Chapter 731 - Withdrawing

Without accident, Qin Yu received the storage ring with the dragon blood and dragon soul from Li Shao. With a wave of his hand, he sent him away.

The anxious and worried Li Shao finally relaxed. Now that he knew he had been forgiven for his previous actions, he felt as if he had been saved from the precipice of death.

“Thank you for your benevolence, my lord! This lowly one will depart immediately!”

He bowed his head to the floor and stood up, taking several respectful steps backwards. But before he could leave, Qin Yu’s voice echoed in his ears.

“Soon, Rong Wei will leave the Hidden Fog Sect.”

Li Shao let out a long breath. When Qin Yu had spoken up just now, his heart had nearly leaped out of his chest. After thanking him in a daze, he continued walking out. Sometime later he came to a stop. When a cold wind brushed against his face, it was only then that Li Shao processed what Qin Yu had said.

Rong Wei was going to leave!

Although he only came from a branch family, he was well aware why the East Root Li Family was able to have their current achievements.

Once Rong Wei left, would the Li Family still be looked after by the Hidden Fog Sect? The answer was obvious. But, if the Li Family knew of this beforehand they could complete some arrangements ahead of time. While the Li Family would be stuck in a passive position, they wouldn’t fall into decline.

After all, during these years it was impossible for the Li Family to completely rely on the Hidden Fog Sect alone. They had already opened up other channels.

Li Shao had a grateful expression. He bowed in the direction he had just left from. He knew this was Lord Qin Yu’s repayment for his work.

In that lord’s eyes, this was nothing but a casual utterance. But to Li Shao, it was a turning point of his destiny…he already decided that he would leave Dragon City immediately and contact his relatives in East Root!

An hour later, once Qin Yu had carefully inspected the transmission array to make sure nothing was wrong with it, he cupped his hands to Elder One Eye and then stepped inside.

Hum –

The array formation suddenly lit up. The space around it began to distort. When the light faded away, Qin Yu’s figure had vanished.

Elder One Eye narrowed his single eye. He faintly said, “Have we locked onto our honored guest’s location?”

Several breaths of time later, a Shadow Clan cultivator hurried over. “Reporting to Elder, we have caught traces of the array formation mark.”

Elder One Eye nodded. For everything following this, there was no need for him to meddle.

The 400 shadow trees from the auction as well as the 30 in his hands had been recently cut down. There was no need to mention what this meant.

The Shadow Clan didn’t violate their vow. They only hoped to obtain more shadow trees from this honored guest.

Not too far away from the Hidden Fog Sect’s station, in a remote garden, space suddenly twisted and Qin Yu’s figure appeared. Without hesitation, he looked up and determined where he was. Then, he soared straight towards a large tree.

Several breaths of time later, with the sounds of fierce spatial fluctuations, Qin Yu’s feet rose and fell several times, disappearing into layers upon layers of buildings.

Moments later, several figures appeared near the transmission array in the shadow of the large tree. After completing its mission it had already self-destructed.

One of the cultivators frowned. He crouched down and carefully sifted through the mess. This transmission array was a standard product that could be purchased as long as one had spirit stones; there was no way to determine where it came from. According to the textures of the remnants, the transmission scope was over 3000 miles away. The man gently sighed.

That person had left Dragon City!

“Leave. We’re reporting to the Patriarch.”

Shua –

Shua –

The several people howled away.

Witchcraft Sect station.

Little Ancestor flew into a rage. His eyes were bright and ominous, as if he were going to bite anyone that approached him.

“Trash, you are all trash!”

The cultivator who had wrested away the dragon blood and dragon soul had quietly disappeared, causing the Witchcraft Sect’s plans to completely fail.

Below, a Witchcraft Sect cultivator was kneeling on the ground with his head lowered to the floor. He didn’t argue back or give any explanation, instead allowing Little Ancestor to freely vent his anger.

Everyone knew of Little Ancestor’s personality and there was no one to blame for this incident. As long as he honestly confessed his guilt and was scolded for some time, this outburst would soon pass.

If anyone dared to argue or contradict him, then that person must truly be tired of living!

Everyone knew that the sudden disappearance of that cultivator was inevitably related to the Shadow Clan.

But no matter what angle they considered this situation from, the Witchcraft Sect had no standing to interrogate the Shadow Clan.

This was a major loss!

That’s right, in the minds of the Witchcraft Sect cultivators, allowing Qin Yu to leave with the dragon blood and dragon soul was a major loss.

Because they believed those things should have been theirs to begin with.

Little Ancestor cursed out loud for a long time before he took a seat, gasping for breath. He had a drink of cold tea but wasn’t able to suppress his anger. He threw the teacup to the ground, smashing it to pieces.

“You pathetic pieces of trash, never allow me to see you again otherwise I will make you suffer a fate worse than death!”

