Chapter 728 – Bid

Precious item after precious item entered the stage, initiating a fierce competition between all quarters. The atmosphere entered into a superheated phase, causing a mind-boggling volume of business to occur. In the ordinary seating area, everyone widened their eyes. This was the stage of the truly great figures. For a treasure, they could throw up their hands and toss in a hundred million spirit stones!

Even Qin Yu couldn’t help but open his eyes. As he watched the auction on the stage, his eyes brightened. But in the end, he chose to suppress his desire to bid. Although he was fully prepared, he knew that the final battle would be truly intense.

It was best to remain discreet!

Another treasure from the Shadow Clan was auctioned off. This was an ancient blue sword that surged with light. Cracks occasionally appeared in the crystal box it was placed in. This was the destruction created by the invisible sword intent it sent out.

Luckily, the crystal box was also a treasure that had been specially refined to possess a self-repairing ability, otherwise it would have been long destroyed.

In the end, this ancient blue sword was forcefully wrested away by the Limitless Sword Sect. At the same time, it was the highest bid of today’s auction, causing countless cultivators in the auction hall to sigh with emotion.

On the round stage, the Shadow Clan Elder managing the auction had a ruddy expression. Because of the violent swings of emotion, there were small beads of sweat on his forehead.

He lifted a white towel and wiped his face. After taking a drink of spirit tea, he was immediately reinvigorated.

“Dear guests, the items prepared by the Shadow Clan have all been auctioned off. I thank you for all your support. Now, the final goods of this auction will be brought out. These are the items mentioned in the invitations, the three supreme treasures brought out from my clan’s holy temple by the Saintess.”

The Shadow Clan Elder clapped his hands. 12 Shadow Clan cultivators walked out in groups of four, each group carrying a square crystal box onto the stage. Iron chains ran through the corners of the crystal boxes, their ends locked onto the wrists of the Shadow Clan cultivators carrying them.

But right now, no one mocked the Shadow Clan’s serious treatment of these items. All of their eyes were drawn to the items inside the three crystal boxes.

The first was a drop of dark red blood, the size of a knuckle. With just a glance, one could feel the boundless vitality within.

The dragon soul fragment was light gold in color. It shimmered with light and often had dragon phantoms appearing on its surface and emitting dragon cries.

The dragon fang was pure white in color and a foot long. This wasn’t its true length; rather, it possessed the ability to transform in size.

The Shadow Patriarch waited for a moment and then lightly coughed, drawing everyone’s eyes to him.

“Dear guests, it has been almost 2000 years since Dragon City has chosen a new guest. It is unknown just how many years will pass before the next auction.

“These items were produced from my clan’s holy temple. Through the long passing of years, every item that has come out from our holy temple has been proven to be a peerless treasure, each with inconceivable abilities.

“If there are any honored guests here who intend to compete, don’t miss out on this opportunity, otherwise you might have to wait several thousand years before another chance appears.”

He paused for a moment and swept his eyes across the audience. “The first auction item is the blood of the true dragon. It possesses boundless vitality and can temper the body, transforming a cultivator’s bones and tendons. Theoretically speaking, it can repair all damage that one’s mortal body has suffered.

“The initial price is one billion, and each following bid cannot be less than a million. This can be settled with spirit stones or other precious treasures approved by the clan.

“Now, let this auction begin!”

The massive auction hall unexpectedly fell silent. It wasn’t that no one wanted to bid, but that everyone was considering just how high their bottom line could be.

“2 billion!” The short silence was broken by a VIP guest in a box room. Their voice was like a meteor crashing into the sea, setting off countless waves.

The cultivators in the ordinary area all held their breath, their minds shaken.

An initial price of a billion was shocking enough, but someone actually doubled that on the first bid!

This show of wealth was simply unimaginable!

Qin Yu furrowed his eyebrows. Although he had already predicted this, the intensity of the finale surpassed his expectations.

Moreover, if he hadn’t read wrong, the theater box that put out the bid didn’t belong to any of the seven great sects.

It had to be known that the seven great sects were the true overlords of the Eastern Plains, and also the apex predators of this auction.

“2.1 billion.”

Limitless Sword Sect!

After using up a great deal of resources to purchase the ancient blue sword, they made their move once more.

The Limitless Sword Sect’s sword arts focused on fusing together one’s body with their sword. After reaching a profound boundary, they were their sword, and their sword was them.

But while one’s sword intent was sharp, it could harm the enemy as well as themselves.

As a result, this sect’s sword cultivators needed to have a sufficiently formidable mortal body to release a heaven-extinguishing sword intent.

