Chapter 729 - Disrupter

A team of Shadow Clan cultivators quickly entered the common area. Following the dividing passages, they soon arrived at this remote area.

Li Shao, Chubby Wen, and the others had long since stood up and withdrawn far away. They had a dazed expression as they saw the sight occurring before them.

This was something they never thought would occur. Unless this boy was tired of living and was trying to make a joke of the Shadow Clan, otherwise…

In the lead, an old one-eyed man from the Shadow Clan said, “Dear guest, please show your invitation as well as proof of your bidding wealth.”

Qin Yu took out a white jade card and also a delicate bracelet. It was covered in exquisite patterns. From first glance, one could see that it was a woman’s accessory.

The one-eyed old man furrowed his eyebrows. He could still smell the light fragrance of a woman’s body that had yet to disperse from the bracelet.

He frowned and a fierce light flashed in his eyes. If this boy was purposefully disrupting the auction, he absolutely wouldn’t let him off!

He suppressed the fierce emotions in his heart and received the white jade slip and bracelet handed to him by his subordinates. When he looked over it, his expression became gloomier.

This was an ordinary item without any spells placed on it. He glanced at Qin Yu, his eyes so cold they could freeze the soul.

He lowered his head and searched it with his divine sense.

Following that, everyone discovered that this imposing and cold Shadow Clan Elder suddenly seemed as if he had been struck by a bolt of thunder. He froze in place.

His breathing gradually deepened and his complexion flushed red with blood. Even the hand that held the bracelet started to gently shiver.

Even those with the slowest reactions had guessed the result. When they looked at Qin Yu, all of the ridicule and disdain disappeared from their faces, replaced with confusion and awe.

Why would such a great figure actually sit in this area? Was this a mistake of the Shadow Clan or was this person being too low-key?

But in this situation today, being low-key was impossible.

Li Shao was deathly pale and his heart nearly stopped beating. As he thought of his previous actions, only a single thought reverberated in his mind.

I’m dead, I’m totally dead!

Everyone that had been surrounding and flattering him before, even Chubby Wen, had fled as far away from him as they could.

After having offended such a ruthless person, this surname Li was finished. Perhaps even the entire East Root Li Family would suffer disaster because of this.

Hu –

The one-eyed old man let out a long breath and took back his divine sense. When he looked at Qin Yu, his eyes were filled with dignity. “Honored guest, I hope that I can take one out…and carry out an inspection. Would that be fine?”

Qin Yu nodded. “Just take it. I trust in the Shadow Clan’s reputation.”

The one-eyed old man was overjoyed. He cupped his hands together and said, “I thank you for your understanding. Please wait a moment!”

On the round stage, the Shadow Clan Elder said, “Honored guests, please wait a moment longer. The auction will soon resume.”

Quickly, in the time it took to drink a cup of tea, the bracelet was returned to Qin Yu. The one-eyed old man’s behavior was much more close and friendly. “I had no intention of any affront. I hope that you don’t mind!”

Seeing Qin Yu nod and take the bracelet back without any inspection, the one-eyed old man’s smile brightened even further. He turned and said, “This honored guest indeed has the qualifications to participate in the bidding for the true dragon blood.”

Although everyone had expected this, when they received a confirmation, the noisy auction hall fell into silence once more.

Hidden Fog Sect station.

Yun Die stayed in the room, a dazed and absent-minded look on her face.

Four hours ago, she had been summoned into the laboratory by her teacher. He had requested for her to hand over her storage bracelet and lift all of the spells placed on it.

After that, Yun Die was shocked speechless. She was brought deeper into the laboratory where she saw several hundred shadow trees.

And the number of shadow trees was the exact same as the number of shadow tree seeds she had purchased for teacher after inquiring about the Shadow Clan.

Yun Die was well aware of what this meant. After being dumbfounded for some time, she was awakened by teacher. He had her help harvest all of the shadow trees and place them into the storage bracelet.

After that, she was ordered by teacher to return to her room. Without permission, she was not to take a single step out.

Suddenly the clock on the wall began to chime, waking Yun Die up. She subconsciously turned her gaze towards the direction of the Shadow Clan.

It was time. Teacher should have made his move!

Shadow trees were extremely difficult to cultivate. Just the smallest mistake during the cultivation process would result in the death of the seedling. And, shadow trees just happened to be a necessary item for those of the Shadow Clan to activate their bloodline.

Knowing this, it wasn’t hard for Yun Die to guess why teacher had cultivated a massive number of shadow trees, and what his goal for them was.

She was afraid that even including the seven great sects, no influence at the auction would have imagined that someone had locked onto some items from the auction ahead of time.

Because for everyone in the Shadow Clan, shadow trees were an offer they could not refuse!

She only hoped that teacher could smoothly accomplish everything without any accident!

Disrupters were not welcomed.

On the round stage, the Shadow Clan Elder was suddenly all smiles. “Honored guest, please forgive my clan’s attitude towards you as well as our neglect. If you wish, please enter the VIP guest area and continue to participate in the bidding.”

