Chapter 649B – Monster Race Fires Burning the Heavens

The items that the scout turned over would be processed by specialists to avoid missing any vital information. Moreover, they had to pass through two examinations before being determined as useless and sealed away.

There was a seal discovered in the items that the scout handed over, and something improper was detected during the second round of examination. The surface of the seal seemed to be some sort of flower, but it turned out to be an ancient language that was nearly extinct. After being translated, it was an order to monster race armies in other regions. The contents could be summarized as such: Capture the Qin people in the occupied area and transport them to Red Sand Beach.

These instructions were irrelevant to movements of the army, but the intuition of the intelligence workers told them that this matter wasn’t normal. A response was soon decided and more efforts were put into investigating this.

Several days passed. With the lives of several outstanding scouts as the price, a breakthrough was finally made in this matter: the monster race was planning to sacrifice a massive number of Qin citizens to open a portal. They wanted to connect this portal to their lair in the northern snowy regions and allow the great tribes of the monster race to enter.

This was a significant discovery. The Zhao Empire military hastily informed the Qin Empire. Both sides quickly met up and compared the dynamics of everything occurring around them. They soon came to a conclusion: this information was true!

The only thing that confused the Zhao Empire people was why such important information was personally sent by a person and why the cultivator who brought it over had such a low cultivation.

A Qin general sneered and explained, “The monster race has finally gained some smarts. In the region of our Qin Empire, they are suppressed by our national destiny on all sides. If they use any other methods to send a message, it would be easily intercepted. In the last several battles, the only reason we were able to win was because we obtained information on the enemy first.

“As for why they sent an ordinary monster race cultivator to deliver a message, it should be to lure us into a false sense of security. This information was concealed well so that even if it were to be intercepted it would likely be overseen. For this method of sending a message, there should be more than one. Immediately send people to reexamine all the items that have been intercepted recently. There should be some harvests.”

Sure enough, in the intelligence networks of the Qin and Zhao Empires, they found four hidden messages. After being translated, the information was exactly the same. If so, this shouldn’t be wrong.

A part of the monster race army was already terrifying enough. If the entire monster race tribe were to arrive, the course of battle would likely instantly reverse.

“We cannot allow the monster race’s scheme to prevail!”

As the militaries of both sides were urgently negotiating plans to dispatch troops, there was another suggestion made: the monster race army wanted to open a portal. If so, they would gather up their troops in one spot to protect it. The Qin and Zhao Empires could concentrate their armies and wipe out the main force of the monster race army, ending this war early!

Qin Capital, Xianyang City.

In a hall deep inside the imperial palace, Emperor Ying had his hands held behind his back as he looked at a map opened up in the space before him. On it was a noticeable red dot with three characters beside it – Red Sand Beach.

Four generals in heavy armor stood quietly behind him. All that could be seen were their quiet eyes, as cold and silent as rocks.

“The Great Qin Empire has existed for 30 million years and until now, there have been four generations of inheritance. Today, I do not hesitate to gamble the lives of my trillion subjects and our national destiny on a single roll of the dice. If we succeed today, the Qin Empire will usher in a new life.

“The arrow has already been nocked. I entrust the future of our nation to you. I hope that you generals will not disappoint my expectations and destroy the shackles that wind around the body of my Great Qin!

“I vow that if we succeed, glory and honor will be shared with you all. And if we fail…although I am in Xianyang, I will still share life and death with you!”

A deep dignified sound spread throughout the hall. Like gold and iron clashing, it struck the walls and emitted a deep tremor.

The four Qin generals bowed in unison, their armors rubbing against each other. The thick scent of blood filled the air. “We will not disappoint Your Majesty’s trust. We offer our lives for the future of the Qin Empire!”

Immortal Sect.

The Buddhist Nation Sovereign’s hands were as clear as jade. His ten fingers fell upon the void, each one splashing in space and creating ripples. Each point left behind shined like a star in the night sky.

