Chapter 696A – Blue Orchid Wondrous Flower

From the moment he was born, Si Yuwen had a voracious appetite. He was someone who loved to eat. But as a result, his round and chubby body shape didn’t match up with the standard aesthetic sense that most female cultivators desired. Thus, for his life so far and even now, he was a single unmarried man. His family had used up a considerable amount of strength to gain this opportunity for him to make something of himself.

As long as I can become an official beast trainer, what does it matter if I am fat? Countless beauties would willingly throw themselves at me!

For this reason, Si Yuwen was filled with anticipation as he came to Sky Declaring Pavilion. However, reality was a harsh and cruel mistress. Even though six beast trainers had made their choices, he had not been included in the list.

What caused Si Yuwen to feel particularly sad was that a woman he had liked for many years had been chosen. And, that was because her luck had been good. A woman called Yun Die had decided to refuse the offer, thus his crush’s name had been substituted in the chosen list instead.

But none of this mattered. What mattered was that without accident, his crush would become a true beast trainer several years in the future and the distance between them would grow increasingly large.

This was his final chance…reasoning told Si Yuwen that he needed to display sufficient respect to be chosen. Yet, even though he displayed the utmost respect each time, he had continually failed six times!

I cannot just sit here and wait for death. I need to find some way to obtain attention. Only like that will I have a chance. I have to struggle for it!

Slowly, a bit at a time, Si Yuwen looked up. A figure appeared at the edge of his vision; just a little bit more and he would clearly see them.

Beads of sweat dripped down his forehead and into his eyes. The bitter feeling caused his eyes to blur. Blinking several times, the figure suddenly became clear.

In the next moment, Si Yuwen’s eyes flew open. Then, his huge and rolling figure flopped to the ground. The thunderous crash was especially clear in the quiet atmosphere.

The nervously waiting people were given a fright and they subconsciously looked up. What followed was a collective gasp. With so many people present, the sound actually possessed considerable momentum.

It was him! It was him!

How could it possibly be him?

Everyone was left dumbfounded. The one sitting high in the hall and looking down at them from above was exactly that black-robed youth from before who they thought had been ‘acting’.

It was still that common and ordinary face, one that had nothing special about it. But right now, this person’s eyes were filled with a deep dignity.

Everyone stared with a dazed expression, and it took some time before they regained their composure. Looking at the fat body that was slumped over and twitching on the ground, their eyes filled with pity.

If it were any of them in his place, they feared they would be so frightened that they wouldn’t be able to stand straight either. It didn’t matter if he had a cheap mouth. The key point was that he was far too unlucky!

Qin Yu pointed a finger, “Are you willing to follow by my side and learn?”

Shua –

All eyes turned to Yun Die, envy filling their gazes.

Some time ago, she was the one who had spoken up and answered this man’s question…as expected, it was easier for the kindhearted to be blessed!

Yun Die welcomed Qin Yu’s gaze. From his eyes, she didn’t feel anything else. However, the bitter experiences she had encountered over the years left her finding this hard to believe.

Why choose me? Is it just because I answered his question? This explanation doesn’t make sense at all.

Inexplicably, Yun Die said, “My lord, I hope that you can receive my companions so that we can become your secret disciples together.”

The envious people all widened their eyes. Hey boss, are you insane?

This was a massive good fortune. Others couldn’t even beg for it, and yet you dare to put forth conditions? My lord, please look and see that she is not qualified! Choose me! I will be obedient!

Qin Yu was silent for some time. Then, beyond everyone’s expectations he nodded and said, “Very well.” He lifted his hand and pointed several times. “You, you, and the three of you. After this, go and report to Sun Xiangzhang.”

“Ah! Thank you my lord…thank you!” The people who were chosen went wild with joy.

Qin Yu didn’t delay any further. He nodded and walked away. Outside the hall, Sun Xiangzhang had a strange complexion. Most beast trainers would only choose one or two secret disciples, but this one had chosen ten in a breath of time. Would he be able to direct all of them?

“Grandmaster.” He was perplexed, but he didn’t dare to show any of this.

Qin Yu nodded. “In the next two days, I have another secret disciple who will be arriving. Prepare for him ahead of time.”

Sun Xiangzhang respectfully bowed.

Curing the skylark and helping it evolve into a fire phoenix, even saving the egg that was on the verge of death…Feng Qing looked at the strange face in front of her and sighed with acclaim in her heart. As expected, a great figure that could reach the Divine Dao realm wasn’t someone who could be understood with common sense!

“Grandmaster, the Hidden Fog Sect’s Grandmaster Rong has been waiting for some time already.”

