterwards with a glum expression.

The Limitless Sword Sect and Moonkeep Tower cultivators all let out a sigh of relief. It was lucky that the seventh ring of light hadn’t shattered, otherwise the first place position today would be taken by the Witchcraft Sect.

Now, although there were three seven ring results, the giant scorpion had been severely wounded; it couldn’t contend with the other two.

Hum hum!

The Witchcraft Sect has miscalculated this time and weren’t able to break through the seventh ring of light. In this Beast King War, they would probably place at the bottom with the Hidden Fog Sect.

But no matter what the situation was, there were now three results with a seven ring standing. This was an extremely rare occurrence, even since the very beginning of the Beast King Wars.

The pressure on the remaining four sects could be imagined!

On the massive stone chair, Zhou Li’s eyes flashed. She believed that the Shadow Clan Patriarch’s warning surely had a deeper meaning behind it.

In this situation, it was time for Radiance Temple to make their move, right?

Before she finished her thought, a female cultivator moved at the front. She was the Radiance Temple Master, a woman of unparalleled beauty and glamor, whose temperament was as cold as ice. She opened her lush red lips and said, “Radiance Temple will be the fourth.”

The phoenix luan appeared. Its wings unfurled outwards, reaching a span of almost a thousand feet. Its feathers glimmered like crystals. Its eyes were aloof and noble as it looked down upon everyone below it.

When it opened its wings, a great vortex appeared. Strong winds howled within like the roaring of a tsunami. Compared to the attack of the Limitless Sword Sect’s strange beast from before, this vortex was different. It raged with fury and anger, but no wind sabers slashed out.

Everyone understood that the phoenix luan was gathering its strength…to put it in simpler terms, it was preparing for a big move!

Suddenly, the vortex shattered. As if cut apart by a terrifying blade, it was neatly severed in half from the middle. Then, a pure blue sword appeared and slashed down at the arena.

“Wind Sword!”

Countless cries of alarm filled the air and the cultivators all widened their eyes. This was because it was the second one that had appeared today, a transcendent weapon that was hidden between the heavens and earth.

First was the Moon Bow, next was the Wind Sword!

Six rings of light were instantly cut through. The Wind Sword continued, arriving at the seventh.

The color of this ring of light was like the beginning of dusk. Waves of water seemed to roll through it, capable of annihilating and counterbalancing any strength.

The blade submerged into the seventh ring of light. The Wind Sword shook endlessly, causing winds to whip into existence and howl excitedly.

Hu –

The cultivators in the camps of the Limitless Sword Sect, Moonkeep Tower, and Witchcraft Sect all let loose breaths of relief.

It was clear that the Wind Sword wouldn’t be able to break through the seventh ring of light.

Even so, it was now a fact that Radiance Temple had obtained a seven ring result.

Yun Die’s eyes widened. She shouted out, “How fierce!”

It was indeed fierce. The Wind Sword cut into the seventh ring and shook without end. Compared to the three previous attacks, it was a level stronger.

Qin Yu’s eyes flashed beneath his black robes. He thought that…perhaps Radiance Temple’s performance wasn’t limited to just this.

He wasn’t the only one who sensed this. At this moment, the Limitless Sword Sect Master, Moonkeep Tower Master, and Witchcraft Sect Master all had dignified and dreary expressions.

With a keening cry, motes of starlight fell down from the heavens, instantly falling like snowflakes in a winter storm. Then, they fused into the phoenix luan’s body.

Borrowing the power of the stars, its feathers instantly turned pure blue and the Wind Sword vibrated more than ever. Like a serrated saw, it slowly sank in further and further.

Bang –

With a loud explosion, the seventh ring of light shattered!

At this time, the immense arena fell deathly silent.

All eyes were focused on Radiance Temple’s location, transfixed on that immeasurable beauty that stood there, their hearts all in disorder.

No one thought that Radiance Temple, whose performance had been smooth and proper, would actually be the biggest dark horse.

The Wind Sword dissipated and vanished. But, it had already helped Radiance Temple obtain the best possible result.

Eight rings!

And in this situation, even if there were three more competitors that hadn’t yet stepped up, they had basically locked onto victory in advance and obtained the bye for the first day.

Cheers soared into the skies!

Zhou Li stood in the small space of the Shadow Clan. As she listened to the elated applause all around her, she smiled.

