Chapter 730 – Take Care of Yourself

After obtaining the dragon blood and dragon soul, Qin Yu didn’t compete for the dragon fang. While 400 shadow trees wasn’t something the Shadow Clan could refuse, he still had to give some leeway for himself and others.

Later, the Radiant Temple put forth a sky-high bid of 7.3 billion spirit stones to suppress the Limitless Sword Sect, receiving the dragon fang into their pocket. With that, the Shadow Clan auction came to an end.

The Shadow Clan Elder on the round stage smiled, “Honored guests, the auction has now concluded. My clan has prepared a banquet. Please join to rest and enjoy.”

This banquet was more of a superficial event. Its true purpose was to remind guests who had harvests to leave as soon as possible.

Beneath the glare of the public, even if some people had ill intent, they wouldn’t directly hunt someone down and kill them because of face or some other mitigating factors.

But for the Witchcraft Sect that was ready to flip over the table, why would they care about things like honor or face? They never had a good reputation to begin with.

“I must decline the Shadow Clan’s good intentions. I have other matters to attend to, so I’ll be leaving first.”

The theater box opened and the Witchcraft Sect walked out. Their dark and dreary eyes swept over Qin Yu. Everyone watched with envious looks as they flew away. When the crowd turned back to Qin Yu, there was a bit more amazement in their eyes.

Once targeted by the Witchcraft Sect, it wouldn’t be easy to leave the auction alive. They all wondered whether this mysterious disrupter had enough strength to ensure his own safety.

Otherwise, even if he was in the limelight after suppressing the seven great sects and overwhelming all others, they feared he would suffer an extremely miserable end…when the crowd thought of the Witchcraft Sect’s methods, they felt a cold chill surge through their hearts!

The people in the auction hall began to disperse, guided towards the banquet by the Shadow Clan cultivators. Qin Yu closed his eyes, as if not realizing the danger he was currently in.

But his current silence was more like overflowing confidence. After that serious bidding battle just now, no one dared to underestimate him.

The deathly pale Li Shao fell to his knees and slammed his head against the floor several times. He was barely supported up by the female cultivator surnamed Sun.

He didn’t open his mouth and beg for mercy. Because for such a character, killing him was no different from crushing an insect. It would only take a single thought.

Chubby Wen and the others respectfully bowed before turning and fleeing with their tails between their legs. They feared they would provoke disaster if they stayed any longer.

When the surroundings died down, the one-eyed old man spoke up, “Honored guest, if you have no interest in the banquet, you may take the dragon blood and dragon soul you won.”

This was 400 shadow trees. Even if Qin Yu wanted to take all three of the items from the holy temple, the Patriarch would most likely tacitly consent to it. But, Qin Yu only took two. This show of restraint and moderation caused the one-eyed old man to view him with more admiration.

Qin Yu opened his eyes and stood up, “Very well.”

He naturally wouldn’t participate in the banquet.

The one-eyed old man gestured a hand, leading the way forward. “There is a matter I must inform you about. The items from the holy temple were taken out by my clan’s Saintess. According to tradition, the Saintess will personally appear and hand you the dragon blood and dragon soul.”

The Shadow Clan’s new Saintess was the first person to be approved by Dragon City in almost 2000 years. She had immediately leapt up, becoming a peak character of the Eastern Plains. Even if Qin Yu didn’t care much about her information, he had heard enough just by passively walking around. He nodded, not saying much.

At this time, a grandiose troop rounded the corner. All the men and women were dressed in brightly colored and exquisite uniforms. 16 tall and burly Shadow clansmen lifted a giant carriage. Light gauze covered it so that one could only vaguely see the beautiful figure within.

The one-eyed old man pulled Qin Yu to the side. He bowed and said, “I apologize, dear guest, please wait a moment. This is my clan’s Saintess.”

Qin Yu nodded. Though his expression didn’t change, his thoughts were tumbling within him. While he only saw the blurry outline of the person, he immediately recognized them for who they were.

When the troop went far away, the one-eyed old man straightened himself. Qin Yu casually asked, “May I ask what the background of your Saintess is?”

The one-eyed old man smiled, “My clan’s Saintess used to be a part of First Moon Mountain Range’s Sky Declaring Pavilion. But now, they no longer have any relation to each other.”

They naturally had to conceal something so embarrassing such as the fact that Her Highness used to be a maid. But this was more than enough information for Qin Yu.

It really was Zhou Li!

With Qin Yu’s composure and experiences, he still couldn’t help but think something was strange. Just how could Zhou Li have such good fortune? It wasn’t that he was looking down on her. Rather, while all things in this world seemed disconnected, the truth was that they were linked together through countless strands of cause and effect.

With Zhou Li’s background and cultivation, how could she spur a resonance with Dragon City?

He shook his head, pressing down these thoughts. Perhaps since the last time he had seen her, Zhou Li had obtained some unknown harvest.

After all, he had personally experienced the mystery and power of the little blue lamp. Why couldn’t others have similar fortuitous encounters?

Thinking about it for a moment, Qin Yu paused in his steps. He turned to the one-eyed old man and said, “I would like to invite a friend to help me take the dragon blood and dragon soul.”

While he wasn’t worried that Zhou Li would reveal his identity, he never had a good relationship with her to begin with. He feared that if they met, all sorts of unnecessary side issues would be created. He would like to avoid them as much as he could.

The one-eyed old man misunderstood his thoughts. His one eye turned and he smiled, saying, “Honored guest, if you have need of anything, my Shadow Clan may provide help for you.”

Of course, this help wouldn’t be free. For the Shadow Clan, the more shadow trees they had the better it would be.

Qin Yu smiled, “If Elder didn’t say that, I was going to mention it soon. I have another 30 shadow trees in my possession and I would like to borrow your clan’s transmission array.”

