Chapter 735A - Not the Limit

In everyone’s line of sight, the Master of Moonkeep Tower that they saw was a woman with a tall physique but an extraordinarily common appearance. This was actually quite rare among high level cultivators.

In the long life of a cultivator, as long as they had the desire to change their appearance, it wasn’t anything too difficult. In fact, sometimes beautification would occur that was beyond one’s control.

For instance, Qin Yu’s current appearance. He looked very different from how he was originally. This was a boon granted to him as he ascended to higher and higher levels.

So, the Moonkeep Tower Master’s appearance was either because she had purposefully changed it to this or because she had deliberately suppressed the transformation of her face. No matter what the reason was, in Qin Yu’s eyes, she was a formidable existence.

If a woman could disregard her appearance, then it wasn’t an exaggeration to call her ‘terrifying’. She surely had an incredibly solid will!

If such a person dared to go after the Limitless Sword Sect and withstand the pressure they place on everyone, she was undoubtedly confident in herself.

At this moment she slashed a hand forward and a tear opened up in space. Then, a shadow howled out and Moonkeep Tower’s strongest spirit beast appeared in front of everyone. It howled, its cries ringing in all directions.

“Moon praying beast!”

“No, that isn’t an ordinary moon praying beast. Look at the mark between its eyebrows – that’s a miniature crescent moon!”

“Everyone, have you discovered that since this beast appeared, the light in the world seems to have dimmed a little…this is interference of yin and yang!”

Before it released its aura, just by standing there it began to interfere with the movement of yin and yang. This was an ability only top class spirit beasts possessed, similar to the ability of Radiance Temple’s phoenix luan to quicken the stars.

Everyone suddenly realized why Moonkeep Tower had the courage to go second. It was because they were confident in their performance!

No one dared to underestimate a spirit beast whose presence was able to interfere with the flow of yin and yang. A sharp and cold light flashed in the depths of the Limitless Sword Sect Master’s eyes.

“Begin.” The Moonkeep Tower Master lightly said.

The moon praying beast faced the arena and fell prostrate to its knees. It began to utter a strange litany of syllables from between its lips, every one wrapped in etherealness and mystery.

The light in the skies over Dragon City started to gradually extinguish as darkness poured down like thick ink, drowning everything within. Then, a mote of light appeared in the darkness. It was cold and lonely, as if it had never changed since ancient times, as if it would last forever.

The light diffused outwards and a massive full moon suddenly appeared in front of everyone. It was located high in the skies, temporarily replacing the sun. Its cool and indifferent moonlight sprinkled down, covering the entirety of Dragon City.

The moon praying beast looked up. The crescent moon between its eyebrows began to shine. Like a vortex, all of the moonlight that flooded Dragon City was drawn towards it in great surging waves.

After a brief moment of light, the vast Dragon City fell into darkness once more. That endless moonlight was concentrated in the skies above the arena. It grew increasingly bright until it finally surpassed the radiance of the sun, turning into a giant flaming fireball. It was so bright that it was impossible to look at!

Countless cultivators felt a stabbing pain in their eyes, causing tears to flow down their cheeks. But none of them were willing to close their eyes. They all waited for the earth-shaking strike to arrive.

“Moon Bow!”

It was unknown which cultivator cried out in alarm, but the crowd felt their hearts skip a beat even as tears streamed from their eyes. Regardless of how the moonlight scorched their pupils, they tried to widen their eyes even more.

As they thought, within that inferno of moonlight, the phantom of a bow appeared. It was slowly drawn back as if an invisible hand held tightly onto it.

Then, the burning light rapidly vanished from sight. All of it was focused on the bowstring, condensing a small and delicate arrow.

Whoosh –

There was the sound of breaking air. But it was too fast. Just as soon as it began it came to a stop.

In the arena, the ten vanished rings of light appeared again. The moonlight arrow continued with irresistible force, instantly breaking the first five rings.

The sixth ring of light was dark and gloomy like thick fog. Right now it was wildly surging in great waves. The moonlight arrow that was too fast to be seen suddenly reappeared in everyone’s line of sight. It was halfway submerged through the ring of light. The tail of the arrow trembled.

This sight caused those within the arena to suck in a breath of cold air. Countless eyes flew wide open and their chins nearly fell to the floor.

At this moment, the moonlight arrow started to disintegrate beginning from its trembling tail. The tense Limitless Sword Sect cultivators were immediately overjoyed as their complexions changed to ones of happiness.

Just because the body of the arrow had collapsed didn’t mean its strength had vanished. On the contrary, it was like a booster that had been ignited. The front half of the arrow tore through the thick fog of the sixth ring of light and crashed into the seventh, a ring of light that seemed as dark as dusk. Then, it disappeared.

The ten rings of light vanished and a little rock flew over. The Moonkeep Tower Master lifted a hand and grasped it. Although she immediately put it away, everyone was able to clearly see the seven rings on it.

Seven rings! It was also seven rings!

During the last three Beast King Wars, this was a result that was able to suppress all factions. Now, two such results had appeared. Did this mean that today’s fierce struggle would be two evenly matched opponents?

