Chapter 695B – Sun Xiangzhang’s Envy

Complying with the will of Grandmaster Ning Qin, everyone chose to conceal his existence. Zhou Xinhong and Xu Yuanbai could only watch on with envy as Sun Xiangzhang and Zhai Shan led Qin Yu away.

“Grandmaster, I did not previously know of your status and I offended your dignity with my pride and arrogance. I ask that grandmaster be merciful and not haggle over such things with me.” Sun Xiangzhang respectfully bowed.

Zhai Shan had a worried expression. When Grandmaster Ning Qin had chosen him and Sun Xiangzhang to lead the way for him, he had felt a bit disturbed. This was a genuine grandmaster level existence, someone who would be a pivotal figure in Sky Declaring Pavilion. If this person intentionally wanted to make things difficult for Sun Xiangzhang, then it would be difficult for him to resist even if he were a Silver Moon level beast trainer.

Qin Yu had a calm expression. “There is no need to mention what has already passed.” He only wanted to use the status of a grandmaster to heal his injuries as soon as possible. Naturally he wouldn’t waste his time on such minor matters.

But in the eyes of Sun Xiangzhang and Zhai Shan, this was the grace and bearing of a grandmaster. His heart was as vast and all-encompassing as the sea. It was simply impossible for average people to compare with him.

Their attitudes became even more respectful.

“Grandmaster Ning Qin, since you have passed the final trials, you may set up your own laboratory. You will need some assistants to help you deal with miscellaneous issues. According to convention, we have prepared some outstanding youths for you ahead of time. You may choose whoever you like from amongst them.”

Sun Xiangzhang had an apologetic look. “Due to the matter with the fire phoenix egg, we have taken up your precious time. Because of that, the other beast trainers who have passed the final trials have likely already made their choices. If you are dissatisfied with the remaining people, Sky Declaring Pavilion can prepare some new choices for you.”

Qin Yu waved his hand. “There is no need to go through such trouble. Let us finish dealing with all these trivial matters today.”

Outside the silver-white doors, the crowd of young cultivators had thinned down a little. The ones left behind were somewhat dejected.

Many of them were arrogant individuals who believed that they had superior skills but lacked the good fortune of being chosen. These people clenched their fists beneath their robes and gnashed their teeth in anger. They clearly weren’t worse than anyone else here, so why hadn’t they been chosen?

Bang –

The silver-white doors opened and a cultivator from Sky Declaring Pavilion appeared. From the badge on his chest, he was the apprentice of an official beast trainer. His faint gaze swept over those present and he loudly said, “Everyone, the beast trainer selection has ended. You may all leave now.”

Everyone froze as the scene fell deathly silent. Then, there were sounds of restrained weeping. Several female cultivators with weaker mindsets already had tears streaming down their faces. If they missed out on today’s opportunity, then it was likely they were doomed to be mediocre for the rest of their lives.

“Big Sister Yun Die!” Yan Jiao paled. Although she had told herself not to have any hopes or expectations, when things finally ended her chest still ached and she still found it hard to breathe.

Yan Jiao thought back to when she left home today. She could recall the hope and eagerness in her mother’s eyes…she had no idea how she could go home and face her mother’s dispirited eyes.

“Don’t be sad. Even if you missed out on today’s opportunity, that doesn’t mean you cannot become a true beast trainer. Although a good teacher can help us shorten our path and make it easier, what we rely on in the end is still ourselves.” Beneath her lavender hair, her expression was light. She pretended not to see the confused and mocking eyes of those around her.

Yes, before this she had turned down being chosen by a beast trainer, and in the eyes of some people it might have been a stupid decision. But, Yun Die had seen the look in that person’s eyes before. If she agreed to become his secret disciple, she knew what sort of fate awaited her.

Yun Die didn’t want to betray her morals. This was why she had refused that beast trainer. This was why over the years she had turned down opportunity after opportunity.

But in the end, there was still some disappointment in her heart…

Yun Die pursed her lips. “Let’s go.” She bowed towards the Sky Declaring Pavilion cultivator and turned to leave.

As several people were about to push open the doors and leave, the sound of rapid footsteps rose up from behind, followed by several loud whispers. Then, the Sky Declaring Pavilion cultivator who had announced the ending of the selection shouted out, “Everyone, come back! There is still a beast trainer who has not yet chosen!”

