Chapter 649A – Monster Race Fires Burning the Heavens

In recent years, the cold weather of the northern regions had become increasingly dire and the living environment suddenly worsened. The Demonic Path had never lowered their guard against the monster race. But, it was clear from the Qin Empire’s current situation that their previous attention was insufficient. As the backer of the Qin Empire, the Demonic Path had the duty to guide and support them.

After Xianyang sent out a message requesting reinforcement, the Demonic Path also received an even more comprehensive report detailing the frontlines of the battle. The incomparable battle efficiency of the monster race sinners was shocking and they also realized how panicked and fearful the people of the Qin Empire were.

The monster race was like a pack of ghosts and devils from hell. They spread across the land of the Qin Empire like a plague, destroying wherever they passed by. For every second that passed, countless Qin citizens died in the war.

“Countless years ago, the monster race was the most formidable strength in the Land of Divinity and Demons. Although they were exiled into the northern snowy regions until now, the Demonic Path has never relaxed their guard against them. Every year a massive amount of manpower and resources are expended to collect updated information related to the monster race. In their war with the Qin Empire, the monster race army’s level of strength surpasses the level they should be at.” The Demon Envoy explained, standing in front of the hall.

Qin Yu furrowed his eyebrows. “Have we not found the reason yet?”

The Demon Envoy presented a jade slip with both hands. “Reporting to Your Majesty, we know that the monster race has a special type of inheritance, and this inheritance has a successor that is called a Sage. They possess a formidable support-class supernatural art that can increase the strength of the monster race warriors on a large scale. However, there are extremely severe limits for this kind of ability and they cannot use it on too many people. According to what we know, the monster race only has three sages and it is impossible for them to increase the strength of their entire army.”

Qin Yu took hold of the jade slip and probed it with his divine sense, gleaning over information related to the monster race Sages. After several breaths of time his eyes flashed and he stood up, saying, “The Dark Night Demon Region and Blue Skies Yellow Springs have come.” He stood up and flicked his sleeves, opening the palace doors. “Supreme Seat, Yama, please enter.”

The Dark Night Supreme Seat’s face was still pale. He clearly had yet to fully recover from the injuries he suffered in the Immortal Sect. When he saw Qin Yu his expression became icy cold.

Yama had a much more friendly expression. She had gained an enormous amount during her trip to the Immortal Sect. Just bringing two Immortal Sect Calamity Immortals under her control had caused the overall strength of the Blue Skies Yellow Springs to rise drastically.

The three sides casually greeted each other. Without much chatting, they dove straight into the reason for gathering. Qin Yu said, “The Qin Empire is requesting reinforcements. The Demonic Path cannot stand idly by. We should discuss countermeasures.”

“There is nothing good to discuss. We either have the Demonic Path directly assist or mobilize other strengths to help the Qin Empire. These are our only choices.” The Dark Night Supreme Seat sneered. “During the battle with the Immortal Sect the Dark Night Demon Region suffered extreme losses. If the Holy Monarch desires to help the Qin Empire then I have no opinion. But, the Dark Night Demon Region will not be sending anyone.”

Anyone could hear the thorns in his voice.

Yama hesitated for a moment and said, “Your Majesty Holy Monarch, the Immortal Sect might have remained quiet so far, but the Demonic Path cannot be moved so lightly otherwise we will be giving them the opportunity to strike against us.”

Qin Yu’s eyes flashed. “I understand your opinions. Then, send a message to Handan City for the Zhao Empire to assist the Qin Empire. Have both countries utilize their strength to repel the monster race!”

The Zhao Empire and Qin Empire had been on good terms for many generations and they were both influences attached to the Demonic Path. Thus, generally speaking, they had reasons to help the Qin Empire.

The Demonic Path’s three heads made up their minds. A message was soon sent to the Zhao Empire. It was unknown what struggle occurred in Handan City, but in the end they agreed to dispatch troops.

The will of the Demonic Path was the main reason. Another reason was that they were both neighboring states that relied upon each other. The Qin Empire and Zhao Empire shared a border. If the monster races from the northern regions were to win and spread further, they would inevitably pour into the borders of the Zhao Empire.

To ensure their enemies stayed outside their borders…perhaps this was the only point where the Zhao Empire could comfort themselves, that at the very least they were much luckier than the Qin Empire. Moreover, since the Zhao Empire obeyed this order then the Demonic Path had to show goodwill in return. They couldn’t just call upon others without giving anything back.