Even if the following five sects had a performance that wasn’t up to par, today had already been a splendid enough drama. There was only one first place but the first two sects were tied at the seventh ring. They would need to go through another battle to determine who won in the end.

The Limitless Sword Sect Master had an indifferent expression, his eyes as cold as the blade of a sword. “Moonkeep Tower Master, your methods are superb. I feel nothing but admiration!”

Beside him was a strange lizard holding a sword in hand. Its eyes were locked onto the moon praying beast and its body shook with invisible sword intent, causing space to tear around it in thin cracks.

The moon praying beast’s eyes were as calm as a lake, without any fluctuations. It looked over and the eyes of the two spirit beasts collided.

Without any other action, the air in the world seemed to freeze. It was like running water in the depths of winter, about to freeze at any moment.


“They are truly worthy of being Moonkeep Tower!”

“I knew that the most low-key and mysterious of the seven great sects had to have their own strengths!”

In the rear, the cultivators in Moonkeep Tower’s camp all cheered with joy and ecstasy.

When the Limitless Sword Sect obtained seven rings, they had fallen into despair. Who knew that the winding roads and twisting paths would lead them here?

Although they needed to go through another battle to determine final ownership of the ‘bye’ quota, they still had high chances of success.

This was a spirit beast capable of condensing the Moon Bow, a supreme weapon hidden between the heavens and earth. Moonkeep Tower’s moon praying beast was qualified to compete for the position of Beast King.

As Moonkeep Tower’s camp cheered, the atmosphere in the arena deepened. The five sects that hadn’t yet taken their turn all felt a heavy weight on their shoulders.

Two seven rings!

After the Limitless Sword Sect and Moonkeep Tower made their moves, who dared to follow in their step? No matter who it was they would be compared with the first two. If their performance was poor, then they would be shamed in the public eye and all of their face and honor would sweep the ground!

The brief silence was soon broken. The Witchcraft Sect Master sneered, “Since none of you are willing to go next, I will be the third!”

He stepped forward and black fog gushed out, transforming into a massive black hole. As violent roars rang out, an incomparably fierce and hideous giant scorpion, one that was over a hundred feet tall, appeared in front of everyone.

Its eyes were as red as blood, like sanguine seas that were tumbling about. Its body overflowed with killing intent and the desire for destruction, as if anything it touched would be annihilated!

This performance was powerful, but facing two seven ring results so far, the Witchcraft Sect Master still felt oppressed. He took a deep breath and lifted a hand.

The over one hundred foot tall scorpion’s body trembled and the image of the Witchcraft Sect Master was reflected in its eyes. As it roared, its cries were interwoven with resentment and fear.

The Witchcraft Sect Master was without expression. He locked eyes with the giant scorpion and after several breaths of time, it averted its gaze. It roared out loud again, a bit of sadness in its gurgling tone.

The giant scorpion’s abdomen squirmed and five white eggs landed on the ground. With a sharp sound, five young scorpions, each around ten feet tall, drilled out from the eggs. Their shells were pink and translucent and one could see the organs wriggling within them.

Due to them being born early, the five young scorpions wailed in horror. They seemed to sense a clear threat. After breaking out of their eggs, they scattered in all directions.

But compared to their mother, the strength of these five young scorpions was so tiny that they could simply be ignored. Its blood red eyes glanced at the fleeing scorpions and its great tail thrust out like a bolt of lightning, instantly piercing through the body of a young scorpion. The young scorpion cried out in pain as it was lifted up and brought close to the jaws of the giant scorpion before being swallowed up.

The young scorpion’s pitiful screams came to a sudden stop. What followed were the sounds of chewing and splashing juices. The blood red color in the giant scorpion’s eyes became richer.

Following this pattern, the remaining young scorpions were eaten up in several breaths of time. Blood red veins appeared on the thick black carapace of the giant scorpion. They were like meridians, gathering the fresh blood into its tail, making it look as if it had been soaked in blood.

Hou –

With a cruel roar, it raised its tail. Its blood red stinger was like a demonic blade descending from the skies as it fiercely stabbed towards the arena.

Ten rings of light appeared, each of them overlapping upon each other. From pale white, they gradually deepened until they were pitch black.

Immediately, the first four rings of light immediately shattered beneath the scorpion tail. The fifth ring of light trembled for a moment but didn’t break.

As this sight fell into everyone’s eyes, some people felt their hearts skip a beat, some people gulped, some people were relaxed, and some people twisted their lips in disdain.

As of now, the Witchcraft Sect breaking through to the fifth ring of light was their limit. Even if they counted their supporters, they had at most a six ring result.

They had no qualifications to contend for first position, meaning that their chances of winning the Beast King War this time would become perilously low.

The Witchcraft Sect Master’s face darkened like water. A violent light suddenly flashed in his eyes and he uttered a terse sound from his lips.

The great scorpion screamed in pain. Its entire tail unexpectedly blew apart. But, no flesh and blood splattered everywhere. Rather, it began to burn away, turning into blood red flames.

The fifth and sixth rings instantly shattered. The stinger of the scorpion tail stabbed into the seventh ring of light, causing it to violently shake.

Unfortunately, most of the stinger’s strength had been used up. It wasn’t capable of continuing any further. 

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