The private room opened from within. Wei Lao and Rong Wei stepped out. They cupped their hands together and bowed, “We took the liberty to visit. We hope that grandmaster is willing to forgive us.”

They had no idea what the result of the final trial was. But, the ash line grass alone was enough to prove how strong Grandmaster Ning Qin was.

And powerhouses, regardless of what era it was or what place it was, earned their due respect.

Qin Yu nodded. “I already know your intentions. Let’s speak about it in further detail.”

“Grandmaster, please!”

 Food and wine had been prepared for the private room. After closing the door, everything was peaceful.

Old Wei brightly smiled. “Grandmaster, this wine is from the collection of my Hidden Fog Sect. A drink will clear your mind and revitalize your spirit. How about giving it a try first?”

Qin Yu said, “I have already joined Sky Declaring Pavilion and there are many minor matters I must still deal with. Let’s not speak in circles any longer. Get to the point.”

Rong Wei said, “Grandmaster is an honest and straightforward person. Then, we shall comply.” He took a deep breath and asked, “Grandmaster Ning Qin, may I ask whether the ash line grass that Miss Zhou Li turned in was your work?”

Qin Yu said, “That’s right.”

Although he already knew this, Rong Wei’s eyes still brightened when he heard Qin Yu acknowledge this. When he looked at Qin Yu, there was even more veneration within his gaze.

“I have never seen anything like the technique that grandmaster used to cultivate the ash line grass. It was startling to say the least. I originally came here with Old Wei because I hoped that grandmaster could join my Hidden Fog Sect. For this reason, my sect was willing to express sufficient sincerity.”

Feng Qing charmingly said, “Grandmaster Rong, do you plan on digging in my Sky Declaring Pavilion’s corner right in front of me? Grandmaster Ning is already a part of my Sky Declaring Pavilion. I ask Grandmaster Rong to rest assured. Even in the future, I won’t give you any chance to take him away.”

Rong Wei forced a smile. “Miss Feng Qing speaks my thoughts. If my Hidden Fog Sect had the luck to recruit Grandmaster Ning Qin, he would be our most honored guest and we wouldn’t give anyone even the smallest opportunity.” He took a breath and continued to say, “Thus, my sect can only take a step back and ask Grandmaster Ning Qin to cultivate ten ash line grasses of the same standard for us.”

Feng Qing’s heart relaxed. She smiled and said, “As for this matter, that will depend on Grandmaster Ning Qin’s intent.”

Old Wei cupped his hands together. “Grandmaster Ning Qin, I ask you to please help us. The Hidden Fog Sect will definitely give you a reward worthy of your work.”

Qin Yu tapped his fingers against the table. “So to obtain ash line grass, you wanted Sky Declaring Pavilion to hand over Zhou Li. Were you preparing to use her as a bargaining chip to threaten me?”

The room suddenly fell deathly silent!

Feng Qing’s expression didn’t change. She had already expected this to occur. How could a Divine Dao being allow his dignity to be provoked?

Although the Hidden Fog Sect was strong, in the eyes of Qin Yu, they weren’t enough for him to swallow such an insult.

Old Wei’s face stiffened.

Rong Wei hurriedly said, “Allow me to be honest with Grandmaster Ning Qin. The ash line grass you cultivated is of the utmost importance to my sect. I felt distressed for some time because of this, and that is the only reason why I even thought of such a plan. But, I ask Grandmaster Ning Qing to please believe me when I say that no one in my sect had any thoughts of harming Miss Zhou Li. And we never thought of using Miss Zhou Li to threaten you. I promise you this!”

Qin Yu coldly sneered. “Remember, this is the last time. Otherwise the Hidden Fog Sect can give up on obtaining anything from my hand.”

Although his attitude wasn’t good, Qin Yu’s actions still caused Old Wei’s complexion to lighten up. This meant that their former conflict had been resolved.

Of course, they also received Qin Yu’s warning. From now on they would never try to use Zhou Li again.

“The cultivation of the ash line grass is extremely complex, especially if you want ten. I will require some time and the expenditures will be considerable.”

Qin Yu lied with his eyes wide open.

But, the Hidden Fog Sect was willing to believe this. What nonsense. How could such an incredible transformation be accomplished so easily?

Old Wei said, “Grandmaster, please ask your price!”

With his appearance, he was clearly ready to have a piece of flesh chopped off. His mouth was open, as if he were apologizing to his sect.

Qin Yu’s thoughts turned. “Miss Feng Qing, what do you think I should ask?”

Feng Qing covered her mouth, “Does grandmaster really want my suggestion?”

Her thoughts raced.

Qin Yu nodded.

Feng Qing came to a decision. “Then I won’t decline. If there is anything you find dissatisfactory, I ask you to please point it out.”

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