Things were within her expectations. The Shadow Clan Patriarch was unexpectedly able to sense the strength of Radiance Temple ahead of time. From this, it could be seen that the Shadow Clan was much stronger than it appeared to be on the surface.

This was good news for Zhou Li. The stronger the Shadow Clan was, the higher her status as a Saintess was.

The Radiance Temple Master raised her palm and a stone bead fell into her hand. It flashed with eight rings of light.

“Everyone, you allowed me to win.”

Her lips lifted in a smile, so bright and gorgeous that it could cause the downfall of nations.

But at this moment, no one was entranced by her beauty. Everyone was shaken by the formidable strength of the phoenix luan.

The camps of the Limitless Sword Sect, Moonkeep Tower, and the Witchcraft Sect were all silent. They felt bitterness surging in their hearts.

Although it was just a single ring, the difference was as vast as the heavens and earth. No matter how unwilling they were, they were destined to lose first place.

The supporters of the three sects who had cheered one after another were left wryly smiling, even cursing out in their hearts. If they knew they would fail from the beginning, that would be fine. But they were given hope, and that hope had been directly trampled upon and plunged into the abyss. Who liked going through such highs and lows of emotion?

“Aiya!” With a loud sigh, the Blue Origin Sect Master spoke up. “With an eight ring result, the Blue Origin Sect will no longer try. The first place position undoubtedly belongs to Radiance Temple!”

The Blue Origin Sect and Radiance Temple always had a good relationship. If they knew it was impossible to surpass them, it was understandable for them to give up here.

One reason was that they could preserve the strength of their sect’s spirit beast, and another reason was that they wouldn’t have to lose face in front of everyone. Out of the four sects that had gone forward so far, three had seven ring results and one had an eight ring result. If they tried and obtained a six ring result or lower, that shame would be enough to send them packing home.

In this case, they might as well admit defeat here and take advantage of this opportunity to flatter Radiance Temple and tighten their relationship.

In this Beast King War, with Radiance Temple having obtained the bye and with the strength of the phoenix luan, there was a high likelihood they would become the final leader.

So flattering them was of the highest importance!

The Typhoon Mountain Master cursed beneath his breath. These Blue Origin Sect ass kissers, their tongues really were fast enough. He was just about to speak up but someone had seized the moment. No one was an idiot. Even if they bet the lives of their sect’s spirit beast, they would thank the heavens and earth if they could obtain a seven ring result. There was just no meaning to it.

“Radiance Temple’s phoenix luan has suppressed all sides and obtained an eight ring result. My Typhoon Mountain is ashamed of our inferiority!”

It was just flattering. Who wouldn’t?

The Typhoon Mountain Master and Blue Origin Sect Master glanced at each other, smiling and nodded amicably. As for how much they cursed and berated each other in their hearts, that was something only they knew.

In the blink of an eye, the only side left that hadn’t yet made their move was the Hidden Fog Sect.

There was an awkward silence. Everyone slowly started to reveal mocking expressions.

The Hidden Fog Sect’s camp had less than a hundred people, and these were all ‘closely related’ supporters that had no choice but to be there. They could almost be ignored in boosting the final result.

In other words, no matter how fierce the dark star ice serpent was, even if it was like the phoenix luan and broke the seventh ring of light, it would only be a seven ring result.

In this situation, how come they didn’t hurry up and admit defeat? What were they waiting for?

Elder Si’s face was pale. He lowered his voice and urgently said, “Sect Master!”

The other sect Elders all had ill expressions.

They had already lost any hope of obtaining first place. It would be fine to simply announce that they were giving up, so why provoke unnecessary ridicule from others? During these past years, authority in the Hidden Fog Sect had been dispersed amongst the high level figures. The Sect Master was the highest wielder of authority in name only.

The Hidden Fog Sect Master glanced at Elder Si and the others, his expression calm and serene. He looked at the other Elders and then lightly said, “I am not prepared to forfeit yet.”

His heart was as firm and resolute as iron!

He would take action and help the Hidden Fog Sect obtain the bye for the first day.

At that time, with Mister Ning Qin’s help, the Hidden Fog Sect would have a great chance of becoming the leader.

But what a pity, he had wanted to wait until the key moment came to play this card.

If he made a move now, then he feared the others would realize his true situation. But now he couldn’t care about such things.

So what if he was discovered? He had already decided to lay down his life here. In the eyes of those determined to die, there was nothing worthy of fearing!

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