Chapter 648B – We’ve Returned

The Great Qin Empire was located on the western side of the Land of Divinity and Demons. The people there were fierce and aggressive, and since ancient times they had produced many stubborn heroes. Due to this, they had established the renowned Great Qin Cavalry. Their fearsome strength was known throughout the world.

At the border frontier –

Black Border City wasn’t too large. It was covered in snow all year round and on the map it was only a common little dot. But, there was a troop of Great Qin Cavalry that were permanently stationed here.

This was because Black Border City was like the point of a dagger stabbed deep into the territory of the frozen north. They needed to be prepared at all times to defend against the invasion of sinners from the snow regions.

According to the old frontier soldiers in the city, those cold, starving, and half-dead sinners each had eyes greener than the last. They were all filled with unimaginable greed. If they had even the smallest chance they would all race south. The smallest accident and they would have a good chunk of their flesh and blood torn off.

“This damned weather is becoming increasingly cold. Once I earn some merits I need to try and find some way to be transferred out from Black Border City. This isn’t a place where anyone can stay!” An old frontier soldier mumbled out loud, his teeth chattering as he wrapped a thick sheep wool coat around himself. He spat at the ground. But, before his spit hit the dirt it had already frozen.

Across from him was another veteran soldier with horrid yellow teeth and a face full of folds. The veteran taunted, “You brat, you started saying this 20 years ago and yet I haven’t seen you achieve a single merit.”

The frontier soldier’s neck bulged and he angrily said, “You’re blaming me for this? You should know about the array formation that the empire set up outside Black Border City. It’s difficult for even a fly to get through. After suffering some losses those sinners no longer attempt to assault us. If they don’t, how can I obtain any merits?”

The veteran curled his lips. “You brat, are you too content? Did you forget how I broke my arms and feet? If you want to kill those sinners and gain some merits, I’m afraid that in the end you will be captured by them and turned into food that feeds their families!”

But just as he finished speaking his complexion appeared. He stared at the direction behind the frontier soldier, a horrified look on his face as if he had seen a ghost.

“Old Yu, you’re doing this again? You’ve tried this trick too many times. Even if you’re not tired of it, I’m still over it…” His voice suddenly stopped. He could see the flames reflected in the old veteran’s eyes, and his last thought was that someone had actually ignited a fire outside Black Border City…

Pa –

A head shattered, splashing out red and white goo. Then this goo flew through the air before freezing into chunks that clattered along the ground.

The veteran dragged his broken legs as he raced away, his movements even faster than a rabbit. The moment that his companion had been killed he had already fled far away. He grabbed a rope on the platform and desperately shook it.

Ring –

Ring –

The sound of a ringing bell spread through the wind and snow, soon covering the entirety of Black Border City. Inside numerous thick tents, lots of pairs of eyes opened wide.

“Enemy attack!”

There was the sound of clashing metal. A black current of people flowed out. Although there weren’t many of them, they possessed a momentum that could sweep through the world.

They were the Qin Empire Cavalry!

Outside of Black Border City, the thick snow began to rapidly melt away, revealing the earth that had been hidden for many years. The frozen earth split open as blazing orange flames roared out.

What was even more inconceivable was that strong and formidable sinners began to run out from the flames. Their naked bodies were covered in scars and their eyes were cold and filled with a maddening frenzy. Combined together, they exuded endless brutality.

At the head of the cavalry, the captain’s eyes were dignified beneath his helm. But, there was no hesitation. He lifted the spear in his hands and shouted, “Attack!”

Bang –

It was like two mountains clashing together.

An hour later, the old veteran watched with a horrified expression as the last of the Great Qin Cavalry slumped to their death. Across from that rider was a tall and burly sinner. The sinner picked up a sword and beheaded the rider; this was how they showed respect to a strong enemy.

Taking a step away, the sinner walked in front of the old veteran. He glanced at the old veteran’s disabled hands and legs and grinned, “We’ve returned.”

He was only stating a fact; there was no need for an audience or for anyone to bear witness to him. Thus, the sinner raised the sword and slashed down, and the old veteran was split in half.

He lifted a hand and pointed towards the city gates, “Kill everyone – don’t let a single one of them live!”

Occupation Pass. This area was located in the westernmost regions of the Great Qin Empire. The bustling military battalion was now covered in blood as flames reached into the skies.

“Sinners! It’s sinners from the northern snow regions!”