The dragon blood was one thing, but the dragon soul was something he had longed for even in his dreams. If the Witchcraft Sect was able to obtain it, they would be able to cultivate several types of formidable witchcraft insects that had long since gone extinct.

And with Little Ancestor’s status, he would have the qualifications to participate in the distribution of them…but now, everything had become a faded dream.

Yue Die obeyed her teacher’s instructions and stayed in her room until the morning of the next day. Finally, she wasn’t able to endure it any longer and soared straight to the laboratory.

When she arrived, there were already several visitors in the laboratory. They were the Hidden Fog Sect Master and other high level figures of the sect.

“Mister didn’t participate in the auction yesterday; you truly missed out on a grand occasion…” After hearing this, Yun Die was stunned. Luckily she was quick to react. Before anyone realized something was off, she stepped forward and bowed.

“I greet teacher, Sect Master, and fellow Elders.”

Qin Yu smiled and nodded, “Rise.”

Yun Die straightened herself and moved to the side. At this time, her tense heart finally started to relax.

It seemed that teacher hadn’t been discovered by anyone. This was truly the protection of the heavens!

Elder Si said, “Miss Yun Die did not participate in the auction yesterday, so it's possible that you didn’t know what happened. In the finale, the Shadow Clan put forth three treasures. A mysterious cultivator appeared and suppressed all sides, taking away two of them. Their wealth was truly able to contend with anyone. I wonder just which influence they came from.”

Another Elder said, “That’s right, I pity the Witchcraft Sect. Their face was ruthlessly slapped around and they didn’t even have a chance to regain their honor. That mysterious character didn’t take a single step out of the Shadow Clan’s dwelling before he vanished without a trace.”

“Hahaha! I hear the Witchcraft Sect’s Little Ancestor flew into an apoplectic rage and cursed his servants for an hour before he was able to calm down! The Witchcraft Sect Master even lost their composure and destroyed one of their favorite witchcraft cups.”

“They got what they deserved. The Witchcraft Sect has been increasingly reckless these days, and this was a good chance to beat them back down to size.”

Everyone spoke up, gloating about the misfortune of the Witchcraft Sect. The dragon blood, dragon soul, and dragon fang were precious items, but they weren’t necessary for the Hidden Fog Sect. They weren’t particularly disappointed that they couldn’t obtain any of them.

Yun Die was barely able to maintain her composure as she was in a strange state of mind. She didn’t need to ask to know that the mysterious character that Elder Si and the others referred to with such relish was actually her teacher.

And seeing the clueless Hidden Fog Sect people, Yun Die sighed inwardly. Not only was her teacher a Grand Expert boundary beast trainer, but his acting skills were also top notch!

After chatting a little more, the Hidden Fog Sect Master lightly coughed and said, “Mister, Dragon City’s arena will open today and the entry time is at noon. I will have to leave everything up to you after that.”

His expression was solemn and respectful. He stood up and bowed in earnest.

Elder Si and the others all had dignified expressions. But, their eyes were also filled with hopeful expectation. If the Hidden Fog Sect could have the last laugh this time, all of them would receive rich rewards.

Qin Yu nodded. “Sect Master, rest assured that I will give it my best effort.”

A light flashed in the depths of his eyes.

Whether it was for the jade piece that was part of the rewards for the champion, or the bet he made with the Dark Parliament, he had to win this Beast King War no matter what.

Sensing Qin Yu’s earnestness, the Hidden Fog Sect Master untensed. He took out a storage ring and said, “These are all the items that the Hidden Fog Sect won after participating in the Shadow Clan auction yesterday. Feel free to use them.”

He put down the ring and said, “I won’t disturb your rest any longer. Before leaving, I will send others to inform you.”

He brought Elder Si and the others away. As the disciple, Yun Die delivered them out.

Once the Hidden Fog Sect Master and the others walked far away, Yun Die turned and looked at the laboratory entrance. She took a deep breath and walked inside.


She respectfully bowed. Although there were many questions in her heart, she didn’t know how to ask, or whether she should even ask. Still, she couldn’t restrain herself.

Qin Yu glanced at her, “It’s as you think.”

It was fine to say more, but this was enough.

Yun Die was stunned. She immediately revealed a touched expression, “Teacher, rest assured that I will keep my mouth shut and won’t reveal this to anyone!”

Qin Yu trusted her words, otherwise he wouldn’t have allowed her to help him yesterday.

The only downside was that Yun Die knew he had cultivated a massive number of shadow trees in less than three days.

But Qin Yu couldn’t come up with a reasonable explanation for the time being. He could only leave it for later.

Thinking that, he said, “Yun Die, there are some matters that I cannot explain to you now. I have my own reasons for doing so.

“Presently, our most important goal is to win the Beast King War and win the bet with the Dark Parliament.”

Yun Die respectfully bowed, “Yes, teacher.”

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