“Yama’s avatar is within the Zhao Empire’s army. I need to use the Heaven Filling Art in order to temporarily blind the perception of yin and yang aura so that she doesn’t sense anything amiss and destroy the great plan.”

The Nether Domain Master furrowed his eyebrows. “The Heaven Filling Art is invisible and leaves behind no mark, but if you are aiming at a supreme being of the world, you still might be discovered.”

The Buddhist Nation Sovereign said, “Don’t worry. Emperor Zhou is a careful and crafty man. Since he has agreed to help, his plan will not fail. With his assistance, Yama will not be aware.”

As he spoke the last finger tapped down. The vast star map was completed and all the spots shined together at once, releasing a hazy light.

It was like burning mist, concealing all strength. As the Buddhist Nation Sovereign raised his hands the star map shined and fused into the void.

Qin Empire border, Zhao army station –

The space inside the large military tent where Yama was suddenly shattered. The darkness seemed to be infinite. The massive Samsara grinding pan hung above her head, spinning and rumbling as it roared like a raging river.

She was gathering the strength of six different types of souls to practice her supernatural arts. The souls of the monster races were exactly one of those that she was missing. And, what the battlefield did not lack was new souls.

A sudden palpitation grew in her heart. Yama’s eyes opened beneath her dark golden mask. She furrowed her eyebrows, a surprised look on her face. Just now she had sensed some danger but it had immediately vanished. When she tried to find it again it had disappeared.

Was this an illusion caused by creating the Six Path Samsara supernatural art?

Yama took out a jade disc. After searching it with her divine sense she connected with the distant Demonic Path. Once she confirmed that the Immortal Sect hadn’t made any unusual actions recently, her heart calmed a little.

“This should be a warning from the sacrificed souls.” Yama whispered to herself. She looked up at the Samsara grinding pan, a helpless look in her eyes.

From ancient times, the lineage of Yamas had never experienced a peaceful or natural death. One of the most important reasons was because they manipulated souls and interfered with the samsara of the world. When too much karmic retribution accumulated upon their bodies, they would eventually suffer world tribulation as punishment.

“Once I complete my Six Path supernatural art, I need to find some way to reduce the karmic retribution I have.”

Emperor Zhou sat motionlessly, his majesty and aura so powerful that it seemed to form a prison around him. His eyes flashed and his finger moved as fast as lightning as he pointed in the air. From the point of his finger an immense invisible force erupted into nothingness, completely extinguishing the waves that just formed.

“Are those two from the Immortal Sect so confident that I will help?” Looking at the nothingness in front of him, Emperor Zhou’s lips curved upwards. However, there was no happiness there, but an infinite cold instead.

He lowered his head, his eyes veering to a person standing in a corner of the hall. “Lingtian, have you ever hated me?”

Zhan Lingtian respectfully knelt to the floor. There was a hint of a struggle on his countenance. With a trembling voice he said, “I dare not deceive ancestor…I have.”

Emperor Zhou was not angry. Rather, he smiled in appreciation. “That’s right. This is the breadth of spirit and valor that a descendant of my Zhou Family should have. Even when facing me, you still dare to reveal your heart. Do not worry. Since I owe you, I will give you back enough. Soon I will send you a great good fortune.”

The Immortal Sect had offered him half a country to stop Solitary Westgate. Emperor Zhou would certainly agree with this. This was not only because the offered stake was enough, but the most fundamental reason was…back in the Sea of Purgatory, the monster race had already submitted to him.

If the monster race was released from their cage in their northern snowfields, Great Zhou would be able to recover a bit of their energy. While it was the Immortal Sect who had provoked this matter, they might not be able to control the ending.

This world should have fallen into chaos already, otherwise how could an opportunity open up for him? Then, he’d push the timeline forward and fill it with death and blood so that the flag of the Great Zhou Empire could be planted all over the world once more!


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