Chapter 696B – Blue Orchid Wondrous Flower

She looked at Old Wei and Rong Wei. “You two should know that whether it is raising spirit beasts or cultivating spiritual objects, it will cause great losses to the soul. I heard that the Hidden Fog Sect has a mystic realm, and that a wondrous flower called the blue marvel orchid grows within. I also heard that this flower is extremely helpful to the soul. One ash line grass in exchange for a blue marvel orchid; how is this deal?”

“That’s impossible!” Old Wei stood up. “Miss Feng Qing, do you not think you are too insincere?”

This wasn’t even a lion opening its mouth. This was even larger than a dragon’s head!

Feng Qing smiled. “I am only naming a price in place of the grandmaster. If you have any suggestions or disagree, please bring it up with the grandmaster.”

Qin Yu lightly said, “To exchange one for one, this is a fair price.”

Old Wei’s complexion changed.

Rong Wei forced a smile. “Grandmaster Ning Qin, it isn’t that we aren’t willing to agree, but the blue marvel orchid grows far too slowly. It takes a thousand years for a single flower to mature, and because there are many uses for them there has been a considerable lack of supply. Even if all the reserves in the sect are added up, we only have seven flowers.”

Feng Qing’s eyes brightened. “Grandmaster. The Hidden Fog Sect is truly sincere. If so, you might as well make a concession.”

She had no idea what was so special about that ash line grass, but she knew the value of seven blue marvel orchids. This was an amount that could make anyone’s heart race with excitement.

In the past, Sky Declaring Pavilion had auctioned one off. The final price was so high that it shocked everyone present.

Qin Yu furrowed his eyebrows. After a long time, he slowly said, “Then let it be seven.”

Rong Wei shouted, “Deal!”

Old Wei opened his mouth. He wanted to say something but in the end he fell silent.

The blue marvel orchids were precious, and they could even be called the Hidden Fog Sect’s bottom line treasure. But, the mystic realm could continuously produce them.

Compared to them, the ash line grass that could help transform the dark star ice serpent’s bloodline was far more important.

“I wonder how much time Grandmaster Ning Qin will be handing over the ash line grass in?”

Qin Yu said, “Three months.”

Rong Wei had an awkward expression. “Is it possible to receive two in the first month? The rest can be delivered in the remaining time.”


Feng Qing said, “According to customs, the Hidden Fog Sect will need to pay a third of the reward ahead of time.”

Old Wei said, “In three days the Hidden Fog Sect will hand over two blue marvel orchids to Grandmaster Ning Qin. But, concerning this transaction, I ask Miss Feng Qing and the grandmaster keep it a secret and don’t leak any news of it!”

Qin Yu smiled. “Naturally.”

Even if the Hidden Fog Sect didn’t mention this, he still would have raised this point. Otherwise, Zhou Li would inevitably receive attention and this would trigger a series of unpredictable consequences.

After official business was done, Rong Wei let out a breath of relief. Even though they had paid an enormous price, they had completed the task handed down to them by the sect.

“Cough! Grandmaster Ning Qin, I also have a private request to make of you. I wonder if grandmaster would be willing to visit my Hidden Fog Sect and give a lecture on cultivating spiritual things. Of course, this doesn’t have to involve grandmaster’s own personal techniques or specific approaches. A simple general direction is all that is needed.”

Feng Qing’s eyes brightened. To be invited by the Hidden Fog Sect to give a lecture, there was no beast trainer in Sky Declaring Pavilion who had such a great honor. This was a glorious achievement.

“If there is time in the future, I will consider it.”

The part of Sky Declaring Pavilion that received guests and carried out trades was only an extremely small section of the overall layout. The vast majority of buildings were assigned to various cultivators based on their rankings.

Although they had concealed Grandmaster Ning Qin’s true strength according to his request, the Midmorning City branch division naturally couldn’t treat him like an ordinary beast trainer just because of that.

Three separate buildings and a surrounding courtyard that was 25-30 acres large; this would be his future housing and workplace. There was a lake nearby, and on the edge of it there was a small building covered in vines. Opening the door, one could see the enchanting scenery of the lake. This was where Qin Yu’s dwelling was.

Right now, he sat on a soft sofa one the first floor of a building. Ten youths respectfully stood in front of him. These were the disciples he had chosen before.


They fell to their knees and bowed.

A so-called secret disciple was only a title that was a little more pleasant to the ears. In reality, their status was a bit higher than that of a student. They helped beast trainers complete experiences, recorded various data points in spirit beasts, and were also responsible for their daily care.

Only by obtaining the approval of the beast trainer did one have a chance of becoming a true disciple and receiving the legitimate teachings of the beast trainer.

Even so, these young disciples were still shaking with excitement as they knelt on the ground. Although they had guessed that their teacher was formidable, it was only after coming here that they obtained direct proof of it.

