Chapter 695A – Sun Xiangzhang’s Envy

His voice seemed to echo through the horizon, entering everyone’s ears and awakening them from their shocked silence.

Was he the one who cured the skylark and allowed it to smoothly advance?

How was this possible!?

Suddenly, the kneeling skylark cried out loud. A mass of phantom flames flew out and fell onto the back of Qin Yu’s hand, turning into a lifelike shadow of a fire phoenix.

“Spirit beast master recognition!”

Zhai Shan cried out in alarm, his eyes shaking as if he had seen something inconceivable.

A moment later, a woman’s voice echoed out in Qin Yu’s mind. “Master, I beg you to save my child. It has not yet been born; it doesn’t deserve to die like this!”

When a spirit beast recognized a master, that meant it was giving everything to its master. With just a thought, its life and death could be decided.

Qin Yu realized that the reason the fire phoenix recognized him as master was not because he had saved it, but because it hoped to use this as the price and convince him to save its child.

After a brief moment, he asked, “Where is the fire phoenix egg? I can give it a try.”

The fire phoenix reared back its head and released a keening cry. It flapped its wings and shot into the skies, arriving in front of a great temple in an instant. Then, it soared into the temple doors. No ensuing collision occurred. Space twisted and a vast land appeared. There was a long mountain range with flowing rivers running perpetually through it. Up above, there was even a great sun shining down upon the land.

Qin Yu narrowed his eyes. The feeling this sun gave off was completely the same as that of a true sun. Could it be some sort of supernatural art?

The fire phoenix landed on a steep mountain peak. There, the crowns of several ancient trees had woven together to form a massive bird nest. An egg with cloud-shaped patterns on it that was over a meter wide was lying down peacefully on it.

But at this time, half of the cloud-shaped patterns on the surface of the egg were burning red, as if the clouds were on fire. The fluctuations of life were extremely frail, like they could vanish at any time.

The fire phoenix wailed. Looking at its child, tears fell from its eyes. But before the tears fell they were evaporated by the heat.

As if sensing its mother’s aura, the egg shell suddenly trembled. The little fellow inside wanted to come out, but no matter how much it tried it still couldn’t summon the strength to break open the shell.

Chirp chirp –

Chirp chirp –

The small voice seemed to be sobbing.

“Master, please save it. As long as it survives, I am willing to do anything!” The fire phoenix’s voice rose up in his mind once more.

Whoosh –

Whoosh –

Sounds of breaking air were heard one after another. Besides Zhai Shan, Sun Xiangzhang, and the others, there were also several other cultivators with impressive appearances and auras. One of them cupped his hands together and said, “Grandmaster Ning Qin, my name is Jiang Yiyun and I am the manager in charge of Midmorning City’s branch division. If grandmaster can rescue the fire phoenix’s egg, Sky Declaring Pavilion will give you sufficient repayment for your work!”

Qin Yu spoke in a low voice. “There isn’t much time left. Tell me the specifics of what has happened.” In truth, he had no idea where or how to begin the inspection.

Jiang Yiyun turned around. “Mister Zhou, I’ll have to trouble you to summarize the situation for the grandmaster.”

Zhou Xinhong looked at the youth in front of him and flushed red when he thought about his previous actions. His expression became even more respectful as he said, “Grandmaster Ning Qin, when the fire phoenix was laying an egg, there was a sudden change to its bloodline and the strength infiltrated into the fetus within the egg, causing the unborn skylark to suffer disaster. To rescue it, its two conflicting bloodlines must be combined together, allowing them to merge into one whole.”

He forced a smile. “This sort of event is far too rare. Although Sky Declaring Pavilion managed to obtain a Blood Fusing Pill, the rank of the pill is too low. It is not sufficient for it to reconcile these two powerful bloodlines.”

Qin Yu’s eyes flashed. “If the medicinal efficacy is enough, then a Blood Fusing Pill could save it?”

Zhou Xinhong nodded. “That is true. But, the refinement process of the Blood Fusing Pill is incredibly difficult. Only a single pill can only be produced under certain conditions. Sky Declaring Pavilion had to gather its entire strength in order to find this single pill.”

If it weren’t for that, how could they give up on this egg? It had to be known that while it was suffering corrosive dangers right now, it actually had two prebirth bloodlines within its body. If these two bloodlines were able to fuse together and the child was hatched, its potential would inevitably be astonishing.

In particular, with the skylark having evolved into a fire phoenix, the value of the egg had become that much higher. But wanting to save it wasn’t a simple task.

Qin Yu cured the fire phoenix and helped it activate its bloodline so that it could advance into the next step. This alone indicated that he undoubtedly deserved the title of grandmaster. But even so, those present didn’t have much hope regarding this matter.

“Master, please save it!” The fire phoenix cried more, its tears rapidly evaporating.

Qin Yu, “…”

Was it really this simple?

In his mind, this conundrum that even the entire Sky Declaring Pavilion couldn’t solve was actually far simpler than it seemed. If the potency of the Blood Fusing Pill wasn’t enough, then he could purify and strengthen it.

Of course, he would never say this out loud. With a dignified and hesitant face, just as the fire phoenix was about to fall into despair, he suddenly nodded and said, “Bring me the Blood Fusing Pill. I might have a way to strengthen its effects.”

Everyone fell silent.

Jiang Yiyun had an uncertain expression. The Blood Fusing Pill was extremely precious. Even with his status, he didn’t dare to casually handle it. He looked at Qin Yu, wanting to see something from his expression. But all he saw was indifference.