Yun Die spun around. She didn’t know if it was an illusion or not, but she seemed to sense envy in that person’s eyes.

Envy? How was that possible? An official apprentice who had the guidance of a teacher was in a far, far better position than them.

It should just be an illusion.

She took a deep breath and suppressed her thoughts. She turned and said, “There is still one more chance. Perhaps it’s time for our good luck to arrive?”

“Even if there is good luck, there are far too many people here. It might not fall on our heads…” The gray-haired youth mumbled beneath his breath.

Yan Jiao glared at him. “Shut up! No one’s going to treat you like a mute if you don’t speak!” She looked at the silver-white doors, her bright eyes filled with a stoic hope. She was like a drowning person who had grabbed onto a final thread of hope.

Everyone arranged themselves into a neat group according to their number plates. They waited in front of the silver-white doors, their heads slightly lowered as they tried to suppress their excitement.

This was a spacious corridor with a great hall at the end. Two figures calmly stepped out from the hall.

“Zhai Shan!” Someone suddenly cried out loud.

But more gazes were transfixed on the other figure. Many female cultivators suddenly had stars twinkling in their smitten eyes.

“That…that is Mister Sun Xiangzhang?” A trembling voice asked out loud.

No one replied to her question. Even the ever calm Yun Die felt her face flush red.

Sun Xiangzhang was an extremely famous figure in Midmorning City. He was a promising young beast trainer who had great hopes of attacking the grandmaster boundary in the future.

Moreover, he was less than a hundred years old. His talent was so outstanding it left others sighing with awe.

But, the most important point was that Sun Xiangzhang came from an ordinary background. The reason he was able to have his current achievements was all thanks to his own efforts. He didn’t use any shortcuts to arrive at where he was now.

Because of this, he was the idol for countless low level beast trainers. He was regarded as their beacon, their guiding light for how to live.

Could it be that Mister Sun Xiangzhang was choosing his apprentices?

“Greetings, Mister Sun!” All of the youths bowed respectfully.

Sun Xiangzhang was silent for a brief moment. Then he slowly said, “I really do envy all of you here today, that you are unexpectedly able to obtain such a lucky chance. I hope that you can grasp this opportunity well and that you do not disappoint this turning point for your destinies.”

Without saying anything, he fell to the side.

Yun Die was stunned. This time she was sure that she hadn’t misread the situation. Mister Sun really was expressing his envy toward them.

Could it be that even with Mister Sun’s status, he still believed that being chosen to enter this hall was a lucky chance worth envying?

Just who was in that hall?

Yun Die’s heartbeat quickened and she subconsciously clenched her fists. Looking around, she discovered that everyone had similarly excited expressions.

To be able to come here, no one was an idiot. They naturally grasped the key point.

The group fell increasingly quiet. Even the sound of breathing was restrained. Countless people bowed their heads even further. They put forth all their awe and respect in the hope that they would be chosen by that person in the hall.

Zhai Shan asked in a low voice, “Xiangzhang, who do you think the grandmaster will choose?”

He knew most of the youths here. All of them had considerable origins and decent talents.

Sun Xiangzhang shook his head. “How can I understand the grandmaster’s thoughts…but if he were to choose, he really might be free-minded and arbitrary about it.”

With the grandmaster’s strength, even rotten wood could be carved into a treasure. He really did envy this group of juniors. He wondered if he might have a chance to be accepted as the grandmaster’s disciple in the future…as for the status of a Silver Moon level beast trainer? In his opinion, it wasn’t worth anything at all!

Zhai Shan could see the disappointed and lost look on his good friend’s face. It wasn’t hard to guess his thoughts. His lips twitched and he thought that he needed to try harder, otherwise this fellow would soon cast him a thousand miles behind.

But the body cultivation method that the Pavilion Master gave him was really far too difficult. It had been several years already and he still hadn’t been able to peek through the threshold. Just thinking about it made him depressed.

The hall was silent. But everyone could feel the substantive gaze coming from within. It was light and yet filled with suppression.

Choose me! Choose me!

Quickly choose me!

Even though only a short several breaths of time had passed, this seemed like a lifetime to those present. Their muscles tightened and beads of sweat began to drip down their foreheads.

Yun Die’s breathing suddenly paused. This was because her intuition told her that the pair of eyes had fallen on her body. Was it for the same reason?

From Mister Sun’s description, this was an incomparably powerful beast trainer. If he really chose her, did she have to refuse?


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