The stronger one was, the greater their housing area was – this was the simplest and most direct identification of strength within Sky Declaring Pavilion. As for their teacher’s manor, even when looking at the entire Sky Declaring Pavilion it was one of the peak locations. One could imagine how excited they were!

The only negative point was that their teacher had chosen too many secret disciples. If they wanted to bloom amongst all the others and become true disciples, this absolutely wouldn’t be easy.

In particular, there was a difficult foe to deal with in this group…several eyes fell on Yun Die, worry and anxiousness hidden on their faces.

Qin Yu glanced over everyone. He smiled and said, “Rise. Starting from today, you will study by my side. The only thing you need to remember is to speak less and work more. Do you understand?”

“Yes, teacher!” The disciples respectfully replied.

Suddenly, a loud cry rang out and the atmosphere began to heat up. Waves started to surge on the surface of the peaceful lake.

What followed that was the sound of howling wind. A massive flaming bird flew past, beating its wings gracefully as it soared in the skies. It had a crown of feathers on its head and its eyes were like crystalline flames. It emanated an aura of dignity. Every one of its actions released a formidable suppression. This was the skylark that had evolved into a fire phoenix.

Behind it was a tiny mass of flaming light. This little figure diligently beat its wings as it tried to follow behind. Then, after a cry of surprise, it suddenly changed directions and flew down, landing on Qin Yu’s shoulder. It released a cheerful chirp as it nuzzled Qin Yu’s neck.

As the disciples saw this, they revealed looks of deep envy. This was the fire phoenix that had recognized their teacher as its master? It was far stronger than the rumors suggested.

At what time would they be able to reach teacher’s level and cause such a powerful spirit beast to acknowledge them as its master of its own volition?

Qin Yu didn’t care about his disciples’ expressions. He smiled and stroked the little bird’s feathers. His eyes fell onto the surging surface of the lake.

The blue marvel orchids would soon be sent over by the Hidden Fog Sect. He hoped they could improve the current situation of his soul.

Sun Xiangzhang stepped into the External Affairs Division. He smiled at the approaching External Affairs Director and gently nodded, “I am here to collect the reward for treating the moon praying beast.”

The External Affairs Director was a thin man. He flatteringly said, “Mister Sun has completed the mission in such a short time. It won’t be long before you are promoted to a middle order Silver Moon.” He handed over a sealed box with both hands. “This is your reward. Please inspect it.”

He was extremely measured and discreet in his words. Even though he was clearly flattering, his words didn’t leave behind a sickening aftertaste.

Sun Xiangzhang opened the box. He looked over it and said, “There are no problems.”

He closed the box and turned to leave.

But at this time, the doors opened again and a man walked in. Looking at his clothes, he was the secret disciple of a beast trainer.

“I am Mister Ning Qin’s secret disciple. This is his token.”

Sun Xiangzhang paused. He immediately knew that this token was real. But in his memory, this person hadn’t been among the disciples Grandmaster Ning Qin chose.

“You are Mister Ning Qin’s secret disciple?”

Welcoming Sun Xiangzhang’s suspicious gaze, Qin Yu smiled and said, “Yes. I was following beside teacher before, and I arrived at Sky Declaring Pavilion afterwards.”

Sun Xiangzhang immediately remembered that the grandmaster said he still had another secret disciple who would arrive later.

It seemed it was this youth.

To be chosen by Grandmaster Ning Qin to accompany him all this time, this youth was definitely talented. He might even have a chance of being the grandmaster’s true disciple in the future.

Sun Xiangzhang’s gaze became gentle. “Since you are following by the grandmaster’s side and studying, as long as you try hard in the future you will surely have great achievements. My name is Sun Xiangzhang. If you have any problems or questions in the future, feel free to look for me.”

Qin Yu cupped his hands together. “I thank Mister Sun for the advice.”

This status of a secret disciple was one he prepared for himself. With an additional identity, things would be easier in the future.

Sun Xiangzhang smiled. “What are you here for?”

Qin Yu said, “Teacher asked me to pick up a package for him.”

Although the External Affairs Director had no idea why Mister Sun would hold a young disciple in such high regard, with his years of experience on the job he naturally knew that there was something unusual with this situation.

He turned and passed out some orders. Soon, a package was brought forward. Seeing the information on the sender, his eyes widened, “Hidden Fog Sect!”

His smile became increasingly bright. “This little brother, Mister Ning’s things are here. Would you like to examine it?”

Qin Yu shook his head, “I do not have the right to examine teacher’s things.” He reached for the box and expressed his thanks. Then, he bowed toward Sun Xiangzhang. “Mister Sun, if there is nothing else then I shall bid my farewells.”

After leaving the External Affairs Division, Qin Yu didn’t stop. He went straight to Rising Lake.

Rising Lake was the name of this manor. It was unknown who came up with this name, but Qin Yu couldn’t be bothered to change it, so he kept it. 

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