“Light the beacons! Request more reinforcements!”

“We will charge forward. No one take a single step back!”

The counterattack of the Great Qin frontier army was like a wave of water crashing into a large boulder, shattering into countless splashes. But, the empire’s pride and their mission didn’t allow them to retreat. They continued to block the advance of the sinners.

Unfortunately, they were doomed to receive no help. They all died in pools of their own blood. Their unclosed eyes reflected the callous looks of the sinners from the northern border.

Jade Gate.

The setting sun on the western frontier was the color of blood and flames. It illuminated the bleak and desolate earth, pulling long shadows on the panic-stricken crowds that were fleeing in long lines. These people looked up all around them, despair in their eyes.

Strong figures stepped through in the fading sunlight. As the blood red sunlight shined upon their bodies, they seemed like devil-eating humans. Their eyes locked onto the fleeing citizens. Even though they saw the elderly, women, and even children and babies, there was no change in their eyes.

“Commander?” A sinner asked, hesitating a little.

The commander was a large man with a dark face. He was naked aside from a tattered fur-lined coat. His eyes were oppressive. “Throughout the years, just how many of our race’s babies were born and died in the bitter cold before they could even open their eyes and look at the world? How many of our elderly and how many of our women have walked into the wind and snow to save food for us…but how many of these people have ever had any pity for them?”

The sinner had a shamed expression. “I understand, commander!” When he looked back up, his expression was merciless and brutal. This was because status was irrelevant in this war. If his tribe wanted to continue living, then these people had to die.

The commander waved his hand, “Kill them all!”

Monstrous fires burned in the Great Qin Empire. The sinners that were chased out to the northern snow regions – the monster race – had begun an all-out war in order to survive. Battles occurred simultaneously throughout the northern border of the Qin Empire in 81 different cities. The smoke and flames of war soared to the heavens.

Within one day, all 81 cities had been overrun. 300,000 border frontier soldiers died in battle. As for the citizens, they had been encircled and killed by the monster race. Whether they were men or women, young or old, not a single person survived. These methods were so brutal and bloodthirsty that it made one’s blood boil. The border had become a land of scorched earth.

News spread out quickly, shocking the world. The monster race were sinners who had been expelled from sight for tens of millions of years and were said to barely be able to maintain a feeble existence in the north. But, they actually possessed such terrifying strength. This surpassed everyone’s expectations.

The capital of Great Qin, Xianyang, immediately reacted. They dispatched an army to meet their enemy. But when the gathered army met the monster race they suffered complete defeat. This wasn’t because the Qin Empire’s military wasn’t strong, but because the monster race sinners were even more horrifying and crazy. They were like a storm headed south, a pack of wild and vicious beasts that destroyed anything and anyone who got in their way.

For a time, the Qin Empire was sent into a panic. A large area of their land fell into the hands of the monster race and the imperial court was shaken. They looked towards the Demonic Path and urgently requested assistance.

In the northern regions, one only saw an endless field of snow. Monster race warriors stepped onto an altar and knelt respectfully. Then, they untied a wrapped pack and poured the soul within it into the altar.

The Great Sage moved several steps forward, a look of excitement on his face. He took in a deep breath of the soil and then he shivered and fell to his knees. He plunged his fingers into the soil, ignoring the blood that stained his hands as he placed it near his mouth and kissed it.

“All previous generations of my monster race, do you see this? Our people’s soldiers have entered the Qin Empire and returned to that vast land that should have belonged to us! Today, I vow to you all that no one will ever be able to chase us away again. The children of our monster race will be raised in the warm sun and grow up in good environments. No longer will they be born starving and facing the endless threat of cold and death.”

The messengers of ten great clans followed silently behind. As they saw the Great Sage’s increasingly frail figure, their eyes filled with worry. They had no idea how long the Great Sage would be able to last.

“Do not worry. Our children on the frontlines are opening up our land for us. I will live until they all return in triumph. Until I watch my people leave this cold and bitter land with my own eyes, I refuse to die.”

The ten clan messengers fell to their knees, sorrow and respect on their faces. “Great Sage, the deeds you have done for our people will be remembered for generations to come!

The Great Sage smiled. “To be able to contribute everything I have to my tribe is my greatest pride.” He looked towards the south where the Qin Empire was and his eyes brightened with anticipation. “They should have already sent out a call for help. Inform those on the frontline that the true battle is coming!”

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