They needed to compete for the dragon blood!

In the theater box of the person who bid first, a middle-aged cultivator forced a smile. He hesitated repeatedly but finally chose not to do anything.

It wasn’t that he couldn’t bid more spirit stones, but that this place was the domain of the seven great sects. He needed to show some caution in his actions.

If he provoked their anger, even if he obtained the dragon blood he feared he wouldn’t be able to leave alive.

“2.2 billion.”

“2.3 billion.”

Moonkeep Tower and Typhoon Mountain both made their move. This meant that the battle between the seven great sects had officially begun.

Hu –

Li Shao let out a light breath, an absent-minded look on his face. No matter how much he bragged and inflated himself, none of that mattered. This was the first time he had come into contact with such a shocking scene. These people bid with billions of spirit stones on the line, and yet their tone made it seem as if they didn’t care at all.

These were truly great figures that roamed above the heavens. With just a thought, they could shake the heavens and earth.

Ah, I wonder if I will have a chance to touch this level in my life…

Li Shao shook his head and pressed down these fantastical thoughts. His eyes fell on Qin Yu. Although he was only an ant compared to those great figures, there were still some people even worse off than him.

“Fellow daoist, the last items have entered the stage and the seven great sects have begun to compete for them. Are you still not going to make a move? If this continues any longer, the auction will end first!”

The surrounding people suddenly regained their composure. Their eyes looked over. However, after withstanding such an impactful and shocking scene just now, they really couldn’t summon any energy to care about such a low-level face slapping scene.

But since Li Shao possessed considerable status, they still had to support him. Looking at the silent Qin Yu, they thought that he should hurry and bow his head so that they could focus their attention on the auction stage. They wanted to see these great figures compete with their wealth…that was something they could boast about for the rest of their lives and they didn’t want to miss out on a single second!

Li Shao was finally able to determine that this boy was just being stubborn and refusing to reply. He continued to say, “What, fellow daoist has remained silent for so long, isn’t it to amaze the world with a single feat of brilliance and compete with the seven great sects? I am truly anticipating this!”

Brat, just watch me stomp you into the mud!

He had countless words prepared in his mind, each one as sharp as a saber.

Unfortunately, Li Shao wasn’t able to say anything more. His Grand Expert level mouth-cannon was forcefully blocked up by Qin Yu’s next move.

“Thank you for the reminder, fellow daoist Li. After being a viewer for so long, I should make my move.” Qin Yu lightly said. Then, in the next instant he shocked everyone by raising his hand and saying, “3 billion.”

His voice was calm and not loud, but it was captured by the array formation laid down by the Shadow Clan. So, in front of all the guests present, the bidding price suddenly flew up to 3 billion.

Qin Yu had made his bid.

3 billion absolutely wouldn’t be the final price of the true dragon blood. But, the entire auction house fell into silence because of this.

On the round stage, that Shadow Clan Elder was stunned for a moment before he slowly turned his gaze toward Qin Yu’s direction.

In truth, to the honored guests in the VIP theater box rooms, 3 billion wasn’t too high of a number. But, for a guest in the common section to suddenly participate and also bid the highest price so far, this definitely left a heart-shaking feeling.

Qin Yu could feel countless eyes gathering onto him. Beside him, Li Shao and Chubby Wen also widened their eyes so much that they nearly popped out of their heads.

But his expression was as calm as the clouds on a blue and sunny day. His composure caused the Shadow Clan Elder on the round stage to feel both angry and hesitant.

Thinking of this, the Shadow Clan Elder cupped his hands together. “Dear guest, may I ask if that bid just now was a mistake?” It was strictly prohibited behavior to disrupt the auction and push up the bidding price. If this was verified to be the case, the person would be severely punished.

With Qin Yu’s performance, the Shadow Clan Elder decided to give him a chance. If he acknowledged his fault, then he would simply be asked to leave the auction hall as soon as possible.

But Qin Yu was clearly serious. So, as countless eyes were on him, he shook his head and said, “It was no mistake.”

Hu –

There was a sudden gasp of breath from numerous people. As these sounds combined on top of each other, it was like a massive bird flying overhead, leaving a sonic boom in its wake.

The Shadow Clan Elder didn’t hesitate. He directly said, “Honored guests, due to a sudden accident, the bidding for the true dragon blood will be halted momentarily.” He looked at Qin Yu and said, “Dear guest, the Shadow Clan auction always emphasizes fairness. We need to confirm whether or not you have the qualifications to place such a high bid. I ask that you cooperate with us.”

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