He had already heard other members of the Shadow Clan refer to this person as an Elder.

The one-eyed old man said, “Of course. My clan is always happy to provide help that is within our capacity to our genuine guests.”

With a few words, the transaction was completed.

Qin Yu said, “But I also hope to have my friend act in my place. It is always better to be extra cautious. I ask Elder to help me with the arrangements.”

The one-eyed old man nodded, “Very well.”

Qin Yu cupped his hands together, “Thank you Elder. Then, please send someone to the banquet and invite the surname Li cultivator who was sitting beside me at the auction. He comes from East Root’s Li Family.”

Qin Yu knew the boy’s roots and origin and wasn’t afraid that he would try to play tricks. Moreover, the Shadow Clan would never allow any mistakes to occur on their side. Their demand for the shadow trees ensured that they would provide more consideration for Qin Yu in some aspects.

A one-time transaction, no matter how much it was worth, could not be compared to the potential benefit streams of the future. People with true foresight would naturally know what to do.

At this moment, Li Shao was laid sprawled out at a corner of the banquet. When he saw people from the Shadow Clan coming to invite him, he nearly peed his pants.

Fortunately, the words that Shadow Clan people whispered into his ears prevented him from shaming himself by urinating in his pants. Although Li Shao didn’t understand that great figure’s intentions, he clearly wasn’t able to reject it. He tentatively left with the Shadow Clan cultivators.

Many people who were aware of his small interlude at the auction looked at his back with pity. They feared that this boy would never return.

In a luxuriously decorated hall, Li Shao respectfully bowed. He received a storage ring from the other party’s fair and slender fingers.

Although he knew that the one standing in front of him was the Shadow Clan’s Saintess, he didn’t dare to look up at her face. So, he didn’t detect the cold indifference she wore.


It seemed that Qin Yu had already recognized her just now, so he didn’t personally come to meet her. Was he timid, embarrassed, or just afraid?

When Zhou Li thought of this, the anger in her heart burned higher. Originally, she wanted to give him some words of warning and help him leave. While she didn’t know who was standing behind Qin Yu, was he really able to meddle in this type of game that involved the greatest overlords of the land?

That’s right, to Zhou Li who knew of Qin Yu’s ‘foundation’, all of his calm confidence seemed laughable.

A fox pretending to be a tiger might work for a while, but if he made a single misstep, he would suffer the fate of being torn into a thousand pieces!

In the end, a person could only depend on their own strength. Why could he not understand this truth even now? How naïve he was.

In the Shadow Clan’s auction, when the last items entered the stage, the seven great sects had been spurred to compete, boldly throwing out billions of spirit stones.

This was a grand occasion. Even if Zhou Li didn’t appear, she had been secretly watching.

Qin Yu didn’t want to meet her, but Zhou Li had already seen him, leading to this current misunderstanding.

After Li Shao left, Zhou Li pursed her lips. “Where is Elder One Eye? Ask him to come and see me.”

No matter how downtrodden Qin Yu was, she had still received his favor, leading to her current position.

If he didn’t want to see her, she naturally wouldn’t take the initiative to see him. She would simply help him get past today’s hurdle, and their accounts would be settled from here on out.

From this moment on, even if he wanted to hit his head against a wall and die, he could do whatever he wanted!

“Yes, Your Highness.” A maid at her side bowed and hurriedly left.

Although the Saintess had only entered their clan several days ago, no one within the Shadow Clan dared to be disrespectful to her.

Because she was a person chosen by Dragon City. And in reality, the Shadow Clan were only servants that crawled about through Dragon City.

Elder One Eye had just accepted 30 shadow trees and was in a very good mood. When he heard that the Saintess wanted to see him, he was surprised. He ordered his subordinates to continue setting up the transmission array and then followed the maid.

“One Eye greets Your Highness the Saintess!”

Zhou Li smiled. “Elder One Eye, there is no need to be so courteous. I took the liberty of asking you here today because there is something I would like to discuss with you.”

She could feel the respect of the Shadow Clan, but that wasn’t because of her, but because of the halo of the Saintess that wrapped around her.

As she said before, a person could only rely on themselves. Before she had sufficient strength, she would be discreet in her actions.

Because One Eye was in a good mood and the Saintess was being polite, he smiled and said, “If Your Highness has any instructions, please feel free to speak. If I can accomplish it, I will surely try my best.”

Zhou Li said, “Today, our clan’s auction has brought in an unprecedented harvest of riches. But, there are also some hidden dangers. For instance, the ruthless and cruel Witchcraft Sect. I fear they will seize any chance to cause trouble.”

She paused and continued to say, “Although our clan has no duty to guarantee the safety of the guests participating in the auction, if the auction winners were to suffer disaster shortly the auction is over, I fear this would affect the reputation of our people. So, I asked Elder One Eye over to inquire whether or not our clan should have any response to this.”

She made a big circle with her words before coming to her true reason.

One Eye was startled. His thoughts turned and he respectfully said, “Your Highness Saintess is correct. If our honored guests were to suffer any accidents, that would be a shame upon our people. I will immediately make arrangements to guarantee the safety of our guests. I ask Your Highness to rest assured.”

Zhou Li relaxed inwardly. She smiled and nodded, “Elder One Eye is righteous and understanding. Then, I won’t delay you any longer. Please proceed with your work.”

Elder One Eye turned and walked away, a happy smile on his face. He never thought that in this transaction with Qin Yu, he would also be able to show some goodwill in front of the Saintess. There was simply no loss in this deal.

Watching him go far away, Zhou Li lowered her eyes. A dragon phantom circulated between her eyebrows, an indifferent look on her face.

Qin Yu, the favor I owed you before has been paid back.

In the future, take care of yourself!

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