Sun Xiangzhang was even more anxious. “Manager Jiang, you cannot give up on this fire phoenix egg. Even if there is the smallest chance, we cannot give up!” He took a step forward. “If some people investigate this afterwards, you can charge me with everything. I am willing to bear any consequence!”

Jiang Yiyuan’s relaxed. “Mister Sun speaks too seriously. Treating and saving the fire phoenix egg is my duty. Men! Hurry and bring out the Blood Fusing Pill!”

With these words from Sun Xiangzhang, even if an accident occurred he could escape a majority of the responsibility.

Zhou Xinhong and Xu Yuanbai glanced at Sun Xiangzhang, a worried look in their eyes. Since he had spoken these words, there was no more turning back.

Qin Yu didn’t care for their worries. He said, “Strengthening the Blood Fusing Pill will require time. How long can you maintain the fetus within the egg for?”

Sun Xiangzhang respectfully said, “Grandmaster Ning Qin, I can guarantee you that everything will be fine for the next two hours!”

Zhou Xinhong and Xu Yuanbai sighed inwardly. They stepped forward and said, “With us two helping, we should be able to ensure its safety for another hour.”

Three hours, that was more than before. Qin Yu also wasn’t sure if he could save it. He said, “Then let’s not delay. Arrange a quiet space for me!”

Jiang Yiyun said, “Grandmaster Ning Qin, please follow me.”

Sun Xiangzhang walked in front of the egg. He said to the fire phoenix, “It was my negligence that created today’s problem. You can rest assured that I will do my best!”

Zhou Xinhong and Xu Yuanbai had helpless expressions. At this point, it didn’t matter how hard they tried. Everything would depend on Grandmaster Ning Qin.

To reinforce a completed pill, while there was such a thing, to do so was far more difficult than refining an entirely new one. The chances of success were minimal!

“Teacher, if the Blood Fusing Pill is damaged, you will definitely be punished. Why take such a risk?” A Sky Declaring Pavilion cultivator bitterly said.

This fire phoenix egg was destined for death. There was simply no need to intervene and cause extra complications.

Jiang Yiyun shook his head. “Although I like to play some minor tricks and I also have deducted certain expenses when they were unnecessary, you must never forget the truth of what position you are standing in. I am the highest wielder of authority in Midmorning City’s branch division and I have a responsibility, a duty, to retrieve losses for the Pavilion Master. If I cannot achieve even this, then I would have been ousted long ago by those with ambition.”

He looked toward the directions of the quiet chamber. Another reason was that he wanted to make a bet here. Success meant an eye-opening merit for him. And even if he failed, he could also develop closer relations within a beast trainer grandmaster.

There was no way to lose here!

Two hours later, beneath a shower of golden light, the blood red color on the surface of the egg started to rapidly spread outwards, thoroughly dyeing all the clouds.

“The bloodlines have fused…” Sun Xiangzhang muttered with disbelief. Although he was happy to see this, he still had an absent-minded expression on his face. To strengthen the Blood Fusing Pill…if he didn’t see this with his own eyes, he simply wouldn’t have dared to believe it.

Zhou Xinhong and Xu Yuanbai widened their eyes. They stared at Qin Yu. If it weren’t for that single strand of reasoning that still existed in their minds, they really would have jumped forward and latched onto Qin Yu’s thigh.

Higher order Silver Moon…this was impossible. Grandmaster Ning Qin was highly likely to be a Great Sun level beast trainer, a peak existence amongst all beast trainers. Only a character like this, someone who existed in fairytales, had a chance of accomplishing something so unbelievable.

Kacha –

Cracks appeared on the surface of the egg. A small and wet head drilled out. It looked at Qin Yu and a weak voice cried out.

It seemed to know who had saved it.

Jiang Yiyun beamed with joy and an auspicious wind seemed to follow in his wake. In front of his trusted disciple, he had no need to hide his feelings.

“Congratulations teacher, congratulations teacher!” Feng Jun smiled. He knew that his teacher hadn’t been in a good mood recently. But with today’s merit, all of the previous criticisms against him would vanish into thin air.

Jiang Yiyun laughed. “I also never thought that I would have such an accidental harvest today. Grandmaster Ning Qin is my life’s lucky star!”

This was a revered beast trainer that might be at the Great Sun level. Just how venerated was this status? If he could obtain this grandmaster’s approval, then his future would be worry-free.

Feng Jun shared both honor and disgrace with his teacher, so he was naturally excited by this too. But, what left him puzzled was that this Grandmaster Ning Qin was far too low profile.

“Teacher, why would Grandmaster Ning Qin request that we keep information related to him a secret? Are there other facts behind this?”

Jiang Yiyun waved his hand. “Grandmaster Ning Qin’s status is enough for our Sky Declaring Pavilion to assist him with all our strength. Even if there is trouble in the future, we won’t be blamed. Since this is the grandmaster’s request, we can only try to comply as much as we can. But, you must know that from now on, you must give Grandmaster Ning Qin sufficient respect. No accidents can be allowed to occur.”

Feng Jun bowed. “Teacher, rest assured. I will certainly complete this task without arousing suspicion from anyone.”

Jiang Yiyun waved his hand, dismissing his disciple. Then, he began to carefully record everything he knew about ‘Ning Qin’ in a jade slip. When he was finished, he used a little bit of strength and crushed the jade slip to dust.

Even if he promised the grandmaster that he would keep his existence a secret, this absolutely did not apply to the master of Sky Declaring Pavilion…as for everyone else…hum hum, it wouldn’t be long before the Eastern Region’s Beast Trainer Competition was set to begin. The Midmorning City branch division was sure to shock all parties!

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