Chapter 698 - Give This Chance

Qin Yu walked out from the ancient text pavilion. As an ‘official beast trainer’, he had the qualifications to go through most of the ancient texts.

It would be impossible to become a truly experienced beast trainer in a short period of time. But memorizing some rote information was simple enough.

For instance, Qin Yu was currently deepening his understanding of the Rare Marvel Encyclopedia.

The author of this encyclopedia was unknown. Details of all sorts of rare treasures and other miscellaneous subjects were recorded within. Two chapters were specifically dedicated to most of the known treasures related to the body and soul.

There was much more information in the encyclopedia, but right now these two things were what Qin Yu needed the most.

After recalling the chapters several times and deciding that he hadn’t forgotten anything, his eyes brightened.

Without a question, the mission for treating a Wonder beast must have been arranged by Feng Qing. This woman was truly intelligent. She had likely already sensed something. Luckily, he had left a deep impression on her at Parasol Tree Mountain, so she shouldn’t be doing anything rash anytime soon.

He hoped he could obtain some harvests from this treatment.

11 treatment plans were placed in front of him. After Yun Die finished reading them out, Qin Yu pointed to one without hesitation and said, “This one is the best.”

Out of the treatment plans, this was the only one that used thunder cleansed willow. After being destroyed by thunder, the rejuvenated willow branches would contain a boundless vitality. It was a treasure that could repair bodily injuries.

The reason was this simple!

Qin Yu’s seemingly simple decision caused an enormous conundrum for Yun Die. She had put forth this treatment plan in order to obtain approval so that she could become a true beast trainer sooner. Still, Qin Yu’s decision was too direct. Without any explanation, it was impossible for one to develop certain dark associations with his choice.

Since becoming a secret disciple, Yun Die had been very cautious and Qin Yu hadn’t revealed any strange behavior. Still, she didn’t relax. Could it be that these days of tranquility were nothing but an act? After figuring out her background, he finally couldn’t help but make a move?

But if she were to give up on this opportunity just because of a guess…Yun Die took a deep breath and suppressed the restlessness in her heart. But, she decided that she would leave as soon as she discovered anything inappropriate!

After the treatment plan was decided upon, it was sent back to be confirmed and approved. Because this was a mission that was distributed out to the beast trainers, Sky Declaring Pavilion was responsible for everything required during the process.

Of course, the final cost of the treatment would be covered by the owner of the Wonder beast…and the premise behind this was that the effects of the treatment would be as expected!

Yun Die carried a metal box that contained the materials to treat the Wonder beast. She followed behind Qin Yu. Then, beneath the envious gazes of the other secret disciples, they walked into the underground entrance.

As the one who came up with the winning treatment plan, this was the reward she deserved. But right now, in front of the entrance that looked like the mouth of a giant beast, Yun Die revealed a struggling expression. In the end she couldn’t help but ask, “Teacher, why did you choose me?”

She fixed her eyes onto Qin Yu, trying to find a useful clue from his face. But what a pity, there was no fluctuation of mood on his calm face. He glanced over her and faintly said, “Because your plan was the most appropriate.”

There was no difference between this explanation and not saying anything at all…looking at Qin Yu’s back, Yun Die bit her lips. After waiting for a breath of time, she lowered her head and continued following behind.

Sun Xiangzhang took back his divine sense from the jade slip. He furrowed his eyebrows together, a thoughtful expression on his face.

“This treatment plan is interesting and even shocking. To use the thunder cleansed willow that contains boundless vitality and then combining it with the soul gathering wood…it is creative, but, there are obvious flaws here. The entire treatment plan cannot compare with the treatment plan involving blue nether lotuses that I drew up.

“And fusing the thunder cleansed willow with the soul gathering wood won’t be easy. This will increase the overall difficulty of the treatment plan by at least 40%. Even if he wanted to train this disciple named Yun Die, he should fix the defects and shouldn’t be accepting such a flawed and incomplete treatment.”

The more he thought about it the less he understood. Sun Xiangzhang rubbed his forehead. Why did Grandmaster Ning Qin choose such a treatment plan? Was there something here that he didn’t understand?

After deliberating over it, he still didn’t come up with anything. Thinking about it, he decided to contact Zhou Xinhong.