Without expectation, the Demonic Path sent masters to assist. But, the leader of the regiment shook the entire Zhao Empire, and Emperor Zhao personally came to the city gates to welcome them.

“I welcome Your Majesty Yama.”

Yama smiled. “There is no need for Emperor Zhao to be so courteous. I have been cultivating recently and I need some materials. The strong bodies of the monster race just happen to fit what I need, so I decided to help with the army.”

Emperor Zhao’s heart relaxed. He smiled and said, “With Your Majesty Yama’s assistance, there is no worry that the monster race will not be defeated!” Supreme beings rarely interfered in world affairs. Their strength was far too terrifying and they could easily tilt the balance to one side. But if she were to go against the monster race sinners, no one would try to stop her.

Yama’s arrival caused an upsurge of confidence in the Zhao Empire. All of the ministers and rulers recognized that the result of this war was already decided. Now, they began to argue about how to split the advantages and rewards.

In determining the division of war merits, the process of the war itself was one part, but the number of troops involved was also an important factor…if Great Zhao had obeyed the orders of the Demonic Path and dispatched an army of several million soldiers to aid Great Qin, it wouldn’t be wrong to be paid well for this, right?

On this basis, the Zhao Empire sent out a decree and the number of soldiers dispatched to the Qin Empire suddenly multiplied to three million. The generals split into three different routes as they left the country and entered into the territory of Great Qin. Along the road, the panicked and horrified citizens of Great Qin cheered and celebrated, looking towards the armies of Great Zhao with grateful and joyous expressions.

The Zhao Empire’s support helped the Qin Empire stabilize their situation and stand firm. After several great battles, they blocked the wildly advancing monster race and gained control over the battlefield. Emperor Qin personally wrote a letter to Handan City expressing his gratitude for the aid of the Zhao Empire.

As the Qin and Zhao armies united, they gradually reversed the tides of battle. The monster race army realized this and started to contract their strength. They concentrated their forces in several great cities they had seized control of and began to wage war with both nations.

The war entered into a temporary stand-off. But, battles and bloodshed frequently broke out on a small-scale level all over. Both sides probed each other in a wild flurry of activity, trying to gain as much intelligence as they could.

Long Snake River.

There was no profound meaning to this name. It was only given this name due to the way the river winded through the land and touched upon several areas within the Qin Empire’s borders like a large snake.

The ferry crossings built across both sides of the wide river had been destroyed and large pits marred the banks. Each pit had an arrow embedded at the bottom. Because the arrows couldn’t withstand the amount of destructive force, their surfaces were covered with cracks.

The Qin and Zhao allied armies had confronted the monster race army here. Luckily, both sides were only probing each other and left after a quick skirmish, otherwise this Large Snake River would have been razed to the ground.

With this river as the dividing line, both sides distantly confronted each other. An invisible aura spread out, turning the air thick and gloomy. The banks on both sides of the river were deathly silent and not even a bird dared to pass through.

Near an arrow pit at the riverside, a pair of eyes was exposed from beneath mud and stone. The eyes rapidly looked around, cautious and wary. As a scout cultivator of the Zhao Empire military, his mission here was to monitor these regions and prevent the monster races from making any sudden attacks.

Although over a dozen days had passed uneventfully, he was a skilled and well-trained scout who wouldn’t lower his guard because of this.

Suddenly, beneath the mud and stone, a bright light flashed in the scout’s eyes, like a hawk that had found its prey.

Several breaths of time later, a figure flew across the ground. This person carried something on their body that caused light to distort around them. They looked like a faint shadow, almost impossible to detect.

As this figure was about to fly over the river, the arrow pit exploded and a black arrow shot into the skies. The scout was more than just a scout. He also had another job as an assassin. If he were to find any important enemy personnel, he was authorized to kill them without hesitation.

Thus this scout had been equipped with a powerful Sky Piercing Arrow. The figure flying over didn’t even have time to react before they were pierced through. The arrow sank into flesh and blood and tore that person’s body apart. With the sound of splashing sounds, fragments of bones and limbs fell to the ground.

The Zhao Empire scout rushed out from the arrow pit and took anything of value from the corpse. Then, without hesitation, he turned and fled. His mission was complete.

He quickly sifted through the items. After not finding anything particularly valuable, the scout handed everything over in accordance with the rules. 

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