Chapter 734 - Seven Rings

Behind Radiance Temple’s platform, there was a giant stone chair. This place was the chair with the best view of the arena. The Shadow Clan had cordoned off an area here to use for themselves.

But no one expressed any dissatisfaction with this, because they knew that lucky and mysterious Shadow Clan Saintess was here.

Even the seven great sects had to give gifts. Was it that unusual for carefully managed business connections?

At this time, a female cultivator flew down from the platform in front. Her dress was snow white and without any other color, and her skin was as fair as a fairy’s. She landed outside the Shadow Clan’s area and warmly said, “My Sect Master invites Her Highness the Saintess to enter the platform to watch the battle.”

The Shadow Clan people parted to reveal Zhou Li’s figure. She wore an exquisite dress and her hair was combed back to reveal the shadow phantom hovering between her eyebrows. She was beautiful to begin with, but now there was an air of magnificence and regalness to her.

She slightly nodded and said, “I ask fairy maiden to please pass on a message to the Sect Master. I am not a cultivator of Radiance Temple. I do not wish to break the rules of the arena, so I shall be watching from here.”

The female cultivator smiled, not insisting. “Alright.”

She turned and flew away.

If the Shadow Clan Saintess favored Radiance Temple, she would clearly serve as a shining example that drew more cultivators to their side. This could be considered helpful to Radiance Temple, so that was the reason why there was such a scene at this time.

Since Zhou Li had expressed her intent, then they would respect her choice. Of course, this didn’t mean that things were over like this. Once the Beast King War was over, no matter what the result was, Radiance Temple would still use this as an excuse to continue contacting Zhou Li. Being on good terms with the Shadow Clan Saintess would only bring Radiance Temple benefits and no harm.

Ji Yun smiled as he watched Zhou Li calmly deal with the situation. His infatuation with her overflowed in his heart. As expected, she was born to be a noble person. She was rapidly progressing in her learning of what to do.

But he wouldn’t say anything more. Zhou Li now knew his identity, so the two were properly matched for each other and their relationship grew increasingly harmonious. As long as he allowed nature to take its course, things between them would eventually blossom.

“Zhou Li, today’s opening ceremony is also considered splendid. It’s just a pity that the Hidden Fog Sect weren’t able to keep their temper and ruined their chances.

“The first round hasn’t even begun and they’ve been eliminated from the competition…it’s no wonder that my father once said the Hidden Fog Sect is growing increasingly worse with each generation. I fear they are beginning to wane. During this Beast King War, the Hidden Fog Sect has many disputes they need to settle. If their ranking is too poor, I fear they will have to shear off a great deal of meat. And once they fall, they will only fall further. In my opinion, if an extraordinary figure doesn’t appear in the Hidden Fog Sect again, it won’t be many years before they decline.”

Zhou Li slowly nodded. She swept her eyes over the Hidden Fog Sect and was suddenly startled. She furrowed her eyebrows, hesitating for a moment as she shook her head.

Was she overthinking things? How could he appear in the Hidden Fog Sect? And looking at that person’s position and where he stood before the numerous Elders, he clearly had a high status.

They should only have similar physiques. After all, this world was impossibly fast. With a trillion trillion lives, it was possible to find two people with identical appearances.

Qin Yu turned around. He spoke some words into Yun Die’s ears. She nodded and walked away.

Not long after, Yun Die returned with an extra jade slip in her hands.

“Teacher, I have inquired about the arena’s first round.”

It was just that with teacher’s status, how could he not know about something so important?

There was a flash of doubt in her heart. Yun Die ignored it and began to explain the contents to him.

Qin Yu’s eyes flashed beneath his robes. After hearing, ‘immunity on the first day’, he finally realized the key point to all of this. This was simply ‘cheating’! Whoever got first place had a much higher chance of being the leader!

But now, because the dark star ice serpent had ‘exposed’ its strength ahead of time, no one favored the Hidden Fog Sect’s chances. This caused them to fall into a position of absolute inferiority in the competition for first place.

Still, even if everyone knew of this, Qin Yu didn’t regret his actions from before. In order to deal with the designs of the Dark Parliament, even if he had to toss away any opportunity for immunity it was worth it.

Moreover, this didn’t mean that he had no chance of reversing the situation.

Qin Yu looked up. His eyes were profound and dark as his gaze fell on the arena.

The Limitless Sword Sect Master looked in all directions, his imposing momentum overflowing from him. “Everyone, if there are no objections today, then my Limitless Sword Sect will humble ourselves first.”

On the stone chairs behind, the eyes of their supporters lit up with expectation.

Before waiting for a reply, the Limitless Sword Sect Master flicked his sleeves. There was a flash of light as a strange beast appeared in front of him. It was shaped like a lizard and its scales were crystalline. Beneath the sunlight, they sparkled with light. At this moment it stood on two feet, walking straight like a human. What was even more surprising was that it used its forelegs like hands and held a sword.

The sword blade shimmered with ripples, like gently flowing lake waters. Faint traces of chill leaked into the air.

It turned its head and looked at the Limitless Sword Sect Master. The latter slowly nodded.

In the next moment, sword light flashed, so bright that it was like a great sun descending upon the world. The sudden eruption blinded the crowd, leaving them unable to look at it.

Then, the sword light sizzled forward, instantly passing through space and crashing into the arena!


Countless people cried out in alarm. They could feel a destructive aura coming from this sword. It was indeed the power of the strange beast rumored to have followed by the side of the former Limitless Sword Sect Master and cultivated for 5000 years, even perceiving its own sword intent.

Its strength was terrifying!

In the space above the arena, ripples suddenly appeared. Ten rings of light appeared, layered upon each other. They gradually deepened in color as they went further in. The first was pale and clear, and the last one was as dark as ink.

The sword light suddenly appeared from the skies, cutting into the rings of light. The first five were immediately slashed through. The sixth layer was thick like darkened fog. When the sword light fell into it, it shivered fiercely, causing ripples to rise up.

The Limitless Sword Sect Master clenched his fists. In the next moment, there was a loud ‘bang’ as the ring of light trembled and shattered.


He shouted out loud, a smile on his face. The sword sect cultivators behind him went wild as they cheered enthusiastically.

One sword to break through six layers. Combined with having the most supporters, they had an evaluation of at least seven rings.

At this moment, the sword light dispersed and the rings of light disappeared. A little stone flew out from it and was grabbed by the Limitless Sword Sect Master.

He looked down and his smile widened…as he thought, it was seven rings!

It had to be known that during the last three times the Beast King War was held, seven rings was the highest result in the first round. It was no wonder the Limitless Sword Sect cultivators were so excited. It was because this meant that they had most likely locked onto victory.

“The Limitless Sword Sect lives up to their reputation!”

“I was right to place my trust in them!”

“Hahaha, I’m already impatient for Dragon City’s present!”

In the rear, the crowd cheered and celebrated.

As for the other six camps, the cultivators there were deathly silent. They looked at the sword sect’s side and their expressions were bitter.

The Limitless Sword Sect Master lifted the stone bead in his hand, a sharp light surging in his eyes. “Everyone, if you don’t have confidence then it's best that you don’t waste your time!”

He was completely confident in himself. He would be able to obtain ‘immunity’ for this phase!

The sword sect’s spirit beast had made its move. Its sword slashed through the air and obtained an evaluation of seven rings, suppressing all sides!

In the silent and depressed atmosphere, no one thought that the ones to resist the immense pressure of the Limitless Sword Sect and make their move next would be Moonkeep Tower.

They had always been the most low-key and mysterious of the seven great sects.

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