Qin Yu shook his head. “No need. Continue.” Although not many people knew of Mister Ning Qin’s ‘secret disciple’, it was still a risk to expose himself to so many others.

If it weren’t for the fact that he believed he could use this status and the strength of the Hidden Fog Sect to escape any potential dangers, he would have changed to another face before coming here.

The Shadow Clan Elder smiled. “Good. Since honored guest does not wish to delay, then we shall resume the bidding for the true dragon blood.”

“3.1 billion!”

The bid unexpectedly came from the Hidden Fog Sect’s theater box.

Qin Yu’s lips twitched. Unfortunately, no matter who bid today, they were destined to return disappointed.

A moment ago, that Shadow Clan person’s response had verified his assumption.

The storage bracelet contained 452 mature and high-quality shadow trees. They were the rarest commodity within the Shadow Clan, and their scarcity represented a certain premium…unless someone could take out something even more enticing to the Shadow Clan than these shadow trees, then too bad, the dragon blood and dragon soul were his!

“4 billion!” Qin Yu said. He decided not to delay, and to bring this battle to a quick conclusion.

The Witchcraft Sect bid, “4.1 billion!”

Qin Yu raised a hand, “5 billion!”

Deathly silence.

At this time, everyone participating in the auction was shocked by Qin Yu’s actions.

He had increased the price by a billion. In addition to showing his desire to win, he still had plenty of confidence left.

And the Shadow Clan maintained their silence, indicating that Qin Yu’s bid was within his abilities.

“Humph!” There was a cold cough from the Witchcraft Sect’s theater box, followed by silence.

Qin Yu’s bid had clearly touched their bottom line.

On the round stage, the Shadow Clan Elder lifted a finger. “This honored guest has bid 5 billion spirit stones. Is there anyone that can bid a higher price?”

After several breaths of silence, he knocked his wooden gavel. “Very good, I hereby announce that the bidding for the true dragon blood has come to an end. Congratulations to this honored guest!”

There was faint applause. Everyone could feel the cold and gloomy aura coming from the VIP theater boxes.

Within the sphere of influence of the seven great sects, they had been suppressed by an outsider. This left them without any honor at all.

The crystal box containing the dragon blood was taken away. The auction continued.

The Shadow Clan Elder said, “The second auction is for a fragment of a true dragon’s soul! This fragment is only the size of a palm, but it contains the concentrated soul essence of a dragon. Once a cultivator absorbs it and refines it, their soul will undergo a qualitative transformation. There is even a small chance they can obtain Dragon Glory and other secret arts of the dragon race.

“The initial bidding price, minimum bid increase, and transaction methods, are the same as with the dragon blood. For those who are interested, please make your bid!”

“5 billion.”

A calm voice rose up. The atmosphere that had relaxed a little suddenly fell silent once more.

Qin Yu was expressionless, as if he wasn’t the one who made this bid. His face hung down, blocking anyone from seeing his expression.

Boundless auras began to rise from the theater boxes in the VIP area, all of them locking onto Qin Yu. He had taken the dragon blood and now he wanted to take the dragon soul fragment? Did he really believe the seven great sects were mud to be pinched around?

From the Witchcraft Sect’s theater box, the person who had coldly coughed spoke up, “Fellow daoist, don’t you think your actions have crossed the line?”

Array formation runes appeared all around Qin Yu. This was a safety measure laid down by the Shadow Clan to ensure fairness of the auction. It helped him to counterbalance outside suppression. Hearing these words, he ruefully smiled. If he had a choice, he wouldn’t have wanted to be so aggressive.

But he needed the dragon soul no matter what!

“In auctions, those who bid the highest win. I don’t believe I have committed any mistakes.”

The Shadow Clan Elder said, “Honored guests, please restrain yourself. If you try to ruin the auction process, you will be included in the Shadow Clan’s blacklist.”

After a brief silence, there was a cold sneer from the Witchcraft Sect’s theater box. “Very good! If so, then let the highest bidder win!

“The Witchcraft Sect bids 10 billion!”

The dragon soul was necessary to cultivate an extinct type of witchcraft insect. It was impossible to let it escape their grasp like the dragon blood.

The Witchcraft Sect wouldn’t let this 10 billion bid go to waste.

Whoosh –

Everyone sucked in a breath of cold air, their expressions shaken. The Witchcraft Sect’s actions proved that they wanted to win no matter what.

The other six sects maintained their silence. It was clear that this price wasn’t one they wanted to contend with.

Qin Yu sighed inwardly. If he made another bid, he would likely offend the Witchcraft Sect to death.

But he had no other choice.

He lifted a hand, “11 billion!”

Everyone fell quiet!

From the Witchcraft Sect’s theater box, a cold voice sounded out, “You have won.”

It was just three simple words and no more. But, everyone could feel their soul and marrow trembling.

Everyone understood what this meant. The Witchcraft Sect had never had a good reputation to begin with. After this unfavorable turn in the auction, they would likely flip over the table once it was over!


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