“Hello, is that Xiangzhang?” A weary voice responded from the receiver.

Sun Xiangzhang apologetically said, “Did I disturb your rest, Mister Zhou? I really am sorry.”

Zhou Xinhong laughed. “It’s nothing, I just finished an experiment and haven’t rested yet. Tell me if there’s anything you need to ask.”

Sun Xiangzhang explained his confusion. “Mister Zhou, you are an authority when it comes to treating the souls of spirit beasts. I wonder if you can notice anything peculiar about this treatment plan?”

Zhou Xinhong was silent for some time. “Xiangzhang, I have already seen the treatment plan sent up by Grandmaster Ning Qin. But like you, I am also left puzzled by it.

“Although I believe that if this is the grandmaster’s choice, he must have his own reasoning. Rather than arguing about it, we might as well wait for the result.”

No matter what the treatment plan was, it was all in order to achieve a final expected outcome. Thus, the final result was the best way to verify the treatment plan.

Hanging up the phone, Sun Xiangzhang looked up towards the direction of Rising Lake. If things went as expected, the treatment of the Wonder beast should have started by now.

Feng Qing stood up and accompanied Jiang Yiyun out. As the steward of the Midmorning City branch division, he had a considerable status in Sky Declaring Pavilion, thus she needed to give him the respect he deserved.

Of course, the sly and insightful Jiang Yiyun was even more respectful. After firmly declining her assistance, he turned around and left.

Feng Qing turned around and took a seat. She drank a cup of tea, recalling her conversation with Jiang Yiyun. There shouldn’t have been any flaws in her performance.

Others might not know why Grandmaster Ning Qin chose Yun Die’s treatment plan, but she had already correctly guessed the reason. When she looked through the list of spiritual items needed, it wasn’t difficult to screen out what he truly wanted.

So when the time came to ration out materials, she took the responsibility to delete some items and added two thunder cleansed willows. Although the cost was higher than before, it shouldn’t draw any attention.

This should satisfy Grandmaster Ning Qin’s needs.

Feng Qing wanted Qin Yu’s help, so she needed his approval. Putting herself in his place and making considerations for him was the best method to do so.

“Miss, I heard from Steward Jiang that the treatment plan Grandmaster Ning Qin chose isn’t the most appropriate.” Zhou Li said after some hesitation. As her close maid who had also obtained the miss’s trust, she knew more than others.

This Grandmaster Ning Qin seemed to have a close relationship with her miss. If a problem occurred, then the miss might be implicated.

Feng Qing smiled. “Don’t worry. Since Grandmaster Ning Qin chose this treatment plan, he certainly has the confidence to succeed.”

Zhou Li had followed Feng Qing these past days and understood her character a little. Since she said this, she had to have full confidence.

“It seems that Grandmaster Ning Qin is fiercer than I thought.” She said with envy.

In the past, her father had tried his best to become a beast trainer. But he didn’t succeed even by the time he died.

Feng Qin’s eyes flashed. “Zhou Li, you seem to have some interest. After you break through to the Golden Core realm, I can recommend you to Grandmaster Ning Qin. He might take you in as a disciple and help you become a beast trainer.”

Zhou Li had a surprised look, “Miss, really?”

Feng Qing nodded, “Since I said it, I wouldn’t lie to you.”

With how much Qin Yu regarded the Zhou Family, if Zhou Li really wanted to become a beast trainer then he shouldn’t refuse her.

But unexpectedly, after a brief silence, Zhou Li slowly said, “Miss, if possible, can I pass this chance to another person?”

Feng Qin revealed a strange look. “This person you speak of. Is it your fiancé?”

“Miss, I have already explained to you that it is impossible for me to like him. It is my grandfather who forced me!” Zhou Li pouted. “You know about the matter of the Hidden Fog Sect giving me pills. I don’t want to owe him a favor, so if it’s possible, I ask miss to help me!”

Feng Qing coughed. “I see…I need some time to consider this. Let’s speak about it again in the future.” Seeing Zhou Li’s disappointed expression, she felt a bit awkward. This really was a coincidence.

If Zhou Li ever met Qin Yu who had changed his face, would there be some misunderstandings about this?

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